It’s Barely Theatre Ch. 01

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It’s a great day! I finally got a part in an off-off-off Broadway show! I’d been trying for months to land a part. I don’t care what part I get, just to be able to act on stage is my dream. The future of theatre has been in jeopardy for the last twenty years, so time was growing short to get on stage.

The part I got is in a revamped and sexy restaging of “Hair,” updated for the 150th anniversary of the original production in October of 1967. The music will be the same, but singers will be paired with the latest technology in theatre today, robots. Great strides have been made in theatrical robots and often their abilities exceed the humans involved.

The day has arrived and I’m meeting the rest of the cast at the grooming salon. I guess it’s where we get styled for the production, costumes, wigs, etc. The cast is even-steven, four men and four women, with two robots.

The grooming salon door looms over me. Looks like a warehouse, but when I walk in, I’m amazed. It’s very posh inside. White walls with beige carpeting. The color in the room is provided by red desks and chairs. There is a set of bubbled purple glass doors. I stop at the desk, and introduce myself.

“Hi. I’m Dora. I’m with the cast of Hair.”

“Oh, yes, miss. You’re the last member to arrive. They are in Suite Four. Through those doors and take a right. It’s at the end of the corridor.”

I thank her and make my way. The suites must be sound proof as it’s so quiet you could hear a pin drop. I get to the end and open the door.

“There she is now. Hey, Roberto, the last one is here. We can get started.”

I drop my things on one of the chairs by the desk and join the others standing around the director, Hank.

“Most of you don’t know your cast-mates as well as you’re going to. In order to help you all become comfortable with each other before we start rehearsing, we will be groom each other. The end result will be your costume, or lack of, for the production. Roberto here has done this with other theatre groups and found that by the end of this exercise, everyone is friendly with everyone else and there’s no embarrassment. We need no shy school girls here. Roberto, they’re all yours.”

“Thanks, Hank.” Roberto steps forward and speaks to us, giving us instructions.

“Because you auditioned for this show, you know how intimate it will become. You need to get comfortable not only with yourself, but with others as well. We will start this exercise by disrobing in a group. Now there’s no need to be embarrassed if you get excited at first. Remember, it’s worse konya escort for the men. By the end of the exercise, you won’t even notice the others.”

There are a few titters and nervous laughter, but Roberto goes on.

“Make a circle, boy girl boy girl.” We move into position. “That’s it. Now, on the count of three, you will undress, starting with tops and ending with bottoms. Just drop your clothes. And yes, they ALL come off. One…two… three.”

We all unbutton, some slower than others, or pull over our heads our shirts and blouses. Some guys wear undershirts and they take them off while we girls take our bras off. I find I’m not nervous even though I haven’t had a lover since moving to this town six years ago. But I can see others are. No one wants to go further.

“Come now, you’ve done this before with your lovers. Bottoms off, now.”

We reluctantly push and pull off skirts and pants, and various underwear.

“I know, I know, you’re all nervous, but I want you to look at each other from head to toe. It’s okay and safe to check each other out.”

We shyly peek and glance at naked men and women. A couple men have softies growing. I’ve seen men before. It may have been a while, but I remember my man. I’m curious about the women. I check out breasts and hair/no hair pussies. It’s just variations on a theme, but I find I’m a little turned on.

Roberto speaks again, “Now we will progress from looking at each other to grooming each other. The men will be first in the chairs. Men, please sit.” The men march over to the barber chairs and sit.

“Ladies, find someone to stand beside. You will be grooming him.”

We girls pick our guys. Two girls try for the same one but no fight breaks out.

“Okay, ladies. On the table behind you, you will find combs, scissors and clippers as well as brushes. You will first cut their hair, if it isn’t already short. I see several men with mops. Yes, you’ll be losing your beloved locks. The one who is already bald, your lady can sit this one out. The clippers have guides on them so you will be able to cut only so much. I’ll be walking the line and help if you need it. Ready? Begin.”

We pick up combs and scissors and turn towards the men. I chose Alden, a gorgeous brown-haired Brit. I noticed him earlier and was immediately attracted to him. And I love his accent.

Before I cut, I run my hands through his hair, pulling it up to see how long it is, feeling how soft it is. I massage his head a little and I hear a low moan from the front of the head I’m working konyaaltı escort on. It makes me smile and gives me ideas.

I start scissoring his hair the way I’ve watched my oldest brother do it. He’s a hairdresser and when I was a kid, I used to hang around his shop, watching. I cut the top to an inch, and then turn to the sides. I cut each side to an inch as well. The back, let’s see. I run my hand up the back of his head, from nape to top once, twice. It feels nice to me and I hear a groan in agreement from the head.

I switch from scissors to clippers. I study the head, deciding what to do.

“Do you need help, dear?” Roberto asks me.

“Yes. I’m not sure where or how to start. Any suggestions?”

He takes the clippers from my hand and demonstrates.

“See, hold them like this and at an angle like this. Start here and move up to the top. Repeat until there’s no hair above the guide. You want to keep the length even all the way around. See? You try.”

He hands me the clippers and watches me do a couple passes.

“You got it,” and Roberto moves on.

I continue clipping the sides of Alden’s head, being careful to do it as Roberto showed me. When I get to the back, I push his head down and place the clippers at the base of his neck. I hesitate, leaving them there to send vibrations down his spine, then move them ever so slowly up his neck. I repeat the process, including the hesitation, several times, until there’s no hair above the guide. Somewhere in the middle of this, another moan escapes from my head.

I put the clippers down and look at my work. I get close to the top of his head, inhaling the scent of his hair. I place my hands on the top of his head and smooth his hair down to his nape. Then, as a tease, I run my fingernails up his nape. I see his shoulders react in a shiver.

I grab a brush and brush the hair off his shoulders and neck and stand behind him, signaling that I’m done.

Others are finishing up as well, and soon there’s no more buzzing or sweeping sounds.

Roberto walks to the front of us. “Very good, ladies. Now that you’ve gotten a feel for the clippers, you will use them after scissoring their pubic hair.”

Audible gasps of shock from both sexes can be heard. I feel myself blush but I also feel my pussy get a little bit wetter than it was.

“After scissor cutting as much hair as you can, you will then shave them clean. Don’t be afraid to touch their cocks and balls, you’ll have to in the show anyway, so might as well get used to it konyaaltı eve gelen escort now. You will need to get all the hair shaved off. Ready? Begin.”

I can see several men with huge grins. One man already has a huge erection. This is going to be fun!

I kneel in front of him. “I’ll be careful, Alden. Don’t worry.”

“Doll, you can do whatever you want to me.” I blush.

I start on the outer edge and twirl a bunch of his pubic hair around my finger, pull it taut and cut the hair off, dropping strands on the floor. I repeat the process and I keep my eyes on what I’m doing. I’m afraid if I look at Alden I’ll get nervous. As I get closer to his cock, it twitches. This is turning him on. It has an effect on me too but I can’t give in. I reach for his balls and hold them in one hand while scissoring off what little hair is there.

We were given brushes and cloths to brush away hair and I take mine and brush Alden off. His cock twitches and rises ever so slightly. I hide my smile at this. His cock is looking really good to me right now, as my ever moistening pussy indicates.

I pick up the clippers and turn them on. I start mid-way up his pubes, shaving up to rid him of the short hairs. It takes quite a few passes to clean this area. I move lower and closer to his cock and carefully wrap my hand around it so it doesn’t get in my way. I’m pleased to feel him get hard in my hand. I pretend to reposition my hand when I’m actually moving my hand up and down. It gets even harder, and so does Alden’s breathing. I put clipper to pubes and his hips thrust forward a bit. I carefully shave around one side of his cock. When that area is clean, I put his cock against his tummy and gingerly handle his balls. As I roll them around looking for hair, I hear him suck in his breath and hold it, but I did a good job with the scissors so don’t need the clippers. When I let go of his balls, he lets out his breath.

In order to do the other side of his cock, I need to be on that side so I get up and walk around the footrest. I surreptitiously glance at Alden. His face is flushed, his eyes closed. He is clearly enjoying my ministrations. I kneel again and put my hand on his cock to move it. It startles him and he jumps a bit. So does his cock. Just as I put clipper to skin, my hand slips up and over the mushroom head and feels a bit of pre-cum.

“Sorry, I slipped.”

“Quite alright, Dora. You can slip anytime.”

My face reddens and I tuck my chin down and concentrate on shaving this side of his pubes. I take my time, not wanting to end this, but I finally shave away the rest of the hair. I take the brush and brush him off again, paying special attention to his balls, not that they needed it, but just to tease him.

As I stand up, signaling I’m done, I feel his hand brush mine. “Thanks for a job well done.” He winks at me.

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