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Big Naturals

Gregory A. Patrick


Jaiden Chapter 115

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The story Jaiden is wholly a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead, events that may or may not have occurred, or places or businesses that exist or may have existed is purely coincidental.

The story Jaiden contains sexual inferences and direct mention of male-to-male sexual contact. If you are under the age of 18; if access to this story is a violation of the community laws of the city, state, or nation in which you live; or if this type or style of writing offends you, leave this site immediately.

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Greg Patrick


Jaiden was looking out the window of his office when Peyton walked in and asked, “What are you thinking, love?” “Peyton, I am dreading Friday knowing it is our last day in the office before moving to Memphis to start our specialized training. The movers will be at the house on Monday to pack up and load the moving van. This Sunday, the Reverend officially retires from his church, and on Saturday, we attend our last service at Temple Anshe Hesed before we head to Tennessee.”


“Saturday is going to be the last day we can go to the Beach at Lake Erie and have fun with Dale, Charley, and our children. I”d like to take a long stroll on the beach and let the boys run. I don”t want them to get in the water because it has been rather warm for the last few months and I don”t want to take too much of a chance of the Vibrio Vulnificus bacteria being in the water.” “I understand, Jaid, let”s run it by Charley and Dale tonight and see if they would like to do that after services on Saturday.”


Jaiden walked to the front of the office to let the ladies know that Peyton, Richard, and he would like to have a short meeting just after the office closed. It would be a meeting everybody was dreading but knew was coming. When the office closed, everybody gathered in the breakroom and Jaiden began the meeting. “Ladies, Friday is Peyton”s, Richard”s, and my last day in the office until we complete our specialized training at St. Jude”s and return to Erie. The hospital administration has made arrangements to have three pediatric physicians staff the office under contract until we return to Erie. If they know what is good for them, they will treat each of you the same way the three of us have tried to treat you. If they don”t, you have our cell numbers. I expect you to call one of us if things go badly and let us know. I promise you that if your work environment is not what it has been, we will correct that problem our way.”


“Since we won”t be here to celebrate your birthdays and the holidays, we want to give you your birthday presents early. I emphasize they are birthday presents because that isn”t taxable income like a bonus would be, so here are the envelopes with your birthday presents. We hope you each take the gifts and do something fun with your families.”


When the ladies looked in the envelopes, they all started crying. They couldn”t believe what the young doctors had gifted to them. “Guys, this is too much. You shouldn”t have done this!” “Why not, Ashley, we can more than afford it, and it is something we wanted to do for you?” “But five grand! A couple hundred dollars, maybe; but five grand, come on Dr. J.” “Ashley it might have been more, but we thought you wouldn”t accept it if it was. Think of it this way, there is enough money that you and your families can come spent a week with us when you get your vacations. We made arrangements so that the office will close for two weeks for your vacations to give each of you time to do something you will enjoy. Maybe if you come down, we can do the Grand Ole Opry, or tour Graceland, or take your families on a dinner cruise on the river.” “We don”t know what to say, Dr. J.” “Then don”t say anything. We did it because we love each of you and want only the best for you.” Everybody hugged and headed for home � all with tears flooding from their eyes.


Saturday morning, the guys wore their bathing suits under their clothes so that after the services at the temple, they could go to Tony”s, have lunch, and then go to the beach with the children. When they got to Tony”s, Phil had their lunch sitting on the table waiting for them. When the children saw skety, they went wild with anticipation. As soon as they were put in their highchairs, they dove into their skety like lionesses catching prey. When lunch was over, the boys had vanilla ice cream for dessert. Alaina Noelle got her favorite stawbewee ice cream.


When they all got to the beach, the dads took off their dress clothes and got the children out of the van. They had let the children wear their bathing suits to the temple, so there wasn”t much to do for them except apply sunscreen. Peyton had stopped by the drugstore and picked up some Neutrogena sunscreen that was 110 SPF so that the babies” skin would be amply protected. They had a rope with loops about two feet apart that the children put their hands through so they had to stay together and not slip away. They were still able to run and play despite the rope and the dads were better able to keep an eye on all ten children.


The children were enjoying walking on the beach with their dads, and the dads were having a good time watching the people and their families spending time together. All of a sudden, Jaiden exclaimed, “My word, did y”all see that?” “See what, Jaiden?” “Y”all, glance to the right but don”t stare.”


“I think I am going to puke,” Charley said as he looked to his right. Damn, I was feeling a bit amorous until I saw that. Why in the world would a 600-pound woman wear a G-string-bikini like that in public. I don”t care how gay a guy is, that will make even him want to puke!” Jaiden, Dale, and Charley heard what sounded like someone saying earl. When they turned around, Peyton had dropped behind them and vomited when he saw the lady. When Charley saw Peyton losing his lunch, he said, “see, I was right!” Jaiden went over and comforted his husband and checked to see if he needed to go get something for nausea. Peyton looked at Jaiden and said, “Sweetheart, I don”t know if I need something for nausea or if I need a set of horse blinders, and I know there isn”t a tac shop within 30 miles of here.”


Charley had snapped a picture of Peyton losing his lunch and sent a copy to Peyton”s parents and Jaiden”s mom with the caption, “This is what happens when Peyton sees a 600-pound woman wearing a G-string bikini on the beach. A few minutes later, Peyton”s phone rang. His Dad called to make sure he was OK. “Son, your mom and I were concerned to see you sick on the beach while y”all were with my grandbabies. Are you OK?” “Charley, snap a picture of that woman right quick and send it to my dad.” “Done, Peyton.” A few seconds later, Peyton heard his mom in the background laughing her head off. “Jim, I have got to send this to Jenny, it will blow her mind.”


“Dad, do you understand now why I threw up. It isn”t as bad in a picture as it is in person. And geez, you can smell her fifty feet away!” “Son, that is pretty bad. I am sorry it is you sick, but I am glad it”s not me!” “So am I dad, so am I.” “Peyton, this is mom; are you OK?” “I”m OK as long as I don”t look back and to my right. I don”t know what I am going to do when we have to walk back mezitli escort to the van.” “Son, close your eyes and let Jaiden and your brothers lead you to the van.” “Mom, I think that is exactly what I am going to have to do, that sight was pretty bad and the smell was even worse.” “Peyton, you are so bad!” “No, Mom, I am truthful � just the way you taught me to be!”


“Charley, send a copy of that picture to my mom.” “Done, Jaiden.”


A few seconds later, Jaiden”s mom called him. “Jaiden, you had to doctor that picture before Charley sent it to me.” “Believe me, Mom, that picture isn”t doctored. The sight and her smell were so bad Peyton vomited on the beach. I asked him if he needed me to get him something for nausea, and he said he didn”t know if he needed nausea medication or some horse blinders.” “Jaiden, sadly, that is hilarious. I can”t wait to show the pictures to the ladies in the office, they are going to die laughing. Call me later and let me know how Peyton is doing.” “I will, Mom, I love you.” “I love you, too, son.”


A few minutes later, Jenny called Peyton, “Little bro, are you OK?” “I am…” “Oh, my word!” “What is it, Jenny?” “Mom just sent me the picture of the lady. Hey, Rob, look at this.” Jenny suddenly started laughing hysterically. “Jenny, what is so funny?” “When Rob looked at the picture, he ran to the bushes on the side of the temple and puked everywhere.” “Sis, you can smell that lady fifty feet away. If the picture made Rob sick, I”m glad he didn”t smell her.” So am I, little bro. He”s pretty green after seeing the picture. We”re headed for lunch, take care of yourself, I”ll check on you later. Love you guys.” “We love you guys, too, Jenny.”


“Charley, Jenny showed the picture to Rob and he ran to the side of his temple and puked in the bushes.” “Peyton, I”m glad he didn”t smell her!” “That”s what I told Jenny.”


When they got home, they got the children taken care of and in bed for their afternoon nap. “Dale, Charley, I”m going to lie down with Peyton until he feels better and the children wake up.” “OK, Jaiden, we”ll listen out for the boys. See if you can get Peyton”s system calmed down. He was pretty sick at the beach.” “Thanks, Charley.”


Jaiden carried Peyton to their bedroom. He was positive that Peyton had a stomach bug and that it wasn”t the lady whose smell made him sick. Still, the smell didn”t help. He undressed Peyton and Laid him in their bed and then undressed and climbed into bed with his husband. He reached into the drawer of the nightstand on his side of the bed and got the Hawaiian massage oil out and put a fair amount in his right hand. He pulled Peyton”s legs apart and began massaging Peyton”s ample package. After a few minutes, Jaiden said, “Sweetie, you really are sick. You have a virus; it wasn”t the lady.” “What makes you say that, Jaiden?” “Peyton, normally when I massage you this way you get as hard as a rock and I have to do something to release the tension.” “Normally…” Peyton was going to say normally that was true, but he suddenly grabbed the trash can next to his side of the bed and vomited heavily. Jaiden got up, washed the can out, and emptied it in the toilet. He texted Dale and asked him to bring a glass of water to the room and a Phenergan suppository from the fridge. He gave Peyton something to settle his stomach and then shoved the suppository in where the sun doesn”t shine.


“Babe, you ought to start feeling a little better and be able to get some rest in a few minutes. I”ll bring you something light for dinner. Stay in the bedroom so we don”t risk giving the virus to the children, or to Charley and Dale.” “Jaiden, they”re already exposed, so make sure they don”t get sick without us knowing about it.” “I will, babe. I am going to run to the office right quick and get some injectable Phenergan and some syringes in case the inevitable happens. Better to be safe than sorry.” “Thanks, sweetheart.”


“Dale, Charley, I am going to run to the office and get some injectable Phenergan and some syringes in case you two or the children come down with the virus Peyton has. I am not going to let any of you get so sick you are as miserable as Peyton is. He already has some Phenergan in him, so he should sleep for a while. I”ll be right back.”


“I”m back, are you guys feeling OK?” “Dale got sick while you were gone and he puked his guts up.” “Get one of the Phenergan suppositories from the fridge and insert it in his rump. It”ll take about thirty minutes to start working, but once it does, the vomiting should stop. If the children start throwing up, we can give them half a suppository. I also brought some finger covers home in case we had to do that.” “Charley, you”re looking a bit green, are you felling O…” Charley took off for the downstairs bathroom and Jaiden heard him “puking” as Charley liked to call it. Jaiden didn”t wait for him to use a suppository he loaded a syringe with Phenergan and had it ready when Charley came back through the den. “Hold on a minute, Charley.” Jaiden cleaned his shoulder with an alcohol pad and told Charley to look at the stickers on the French doors that kept people from running into the glass. When Charley turned toward the doors, Jaiden told him to count to ten. As soon as Charley started counting, Jaiden gave him the shot.


“When are you going to give me the shot, Jaiden?” “I already did. I gave it to you as soon as you started counting.” “You”re kidding!” “Nope, I”m really good at giving injections so my patients don”t feel them.” “Dang, bro, you really are good at that. I hate shots and that is the first time I didn”t let out a yelp when I got one.” “Good. Now if I were you, Charley, I”d go get in bed and go to sleep. You are going to be so drunk in a minute that you won”t be able to stand up. I”ll listen out for the children and check on them to make sure they are OK. Don”t go around them in the morning, Dale, or you. I”ll make sure they get fed and pottied. Since it will be Sunday, the movers won”t finish the packing until Monday morning, so you”ll have plenty of time to rest tomorrow. Peyton should be feeling better and should be able to help with the children. If I get sick, I”ll take some Emilac for the nausea or do what I have to do. If it comes to it, I”ll call Peyton”s mom and get her to fly up and help. My mom is supposed to be here late Sunday afternoon, she can get us in shape to drive down to Memphis on Tuesday, and she can also help drive.”


“Are you going to be able to drive the van with the children?” “I hope so, Charley. If I can”t, maybe Peyton”s mom can drive the first part of the way. I”ll make sure to have enough medication on hand in case we need it. Mom will probably pack some as well. She”s licensed in Pennsylvania as well as in Virginia, so she can give me a prescription I can get filled at the drug store.”


“Jaiden, this is Mom. I”m feeling rather intuitive right now, so tell me what is going on.” “Mom, we all seem to be coming down with a stomach virus, Peyton, Charley, and Dale have been throwing up all evening. So far, the babies seem OK, but I am going to check on them through out the night. I have the baby monitors for each of the children”s rooms and I”ll sleep downstairs to try and keep from getting sick.” “That”s not a bad idea son. I`m going to get an earlier flight in the morning, so I should be there by noon.” “OK, Mom, I”ll pick you up at the airport as soon as you get here.”


“Phyllis, Peggy here. The boys are all sick with a stomach virus and throwing up. I am going to change my flight so I can be there by noon.” “Peggy, I”ll let Jim know right now, and I”ll call and get my flight changed to an earlier one. I didn”t tell the boys I was coming, so they”ll be surprised when we get there at about the same time.” “Well, Jaiden had the baby monitors to all the children”s rooms and he has them in a bed room downstairs where he is sleeping.” “I”m glad you let me know. I have a feeling Peyton will be in a bad mood not having Jaiden in the pozcu escort room with him.” “Phyllis, if Peyton is in a bad mood for that reason, Jaiden will be in the same fix. Those two can”t stand to be away from each other � even if they are in the same house.” “True, Peggy, but I guarantee you that Jaiden won”t get a bit of sleep because he will be in and out of their bedroom checking on Peyton all night, not to mention checking on the children a few times an hour all night. And then there is Dale and Charley. You know Jaiden is going to make sure they are OK.”


“You”re right, Phyllis. He gave Peyton and Dale a suppository and he gave Charley a shot when he got home from his office when everybody started getting sick, so everybody is asleep except Jaiden. He promised he would call me if the children started getting sick. If that happens, I”ll fly on up there as soon as I can get to the airport.” “Thanks, Peggy, just let me know.” “OK, I will, Phyllis. See you tomorrow.”


“Hey, sweetheart. I just arrived at the airport and Mom hasn”t seen me yet � neither has your mother.” “Babe, did you just say my mother is here too?” “I did sweetheart. It looks like you and I will be able to rest today, but we are going to have two bosses here to help with the move to Tennessee; we”ll just have to grin and bear it. Let Dale and Charley know they are here.” “OK, sweetheart, I will.”


“Dale, Charley, Jaiden said to let you know that when he got to the airport, both our mothers were waiting on him; he called me before they saw him. I am sure they will help with the children until we are feeling better, but you know Jaiden”s mom and my mom together will be a formidable force making us do what they think we need to do. The good thing is that they can watch the children better than anybody because neither of our moms will allow the children to feel bad, especially Jaiden”s mom.” Dale looked at Peyton and said, “Normally, I think we”d all be on guard about things, but if you are like me about their being here right now, Thank You, Hashem!” “Dale, I couldn”t agree more.”


When Jaiden and the moms got home and walked in the kitchen door, all the grandbabies descended on their grandmas � even Dales” and Charlie”s children. As soon as the grandmas loved on all the children, little Chuck pointed at Charley and said, “Gma, Gma, Dah puke!” Everybody died laughing when Chuck said that. Peyton”s mom said, “There is no doubt in my mind, little Chuck is just like his daddy and his Grandpa Chuck. Jaiden”s mom was leaning against the wall, her hand covering her mouth, stifling her laughter as much as she could.


Dr. Mom examined her sons and their brothers and said it looked like the virus had pretty much run its course in Dale, Charley, and Peyton; however, Jaiden was running a low-grade fever, so she gave him a prescription for Ondansetron ODT, 4 mgs. Jaiden, you know what this is, and you know it doesn”t taste well, but it works quickly and you don”t have to insert it up your rump. I can give you suppositories if Peyton or one of your brothers want to insert it for you.” Peyton, Dale, and Charley very quickly yelled, “NO MAM!” The moms were laughing when Jaiden turned, looked at the other three guys and said, “I love you too.” “Jaiden, I love you too, but Montezuma is visiting you and I”m not going to give him a chance to pen me against a wall with his `soup”!” “Charley, you are a mess!” “No mam, Mom, but I will be if I try to give Jaiden a suppository right now.” Jaiden looked at his mom and told her no matter how someone looks at what Charley said, it was classic Charley.


“Jaiden, Peyton, Charley, Dale, Phyllis and I will watch the children, you guys go to bed and rest while this 24-hour virus passes out of your systems.” “Mom, thank you! Peyton, come on.” Charley and Dale were right behind them headed to their room.


Jaiden walked to Peyton”s and his bed, sat on the end of the bed, and pulled Peyton to him. He unbuckled Peyton”s belt, unsnapped his pants, and pulled the pants and Peyton”s briefs to the floor. “Jaiden, are you sure you feel up to this?” “I am up to it as much as ever, and you are certainly `up” to it. You also have that salty-sugary nectar exuding everywhere, and I intend to enjoy every drop of it. Peyton put his arms on Jaiden”s shoulders, closed his eyes, and took a trip to Utopia. Jaiden took his time to make the pleasure he was giving to Peyton last as long as possible and be as intensely sensitive as it could be. After a few minutes, Peyton tensed his body and fell atop Jaiden emptying himself all over the front of his hubby”s tee shirt. “Babe, do you feel better now?” “Immensely, sweetheart.”


Jaiden turned the television on and tuned in to a movie on relational love. He turned the rocker-lounge chair to face the television and sat Peyton on his lap. As the movie played, Jaiden” softly rubbed Peyton”s face and the trunk of his body. He wasn”t paying attention to Peyton”s response to the tender caresses until he looked down at the love of his life and discovered he was in a deep sleep. Jaiden put his feet on the chair”s hassock and turned off the television. He sat there all night holding his husband immensely enjoying the scent of his hair and skin.


When they awoke Sunday morning, Peyton felt guilty that Jaiden, who had been enduring the virus the day before, had sat in the recliner and held him all night. “Jaiden…” “Peyton, don”t even say it. I held you because I love you more than life itself; I enjoyed every minute that I got to hold you, I always have and I always will.” Peyton leaned over and gave Jaiden a light kiss and a hug.


“Jaiden, do you feel like going downstairs to help with breakfast for the children?” “I do.” “Then let”s take a shower, get dressed, and go eat before the boys get up. When they got in the shower, Jaiden suddenly turned to Peyton and said, “Good grief, Peyton, please don”t teach the boys to do that.” “Jaiden, it”s better to let it out and take the shame than to hold it in and keep the pain!” “Whose pain, Babe, yours or mine?” Peyton told Jaiden he wished he had a cup of coffee as he smiled and didn”t say another word until they got to the kitchen.


Dale looked at Peyton and Jaiden and motioned with his head for Charley to glance at them. “MMMMM! Sure did! Then he handed Jaiden and Peyton a cup of coffee, smiled and didn”t say a word outside of his smile that ran from ear to ear.” Jaiden looked at Charley and Dale and said, “we weren”t the only ones,” as he took a sip of coffee and smiled.


The guys heard their children waking up, so they went upstairs, got the children pottied, cleaned up and dressed for breakfast. When the children got downstairs, Grandma Phyllis had cooked banana-macadamia nut pancakes for them. When they put the pancakes on the babies” highchair tables, Peyton whispered to his mother to try and get a bite of Nathan”s pancakes. Phyllis looked at Nathan and asked, “Nathan, may Grandma have a taste of your pancake?” Everyone was amazed when Nathan forked a bite of pancake and held it up for his grandma. Jaiden decided to try that, so he got up, walked to Nathan”s highchair, and asked, “Nathan, may Daddy have a taste of your pancake. Nathan quickly yelled, “NO!” Jaiden”s mom looked at him and said, “I guess your son told you.” Then she walked to Nathan and asked for a bite of pancake and he forked a piece and gave it to her. Phyllis looked at Peggy and said, “Peggy, I told you we had them properly spoiled!” The guys shook their heads and didn”t say a word; they all knew it was going to happen � and it had.


The movers were going to move the dressers and chest of drawers with the clothes in them, so the guys didn”t have to pack any of that. They did pack three changes of clothes for the children and for them. Their parents already had their clothes packed. Jaiden and Peyton had looked at the Interstate route to Tennessee and it was going to take about 18 hours to make the drive stopping for meals and a motel half-way to Memphis, and there was NO WAY Jaiden was going escort bayan to subject the children to such a long, tiring ride. Without telling anyone, he had booked first-class airline tickets on Delta Airlines for everybody to get to Tennessee. Two children would sit in their airline approved safety seats and the other children would sit in the laps of an adult since they were only one year old.


Jaiden would sit on one side of the two children in the safety seats while holding Nathan Robert. Peyton would sit across the aisle next to his mom. He would hold Chuck and his mom would hold Mark. Jaiden”s mom commented on the expense of the flight for everybody, especially in first class seating. Jaiden looked at his mom and said, “Mom, we were looking at a minimum 20-hour trip with ten extremely tired, irritated, angry, screaming children, stopping for lunch, dinner, multiple bathroom breaks for the children, and a hotel halfway through the trip. Would you rather drive or fly to Memphis?” “Jaiden, the flight price is a good deal.” “I thought so too, Mom.”


Granny, Ginny, Gampy, and the Reverend arrived at Jaiden”s just before lunch. The moving van at the Riley-Reynolds-Leonard-Anderson home was loaded by the time they got to Jaiden”s. Shortly after, the car carrier arrived and began loading up the vehicles to be transported to Tennessee. By 12:30, everybody was at Tony”s to have lunch with the Rabbis and their families, Don, Jay, and the Grays before heading out for Tennessee. Thankfully, Peyton and Charley had thought to pack hand towels to tuck into the necks of the children”s tee shirts so they wouldn”t need a bath after having their skety. Mrs. Schwartz was there to see the children one last time before the move. One of the children offered Mrs. Schwartz a bite of skety without her having to ask causing the dads to shake their heads once again in disbelief. Charley said, “leave it to the ladies the children love to spoil them!” Dale looked at Charley and said, “You knew they were going to do that, we talked about it, my mother told us it would happen, and she was right.” Charley replied, “Yep, it did, and she was right.”


Guys, I booked first class seats for us on Delta. The car carrier is waiting at the house to take the van and cars we used to come eat lunch. Charley went to Jaiden and hugged him tightly saying, “I love you, bro, I love you!” Charley, are you saying you”re going to miss a 20-hour plus driving trip to Tennessee with ten screaming, angry, tired, fussy children with the multiple bathroom breaks, stopping for lunch and dinner, and staying overnight in a motel with the children?” “Not at all, Jaiden, not at all. I do want to reimburse you for the ticket costs for the children, Dale, and me.” “Charley, that isn”t necessary, you don”t have to do that and you know it.” “Jaiden, it”s only fair that Dale and I do that.” “Don”t worry about it, Charley, I took the money for all the tickets from stock set aside for you and Dale.” “You what, Jaiden?” Jaiden took a sip of coffee, smiled, and didn”t say a word.” “Jaiden, you got me again, didn”t you?” Jaiden chuckled, took a sip of coffee, and winked at Charley.


They got to Memphis three hours after boarding the flight. Jaiden had reserved a 15-passenger van for Peyton Dale, Charley, the children, and him. There was a Lincoln Nautilus for Peyton”s and his mom, and for Granny, Ginny, and their husbands. Their cars and their furniture are supposed to be in Memphis in three days, so they would stay in a nice hotel until they could move into their housing. The next day after lunch when the children laid down for their afternoon naps, Jaiden and Peyton went to a local mall and bought all the children swimsuits. Peyton picked out a cute two-piece bikini for Alaina Noelle that everybody raved over when they saw it.


Since the hotel had a very nice, shallow children”s pool, the dads and the other adults were able to sit by the kiddie pool and watch the children have an awesome time playing with each other in the water. And who do you think managed the activities and behavior in the pool? Yep, Alaina Noelle. She didn”t allow her brothers to roughhouse at all. All that tough little cookie had to do was give her brothers “the look” and they immediately settled down. The adults were laughing at their granddaughter keeping her brothers in line her way.


About seven pm, the dads took the children back to their room, bathed them, and got them ready for bed. The cut the television on a music channel, dimmed the lights, and laid on the bed with their children until they went to sleep. Each room had king sized beds, so the dads rearranged the covers on the beds so they could lay all five children sideways and let them sleep together.


Once the children went to sleep, Jaiden rolled over facing Peyton”s back and began kissing the nape of his neck and tweaking each of his nipples. His hands began to move over every inch of Peyton”s body causing Peyton to sharply whisper, “JAIDEN! the children.” Jaiden whispered back, “Peyton, be quiet and enjoy the attention � and let me enjoy it too.” Jaiden kept up his efforts to pleasure Peyton every way he could think of without risking the children waking up and seeing something they shouldn”t see. He climbed atop Peyton and began to grind their erections together and kissing every unclothed spot he could get to. They were getting hot and sweaty when Jaiden rolled off Peyton and began playing inside the tent of Peyton”s briefs. They had been playing around for an hour when Peyton”s body tensed and he let out a soft grunt as he created a lake between his chest and his abdomen. Jaiden got up, gently cut on the warm water in the sink and wet a washcloth to clean the lake in the middle of Peyton”s torso.


The next morning, all ten children woke up at their usual time. Since Memphis is an hour behind Erie, the children were going full force at five that morning. Given that the Riley-Reynolds and the Leonard-Andersons had adjoining rooms, they got together as soon as they awoke. “Jaiden, do you have some of those pills from home that make you sleep?” “I do, Charley, why?” “Do you think we could quarter the tablets, give each child a quarter so we could get some more sleep?” “Charley, Mom sent me a text a few minutes ago that said, “Don”t even think about it! She must have had the same thought to have sent me that message.” “She probably did, Jaiden. Even if it was possible, I would never do that even if it does sound like a good way to get some rest.” “I wouldn”t either, Charley, and I wouldn”t let you do it either.” “Good, Bro, we”re on the same page with each other.”


Dale looked at Jaiden and said, “Jaiden, it wasn”t the children who caused us to be so tired this morning. By the look on Peyton”s and your face, the four of us had the same kind of night.” Peyton replied, “Yeah, I guess we did; wasn”t it fun!” The guys all giggled at Peyton”s comment.


When everybody met for breakfast, Dr. Mom looked at the guys and said, “You guys need to lay off the sex until you get into the house, or you are going to be too tired to do anything!” “MOM!” “Jaiden, don”t Mom me, Phyllis and I know that look you boys have on your faces. Frankly, when we were your age, we had that same look more times than we can count.” “Moooom!” “Jaiden, you ought to know better than to think that you and Peyton, much less Dale and Charley, can hide anything from your parents; we know you too well.” “You are right, Mom. We are too young to give up sex when ever we can have it, so I guess we are just going to have to embarrass our moms.” Jaiden”s and Peyton”s moms turned crimson red at that comment. Jaiden thought – touch� mom, touch�!


They would let the children play in the kiddie pool until lunch. After lunch, they would go check out their housing. Once they saw the homes they would live in while in Memphis, they would go to St. Jude”s and get their IDs and their lab coats. Then they would go to Dale”s and Charley”s company and get what they would need to start work on July 06. The guys haven”t told their mothers, or Granny and Ginny and their husbands, that they have booked a dinner cruise on the Mississippi River for them. The set up is that Dale and Charley would watch the children, and Jaiden and Peyton would take the adults to the cruise office and then tell the adults what they had booked for them.

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