It’s The Guy and Gal… Not Age

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Can a business be both modernized and quaint old-fashioned at the same time?

If it can then that defines the classic Confectionary in town.

The place sits on a major side street just two doors down from the main street and has been there more than twenty years. The shop is very narrow but long as it stretches away from the street.

It is also a Mom and Dad type of outfit extremely popular with everyone around the area. Business is steady with mainly repeat customers and yet it’s seldom crowded except before Holidays.

There’s a long glass counter along one side and across the back that holds the stock of product.

From the front of the store you’ll find five kinds of doughnuts, three kinds of sticky rolls and three kinds of donut type bars then three kinds of huge muffins. Donuts, sticky buns and bars are sold mainly to the morning trade but available all day. Next you find three kinds of seasonal fruit pies of the nine inch type and four kinds of ten inch double decker cakes in addition to three kinds of cupcake. Six kinds of cookies and three types of bagel are next. Ice cream is last along the aisle and candy is in the counter across the back. The candy is mainly filled chocolates.

There are only four people running the business except on holidays when two or three part-timers are added. The actual service of customers is handled by two girls of High School or Community College age that are always extremely proficient. If anything gets depleted in the counter or a customer wants a larger quantity of anything one of the girls will disappear to the back of the store and return quickly with what is needed.

The girls can add simple greetings and names to the top of a cake, in icing, faster than anyplace else in town.

The ownership of the store makes up the remaining two members of the staff. A woman of striking appearance sits at a small narrow counter on one side as you enter the store. She is always impeccably and conservatively dressed in a woman’s suit and high heels and offers the most genial and pleasant demeanor as she totals, bills and cashiers your purchases as you leave. Her husband is a dour man that can be seen at a desk behind a glass window beyond the candy counter at the rear of the store. He seldom ever comes out of his office except to scream at his wife or one of the girls.

The products they sell are highest quality, delicious and most unusual of flavor. It isn’t the stuff seen in most fast food bakeries or donut shops and it’s a mystery how they manage to obtain such unusual products and nearly always have enough on hand for a customer’s need.

Additionally if a customer is willing to order and wait a day before pick-up it seems the guy can always find the ‘wanted’ including special flavors, sizes or even ice cream cakes and sell them at a competitive price. Although always glum the guy obviously has talent that isn’t apparent when looking at him.

One customer began coming in five years earlier after moving into town and accidentally stumbling on the store. He’s always noticed the husband’s business-like appearance. That first time the customer noticed the husband was dressed in a conservative suit, white shirt and tie. A year later the husband seemed to be trying to regain his youth or never gave it up because he had the haircut of a twenty-year-old with a bad comb-over. He had also changed his clothing to that of a youth with gold chains around his neck, an open vest with shirt open halfway to his waist and loafers. He still yells but seems to think he is a gift to young women.

The subject new customer has a serious sweet tooth and makes trips into the store two or three times each week. He is a bachelor in his early forties and has acquired controlling interest in a small business at the edge of town. He frequently buys donuts for his morning staff or something else sweet for them on a holiday or birthday. The guy has become a regular client and gives the store considerable business from his small company and personal purchases.

After a year the older gal up front began recognizing him, called him by name and always gave him a huge smile. He liked her a lot and after that first year she would sometimes not charge him for something he purchased although she would always glance to the back to see if her husband was watching. One morning after a no-charge on a dozen doughnuts for the morning he leaned over and kissed her cheek as he thanked her. She blushed but he sensed she liked it as he stared appreciatively at her.

After that first time it seemed she gave him more things without charge and each time he began glancing back to see if her husband was watching and if he wasn’t then she got another kiss on the cheek although one day he ‘slipped’ and kissed the side of her mouth. She blushed but thanked him and asked him to hurry back. She always remained on his mind for long periods after he departed the store.

This went on for another year and then one hot summer day the customer pulled into his favorite tecavüz porno lunch spot. It was a fast-food place that had excellent air-conditioning and perfectly clean interior. He never ate in his car but would park and walk in for his order and then sit at one of the tables. This particular day he got his order and was carrying it back looking for a table when he saw the gal from the Confectionary. He’d never seen her visit the place before nor discovered her outside her work but he was happy to see her. He walked over to her and asked if he could sit with her. She seemed delighted for the company as she finished her lunch and as she stared into his eyes he had the feeling she very much enjoyed seeing him.

They talked and she stayed and sipped her coffee from a Styrofoam cup as he ate and finished his Coke. When he’d finished he asked her about being there and mentioned he’d never seen her in the place before. He noticed now that she wore the suit jacket unbuttoned and was wearing an almost transparent white lacey blouse with the top three buttons opened and cleavage showing.

She admitted this was her first time although she added that she and her husband lived only a mile away and she always passed it going to and coming from work. She added that she’d always thought it would be nice to stop in and then that day as she prepared to leave the Confectionary for lunch and after being shouted at by her husband, she remembered the place and because she needed to get away and this place was several miles from work she drove over to have lunch.

He asked about her husband and at first she turned almost sullen before she opened up. He quietly told her how much he always enjoyed seeing her and that he envied her husband.

She asked why and again he quietly mentioned that having her smiling and happy around the house must keep hubby contented and with a figure like her’s the guy must always be in hog-heaven even though he always seemed grumpy at work.

Confidentially and almost whispering she told him she and hubby slept in different rooms, that he seldom came home after work and that he’d had at least a half-dozen mistresses over the past five years. She added that when she’d found out about the mistresses she’d tried to get him interested again in her but it didn’t work and so she’d finally moved into a separate bedroom and although she’d fix hubby’s meals and clean up after him she didn’t see him at home.

Then quite suddenly she realized what she’d been confiding and apologized.

It was difficult to believe her story about the husband but he did and he felt a bit of deep anger at the guy for treating her that way. It was difficult to accept that any guy would treat her that way and he began to empathize. Even though he was younger and there was probably more than ten years age difference he’d began liking her more than he possibly should but she had become a friend. He commented on how nice she looked with the suit jacket open wearing the white blouse and then he asked what she did for enjoyment and pleasure and how she kept from going crazy alone at home all the time.

She smiled at the compliment to her looks and then appeared to grit her teeth before answering. She forced a smile again and said it wasn’t easy but she’d fought to manage it all.

Lunch was over and as she stood to leave he asked if he might accompany her to her car. She nodded and he took her arm as they headed out the door toward her car.

When they were at her car she stepped carefully down from the curb onto the asphalt that formed the parking lot. She walked to her car, leaned over slightly and used her key to unlock the door before beginning to pull it open.

She turned to say goodbye and hadn’t realized how close he was.

The next moment was an accident as he leaned forward to kiss her cheek lightly but she turned so quickly that he found their mouths together and the kiss grew deeper than intended and lasted far longer than any friendship kiss. Her soft lips were sweet and then he traced her lips with his tongue and she returned it as their tongues met the first time.

He pulled her against him tightly and a moment later heard a deep soft moan and felt her hips press even more tightly against him and twist slightly against the huge bulge she must have felt.

When the kiss was over he looked deep into her eyes again and slowly asked if she had to return to work so quickly.

She glanced down and then after a pause she asked what he had in mind.

He wasn’t certain but responded that he lived close by and perhaps she’d accompany him.

Without asking why he wanted to take her to his place it was only a second before she’d locked her car again and let him lead her to his own.

He pressed the security fob and unlocked the doors of his car then led her to the passenger side. He let her pass him and then turned and opened the door for her while still holding her hand.

As she stepped forward and turned to sit down teen porno he pulled her closer and kissed her again. He slipped his free hand around and clasped her ass. Then in a sudden flash of inspiration he had a thought.

She was pressing and slipping her tummy across him again as he brought her hand down and slipped it between them.

At first she appeared surprised as her tongue stopped its probing and then it began again more urgently as she slipped her hand from his, turned it and grasped him through the pants. She moaned again as she explored it then his newly freed hand clasped her other cheek and he began to knead each one.

She pulled back and whispered “We have to hurry.” and he looked into her eyes once more and gave her a quick kiss as she climbed in and he shut the door.

The instant he was seated and as he started the car she reached over and clasped it again as she blushed shyly. He drove home quickly to the old three-bedroom home he’d bought and been restoring since soon after moving to the town.

Again he pressed a button and the garage door opened just before he entered. The door closed again automatically and her hand reached over and found its target once more.

“You’d better get me in the house soon unless you want me to pull it out and begin right here. My mouth and tongue are eager for it. I have developed an oral fetish that I’ve never even been able to try but it has me completely under its control now.” she said as she held it tightly.

A moment later they were in the house and he was pulling her along and into the bedroom.

He slipped the suit jacket from her shoulders and then opened the blouse and skirt. She was embarrassed and blushing but didn’t resist. She wore a half-slip and bra. When he slid the slip down he found she was wearing a thong and smiled. The bra and thong matched perfectly and the bra was transparent. He studied her nipples before reaching out and tracing one with a finger. She closed her eyes.

Before he did anything else she snapped her eyes open and told him it was her turn.

She whistled appreciatively when she found he wore nothing beneath his slacks and she felt the need to reach out and fondle it as she opened then removed his shirt. She managed with one hand to get the tee over his head and again whistled as she studied his well-toned body.

It was his turn and he pushed her back onto the bed as he asked “Should we begin slowly?”

“Please.” she said as he pushed her onto her back and opened the front clasp of her bra then kissed each beautifully full erect nipple. It took him only a second to pull off the thong and she was as bare as he was but far more enticing.

“Foreplay?” he asked and she shook her head before answering “Later. I’m ready now.”

She was as beautiful and ready as any younger girl he’d ever known and far more satisfying as he positioned himself above her and she spread her legs then raised them before they encircled him. She reached down and did the guiding as she stroked it into position.

He slowly worked it in and out until he finally filled her and her closed eyes flashed open at him and she announced she was ready.

It was the slow, perfect fuck he’d already imagined and mentally experienced over the previous months and she was as lively and eager as he could ever have wanted.

“It’s been so long and now it’s perfect and worth every second of such a very long wait.” she said with a soft smile “Make me climax again. You’ve made me feel young and I need a lot more of it.”

“I need you too. I have for a long time but was afraid to even stare and even more afraid to say anything. Kissing your cheek kept me alive I think and that time I slipped and tasted your lips I wanted you even more and have since. It was fate or unbelievable luck that I found you this noon.” he said as he pulled out, turned her over and then raised her to her knees and hurried behind her.

“OMG!” she yelled “I didn’t think it could get any better or any deeper but it is.” as she began to counter every thrust and picked up the pace. “I didn’t think I’d ever know a man so intensely capable. If you never see me again I’ll always remember this afternoon.”

“I’m not going anywhere.” he said and then asked “Can you get away a few times a week? You can come here or I’ll meet you anywhere.” he said as he drove it deep and held her body back tightly against his sweating abs.

She moaned and didn’t try to move until he relaxed his hold and then she began again. “I didn’t think I could climax so often and so deep. I went for a walk at noon the day after the first time you kissed my cheek…” she whispered “And I found a place I didn’t know existed. It’s a few blocks from work and almost hidden in a side street. I was afraid but I went inside anyway when I saw there was only a woman salesclerk inside. I found something that teased me almost immediately. It was a very large realistic male penis with balls… a cock and I had her put it in a plain travesti porno brown bag so I could get it home. I hid it in my car before I went back to work and I’ve used it every day since. It’s almost as big as you are and I was certain no man could ever match it but you do. When I was young I was told by a girlfriend that she only loved or had sex with guys that were large and I always thought she was bragging but making the stories up. She also told me she could give a guy a blowjob better than the other girls because she could swallow it.” she’d been gasping out the words in short staccato form and now paused.

Finally he filled her then hugged her as he kissed her neck and she rested before beginning again.

“I told you I have an oral fetish and it was because of what my girlfriend had told me then. I tried it with the rubber penis I bought and it tasted bad. It was weeks before the bad taste was gone. I guess I’d finally had it in my mouth enough that it was licked off.” she laughed nervously and went on. “It took me almost a year before I could swallow it without gagging although I’d been getting better at it every day it seemed. Now I think I know how to do it. May I try?”

He laughed softly as he spoke “I don’t think any guy would ever turn down an offer like that.” and he lifted it for her.

She smiled and thanked him quietly before she began to move and find a position she liked. She finally settled onto her knees between his legs and then kept her eyes focused on his as she began. “I think I’ve tasted some of this before.” she giggled as her tongue swept over him and then she began. When she paused to catch a breath she said “I’ve only tasted a man twice before. The first was with a professor I’d gone to ask for help while in college. He raped me but I didn’t tell anyone. I was ashamed at what he made me do. The second time was shortly after I married but my husband didn’t like it so we’ve never done it again even though I’ve always wanted more. You make up for it all and your taste is what I’ve wanted.”

He smiled and said “You know where there’s more if you’d like it.”

She seemed puzzled and then after a moment she smiled and reached between her legs to return with her hand and fingers wet. She wrapped her fingers around him again and spread it everywhere before returning for more and spreading it across his nipples. “I’m still going to get more from the source but this will help me get through the next few minutes.” she added with a smile. She used her tongue again to sweep him clean before he felt her throat working him and finally he was through and she was driving her head down all the way until she had to stop with her face pressed hard against him. “I knew I could but I’m going to prove to you how grateful I am and how much I want you. My fetish is coming true.” she said when she paused again.

“Do you want to help me?” she said as she moved his one hand to her head and returned to her labors.

He did help and his eyes remained tempted by the way her breasts moved so perfectly suspended on each side of his firmness and the way she moved her head. If possible his interest was growing beyond what he’d thought possible and it was fed by the way she worked him. Her throat was virgin territory, tight, hot and perfectly working him. Except sex with her a few moments before he’d never felt anything so perfectly arousing. He could see her lips full and red with her cheeks sunken as she sucked harder and harder it seemed.

The wet sounds were clear in the room and the occasional sound of air as her lips momentarily lost purchase around its gleaming wetness traveling in and out deeper providing more enjoyment than any he’d ever before had this way.

Her hands were softly rolling his balls as if they’d been his own and he was rising. The heat and need of her and wanting to please her this first time soared into his consciousness and he used his hands on her head and assumed control. She willingly seemed to relinquish it and let him use her this way in any manner he chose. It was what she’d needed and it was more than even her dreams had allowed her to know.

It was a fetish worth knowing and intense to the point that she climaxed again and again with no more than the knowledge she was into it and he needed it. Her practice at home over these long years was paying off and she loved it. She would do it again and again if he would let her and nothing else entered her thoughts even as the warm thick cream began warming her and she sensed each jet until as he was reaching the end of his climax and released her head she relaxed and pulled back. Her lungs were bursting with need and yet her pleasure had peaked she thought even as the last of his ejaculations filled her mouth. She had to inhale through her nose because it was so thick. She used her tongue to sweep it from her mouth but found she liked the feeling and taste then continued to play an extra moment before she realized there might be more. She swallowed.

She sucked hard as both hands circled it then tightened as she slid them up around it. Her eyes were open and staring into his face when another delightful drop slipped into her mouth. Slowly his eyes opened and he was smiling broadly as he announced “Wow!” to the otherwise empty room.

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