Island Girl

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I turned the wheel and the big yacht headed away from the Honolulu Yacht Club and out into the wide, blue Pacific. I set a course south, southwest and when we were clear of Oahu, flipped on the Autopilot for the long voyage to Pago Pago.

My best friend, Johnny Tong, had agreed to help me get across the ocean since my sixty foot yacht was a bit much for one man to handle. Also on board were Johnny’s girl friend Sue, my girl friend Ann, the cook Jimmy Chung, and my deckhand Linda.

Sailing across the Pacific is not a task to be taken lightly. The distances are vast and can be dangerous if you are out of the shipping lanes, as we were. I had purposely chosen to stay out of the cross ocean traffic because I didn’t want to risk colliding with a freighter at night. We were well provisioned and carried enough diesel to run on the aux engine for two days.

Eight days out of Honolulu the wind began to pick up. We were sailing along at a brisk nine knots. The radio weather told us that we were in no trouble. I checked the satellite weather and saw some fairly heavy weather ahead of us.

“We better get her secured before we hit the storm. It looks like we’ll have to ride it out,” I told the crew. They all knew the drill and quickly rigged for the coming onslaught.

“Danny, are we in trouble?” my girlfriend asked.

“No, I don’t think so. The storm isn’t that big. We should be clear by midnight.”

Wrong again! By midnight we were battling huge waves and lots of wind. I had struck the sails and we were moving on the auxiliary engine. I sat in the wheel house trying to keep the boat on course and headed into the storm. I wanted to check our GPS against the weather satellite, but I couldn’t leave the wheel. I got Johnny to check it for me.

He looked up at me from the navigation station and I knew it wasn’t gonna be good news. “The storm has grown in intensity and size since this afternoon. We are barely half way through it.”

“We’ll just have to press on. We have no choice. Get the girls and the crew into survival suits and get the raft ready, just in case,” I ordered.

The storm was turning into a typhoon. It was raining hard and it was all horizontal. I was just glad there weren’t any coconuts and tree trunks flying along with it. At five in the morning, it wasn’t any better but at least it had stopped getting worse. We were all taking a beating from the storm. I had thought three different times about calling in an SOS but I realized we were far from the shipping lanes and far from help. We would have to do it ourselves.

Dawn broke cold and wet with intense winds and mountainous waves. I had been at the wheel for ten hours. Thank god I had that extra diesel tank installed.

Johnny came into the wheel house. “Satellite weather says we have another four hours of this crap. Do we have enough fuel for it?”

“It’s not like we have a choice. What we’ve got will have to be enough!”

As we chugged on, the storm finally weakened. The waves had calmed to only ten or twelve feet. Johnny took the wheel and I dragged my tired butt down to the master berth.

Ann was waiting for me, shaking like a leaf in the bed. “Danny, are we really gonna get out of this?”

“If we don’t run out of fuel in the next couple of hours we should be okay,” I said as I snuggled in beside her.

“My god, you’re frozen!” she exclaimed.

“Such is the life of the skipper. mofos porno Luckily, I have a maiden beside me to warm me up.”

She giggled and wrapped her arms and legs around me. She felt so good and warm. I put my icy hands on her big, warm tits and squeezed. She screamed like she’d been shot. “Oh god, you’re gonna kill me,” she whined.

“Hold still, wench and do your duty!” I commanded.

“Yes sir,” she replied, but she still wiggled and thrashed.

As I thawed out, I could feel my cock getting rigid as it pressed against her warm little butt. She pushed against it.

“The skipper hereby declares a breeding break!” I announced.

“We’re in the middle of a typhoon and you want to breed?”

“Yup, let’s hop to it.”

She shucked her underwear and I shucked mine. By now my dick was at full mast. She was lying on top of me. I pressed into her. She was warm and wet. She moaned quietly. I started to thrust into her and she returned my thrusts. It wasn’t all that easy, getting some nooky during a storm, but humans are a determined group so I stroked on. I felt her pussy tighten around my cock. Her cunt muscles massaged my rock hard maleness, sucking the cum out of it. She screamed as she came. I emptied my balls into her and held on tight. She lay twitching on top of me. I was shaking too. Hell, I’m not superman. Soon her head dropped onto my chest and she snuggled into me. Sleep overtook me. It had been a hard and vigorous few hours.

When I woke up, we were sailing through a fairly calm sea. The sails were up and we were once again cruising. I got up, had some breakfast and went to relieve Johnny.

“How long have we been on cruise?” I asked.

“About two hours. The storm broke and left us with this,” he said, pointing to the four foot waves.

“Did you check our position?”

“Yeah, the storm blew us ninety miles off course to the south. We’re on a heading to get back on course in about ten hours.”

“Great job Johnny. Go get some rest.”

“Yeah, rest, hahaha, I heard you resting last night.”

“Well, I got mine, now you can get yours.”

“See you in a few.” And Johnny disappeared below.

It wasn’t long until I heard Sue squeal as Johnny socked it to her. The sailor’s life is great!

Ann joined me in the pilot house with a cup of coffee. I slowly sipped it as I scanned the horizon, ever watchful. We ran out of the rough weather completely. I was just starting to relax when the fire alarm went off. I saw smoke curling up from below.

“Johnny, c’mon! We’ve got a fire!” I bellowed.

Johnny appeared in pilot house.

“The whole lower end of the boat is on fire. There is no way we can put it out!” he yelled.

“Get the raft ready. I’m gonna call in an SOS. What is our current position?”

Johnny got the required information. I fired up the radio and set the auto-mayday for continuous transmission. By now the entire front end was blazing. She wasn’t going to last much longer.

“Get them in the raft!” I yelled to Johnny.

He and the crew boarded the raft. I took a last look around and jumped in the raft behind them. As we drifted away from the yacht there was a mild explosion and a huge column of smoke. The boat blew in half and both halves rapidly sank. We were stranded on a raft in the middle of the Pacific with no land in sight.

Ann snuggled up next to me. “What happened?” moms girl porno she asked.

“That new fuel tank must have sprung a leak and filled the bilge with diesel. The first spark must have set it off.” Johnny said, giving his assessment of the disaster.

Ann was curled up with me. Sue was curled up with Johnny. Linda was curled up with Jimmy. If our asses weren’t on the line, we could have had a great party.

“They should find us soon. I sent an SOS before she went down and the IPERB should give them our position. We’ll be okay,” I said with an assurance I didn’t feel.

Three days later Jimmy spotted a shore bird. We all eagerly scanned the sea for any sign of land. An hour later Sue yelled, “Land ho!”

Sure enough, we were drifting toward an island. We washed in over the reef and dragged the raft up on the beach.

“Get the raft secured. We’ll use it as a base until we’re rescued. Johnny, Jimmy let’s scout around and see what we’ve got. You girls take care of arranging our supplies. We’ll meet back here in an hour,” I ordered.

We split up the scouting party. I went straight across the island. In half an hour, I reached the opposing shore. Along the way I noticed that fruit was abundant. At least we wouldn’t starve. I didn’t see any big animals, only birds. I walked briskly back to the camp. Johnny and Jimmy had gone in opposite directions. Jimmy was back in camp ahead of me. Johnny came in an hour later. We had a little meeting to assess the situation.

“From the distances we traveled, I think the island is about three miles long and a mile wide. Did either of you guys see anything that looked dangerous?”

Jimmy and Johnny both said no.

“We should conserve the rations in the survival kit. Jimmy, you and Linda get the fishing gear and see if you can catch some fish. Ann and I will gather some fruit. Johnny, why don’t you and Sue see if you can figure out how to trap some birds.”

“Okay boss,” said Johnny. He took Sue’s hand and they wandered off into the dense brush.

Linda and Jimmy got the fishing equipment and headed for the beach.

I got one of the bailing buckets and Ann and I headed into the jungle. It wasn’t long until we filled the bucket with tropical fruit and slowly strolled back to camp. No one else had returned.

“How long will we be here?” Ann asked.

“I don’t know. We may have to think about starting a new tribe.”

“Danny, don’t even joke about that.”

“Why! Don’t you want to be pregnant in the jungle? I think you would look cute running around barefoot with your belly pooching out. Besides, how long can your birth control pills last?”

“Oh God, I hadn’t even thought of that! We might be breeding for sure if we’re not rescued soon,” she sobbed.

Jimmy and Linda came back to camp. They didn’t have any fish, but they had several nice crabs.

“Wow, it looks like we can feast!” Ann cried.

We should get a fire pit started to cook this stuff. We can eat fruit raw, but crab might be a bit much. If Johnny gets some birds, we’ll have to cook them too,” I said.

Two hours later Johnny and Sue came back to camp. They didn’t have any birds, but they had big grins on their faces. Somehow, I didn’t believe they put much effort into bird hunting.

“Come on Ann,” I said, pulling her to her feet. “Let’s go invent something to sleep on.”

“My plan was that you momsbangteens porno would sleep on the sand and I would sleep on you!” she replied.

“I like that plan, but we must be a little more practical.”

We gathered palm fronds in the jungle and wove them into a semblance of a sleeping mat. We wove a few more together and soon had a small hut assembled.

“See, you’ve got the best house on the island,” I stated.

“I always knew you would provide well for me,” she replied. “Let’s test it out!”

We rolled around on the palm fronds and decided they were not very comfy.

“I’ll have to be a lot hornier to use these,” she said.

“Yeah, let’s see if we can find some grass or leaves,” I agreed.

We gathered a lot of grass in the next half hour. We were just about to give our hut the test when the aroma of cooking crab wafted into our nostrils.

“Good, Jimmy’s cooking,” Ann excitedly cried.

“Yeah, let’s go have dinner,” I replied.

We wandered out of the jungle and back into camp. Sure enough, Jimmy had cooked the crabs in sea water. They looked great and tasted better. Boiled crab and fresh papaya! It was fine dining!

After the meal, I said, “Tomorrow we must locate some fresh water. We need to get the essentials. No telling how long we’ll be marooned here.”

“Good night, you guys. We’re going home,” sighed Ann.

She took my arm and we walked back to our hut. I lay down beside her. The grass did the trick. It wasn’t a Sealy, but it wasn’t bad. We removed our clothes lying nude beside each other.

“Breeding practice,” she whispered and grabbed my rising manhood.

I gently squeezed her tits and flicked her nipples. She jacked my cock. I took her mouth, plundering it with my tongue. She returned my assault with a squeal. She rolled on top of me.

“Put it in me!” she demanded.

I knew when to follow orders. I slid my cock up her legs to her eager wetness. I guess she didn’t want to wait because she slid backwards impaling herself on my turgid member. She felt so good. After the trauma of the day, it was great to get back to basics. She sat up and hopped up and down on my cock. I put my thumb on her clit and rubbed it gently. Her pussy shuddered around me.

“Don’t stop!” she panted.

I bucked my hips high of the mat, driving as deeply into her as I could. Her pussy was milking me, draining me. I couldn’t hold off much longer. She gripped my dick with her pussy and trembled all over. I knew she was cumming. She screamed.

“I’m cumming!” I wailed and shot her full of baby juice as she collapsed on top of me.

“I love fucking you,” I mumbled into her ear.

“I love fucking you too. In fact, I think I am in love with you.”

“Does this mean you don’t want to be my girlfriend anymore?”

“I want to be whatever you want me to be. I’ll be your whore, your cum slut, your fucktoy. As long as I can be wrapped around your cock, I don’t care what you call me.”

“How about I call you wife?”

“Oh Danny! Do you mean it?”

“Yeah, I’m afraid I’ve fallen in love with you too. I was going to propose in Pago Pago, but you have eliminated that necessity.”

“Honeymoon time! Quick, stick your cock back in me!”

So I stuck it back in her. Oh, the slavery of a captain!

“Even if we don’t get rescued, you’ll always be my island girl,” I confessed.

“Less talk, more action!” she replied.


It took three months for the rescue ship to find us. By then, all three girls were pregnant. The rescue ship took us back to Hawaii. I got airline tickets for Ann and me to Pago Pago. At least we managed to get married before our daughter was born.

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