Inside the Garden Shed Ch. 11

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Chapter 11 — Three in a bed

Thursday saw Gary up and about but there was neither sight nor sound of Zara and he knew there was no point going around to see Zoe to ‘help her out’ as Tom was not yet back.

It was perhaps only fair to give his hard working penis a break; though, as he stood in the shower and thought about the day before when Zara had been in there with him, it seemed that the old ‘John Thomas’ had a different perspective and no interest in a rest day at all. Gary did not succumb to the temptation and retained his semen. A good morning’s golf was a fair alternative. Probably for many men — strangely — a better alternative altogether!

Gary watched from his window Friday morning. Tom was now back and his car was in the driveway. It was a funny thing to be doing, waiting for your neighbour to drive off so you can go around and fuck his wife. But, Gary reasoned, it probably happened a lot more than one might think: the husband driving off to fuck his secretary and the wife waiting for her neighbour to give her a good time. Sad really; but Gary had been more than sad with his own marriage. Only it was not like that at all next door; he knew Tom and Zoe were very happy together and Zoe did not regard Gary pushing his cock into her as cheating on Tom: she regarded him as backing up Tom, giving him a bit of help in the fertility department. To her this was quite a different matter and Gary was only too ready to help. Zoe was gorgeous, all black hair and roundness. Gary’s penis swelled at the thought and it stood up as if trying to look over the window cill and see if Tom had yet gone. Gary was keen to do his good deed.

Two days before he had been surprised by Zara coming into his bedroom but he was ready for her this time and heard footsteps on the stairs.

“Morning Mr Roldern — ready again I see!”

“Good morning, Zara. Look, there’s a mug of tea ready for you over there. Funny to think next door Tom and Zoe are probably at it right now and here we are waiting for them to finish.”

Zara stood next to Gary looking out of the window, tea in one hand and the other curling around his cock. “Wish we could watch.”

“You’d like that?”

“Mmmm.” She pulled back his foreskin as if to ready him. A simply delightful feeling; being readied for intercourse by a young and pretty teen!

A few minutes later and with a bang of the front door and a revving of engine they watched as Tom headed off to work, completely unaware of the actions his departure would set in motion.

Zara led Gary down the stairs and out into his garden. It was very strange being led by a tall, blond teen by his cock — Zara’s hand had not left it; it was decidedly worrying being led by his cock straight out into the loke with hardly a glance to see if it was empty — Gary could not conceive of the embarrassment let alone the potential for all sorts of gossip at his sudden appearance, naked and erect, being led by an 18 year old girl into Zoe’s garden. Yes, any of his male neighbours would have been more than jealous but… Could he silence say Harry Evans, with a ‘”Wait in my shed, I’ll bring Zara back for you in a little while?” Probably not if Melanie was with him!

Down the garden path, in through the french windows and up the stairs — hopefully Tom had not returned whilst they were coming around from next door. That would be difficult. A very odd meeting on the stairs!

“Hallo Zoe,” said Zara bursting into the bedroom, “how are you? You look really good.” She bent and kissed Zoe on the cheek. Gary appreciated the sight of the two girls close together particularly with Zoe sitting up in bed showing her big breasts — her nipples were hard.

“I feel really well, Zara, I’ve missed you. Hallo Gary, all set as usual I see. You are a man a girl can rely upon!”

To Gary too, Zoe looked really good — she had that freshly fucked look, he thought! Which meant, of course, that he was going to be fucking her too. His penis felt rock hard at the thought.

“He was like that when I got to him this morning — just like Wednesday.”


“I didn’t know he was not coming to see you.”

“Oh? And?”

“We had sex.”


“Not proper sex, we didn’t fuck…. quite.”


“Mr Roldern couldn’t get it in.”

“Hey, hold on young lady, you couldn’t get it in you mean. That was not my idea, remember.”

Zoe smiled, “So what is ‘not quite fucking’ when it’s at home?”

“I sat on Mr Roldern’s cock and rubbed myself off on it. It was sooo good, Zoe, and then Mr Roldern came and came. I so want to feel it inside me. It must be lovely.”

“He’s certainly very filling. Yes, it is nice.”

Zara pulled her tee shirt off.

“Hey, hold on,” said Zoe, “Gary’s here for me, remember!”

“I want to be naked with you guys too.”

Off came the little denim skirt.

Zoe looked surprised at Zara’s baldness, “When did that happen, Zara?” It was obvious what she meant.

“Yesterday. Gary did it.”

“Did he now? Well I don’t think I want Gary doing that. It would surprise Tom a bit cumlouder porno when he came home.”

“Tom might like the change”, said Gary but he was thinking it would be a shame to lose Zoe’s dark curls. He liked them.

“How would I explain that? Not easy to do myself. I could hardly say you were a deft hand with a razor! Sort of, well Tom I felt like a change and Gary was only too happy to bring his equipment around!”

“Well there are places. You could say a nice young man was very gentle with you; you could say how he spread your legs, snipped away at your curls before applying steaming hot wet flannels and then rubbed you energetically with a delightful strawberry scented foam.”

“Oh yes, and what did he do then?”

“It’s your story, Zoe, what would you like?”

“Gary, we are meant to be getting me pregnant not telling each other masturbatory stories.”

“Fine. What do you want me to do?”

“Can’t you remember — it was only a few days ago…”

“It’s only been a few minutes for you!”

“Yes, aren’t I a lucky girl!”

Zoe was sitting up in bed, her knees up and a little apart. She had no need to be modest with her friends, not least when one was about to fuck her.

“Look Zara, you can see what Tom’s been doing.”

And you could, seeping out from Zara’s vagina was Tom’s translucent ejaculate.

“What they call a cream pie, in the porn industry.”

Zoe shut her thighs, “What a silly term. Who’d want to see that?”

“Rather a lot of men I suspect, you have a very attractive sex, Zoe — and you too Zara — and many men would like to see it freshly fucked I’m sure and would like to repeat the job!”

“Well, only you are going to do that — I hope!”

“Let’s see again. There you are Zara — if you fancy trying a good dollop of Tom’s semen, there’s your opportunity!”

“Gary, I’m sure she doesn’t want…”

“There you are Zara, all fresh and kept nicely warm.”

Zara didn’t look quite sure but Gary was happy to take her hand and move it to Zoe’s sex and actually push a finger into Zoe.


And simultaneously.

“Mr Roldern!”

He had been naughty but it was great seeing Zara touch her friend sexually. He brought the now cum covered finger — and it was really covered – to Zara’s mouth and pushed it in. She licked.

Zara appeared to consider and then said in a mock formal voice, “Zoe, your husband’s cum tastes just fine to me,” and with a sidelong glance at Gary, “like Mr Roldern’s.”

“How shall we do it today, Zoe?”

“Tom’s just fucked me on my back. Would you mind if I was on top?”

“You’ll need your hat.”

“Hey? Oh yeah. Yes, riding cowgirl!”

Gary got onto the bed and lay down as Zoe manoeuvred herself round, one knee either side of Gary.

Zoe reached for Gary’s penis to guide it.

“No Zoe, let Zara do it — she’s had more experience at handling my cock.”

Zoe frowned knowing full well it was Gary getting Zara to touch her sex again.

Zara though was only too happy to help, a big grin as she reached over and pulled Gary’s cock upright.

“Oh Zoe you are dripping right onto Mr Roldern, it’s all slipping out.”

“Well, let’s push it all back in again!”

Zara held Gary’s cock vertical and Zoe descended pushing it easily up into her already very well lubricated passage. The connection was made squashing Zara’s hand between them.

“Would you mind, Zoe, if I got on the bed. This all gets me so worked up.”

Lovely watching the young teen getting up onto the bed. For the first time in his life Gary was in bed with two girls. His hand went to Zara: his cock was in Zoe.

“Of course what Gary wants to see is the two of us together but we can easily stop that. Go on Zara, sit on his face so he can’t see and we will see who comes first — you , me or Gary!”

Gary had to let Zara go as she moved and instead his hands went to Zoe’s hips. He would have liked to watch but his vision was soon blotted out as Zara placed a knee either side of him and all he could momentarily see was her descending pudenda, the sight of her bald sex,, and then it went dark and he found his nose and mouth intimately connected with the young girl’s sex. Hot, wet and simply wonderful. He began to lick and nibble and was rewarded by wriggles. Meanwhile he felt the sensation of a wet vagina rising and falling around his cock. Zoe had started the necessary motion to take his semen from him. At least if Tom came home unexpectedly there was no way he could think Gary was imposing himself on the girls!

“Oh I do like playing with Zara’s breasts Gary, her nipples are so pullable! Wait a moment we are just going to deep tongue each other.” There was a pause. “When he is gone, Zara, we’ll share a bubble bath and then what shall we do? Oh I know, I have a big purple two ended dildo we can try out after we have rubbed oil all over each other’s body.”

They were teasing him — Gary was pretty sure — probably they were not even touching. Certainly the giggling suggested merely teasing – or were they really feeling each czech amateurs porno other? He could see nothing. His tongue and lips worked; Zoe slipped up and down his cock; did life get any better than this really?

Zoe was going slowly, clearly both relishing the feeling and trying not to let him come too soon. He on the other hand was certainly working at Zara. He might not be able to see but he could certainly feel and whilst his tongue attempted to penetrate the young girl his hands had moved and were now fondling her breasts. As his tongue went rigid within her she began to bounce up and down a little actually fucking his tongue. The two girls were actually going up and down in unison perhaps even holding onto each other for support.

Gary moved his tongue a little distance and began tickling Zara’s little nether nipple, rolling it between his lips, tickling its smoothness with his tongue. It was sucking gently on it, just like a nipple that did it — did the thing. The clamping of the thighs, the gush of wetness, the wriggling all showed what was happening. Gary thought how wonderful it would be for him if Zara’s little clit did actually squirted like a nipple or a miniature penis in orgasm. Not a great gush like his own penis but a fine needle like series of squirts into his mouth as she came. A pointless anatomical phenomenon – like nipples on men — but what fun! But it was not like that.

Zara almost fell off him onto the bed, clearly a bit zapped by her orgasm. Blinking Gary could see how dazed she looked. Zoe, for her part, had not let up on her riding and he was happy to see, as well, her lovely body bouncing up and down on him, her breasts moving as she rode — up and down, up and down. Gary’s hands went to them. So much fuller in his hands than Zara’s — lovely to restrain their movement and feel the nipples hard in the palms of his hands.

“I am going to come, Gary, I am, I am…”

And she did with a long shuddering cry. And that set Gary off. He gritted his teeth and let loose. The cum pouring unseen up into Zoe – hopefully to do its job.

Zara watched intently, had moved herself to really see the connection between her friends.

“Hey Guys, you’re not holding it in, it’s leaking around the edges.”

Gary could see it too. There was too much cum to be contained and it was escaping down the sides of his cock; being forced out as Zoe pushed down upon him again; creamy cum flowing down his cock.

Zoe slowed to a stop and sat on Gary, his cock embedded in her, their joined sexes simply liquid with her lubrication and his cum. Gary could feel a last little flow creeping up his urethra and spilling out. He winced slightly. It had been good, very good.

“I do like seeing you guys do that.”

Gary thought what an odd expression that was — you guys. A modern thing from the Antipodes. When he was young a guy was a bloke, and Zoe was very definitely not one of those!

“Thanks Gary. That was really good — and, of course, thanks for your semen. It feels like you have rather overdone it again!”

And he had. As Zoe lifted herself upwards the scene of the action and the aftermath came into view. Gary’s penis and pubic hair was simply soaked both from Zoe and with his own ejaculate. Zoe’s sex was no different — swollen, red and with creamy semen everywhere with more dripping from it.

“You look a bit fucked, Zoe,” giggled Zara.

Zoe flopped down beside her and there they were the three of them lying on the bed. Three bodies tired out with the pleasures of sex. It was not surprising that the next thing the three of them knew was that it was an hour and a half later. They had all simply fallen asleep. What a shock for Tom if he had come home unexpectedly!

Gary awoke from his nap to find he was on Zoe’s bed with two naked girls. It is a pleasant thing to awake to. As far as Gary could remember it was not something he had experienced before. Awaking to one woman yes, but two, no!

The two girls were both asleep, and so, sitting up a little, he looked at them. “Fuck,” he thought, “I am a lucky man.” And he was. There was lovely little chubby Zoe all curled up facing away from him but showing her lovely rounded bottom. Tom, he knew, had actually penetrated her back passage and left his stuff there. What would that be like? Could Gary even get his thing in even with Zara’s help. She’d be game he was sure. Happy to massage Zoe’s anus with cream or oil until it was supple and slippery. He was less sure Zoe would be happy to do the same with Zara but would it not be lovely seeing the two of them preparing each other. Their lovely feminine fingers at work on their back passages, fingers slipping inside. It would probably be a really nice feeling for them. Perhaps, then, best if the girls did the same to his bottom — though to what purpose? Certainly there was the porno idea of the girl with the strap on fucking the man. Did people really do that? Would he like it? Certainly if the girls asked him he would not disappoint them. How funny to be the one bent over the bed or on the bed with his bottom up in the air. Would czech casting porno the rubbing of his prostate actually be rather nice?

Gary turned to look at Zara; leggy and sexy as anything, not least with her shaved mons. It made her look even younger than her eighteen years despite her already reasonably sized, albeit conical, breasts. Zara had said she would let him fuck her one day but would she remember or keep to that once she found a boyfriend? Gary doubted it, but it was certainly fun whilst it lasted. Could he really get his cock in her bottom? It would certainly be fun if the three of them worked at oiling up their arses — and he noted his cock agreed with him as it was already at attention — perhaps it would be even better if they had an enema first. That had not been his fetish but it probably made anal sex the more attractive. Certainly the idea of rubber tubing tucked between the girls’ cheeks was not an unpleasing image. Perhaps the three of them all lying on the bed being slowly filled. Should he introduce a pretty young nurse into his fantasy or a stern matron, “Come on boys and girls, no fussing, you know you need to be squeaky clean for bottom fucking.”

Or did he have Tom there? What would it be like the three of them on the bed with nicely oiled bottoms waiting and one by one Tom introducing himself, first his familiar wife, then young Zoe and lastly Gary. What would that be like? Would it be better than Zoe or Zara with their strap ons or just different? Gary doubted Tom would get to him. It seemed much more likely that sticking himself into young Zara would set him off! And what did Gary do? Did he do the same with the girls — yes please, of course — but Tom? Well he’d rather not but what if the girls insisted? Would they be falling over themselves laughing as one or other of the men stuck his cock in the other’s bum?

“Nice thoughts, Gary”

“Oh, hallo Zoe, I was just thinking how nice your bottom looked.” That was just about true. There was no need to mention the last immediate thought!

Zoe rolled over onto her back, “Well, you are not going in there but I suppose, if you want, we could do it again whilst Zara is asleep.”

“I’m not asleep.”

“Not sure I could so quickly.”

“Oh, I’m sure we could make you. Couldn’t we Zara!”

Zara reached and her hand curled around his erection. “I was dreaming about this when you woke me up.”

“Really! And what was it doing, Zara.” Zoe was asking.

“It was spurting and spurting right inside me as I sat on it and I couldn’t get off it, it was stuck inside me and it just kept coming and coming and I was blowing up like a balloon.”

“Dreams can be so stupid!”

“And then I started peeing cum. It was pouring out of me in a great creamy stream all over Mr Roldern.”

“Very weird, Zara!”

“Do you have funny dreams, Zoe?”

“I expect everyone does. The other night I dreamt you were fucking me. You’d grown a penis. No Gary, it was not a lesbian fantasy, I think, after all you’d grown a great big bushy beard as well. Now what was that about?”

All this was really good for Gary, especially as Zara was happily moving his cock, sliding his foreskin in a masturbatory manner.

“Let me help you with that.”

And he had both girls’ hands on his cock moving it, playing with it, swapping positions so each moved the skin over the head in turn.

“It really is very nice, Gary, your cock.” Zoe smiled at him. “Shall we lick it like an ice cream, Zara, he’d like that.”

Yes Gary would and did. Quite amazing to see the two girls, one either side of his cock, tongues outstretched and sliding them up the sides until their tongues almost met at the top. Of course it would have been even better if in true porno style their tongues had met at the top and intertwined and the two girls had French kissed but they were very careful not to do that. I was, nonetheless, a lovely tongue bath which just went on and on.

“Oooh,” Gary moaned and a little pearl of semen appeared right at the tip of his penis, oozing up from his urethra.

“Oh,” said Zara with her tongue nearly on it, “that’s for you Zoe.”

“No, I’ve already got lots, you have it.”

And the little tongue flicked out and the pearl was gone.

“Mmm, sexy,” said Zara. “Are you two going to fuck again now or do we make Mr Roldern come like this?”

“Better fuck again, I suppose, if that is OK with you, Gary?”

“Anytime, Zoe, as you know!” The two of them had almost brought him off.

Zoe lay back and opened her legs in invitation. Gary recalled Zara’s earlier comment — Zoe still looked very fucked!

Gary knelt and then lay on Zoe squashing her breasts. He would like to have kissed her properly — with tongues — but that was what lovers did. They were not lovers yet, with an easy thrust of the hips his cock slid home — apparently it was not only lovers who did that! He began to make the motion of intercourse, sliding his penis up and down Zoe’s vagina, a slippery friction to cause the involuntary action — an involuntary action he would try and hold off for some time! And then he felt Zara right on him; her naked body pressed on top of him; breasts squashed against his back and hips pressed against his bottom. If she had had the strap on then she might have been fucking him! Her hips were pushing, pushing Gary’s penis into Zoe as if she was one with him, both fucking Zoe.

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