Indecent Connections Version 02 Ch. 10

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I woke up with Ava in my arms, and my morning wood snuggled into her behind. It was quickly becoming my favorite way to wake up. I smiled and inhaled her scent. She smelled heavenly. I was laying there with her smell surrounding me, and her warm body against me thinking about all that had occurred between us.

Ava was an angel, my angel; or a succubus sent from the devil himself. Regardless of what she was, I wasn’t planning on ever legging her go. I accepted that my relationship with Ava would be both my greatest joy, and greatest dilemma, in my life.

Ava started to wake up and rolled over to face me. She gave me a sleepy smile. I smiled back. I couldn’t help but smile seeing her collar around her neck, and a few hickeys that I had left there in my possessive haze.

“Would you like me to go make breakfast Master?” She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes.

“No, not just yet. I want to stay in bed with you a little longer.” She snuggled in closer to me, and gave a satisfied sigh. We laid together in comfortable silence. The sun was peaking into my bedroom from the windows. Outside I could hear the Robins outside singing their morning songs to attract a mate for themselves.

Ava surprised me when all of a sudden, she pushed me onto my back and threw her leg over me. She was straddling me, sitting dangerously close to my erection. She looked at me with a mischievous smile. I raised my eyebrow, but did not protest.

“Please sir…” She bit her lip looking cute. I played dumb, pretending not to know what she was asking for. I pulled Ava’s face down to mine. I gave her a deep kiss. Ava ground her hips into me in reaction to my kiss.

“What are you begging for slut?”

“Please Master, I am desperate to be fucked by your cock again.”

“Aren’t you sore from last night?”

“That is my favorite asyabahis yeni giriş about morning sex. My body feels the pain of being sore while it mixes with the pleasure.” She licked her lips getting hot just from the thought of it.

“Who said anything about pleasure?” She whimpered in desperation. Ava’s puppy dog eyes were difficult to resist. I reached out to my nightstand, and stuck my hand in our new toy box. She looked over to see what I was doing. I grabbed her chin and kissed her again so that she wouldn’t see what was coming.

It was a little harder to find what I was looking for since I was going solely by touch. I found the cuffs and dragged them out. Next, I went back in for the bottle of lube. I handed Ava the bottle and pushed her back up so she was on her knees looking down at me.

“I’ll stuff that slut hole of yours. But you have to do that hard work of stretching out your ass.”

“Of course, Master Aiden,” She took the bottle happily. “I must admit, this slut’s ass is still very stretched from last night.” I slapped her ass and told her to just do it. While Ava stretched her hole with her fingers I traced the golden collar that I had given her last night.

“I like seeing this on you.” I commented.

“I love to wear this for you Master. I never want to take it off. It proves that I belong to you. That is what I want, to belong to you fully.”

“You can’t wear your collar all the time. Maybe we should consider something more permanent? Whatever could I do to this slutty body that belongs to me? Something that will never let you forget that you are mine.” Her body shivered, but she didn’t say anything.

“I want an answer, Ava. What should I do so that you always feel that you belong to me? I would hate for you to forget and lure some other unsuspecting man into using asyabahis giriş you.” She chuckled and shrugged her shoulders.

I pushed her down onto her back and climbed on top of her. I slid my hands across her slim body. I focused my hands on massaging her breasts and toying with her nipples.

“There is so much I could do. I could put a tattoo somewhere on this luscious skin.” I put my hand on her stomach as an option of where to put it. “There are piercings too.” I rubbed her nipples between my fingers. She moaned and pushed her chest into my touch.

“You seem to like that idea…”

“I’ve always wanted to get my body pierced Master. I was too scared to get it done.”

“Be careful Ava, that is my kink. I love seeing a woman with piercings.” I bent down to suckle on her breasts.

“Then I have to get it done! I will go tonight if you order it. I want to mold my body to your preferences.”

“How foolish, do you think I would allow you to go get pierced without me by your side…to control it all…control you.” I captured her lips with mine. I grabbed her waist and pulled her up again to straddle me on my back. I order her to fuck herself.

Ava didn’t hesitate to fulfill my order. Her pace was slow. She braced herself on my chest as she lifted her hips up and down. I held her hips helping to guide her. As she got more comfortable, she went faster. We both turned into a symphony of pleasurable moans. She started to grind her hips into me. Her ass was tightening on my dick. Ava started to beg for an orgasm.

“Please Master, may I cum? Please, I can’t hold it!”

“Not yet slut…” I said through gritted teeth. I was trying to hold back my own orgasm. She started to violently fuck herself, most likely in an effort to get me to cum faster. I started ejaculating into her ass. I dug asyabahis güvenilirmi my fingers into her hips. Ava fell on top of me. I could tell she had cum too.

I rolled her over to lay next to me. Her hair framed her face giving her a sultry look. It made me almost attack her again. My stomach reminded me just how hungry I was before I did. I bent down and gave her a quick kiss.

“Clean yourself up, put on one of your lingerie pieces, then come back here.” She nodded and stretched. When she got up I caught a glimpse of my cum dribbling out of her ass, and down her leg. I chuckled to myself watching Ava scurry away to avoid making a mess.

I heard the shower turn on and decided I needed to get out of bed too. I put on a comfortable pair of sweatpants to lounge around the house in. I waited for the shower to turn off and heard Ava saunter into her room to change. I went into the bathroom to do my morning routine. When I was done, I went back to my room.

Ava had gotten there before me. She was kneeling delicately on the carpet by my bed. Ava had chosen the cutest lingerie that she had. It was black, the bra piece was a band style, ruffled on the top and bottom. In the center it had the cut out of a cat’s face, which allowed her cleavage to be shown off. The bottoms were held together my two tied strings with small paw charms at the end. She was my sexy little pet.

I called her over with a curl of my finger. She got up and stood in front of me. I pushed some hair behind her shoulder and looked down at her.

“Now what am I going to do with my disobedient slut. It didn’t escape my notice that you came without permission.” She seemed to be getting smaller and smaller as I spoke. I picked up the handcuffs from my night stand and put them in my sweatpants pocket. I reached into our box for the paddle I bought as well.

I put my hand on the back of her neck. I pushed her gently to the door. I followed behind her keeping a gentle, but controlling hand on the back of her neck. I steered her to the spare bedroom. Where I would teach her not to cum without my permission.

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