I’ve Wanted You For Years

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I’ve Wanted You For Years
Sherry was one of the first girls I noticed when I started a new job. She was a statuesque blonde, about 5’9″, with a great hourglass figure. She had long blonde wavy hair and a great smile. Coupled with her outgoing, slightly flirtatious personality, she was, in a word, stunning.
As a new and slightly nerdy Engineer, she really didn’t notice me all that much and I only rarely talked to her. But, as years passed, we developed more common friends and I got to know her a little better. Sherry soon got married and had a couple of k**s. She put on quite a bit of weight and was not the hottie she once was. However, she still was a strikingly good looking woman.
Rumors around the water cooler were that Sherry was unhappy in her marriage and about to give her old man the boot. She went on a crash diet and lost a lot of weight quickly, just giving more credence to the rumors. Sherry was the talk of the entire company when she came to work after being off for a week or so. She had obviously had a boob job and, I can tell you, she got her money’s worth! Sherry had medium sized boobs before, probably C cups. But, now, holy shit! Those puppies had to be at least a full DD! However, with her statuesque figure and full, round ass, the new huge tits went very well with her body shape. With this boob job and losing the extra weight, Sherry looked better than ever in her late 30’s!
A few weeks later, several of us from work went to happy hour on Friday. To my surprise, Sherry was there, looking great of course. The crowd was thinning down and Sherry said she had to go. I walked her out to her car, a new Cadillac. It was really cold and she said, “get in and let’s talk for a while”. Of course, I obliged and sat in the roomy leather seats as she cranked up the car. She began to talk about her bahis siteleri marriage and how unhappy she was. It sounded like her husband didn’t appreciate her, drank too much, and was basically just an ass. As she continued, it became evident that she didn’t have much self confidence. This was a great surprise to me because of her stunning looks and outgoing personality.
So, here I am, alone for the first time with this woman I have lusted after for years. Both of us were a little giddy from the drinks at happy hour and she seemed quite vulnerable. Yet, I found myself not making any move on her at all. I began thinking that someone else from work may walk outside the bar and see us. I was in line for a big promotion and didn’t need any scandals. So, long story short, I never made a move on her that night.
I kept kicking myself every time I saw Sherry around the office. She looked so damn good every day. Just when I thought I had blown my chance, I got lucky. I ran into Sherry at her favorite place, the bar at an On The Border Mexican restaurant. She loved their frozen margaritas with the sangria swirl. I prefer a good too shelf margarita on the rocks, but admit the swirl thing tasted good when Sherry gave me a sip of hers. She had already had a few by the time I arrived. I sat next to her at the bar and she told me her husband and her had a big argument. She was definitely upset and going into even more detail than before. She said she would have left a long time ago, but even though their marriage was in shambles, their sex life was apparently still fantastic. She said they did it almost every night and she definitely needed a lot of sex.The more she told me about her sex life and sexual desires, the harder my cock got. She excused herself as went to the restroom. She was gone a little while, canlı bahis so I got up to go to the restroom myself. Fortunate, my erection had subsided somewhat before I got up. The restrooms were down a secluded hallway and Sherry came out of the ladies room just as I walked by. “Hey good lookin!” I said when she appeared. She smiled and took me by the hand. I wasn’t about to blow my chance again, and I pulled her close against the wall. Our mouths met in an extremely passionate kiss. She pressed her incredibly sexy body against me as the kiss seemed to last forever. Of course, my cock was now fully erect and she let out a soft moan as she hunched her hips against me ever so slightly. Someone came into the hallway, so we walked back to the bar.
“Wow, that was quite a kiss!” Sherry said, smiling. ” I know, I’ve been wanting to kiss you for years! ” I admitted. Sherry asked me why I had never made a move on her before. It was partially shyness on my part, but also not wanting to get involved with someone from work. I had received a promotion recently and the bosses were very conservative. I knew Sherry wasn’t the type to bring up harassment charges, but that was on my mind as well. “So, do you find me attractive?” Sherry asked in all seriousness. “Absolutely! Sherry, I think you are a gorgeous woman, and I have for years. I think you are amazing!” Sherry definitely appreciated my remarks and quickly asked, ” Well, why don’t we get together?! I am very attracted to you as well”. This was music to my ears and I just hoped it wasn’t the strong margaritas talking.
The following Monday at work, I was hoping Sherry was still interested in getting together. She called me in the morning and asked if I could meet her after work. We went to a park not far from work and I got into her car. We began kissing kaçak iddaa immediately and Sherry gasped, “Damn, you kiss great! You are making me horny as hell!” She began pumping her hips up and down in the car and groaning as we continued to kiss and my hungry hands roamed over her sexy body. I put my hand on her crotch and could feel the dampness through her pants. She hunched against me harder and moaned, “keep it up baby, I need to cum!” I was amazed she could get off so easily and quickly, but in no time her hips started bucking rhymatically against my hand and she yelled out, “I’m gonna fucking cum baby! Oh God, I need it so bad, now, fuck yeah, NOW!!!” as she exploded into a huge orgasm. Wow, this woman was as sexy as I thought! To my delight, Sherry unzipped my pants and pulled out my fully erect, thick cock. She proceded to give me the best blow job I had ever had. Her tongue swirled around the head of my cock and her lips sucked me into her mouth expertly. Her head was bobbing up and down faster and faster as she sensed I was about to blow my load. And blow my load, I did! She sucked every bit of cum out of my twitching penis as I erupted in wave after wave. I thought she had swallowed my entire massive load until I saw a cum stain on my tan dress pants. “Damn, baby, I thought I got every drop!” Sherry said in her sexiest voice. ” Now, that made me horny all over again, you’ve gotta take care of me again! ” Sherry said, almost demanding. This time she pulled her pants down and I slid her soaked panties to one side. This time I fingered her throbbing drenched pussy with my long fingers. I got on her g spot just right as she was moaning and grunting with absolute pleasure. She came quickly for a second time with her pussy convulsing around my fingers.
“Can we get a room and do this right?! Soon!!!!” Sherry asked. ” Absolutely baby! We can sneak away at lunch time one day this week, if that works for you” I replied. “On hell yes! The sooner the better!” Sherry exclaimed as she pulled her pants back up.
…To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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