It was a Well Thought Out Plan

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They met on a kinky sex website. One that had several rooms that catered to every kink imaginable. The room they met in dealt in consensual rape…an oxymoron for sure but his kink, nonetheless. She was not well versed in the world of kink but was curious, and rape, oddly enough, was where she chose to start. And he was more than happy to accommodate her fantasy.

For months they chatted online, getting to know one another. He was earning her trust. Each week he pushed her boundaries. He gave her assignments that were to be documented by pictures from her phone. Simple things at first. Since it was summer she was to go to the local shopping center wearing no underwear with her sun dress, progressing to taking a selfie with her tits exposed at Buffalo Wild Wings on the opening Saturday of college football season. She loved being “made” to do these things, things she would not normally do.

During their online conversations he was able to discreetly get information from her. She lived alone but had two cats. She owned a small house in an older neighborhood, not an apartment, which was good news to him. With every bit of information, he was beginning to make a plan. She was going to get her fantasy, he would see to that.

By September he knew she was his. Her tasks had been bolder and she met them all with style. He liked her. He devised a plan. He would rape her!

On October 1 he went silent. No more texts, instant messages, nothing for two weeks. It drove her crazy. She texted him, pleading for him to respond. Nothing from him. He let her stew.

One Tuesday morning he packed his SUV and traveled to Memphis and got a hotel room as close to her house as he could. For two days he monitored her every move.

Friday at noon, he removed the screen from her bedroom window, jimmied the lock and let myself in. On Friday she met some friends after work, so he had plenty of time to lay his trap.

The first thing he did was simply rearrange some of the things in her house. Nothing drastic, but a drawer partially open in the kitchen, the door to the laundry room opened a bit, a lamp in the den turned on. Just enough to mind fuck her. When she arrived home after meeting some friends for a drink, he was prepared. He knew exactly where he would make his move. He sat quietly in a very cramped hall closet waiting for the right moment.

As expected, when she got home she walked through the kitchen and simply closed the drawer, not giving it a thought. But the door to the laundry room gave her pause. She knew she had not been in the laundry room that morning, so this was strange. It wasn’t until walking down the hall that she noticed the lamp. She froze. Someone had been in the house.

The time was right, he sprung from his hiding place, placing a pillow case over her head, just as she had described in her fantasy. Methodically he duct taped her hands behind her back and her feet together and over her mouth. street blowjobs porno Again, as she had described in her lengthy text messages

She was frightened and rightfully so. And now that she was subdued he could relax and take his time.

He opened his rape kit and pulled out a bottle of Pinot, opened it and poured a healthy amount into a class he retrieved from the cabinet. He sat in the antique rocker took a sip and began to run his hand gently down her back.

“I am going to rape you. That is a given. Now, what is not known is what I am going to have to do to you to get you to cooperate. We have all weekend so…make it easy on yourself…or not. That decision is yours and it’s the only one you will have to make.”

He dragged her across the den floor. As she lay there trembling her fears went into overdrive when she heard the mechanics of a switchblade knife being opened in front of her covered face. Taking the knife he cut the tape from her wrists, temporarily giving her hope, only to be dashed when, using a pretied rope from the kit, he tied her wrists above her lead to the leg of a heavy, antique sofa.

“You look beautiful. I’ll bet there are tears under that pillow case. Is your makeup running? Look, there is really no good way to do this so…” he grabbed her shirt by the collar and ripped the buttons and some of the fabric exposing her ample bosom covered by what appeared to be a very expensive bra. “You know, people are more afraid of a knife than a gun.” He took the blade and lightly ran in it from her chin, down her throat and through the cleavage all the way to where her belt line was. She was scared.

The switchblade always gets them. He took the blade and traced all around her boobs, over the top spending extra time on her nipples. He knew she was his to do with as he pleased. Her hands tied above her head and her heaving boobs pointing toward the sky. How long would he stay? Were they both thinking that? He could go ahead and get it over with or he could mind fuck her a bit. He sat next to her on the floor and began to rub her pussy through her pants. He kissed her through the pillow case tenderly on the forehead. “You are mine,” he whispered in her ear. “There is no need to fight, this is what you want, isn’t it? I’ve watched you. I know you. You are mine. Don’t fight me and you won’t get hurt.” With that he took the switchblade and cut through the fabric that encased her boobs. She gasped…and he laughed.

Now with her tits exposed he took the blade once again and traced it over them. Even gave her a bit of a stick on her nipples. Her breathing was rapid and he could hear what sounded like sobbing from under the pillowcase. Or was it moaning? Was she getting off? Wouldn’t be the first time he had pleasured one of his targets.

He enjoyed this part of the game. Sitting next her gently stroking her with the back of his hand. No blade. student sex parties porno He sipped his wine and her breathing became more normal. Relax my young beauty, he was thinking. Try not to worry, although he knew that was impossible. The question in his mind, and this is recurring, has she figured it out yet? Does she know it’s him? They had never met, nor talked.

As the afternoon turned into evening, he stood and turned on some lights around the house, then went to take a piss.

“I’ll bet you need to go.”

She nodded in the affirmative.

“Then go. Right here. Right now!” His voice had lost the tender tone and was a command.

“Do it. Do it now!”

As the pee darkened her slacks, tears began to well up in her eyes.

“Go ahead and cry, slut. I would if I were in your situation.” He slapped her left tit hard. Hard enough to make a hand print. More tears. And that sobbing sound. Grabbing his kit he pulled out nipple clamps and applied them. She squirmed but really jumped when he tightened the screws. They hurt. He knew having tested them on himself so he would know how far he good go.

Again he began to rub her pussy through her pissed stained pants. This time the gentleness was gone. He was rough and given the condition of her panties, the original sensation that felt good to her now felt like you would think of a rapist. Hard. Fast. Rough.

Up on his knees he undid her belt, unbuttoned her waistband and began to remove her slacks. The rug underneath her body was soaked. Her panties were soaked. She felt humiliated as much as violated. Pulling her pants past her ankles and then onto the floor, he admired her body. Taking the knife again he started on her right foot and traced the entire length of her leg and torso. Up and down, running the blade gently over her panties, pausing with the blade on her clit. With one movement he cut her panties off and threw them across the room. The knife then hands then teeth explored her body. When his hand slid between her legs, he felt her wetness. He shoved a finger in her pussy, then another.

“Tight pussy. I like that. Wet pussy too. I like that. Do you? You must. You are so wet. You are getting off on this, aren’t you? That is disgusting and you are a slut and deserve whatever I dish out to you.”

With that he put his hands around her neck, squeezing ever so gently. She tried to kick her legs and fight him off with her arms but to no avail. He released his grip and took the knife and cut the tape from around her pillowcase.

“This will stay off as long as you behave. I’ll not choke you again, I just had to get your attention.”

More duct tape was applied around the case and her eyes, leaving her mouth exposed. He ran a finger around her lips, then between them letting her taste her own pussy.

“I am about to fuck your mouth. If you bite me or make me suffer any pain whatsoever, submissive cuckolds porno I will use this knife on you. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” she whispered.

She heard his belt open then the zipper came down. Within a matter of seconds the head of his penis was tracing those same lips. But this time she licked it without him telling her. She opened up and he shoved his cock as far as he could. She gagged and he went deeper. He held her head in place. She was crying, trying to pull her head away. Begging the best she could.

“You need to remember we are not on a date!” He pushed her away and slapped her tits over and over. Making the clamps just dig in deeper into her nipples. She wanted to scream but knew better.

He once again took his knife and cut the tape from her ankles, pushed her legs apart, and from the kit, took a dildo and crammed it up her pussy and strapped it in place and turned it on low. The circular end tickles her g spot. Then the butt plug. Not huge but it too vibrated. After he had them adjusted she began to writhe.

“Do not cum,” he whispered in her ear.

She fought it. She wanted to let loose. He stood, got his glass of wine and took a sip and watched her convulse all over the floor.

Ok, fun was fun but now it’s time to do what he came there to do. He pulled the buzzing dildo from her pussy and replaced it with his dick. He plunged in and out. Her tits bounced and with each movement her nipples felt the fire that came along with it.

He wrapped his arms around her neck and began kissing her deeply. She responded. Her tongue darting in and out of his mouth. As the passion rose she started biting his chest as he bit her neck and shoulder. She wrapped her legs around his waist and was wildly fucking her assailant. And then it happened! They both came and came hard. She was simultaneously bucking him off and pulling him in deeper. He collapsed onto her heaving chest. No one spoke.

As he rolled off of her he trailed a line of cum across her body. As they caught their collective breaths he released her hands from her restraint and then took the pillowcase from her head, revealing his identity for the first time. As they sat naked on the floor he poured her a glass.

“Is this how you wanted it?”

“Is what like I wanted it?”

“This. Today. The rape fantasy.”

“I am confused. What are you talking about?”

“The emails. The fantasy…the website.”

She sat there silently placing her hand over her mouth. “You raped the wrong sister.”


“I am Maggie. I am sure you’ve been playing computer games with lynn, my sister. I am house sitting for her this week while she’s away. In fact I expect her any moment. “

“Crap” he said as he hurriedly began to load his gear, thinking about the amount of trouble he was in.

“Don’t hurry” she was lying on the rug. Drinking her wine. “Stay.”



“At least you could give Lynn the fantasy she asked for. Here, let me help you clean this room up so you can reset the scene. But this time, I will video the whole attack.”

She walked to him, placed her arms around his neck and kissed him. And again.

“Come on. Let’s set the scene. Give it to her hard. Real hard.”

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