Inseparable Pt. 02

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Author’s note: Part 2 is ripe with drama. To those who are breathlessly waiting for Killian and Jack to realize their true feelings…hang in there. No coming-of-age story can escape without some heartbreak along the way. More chapters to come. Enjoy!

PART 2 — Home for the Summer



Jack hadn’t felt great about the whole Bailey situation. Bailey, the Tinder girl Killian had found for him. He felt even worse when he’d gone to pick her up and met her roommate Clara. He felt doubly worse when he’d managed to get Clara’s number while he was waiting for Bailey to finish getting ready. It was a dick move. He wouldn’t be interested in himself if he were a girl.

But he just couldn’t help it when he saw Clara…

She’d answered the door when he knocked, and he did a double take. Petite, blonde, blue eyes. His first thought was that Killian was there for some reason. Upon closer examination, he noted several differences. She was about a head shorter than him but still a bit taller than Killian. Her blonde hair fell to the middle of her back, but it had more red hues than Killian’s. Where Killian’s eyes were pale blue, Clara’s were bright blue. There were plenty of differences, he told himself. But when she had turned around to show him inside, she’d given him a very clear view of a beautifully round ass that the cutoff jean shorts she wore didn’t fully cover.

Clara was hot. Really hot. And he just couldn’t help himself. In the 30 seconds he’d seen her, he was far more interested than he had been with Bailey.

Against his better judgement, he texted Clara Monday morning. He was half-surprised she’d even answered. But she had. And somehow, he’d found himself making plans to see her.

He’d asked her to go see a movie. The night ended with her in his lap while they made out in the car.

And that’s how Jack found himself discretely texting Clara over lunch that day while he sat with Killian. Not that Killian was putting any effort into talking to him. She was pretending to be much more focused on studying for bio than he knew she really was. He didn’t know what to say to her either. It was like they simply shared the table out of habit.

J>C: Hey you

J>C: You’ve been on my mind

C>J: Likewise

C>J: Last night was fun

J>C: Can I see you again?

C>J: Definitely

C>J: You free tonight?

J>C: Yes. What do you have in mind?

C>J: Bailey will be gone tonight.. I was thinking you could come over and we can pick up where we left off last night

J>C: Sounds great. I’ll come over after class.

“You been talking to that girl?” The sound of Killian’s voice brought him back to the present.

“Oh,” Jack hesitated, “yeah, a bit.”

“Gonna see her again?”



And that was the end of the conversation.


Trying to clear her head a bit, Killian put her hair up and decided what she needed was a nice long run. Go torture herself in the heat until she couldn’t breathe. That ought to do the trick.

Killian decided to stop by Jack’s on the way home after her run. They hadn’t spoken beyond the brief exchanges at school, so maybe they just needed to spend some time together to break the ice. She leapt up the front steps to his house and rang the doorbell.

A muscular, twenty-some year-old, blond-haired guy opened it and looked down at Killian. He looked a little surprised to see her, and then grinned and said, “Sup, lil sis?”

Jack’s stepbrother, Logan.

“Don’t call me that,” said Killian automatically. He had always called her that. It had always bugged the hell out of her. “Is Jack home?”

“Really?” He raised an eyebrow. “How about, ‘hey, Logan, welcome home. How was college? Good to see you.'”

Killian rolled her eyes, and repeated, “Is Jack home?”

“Sorry, sweetheart, he’s not.”

“Oh, okay.” She paused, and then said, “Hey, Logan, welcome home. How was college? Good to see you.”

“Thanks, kid. It’s good to see you too.”

Killian hated it when he called her ‘kid’ even more than when he called her ‘lil sis.’

“Are you back for the summer?”

“Sure am.”

“Cool. See you around then.” Killian waved and trotted off back home.

It’s not that Killian didn’t like Logan. She did. He was cool. Too cool for her. Loved being social. Partying. That sort of thing. Things that Killian didn’t really care for. But he was part of Jack’s family and had always been as good to her as any of them. The only real problem she had with him was the ‘kid’ thing. That needed to stop.



Another lame day at school. Another day pretending things between her and Jack weren’t so awkward it was literally painful. Killian walked over to Jack’s and rang the doorbell.

“He’s not home,” said Logan, answering the door.

“Really?” asked Killian, a little surprised.


“Oh, okay. Sorry.”

“You want to come in?” he offered.

“I, bahis şirketleri uh,” she hesitated, not wanting to be rude, and finally said, “sure. For a minute.”

Killian followed him to the kitchen and took a seat at the counter. She glanced at the open laptop on the counter; there was colored text against a black background and not all the words came from a dictionary she recognized. He popped the top off a beer and put it down in front of her before taking a seat next to her.

“What’s that?” she asked, nodding at the laptop.

“School project.” He closed it and pushed it out of the way.

“In the summer?”

He nodded. “It’s a big one.”

“I didn’t know your computer–whatever you do…code thing is pretty.”

“I do write very pretty code.” He looked amused. “But I have a feeling you were referring to the color scheme.”

“Yeah,” she nodded. “I don’t know how the other stuff can be pretty, but I’ll take your word for it.” She took a sip of beer. “Do you know where Jack is?”

“To be honest, I assumed he was with you. But I’m starting to get the feeling you’ve seen less of him than I have.”

“Guess so,” Killian muttered, staring at the condensation collecting on the bottle in front of her.

“Is he dating someone these days?”

Killian arched a brow. “Jack rarely dates.”

“You know what I mean.”

“If you’re asking if he’s off with a girl, I’m sure the answer is yes.”

“You know who this new girl is?”

“No. Maybe.”

“Maybe?” he prodded.

“There was a girl I told him to talk to the other day. It may be her.”

“Is that a hint of bitterness I hear?”

“No,” said Killian defensively. “He can have all the Tinder sluts he wants. But avoiding me is a different matter.”

“That is unusual,” said Logan. His dad had married Jack’s mom when Logan was ten, so he knew as well as anyone how inseparable Jack and Killian were. “What are you up to tomorrow?”

“School,” she said lamely.

“I meant after that.”

“Avoiding studying for finals.”

“Come to the fair tomorrow.”

“With you?” Killian asked, hoping her incredulity hadn’t been too obvious.

“Yeah. Mom and Dad want to do a family thing. Supposedly we’re all going to the fair together.”

“Oh, yeah, sure,” agreed Killian, hoping that meant Jack would be going too. She took the last swig of beer and stood up. “See you tomorrow then, I guess.”

Logan followed her to the front door, but it opened before she had even gotten to it. Mrs. Johnson entered and greeted Killian brightly, “Hi, Killie.” Then she looked puzzled as her attention went to Logan. No doubt, she’d been expecting Jack. “Logan,” she acknowledged, her head cocked to the side.

“Hey, Mom,” he said casually. “Was just telling Killian to come to the fair with us tomorrow.”

“I assumed she was coming with us anyway. I thought I told you to tell Jack.”

“Saw Killian first.” Logan shrugged. “Now she can invite him.” When Mrs. Johnson raised her eyebrows, he added, “It’s called ‘delegation,’ Mom.”

“Is that what we’re paying your tuition to learn?” she said, now looking amused.

“I mean, yeah. College means job. Job means manager. Manager means delegation,” he said matter-of-factly. “So, I’m practicing on Killian. Now she gets to tell Jack and it’s more efficient since he’ll pay attention to her more than me anyway.”

Mrs. Johnson seemingly couldn’t argue that point. “Where is Jack?” she asked Killian curiously. “I know you two are glued to each other, but it would be nice to have him home for dinner once in a while.”

“Sorry, Mrs. Johnson, Jack hasn’t been with me,” said Killian earnestly. “It’s a girl he’s seeing.” Deciding that was as good a time as any to end the awkward conversation, Killian said, “See you tomorrow,” and walked out the door.

“Then tell him to bring her too,” Mrs. Johnson called after her.

Feeling rather confused and sulky, Killian got out her phone to take care of the task she’d been ‘delegated.’ Jack hadn’t replied to her messages all day so she wasn’t sure why he’d start now.

K>J: Your family is going to the fair tomorrow

K>J: You going?

It was an hour until Killian’s phone buzzed in reply.

J>K: I dunno. Why?

K>J: I am.

K>J: You should too

K>J: We can finally hang out

There was no returning buzz.

K>J: Or nah?


J>K: Sorry I’m here

Killian had a different opinion.

J>K: I kind of have plans already

K>J: Then bring her.

Killian’s heart was pounding. What if he did?

J>K: What?

K>J: I was just supposed to tell you to come and invite the girl you’re seeing

J>K: What?

K>J: Your family seemed to think you’d pay more attention if I asked since you haven’t been home much. But obviously they don’t know you’re avoiding me too.

J>K: You have my attention, Killian.

J>K: I’m not avoiding you

It was such a lie, Killian couldn’t even reply to it.

J>K: Why were you at my house? Why were you talking to my mom?

It stung.

K>J: bahis firmaları Read your texts.

It was clear Jack truly was ignoring her messages. Not even reading them. It made Killian sick to her stomach.

K>J: Look, I don’t care if you come or not or if you bring her or whatever. I’m only going because Logan told me I should come and I was supposed to ask you too.

J>K: Logan who?

K>J: Seriously?

J>K: When the fuck were you talking to my brother?!

K>J: Read your texts.

J>K: Fine, I’ll come tomorrow. Alone.

K>J: Your mom wants to meet your gf

J>K: She’s not my girlfriend.

K>J: I wasn’t asking.

K>J: See you then.

Killian made a pointed effort to ignore her phone all evening, which proved fairly easy to do since she received no other texts.

Killian had never been so mad at Jack in her life.

She was still seething by the time she went to bed.

She tried to force herself to sleep. She tried reading in hopes of her eyes getting tired. She tried counting backwards from 1000. But none of it helped.

Killian gave a resigned sigh and reached between her legs. It’s not that she didn’t like masturbating. She did. It was more that she wasn’t feeling particularly aroused, and it seemed a little out of place to try and think about with all the other things on her mind. She closed her eyes. Making myself feel good doesn’t require thinking, she told herself, trying to think of nothing at all.

She focused on the sensation of her finger on her clit. She was teasing it lightly in small circles. Killian might not have thought she was aroused, but biologically, her body had a different opinion. She touched her already lubricated slit. She slipped one finger in and probed until she found that special spot. She wondered how Jack had been able to find it so easily. Maybe because his hands were bigger. Maybe because he’d practiced on a million girls before her.

But he had done it just right.

She stifled a moan as she started rubbing her clit with the other hand. Even one of his fingers had felt like a lot. That one finger though… She remembered the feeling of him stroking her g-spot, and shuddered. She’d cum so hard. Maybe the hardest she’d ever cum.

She felt her pussy clench on her finger, and then spasm rapidly as she brought herself to orgasm.

It was only after the final waves of pleasure had subsided that she realized she’d climaxed thinking about the very thing she’d been trying to distract herself from.

Feeling bitter and disgusted with herself, she closed her eyes and willed sleep to come.


Jack lay awake for hours, filled with indecision. He was fairly sure he would take the coward’s route and pretend to be sick and not go at all. There was one thing he was very sure of; he would not be bringing Clara to the fair the next day to meet Killian and his family. Especially Killian.



Killian’s stomach was in knots the next afternoon as she brushed her hair and gazed at her reflection in the mirror. She had free period for study for seventh and had walked home instead of waiting for Jack to get out. She didn’t want to see him. She didn’t want to see the girl. She didn’t want to go to the fair with his family and pretend to not care.

But she would go. She wouldn’t be a coward.

Killian wondered if it was the girl she’d suggested. The same girl he’d gone to see and bailed on because he couldn’t stop thinking about how good she’d looked with her mouth full of cock. She shook her head, trying not to think about it herself. She was the one who told him to try again. She was the one who made the mess to begin with.

She could imagine it. That girl had been completely Jack’s type. A tall black-haired beauty with pale skin and dark tattoos.

So unlike Killian. She knew she wasn’t his type–with the exception of her ass–but it had never bothered her before. She was far too little for him, her features too delicate, and her long blonde waves certainly did not lend a dark and mysterious vibe. Jack couldn’t say no to that.

Killian sighed and pulled her hair up into a high ponytail that hung down to the middle of her back, trying to decide what to wear. Trying not to overthink it. She didn’t want to look like she was trying too hard. She didn’t need to impress anyone. Finally she decided on the more modest of her shorts that actually had enough fabric to cover her whole ass. It looked cute with her cowboy boots.

Killian hopped in the Johnson’s car when it pulled up in the driveway. She was very surprised to find the only other people in the car were Mr. and Mrs. Johnson. She liked them plenty but seriously hoped it wouldn’t just be the three of them.

“Where are the boys?” asked Killian.

“Jack came home from school feeling sick,” explained Mrs. Johnson. “I’m surprised you didn’t know.”

“Me too,” said Killian under her breath.

“Logan will meet us there,” she added. “He’s impossible to tear from his kaçak bahis siteleri computer when he is ‘in the zone’,” she sighed.

“Which zone is that?” Killian asked curiously.

“When he’s coding,” explained his dad. Addressing his wife, he lightheartedly scolded her, “You can’t say it like it’s a bad thing.”

“It’s only a bad thing when it interrupts family time,” replied Mrs. Johnson.

Killian sighed, and sat quietly in the back of the car, half-listening to the conversation. She’d only agreed to come because she thought Jack would be there. Somehow she ended up stuck with his parents and maybe Logan whenever he planned on showing up. Though, by the sound of how focused he was on his project, she wasn’t sure he’d be particularly engaging company either.

The mismatched family made their way through the livestock and the shops and were just entering the food zone when Logan finally appeared.

“Nice, you did the boring part without me,” he greeted his parents, who shook their heads and rolled their eyes. He fell back to walk with Killian. “Sorry I’m so late, sweetheart,” he apologized. “Thought you might bail though, to be fair, since Jack didn’t come.”

“I didn’t realize he bailed until it was too late for me to bail,” said Killian, a bit too honestly.

“Come on, let’s distract you,” he said, flashing her a smile. “Promise you’ll have a better time now that I’m here.”

“Alright,” accepted Killian, who wanted to stop sulking anyway.

Killian couldn’t help privately agreeing with Logan’s assessment of the boring part of the fair being done. She was glad to smell fried food instead of farm animals.

Once they had hit several of the food stands, they were full and the sun was starting to set.

“Bout time for us to head out, I think,” Mr. Johnson decided.

“I’ll take you home later, if you want to stay a bit longer,” Logan said to Killian.

“Yeah?” said Killian hopefully. She loved the midway at night. It might make the whole lousy day worth it.

“Logan.” His stepmom eyed him knowingly. “You can’t take Killian home on your bike.”

“I don’t see why not,” he shrugged.

“Safety,” she said.

“You let me ride it.”

“You’re an adult Logan, Killian is not.”

“Mrs. Johnson–” started Killian, horribly embarrassed.

“Honey,” said Mr. Johnson, putting a gentle hand on his wife’s waist, “Logan will get Killian home safe. Won’t you,” he turned an expectant eye to Logan.

“Yes, Sir,” agreed Logan.

Knowing a lost battle when she saw one, Mrs. Johnson gave in with a sigh.

“I don’t need a babysitter,” Killian said to Logan as the adults retreated.

“That’s good news, sweetheart, cause I’m not here to babysit you.”

“Are you going to ditch me?” she asked.

“Seriously?” Logan looked at her, surprised. “Why would I ditch you?”

“I dunno. For a party, or something cool.”

“No,” he snorted.

“You used to do that sort of thing.”

“Ditch you for parties?” he said.

“Not me specifically. But in general.”

“I’m a nerd now, or haven’t you heard?”

“You don’t look like one to me.”

“What do I look like then?”

Killian turned and gave him a once over. He definitely had more tattoos than he had last summer. “You look like the kind of guy my parents would hate me being at the midway with at night,” she admitted.

“It’s a good thing your parents know me then,” he laughed. “But I don’t mind taking you home now if you’re worried.”

“I’m not worried,” said Killian. “But I don’t know why you’d want to hang out with me.”

“Is it really hard to believe I’d rather spend my evening at the fair with a pretty girl than at home playing board games with my parents while Jack pretends to be sick so he can sneak out again.”

“Seriously?” said Killian. “Is that what he’s doing?”

“It’s what he did last night,” shrugged Logan. “And if he faked being sick to get out of bringing this girl to the fair, I’m not covering for him to sneak out to fuck her anymore.”

“Good,” Killian agreed, trying to force her bubbling anger down.

“Anyway, we have more important things to do than wonder why my brother is an idiot.”

“Such as?”

“You tell me. This is your night.”

She considered it. “Wanna play some games?”

“Of course,” he grinned. “Lead the way.”

Killian was pretty poor at all fair games, but she still liked doing it. She protested only when Logan went to her all time least favorite game. “I don’t even bother with this one. It’s impossible.” She stared at the rubber ducks floating around the small pool of water and knew she’d never get one of the tiny hoops to land around its neck.

“Don’t worry,” said Logan, “I’m good enough for the two of us.”

Killian raised her eyebrows expectantly. “Let’s see it then.”

Logan was handed 20 small hoops. The rules were simple, toss the ring from the approved distance, and hope for the best.

The first three Logan threw missed the ducks wildly. The next two were close, but still missed. But the next one was successful, which was more than Killian had ever managed. When the next two also landed around the ducks, Killian said, “Oh my god.” She looked at Logan expecting him to be surprised too. He was not. He chuckled but didn’t look at her.

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