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All Holes

Katherine slowly drew the empty fork through her lips, leaving the scampi on her tongue. She closed her eyes and imagined herself in New Orleans amid the laughter and dancing of a passion filled Mardi Gras. The spices, the scent, the texture of her meal were all making love to her taste buds and transporting her to places beyond. Whoever had created such a masterpiece had no idea what pleasure they had given to her tonight. Deep within her thoughts she giggled to herself, “well maybe I should go and show him my appreciation for such a wonderful meal.” She opened her eyes and looked across at her date, a truly charming gentleman, not an overly handsome man but he was charming; yes that was the word, charming. She smiled to herself and shook her head slightly, with her luck the chef would be a loud fat man who didn’t speak English and he wouldn’t know what he was being thanked for. No she’d just continue to lose herself in her meal and pretend to be amused by her date’s stories.

“I’ve never seen the poor chap since.” Katherine jerked her head up, just in time to hear her date laughing out loud, his mouth full of food. Her date. Oh dear had she drifted away so far that she wasn’t listening any longer? “Could you excuse me for one moment?” she asked, ” I need to go freshen up.”

“Don’t take to long, sweetie.” She smiled stiffly at him as she rose from the table. Air. She needed air. The atmosphere in the restaurant was certainly romantic. The candles on all the tables were casting secret messages across the walls. The quiet canopied tables and the soft sensual background music all should’ve been weaving their spell on her. But tonight Katherine felt anything but romantic. She wanted to be swept away with passion and desire, not by romance and candlelight. And certainly not by a man who laughed at his own jokes. Katherine made her way to the ladies room and stood looking in the mirror at her reflection.

She was a good-looking woman. She couldn’t be considered a beauty by any standard but she had an air of confidence that men seemed to find deeply attractive. She wasn’t sure if it was because they saw her as a challenge or if they felt they could tame her. She chuckled to herself, little did they know but she wasn’t anything close to what her exterior belied. She let her mind drift to the last couple of men she’d dated. Soon she was dancing a dance of desire and seduction with one of the locals along the parade route. The music; its beat all went through her to stimulate her senses. “Excuse me.” she heard from behind her. Once again Katherine was jolted to reality. She held back her long auburn hair and bent to splash her face with cool water, maybe that would work. The lady behind her looked at her and smiled, maybe she knew that Katherine was escaping from her date. Maybe she too was finding refuge from a boring date.

Katherine left the washroom. As she stood outside the door she looked out across the dining room at her date, still smiling to himself over his latest story. “He doesn’t even need an amused audience to enjoy himself.” she thought. No she had to get a breath of fresh air before she went back to the table.

The cool night air bit at her cheeks and she instinctively wrapped her arms around herself. There was a slight breeze that only worked liseli porno to make the air feel colder, but she didn’t seem to care, the air felt revitalizing. She lifted up her eyes to take in the stars and the bright moon smiling upon her, as she did so she caught the faint scent of cigarette smoke. She inhaled deeply, held it and savored the memory it evoked. Oh those were the days, good wine, good food and a good after dinner smoke. “Mmmmm, old habits die hard.” she mumbled to herself. Thoughtlessly she allowed herself to follow the scent. It seemed to fill a craving within her. She knew she shouldn’t be too long or her date would come looking for her.

She could hear the music now, she could feel the beat springing up from the ground and pulsing through her body. She began to sway as if she were right there; no she was there, anywhere but on this god forsaken date. She was ignorant of the stares from passing strangers, she didn’t care, there wasn’t enough room in her fantasy to let everyone in. Only the sensual were invited. Only the lovers in her mind were allowed to enter and dance with her. She closed her eyes and was dancing once again and being swept up in the festivities of the night. The total anonymity of the costumes and the strangers only served to arouse her desires more so. She could feel the cloth of her costume brush against her bare legs as she swayed and moved her hips. She could feel the cool fabric across her face, capturing every breath and sending it through a soft film of lace into the cool night air. She felt fearless behind her mask.

She passed in front of an alley and there the scent she was following came bursting forth. As her eyes adjusted to the light she saw him leaning with his back against the outer wall, one leg stretched out to it’s full length the other bent up against the wall flat footed. A light from beyond had cast him into a silhouette of shadows. His face was hidden by the shadows of the night, creating a mask as mysterious as her own. She walked towards him and he flicked his cigarette to the ground were it lay smoldering. She knew he couldn’t see her face, the music was telling her it was a night with inhibitions she could be and do anything she wanted. She walked up to him and without so much as a whisper she pressed her lips to his. She could taste the freshly smoked tobacco on his lips. He responded by opening his mouth and receiving her probing tongue into it. She felt herself being lifted off the ground and she automatically wrapped her legs around his hips. She ran her hands out and across his shoulders and up into his hair, she pulled his mouth tighter into hers. She could hear him moan as she devoured his mouth with hers. His hands were holding her up and against his hips and she could feel him hardening with each thrust of her tongue. She slowly lowered her feet to the ground and stood leaning into his body.

She knew without looking that his body was smooth and sensual, soft sleek lines made for those deep caresses she ached to give. But this moment wasn’t about sharing; this moment was about giving and taking. She had nothing to lose by taking from this stranger one moment of desire. She allowed her hands to wander slowly down his chest, feeling the supple muscles under his white jacket. meet suck and fuck porno She reached for the first button but was instead met with a strange round object posing as a button.

“Odd costume for Mardi Gras.” she thought to herself. As she flicked it with her finger it popped open. One by one she flicked at the others and they too in turn opened up to reveal a bronze chest worthy of her admiration. She leaned into his chest and inhaled sharply at his scent, a strange mixture of sweat and spices. An image of her dinner flashed before her eyes, and she shook it away. Her hand had found its destination by now and she was wrapping her long fingers around him and massaging him through his pants.

His nipples were hard and she felt her own wetness increase at the sight of them, she had always had a deep passion for men and their nipples but too many lovers hadn’t wanted her to make love to them. She reached over and nipped at one of them softly. She pulled his round hard nipple into her mouth and flicked it with her tongue. It took all her control not to bite down and devour it. She pulled and tugged on it with her teeth. She played and licked it with her tongue. She ran tight circles around and around it. A soft moan came from his lips as he threw his head back against the brick building.

She reluctantly drew her mouth away from his nipple and replaced it with her cold fingertips. He drew a quick breath at the sharp contrast of hot and cold flesh. It sent a chill through him. She bent her knees slightly and allowed her mouth to be drawn down his chest, across his belly and into the dark mound of hair that was rising from the waistband of his jeans and up onto his belly. She allowed her fingers to continue their erotic dance with his chest while the others quickly worked at the button. His hard cock jumped out from its confines and into the night air. Katherine could feel the heat rising from it. She could smell the scent of him even more strongly now. She leaned closer. Now within a hairs breath of him she blew softly on the tip. He shuddered and grasped at her hair. She could feel him looking down upon her, yet she refused to look up into his masked eyes. She knew they would match his skin and hair, both ebony black. She knew he wore a beard, she had felt it earlier in her first kiss. No she wouldn’t look, tonight she was no one. Invisible.

She lazily laid her tongue on the tip of his rod and licked at it. She circled it and then placed her full lips over the top and sucked on it. She then continued her decent down to the base. She could feel his width filling up her mouth, but she didn’t dare stop. Her lips were pulled tight around him. She drew him in deeply and felt him touch the back of her throat. He pushed on the back of her head and she resisted. She dragged her nails softly down his chest and let them rest near the base of her mouth. When she pulled him out she replaced her mouth with one hand and grasped him firmly, following her mouth with her hand she kept a tight pressure on him.

She knew that her attention to him was having its affect, she could smell him sweat, she could feel his breathing, she could almost hear his heart hammering in his chest. She placed her other hand carefully mobil porno under him and began to massage him slowly, around and around in her hand she rolled him. Now it was her turn to become hypnotic with desire. She loved to feel a man in her hands. It was like a drug that she needed, and tonight she was getting her fix. She was going to take this man with her into her dance of seduction.

She let her hands wander in behind him to meet the cold wall and his backside. She pulled him into her once again in order to meet her mouth, and she opened up to receive him fully. Her tongue slide down the shaft and was rewarded with a throbbing of his cock within her lips. She knew that once she began her rhythmic sucking and pulling on him that there would be no turning back. She never turned back. Tonight she was getting what she wanted and no one knew who she was. She inhaled and at the same time drew on him hard.

She could feel him still growing and she wondered if she would be able to hold all of him in her mouth. She drew on him and flicked circles around his cock. Quickly she opened her mouth and pulled away. She blew sharply once again on him and felt him shiver. then one last time before her final plunge she ran her tongue ever so slightly along the tip. Both her hands now had a firm grip on his cock and were stroking it up and down, up and down alternating their path. All the while she was flicking the tip. Slowly she pushed her hand down his length till it reached the base and not far behind was her mouth. With him tucked deeply against her throat she began to give short strokes with her hand to any exposed hardness she couldn’t fit in her mouth. She could feel him tense. She felt him pushing her head into him even more. She could hear the deep animal groan escape from his belly. She could feel him throbbing. And in a flash of a moment she was rewarded. She felt him bursting forth inside her mouth with his desires. She swallowed deeply, as fast as he could fill her mouth she needed to swallow, she dare not waste any. She felt his hold loosen on her. She drew him out of her mouth and slowly used her tongue to clean him. She licked her lips as if she had just tasted a fine wine. No this was better than wine to her. Even better than the smoke which had drawn her to this spot.

She got up from her position and finally looked into the eyes of the man who stood before her. His eyes indeed were dark and looked into hers as if he knew her very soul. She reached over and laid her palm against his warm cheek. She turned and danced back into the street, to the festivities that were beyond.

“My goodness, Sweetie you ladies sure do take a while in the ladies room.” he said. Katherine looked into the eyes of the voice, they were green. But she was sure they were black before. She looked around at the other diners and remembered where she was, who she was with, why she was still there. There was no dancing, no music, no seduction. ” Oh Katherine, get a grip woman.” she said to herself. She was an adult and as one she wasn’t supposed to daydream.

“Excuse me mame, I was your host this evening and I was wondering if everything was to your satisfaction.” she heard a slightly accented voice say to her. “Yes, thank you.” she replied without looking up. He reached across her to pick up the wine bottle in order to fill up her glass, and as he did so she caught sight of the oddly familiar cloth braided buttons on his coat. She followed the round buttons upwards, and found herself staring into a pair of dark ebony eyes that were filled with recognition and desire.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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