Is It Natural?

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Running his fingers through her short, slightly purple-colored hair he asks with a smirk, “I love the color, is it natural?”

Lifting his free hand she places it on her pounding chest. Urging him to drift south she purrs in return, “Why don’t you find out for yourself?”

Clenching her silky soft hair in his fist he slides his other hand across her stiffening nipple, giving it a gentle pinch. As he pulls her in for a passionate kiss he slides his hand down her belly and cups the dampening mound between her shaking thighs. “Hmm, I think you need to sit down.” He says. “Let me clear a space for you.”

Gathering up the numerous pillows from the couch and chairs he piles them on the floor. “Allow me…” he says, kneeling down in front of her. Peering up into her eyes he slides his hands beneath her dress, slips his fingers into her panties and tugs them off. Settling down on the pillows she spreads her legs wide as he kisses his way up her thighs. Her exposed cunt glistens, begging for attention. A small trickle of her juices trails down toward her ass causing bedava bahis her to giggle as it tickles her tender hole.

“I’m so wet,” she muses, “what are you going to do about that?”

Reaching into a bag nearby he produces a pink latex dildo. “Something will come to mind.” He responds. Running the head of the dildo along her wet lips he gently rubs her engorged clit with his other hand. She sighs and settles more deeply into her pillows as she unbuttons the top of her dress. Unclipping the snap on the front of her bra she releases her aching breasts, hard brown nipples standing out in the cool air.

Reaching into the bag again he says to her, “I have a little surprise for you.” He takes out a small black bag. Inside the bag is a powerful fingertip vibe with a studded rubber pad. Switching it on as he put it on his finger he begins to caress her pussy. With one hand he pulls away the silky hood covering her tender clit, stroking it slowly with his vibrating fingertip.

“Oh my god,” she moans, “that’s the kind of surprise I bedava bonus need every day!” She massages her tits as he slides the dildo inside her waiting pussy. She arches her back as he penetrates deeper inside her. Slowly at first he begins to fuck her with the toy. He dips his vibe into the juices leaking from her hot cunt to lubricate her clit. Rubbing in slow circles he watches the pleasure wash over her as she pulls slightly on her stiff little nipples. His pace with the dildo is quickening. He fucks her with just the tip for a few strokes, and then shoves it deep inside.

“Please,” she begs after only a few minutes, “I want to cum. I need to cum.” She rolls her hips up so he can thrust deeper with the dildo. He drives into her, faster and faster as his finger strokes her throbbing clit. Her pussy begins to clench down on the toy, trying to draw it further inside as her orgasm builds. Her juices flow freely; lubricating the furious fucking he gives her. Biting her lip to keep from screaming she pulls and twists on her nipples, sending waves deneme bonusu of pleasure down into her bucking cunt. Her hips, raised above the pillows now, rock violently as he penetrates her soaked pussy, her wetness dripping down from her lifted ass onto the pillows below. Thrusting madly he vigorously rubs her clit. With a sudden jerk she arches up, only her feet and shoulders touching the ground. He jams the dildo as deep as it could possibly go as she cries out, her orgasm washing over her, wave after wave of intense, almost painful pleasure. Her pussy clenches tight around the toy as she cries out. He leans in to drink up her hot cum as it pours from her, his swollen cock, dripping precum, strains at his pants. More slowly and gently now, he continues thrusting into her. She begins to lower herself down as a second, residual orgasm rushes through her. Moaning softly she settles back into the pillows.

Setting the toys aside he comments with a sly, cum-covered smile, “You’ve shaved. How will I ever know if purple is your natural color?”

“A girl has to have her secrets!” she says with a wink as she gets up. Pushing him onto the pillows she quickly removes his pants. His cock swells as she leans in to kiss the glistening head.

With an extremely evil grin she says, “Let me show you some other secrets I have.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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