Jayne’s First Time

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I just started my first year at college. I am out with my friends. They are all talking about their first experiences of having sex. I don’t let on that I am only a virgin, but I ache to know what it is like to experience that kind of thing. My boyfriend and I have been going together since high school. He is 20 and has never pushed me into doing anything. My parents have always talked about me waiting, until I get married. But my body is telling me other things.

The rest of the day during classes, I am just thinking about what it would be like to have sex. How would I feel? How would we do it? I am sitting here in a trance, just going over it in my mind. The more I think of it, the more I get aroused. I wonder what I will feel like after I do it? My roommate is going away for the weekend. We share an apartment, and when Steve comes over I am going to tell him that I want to have sex.

Once I get home, I am so aroused with all these thoughts of having sex. I lay on my bed and take off my pants, and my panties, and play with my pussy. I have only masturbated a few times, but I am so aroused. I slide one of my fingers inside, and start to rub it all over. It feels so good, and I am becoming a little wet as I am doing this. I then put another finger in, and move it all around. I am now fucking my pussy, and I am moaning a bit. I am noticing that I have white stuff on my fingers, I guess it is cum.

After what seems like a very long time, I decide to call Steve, and ask him to come over. I want to make passionate love to him. I am so worked up, and I just want to be like everybody else. They all seem to have a glow about them. I want to have that glow too.

I am getting ready for when Steve comes over. I decide to put on a cute pair of jean shorts and a cute top. I bought a thong and a lacy bra and I put it on. I also saw in the movies that the girls have shaved their pussies. I go into the bathroom, and shave all my hair off, and now my pussy is bald. I have all these ideas running through my head.

I have been watching some erotic porn movies to get ideas on what kind of moves, I should do once Steve and I have sex. I want to have the best possible experience when Steve and I make love.

Steve comes in and we sit down. We begin to kiss. The kisses feel so soft on my lips, and his tongue is touching mine and I feel like he is sucking my face off. I continue to kiss him, we are breathing through our noses as we continue to kiss. It seems like hours, and we are just kissing, and then his hands go under my shirt. He puts his hand under my bra, and I feel like a jolt. I have never felt anything like this.

I really want to have sex, casino şirketleri and I have decided today is the day. We take our shirts off, and he helps me remove my bra. I am a 38 C cup size, my breasts are very firm and perky. We are kissing so deeply, and Steve lays me down. His hands are massaging my breasts. I have never felt anything like this before. I am moaning as he is playing.

He then begins to suck my nipples. I start to squirm. He then begins to bite my nipples and they are rock hard. He is moving his hands up and down, and twirling them and pinching them.

I slowly remove my shorts, and my thong. Steve removes his pants. He is so hard, and his penis is so long. I have never really seen a penis before. He lays me down, and spreads my legs. I am not even sure how this will feel but I am so excited to see. He then starts to lick my pussy. It’s such a weird feeling, but I really like it. His tongue is playing with my outer lips, and he is teasing them. He then starts to suck on my clitoris. Slowly he puts his tongue into my vagina. I start to move around, and it feels so good.

He now slides one finger into my wet pussy. I am in shear heaven and he continues to lick it. My legs start to quiver, as he is fingering me. I am so wet. He then slips another finger in, and he is fucking me with his fingers. I am gyrating my body over his hands. I am moaning.

“Oh Steve, Steve, it feels so good, don’t stop.”

He now has his tongue in my pussy. His tongue darts in and out of my vagina, and he is rubbing my clitoris, and I am moaning. He also has his hands on my breasts, and my body feels as it is going to cum. All of a sudden my body starts to cum, and he is lapping up my juices and rubbing my breasts.

I want to pleasure Steve. I kneel in front of him. I have never done this, but have seen the girls in the porno movie do it. I will try to do some of their moves, and see if Steve likes it.

I begin to rub his shaft from the base to his head, moving his flesh with each stroke. I start out very slow, and then I go really fast. The faster I go the bigger his cock is growing. I continue with this for about five minutes. I then massage, and caress his balls. His balls are so hard. His cum is starting to build. His pre-cum is glistening on the top of his cock.

I slowly put my mouth on the top of his cock, and start to suck him. His cum tastes like a salty candy. I start to tongue his hole, and glide his thick cock into my hungry mouth. I trace the outline of his cock from his shaft to his head with my tongue. Just teasing it, loving it, kissing it and worshiping it.

Slowly I glide his cock inch by inch into my casino firmaları mouth. He is moaning, and I am sucking him so fast, and taking him deeper, and deeper into my throat. My cheeks are bulging, spit oozes from the corners of my mouth. I grab his ass and pull him deeper and deeper into my throat. I am nose pressed against his stomach swallowing his cock. He then lays his cock onto my tongue, and releases his hot cum down my throat. I swallow it all down like fine wine. It tastes so salty, and I can see from his expression that I have done a good job.

Steve and I start kissing very slow, and passionately. We are kissing and his cum is on my breath. His hands are all over my breasts again. I am just about dying with all this pleasure, and know that it is only going to get better.

Steve starts to play with my pussy. I am so wet and moaning, and his fingers are fucking me. He then puts his tongue back into my vagina, and he is tongue fucking me again. I am screaming.

“Oh God, Steve.”

My legs are around his neck and he is devouring my cunt. He then rubs his cock on my pussy, just teasing it and then he slowly starts to fuck me. We are laying in the missionary position. He tells me to wrap my legs around his hips. It hurts a little, I feel my hymen breaking as he pushes his cock deeper. He is kissing me so deep, and so passionately and his hands are all over my breasts. His cock is going deeper and deeper. I am a bit uncomfortable. Steve then kisses me, and holds me and we just lay there exhausted.

I go into the bathroom and I look in the mirror. I don’t look any different, but I feel different now. Steve comes into the bathroom. We decide to take a shower. The warm water on our bodies feels so good. We start to kiss again. Long deep kisses. Steve’s hands are all over me again. He picks me up, and starts fucking me. He is holding me up and just moving his cock inside of me. He is sucking on my breasts and he is moaning and I am grunting. His cock slides into my wet pussy. I begin to moan.

“Oh Steve, Oh God, Steve.”

He is kissing me, and his cock is going in and out of me. Now this motion feels so good and I am loving it. I am now able to really enjoy this love making session. My body is feeling so good with each thrust and I move my body in rhythm with his.

After this amazing session, we begin to wash each other in the shower. I take some soap and rub it on a wash cloth. I start on Steve’s shoulders, his neck, chest and stomach. I wash his cock, his balls, legs and his feet. Turn him around, and do his back, his ass, his legs and his feet.

Steve then begins to wash me, but he uses just his hands. güvenilir casino He takes the soap and rubs it all over my neck, and my breasts. He is really playing with my breasts and soaping them all up. He then washes my stomach. He takes his hand and starts to finger my pussy again. I am moaning and screaming, it just feels so good. He then washes my pussy and then my legs and feet. He turns me around washes my back, and my ass, but plays with it too kissing it. I feel his tongue all around my asshole. Feels different but interesting. I feel him put a finger in it. Never thought about that before, but it does feel good.

We then get out of the shower, and we dry each other off. We go back to my bed and lay down again. Kissing so deeply, and passionately. After all this sex, I just want to keep having it over and over again. We begin to kiss, and his hands are over my breasts again. Sucking my nipples, and rubbing and massaging my breasts. His mouth goes back down to my pussy. His tongue feels so amazing. I just love to feel how my body responds to all this licking, I start to moan and squirm.

We lay in a 69, I am laying on top of him, and sucking on his cock. He is eating my pussy. I am playing with his balls in my hand, and they are so hard. I then glide his thick cock into my mouth. Playing with it, and teasing the top of the head. I bring his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth. He is fingering my pussy, and fucking me with what appears to be 3 fingers. It feels so good. I am sucking him deeper and deeper and faster.

I straddle him, and guide his very hard cock into my pussy. I am moving up and down as his cock is fucking me. I am rocking back, and forth. I am arched back so I can gain speed as I am fucking him. His hands are all over my breasts, playing with them.

My hand is rubbing on my clitoris, and I am fucking him so nicely. We have a nice rhythm going. He then tells me to turn around facing his feet. I guide his cock back into my wet pussy. I am rubbing my breasts, and pulling on my nipples and rubbing my clitoris as we are fucking really fast now. He is watching his cock disappear into my pussy. I feel his hands playing with my ass. I feel him put his finger into my ass. It feels interesting as he is pressing on it, I feel like I am going to cum.

Steve rolls me on my back and gets on top of me. He is fucking me really slow. My legs are around his waist and we are passionately kissing and the thrusts are very gentle and it feels amazing. We are kissing, and our tongues are all over each other. His mouth is sucking on my nipples. He is thrusting, and then we both climax together. Our cum is mixing with each other’s. Our bodies are pressed together, and we are just embracing. We fall asleep together in each others arms.

I think to myself that this was the best night of my life. Now I can compare stories with all of my friends about my first time having sex.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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