It Began at the Happy Hump

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It had been a slow day, so I decided to head out to the local theme park. I had no one to go with, so I threw on some jeans and a t-shirt, and headed out to the car. I’d been divorced for a couple of years, but I still liked to get out and have fun. Being summer, it was warm, and I knew that the girls would be wearing as little as possible, so I thought I would try my luck. I’d been striking out lately, and I hoped that the pickings would be better at the theme park.

I bought my ticket, and entered the park. I was surrounded by hundreds of kids and frazzled parents. Not what I was looking for. I looked around, checked out the rides that required partners to ride them. I spotted a girl in a tank top with short shorts, up ahead. She turned and I could tell that she might be a good candidate.

Her top was pushed out to the max, with a very large set of boobs. She was a bit short, but had nice legs coming out of her shorts. Her cute face was framed with long dark hair. She did not seem to be with anyone, so I watched her go on the ride.

I followed her to the next one. When she got in line, I slipped in right in behind her. It was a new ride, so I began to talk to her about it. She smiled and responded to me, so we chatted all the way up to the front of the line. When it looked like the pairing would not work, she moved behind me, and we got on together. I had to sit behind her, so I got in first. I scooted back, and she slipped in the car. She told me to hold on tight, so I wrapped my arms around her waist.

The car took off with a jolt, and she bumped against me. My cock was getting monsters of cock porno hard with her sitting on it. She purred, and pulled my hands up her trunk. When I reached her breasts, and cupped them, she said that it felt nice.

While the ride threw us up and down, round and round, I held the boobs tightly, while she used one hand to stroke my legs. Finally we coasted to the end of the ride. She got out first, and waited for me. I tried to hide my raging hard on, but she smiled when I got out. She suggested that we head to another ride, and I agreed.

All the rest of the day, we rode as many rides as we could, especially the dark ones. On one long dark ride, she pulled up her shirt, and took off her bra. She stuffed it in her purse, and asked me if I liked the view. I squeezed them hard in reply, just as we entered the light. She quickly pulled her shirt down, before anyone got to see.

With every ride, we got more and more daring. On the last one, I had my hand down her pants, fingering her pussy, and she was stroking my cock. The ride ended before I could make her cum, or she could get my cock out.

She was panting as we got off the ride, and she told me that she lived about five miles away. She asked if I wanted to take her home. I said I did, and off we went to my car.

When we got to her place, and went in, she pulled her shirt off, and I finally got a good look at her globes. They were large, white, with pale areolas, and very hard nipples. She pushed me on to a couch, and tugged my pants down. When she finally got it out, she commented naught america porno on the size of my cock. She opened her lips and her tongue began to lick and lap at the rock hard shaft.

I pulled off my shirt, and then rolled my head back as I enjoyed the intense sensation. I knew I would not last long, but before I could warn her, my cock spewed a large quantity of cum down her throat. She squealed, and sucked harder. Once my spasms stopped, she looked up at me, and smiled. She told me that I tasted wonderful.

I pulled her up, ripped off her pants, and dropped her to the floor. I kissed, licked and sucked my way down her body, until I reached her tasty pussy. I parted the downy fur; I began to tease her lips. She began to writhe all over the floor, until she finally exploded in a loud climax.

As she gasped for air, she said that she needed to visit the bathroom, and led me to her bedroom. After stretching out on her bed, I waited for her return. When she stepped into the room, I was very pleased with the sight. She had jumped into the shower, and was dripping wet. The water droplets highlighted her wonderful curves.

Her long hair was dark and wet, as it draped down her back. Her boobs were spectacular. The nipples were hard and inviting. I gazed down to her pussy, and noticed that she had just shaved it. Now bald, it looked so tempting that I could not wait to sample her again. Her legs flared down from her perfect butt to complete the package.

I reached out with my hand, and she came to me. I began kissing her tasty lips, and worked nubiles porn my way down her body. I suckled her boobs with abandon, and fingered her now bald pussy. With each new touch, she moaned and groaned harder. Finally, she could take no more and begged me to fuck her.

I spread her legs wide open, and teased her pussy lips with my cock. She was so wet, that it slipped in with ease. A low moan escaped her lips, and I began to drive my cock in and out of her flaming body. Since I had already cum once, I had some staying power. At her insistence, I pounded her into the bed as hard as I could.

Her body twitched and writhed in its final release. She yelled out that she was cumming, and I slowed down a bit to let her enjoy it. When she began to calm down, I began to fuck her again. I could not get enough of her. I rolled her over, and filled her up again. She came faster this time, and when she did, I let fly with another huge load.

Spent, we both rolled over and dropped off to sleep. An hour later, I felt her hand on my cock. She had gotten it hard again, and she leaned over to suck it. I had her stop, and I rolled her on to her hands and knees. I teased her pussy with my steel hard cock.

With it dripping with her juices, and my cum, I moved it u p to her tight little hole. I teased it with the head of my cock, and surprisingly, it opened up. Easily, I pushed it into the last remaining hole, and it was very tight. I finally was able to enter all the way, and her cries of passion grew louder and louder. She begged me to fill her up, so I pumped her ass quickly and out flowed a nice load.

As I pulled out, cum dribbled from her ass and her pussy, and she was totally spent. My cock was beginning to get sore, so it was just as well. We both cuddled up and dropped off to sleep.

After another session in the morning, I headed off. Sadly, I never saw her again. Wish I had. She was great.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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