Incestuous Harem’s Passion Ch. 22

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Questioning Incest

July 22nd, 2027 — Jaiden Walsh

I lounged on the couch in the small living room of the apartment I rented with my sister. Our neighbors thought she was my wife. None of them knew our background, where we came from, or that our mother had freaked out when she’d caught Alysha and me together in bed over a year ago.

The AC kept everything cool, the summer heat scorching outside. I had the TV on the trial of the Elliston Clan, as the media liked to call them. Made them seem like inbreed yokels or something. I’d been following it. Clint Elliston was the man. He’d bagged all his sisters, his mother, his aunt, and a few other women.

Bred them all, too.

“Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?” asked the bailiff of Clint Elliston. He was on the stand, looking sharp in a dark-blue suit, his hair combed. A man sitting proud.

“I do,” he answered.

I rubbed my hands together, focusing on the trial as I waited on my sister. Nervous excitement rippled through me. We both had the day off, but that wasn’t why I was excited. I leaned back as his lawyer, a foxy MILF named Elisabet Reenburg asked questions from a podium. It seemed boring stuff. Who are you? What do you do? Things like that.

“Come on, get to the good stuff.”

Alysha appeared from the small hallway that led to our bedroom and bathroom. She wore one of my t-shirts. It fell down to her thighs, looking so sexy on her. The white fabric stood out against her ebony skin. She held the pregnancy test in her hand.

“Well?” I asked, staring at the girl I loved. At who I would marry if it were legal.

“Pregnant,” she said, turning the pregnancy test around in her hand. The bright, pink line in the indicator window seemed to glow.

“Damn,” I muttered, a flash of fear rippling through me. Our father had been a deadbeat. He’d left our mom to raise us, rather drink and shoot heroin then care about us. What if I was like him like our mom accused. I leaned back, this heavy weight on me.

Alysha threw herself at me. She landed on my lap, her hands cupping my face. Her eyes sparkled with joy. “We made a baby, Jaiden!”

She kissed me with hunger. Her tongue thrust into my mouth. She ground on me, rubbing her pussy into my hardening cock. It swelled in my shorts, the incestuous rush surging through my body. The heat grew in my balls, the pressure needing to be released.

“Making love to my sister was the greatest moment in my life,” Clint Elliston said on the TV.

Amen, I thought.

* * *

Clinton “Clint” Elliston III

“You’re talking about when you made love to your half-sister Melody for the first time, yes?” Elisabet asked me. She stood at the lectern, her blonde hair pulled back in a bun. She looked gorgeous and professional all at the same time.

I glanced at the jury, my eyes flicking over their faces. “I loved her. Always had. And I didn’t care how closely related we were. It was beautiful. Mutual. We both wanted it. We came together like any two people who love each other.”

“Any regrets?” Elisabet asked.

“No,” I said. “Why would I have any?”

“You are on trial for loving her and the rest of your family, doesn’t that change your mind?” Elisabet asked.

“Objection,” Ed Thomas said. “Leading the witness.”

“Sustained,” Judge Coburn said.

“Let me rephrase,” Elisabet said, smiling. “You have no regrets at all?”


“Not even right now sitting in this courtroom.”

“No regrets. I will never regret loving whom my heart wants. Each one of the women in my family I love in my own way. I get something from all of them.”

“Your entire family?”

I smiled. “The adult ones, yes. I’m glad I have their support. That my family accepts me. My mother accepts me and my desires.”

Pam’s script flowed through me.

* * *

Jaiden Walsh

“Mmm, this cock bred me,” Alysha cooed as she sank down to the floor before the couch, her hands tugged down my shorts. “It deserves a reward.”

“Oh, yeah,” I asked, Clint’s testimony happening in the background. Those words of his resonated in my mind. He had no regrets about loving his sisters. I wouldn’t, either. I’d be a good father to our child. I wouldn’t run off like my sack of shit father. “What are you going to do for it?”

“Love it,” Alysha cooed. My sister grabbed my large cock as it popped out of my shorts. She ran her tongue up it.

I shuddered. The last year had been hell being away from her, but now she was in my life. We could love each other. Her tongue climbed and climbed my cock. She reached the tip. Her tongue swirled around it. She fluttered her tongue, whirling that wicked and nimble appendage about my spongy crown. The pleasure shot down my shaft to my balls.

She had such a naughty gleam in her dark eyes. Her straight, black hair (she didn’t bleach it blonde any longer) fell down around her face. She wiggled her rump aimed at the TV. Clint’s words flowed around us as I smiled down at Alysha’s gorgeous features.

Her pink tongue hiltonbet yeni giriş stroked the dark tip of my cock.

Then she sucked it into her mouth. I groaned as she swallowed the tip. Her lips slid down the hard shaft. Her cheeks hollowed as she nursed on my dick. The pleasure shot down to my balls. I groaned, savoring the heat of her. She swirled her tongue around my cock. This wild heat rippled through me. My fingers flexed and relaxed.

“Damn,” I muttered as she sucked and slurped. “That’s good. Mmm, work that mouth up and down my dick, sis.”

She winked at me and did just that. She bobbed her head. She sucked with all her hunger. The incestuous rush spilled through me. I groaned, savoring the pressure. She danced her tongue. She swirled it around me. My dick throbbed in her hungry mouth.

The slurping pressure was amazing. She cupped my balls. She cradled them. Massaged them. The pleasure spilled through my body. I loved it. I grinned at the hungry glint in her eyes as she worshiped my cock. Her tongue danced around my dick. Her eyes sparkled.

“That’s it,” I groaned, running a hand through her hair. “Damn, you’re treating my cock right.”

She slid her mouth up my shaft. Her lips plopped off. “Mmm, this big boy bred me, so I have to.” A shiver ran through her. “Bred by my brother. I love it, Jaiden. Love you.”

“Love you, boo.”

She grinned and then she sucked my cock back into her mouth. Her right hand fisted the base of the shaft as she bobbed her head. Her left hand found my nuts. She massaged them. Touched them just right.

It was wonderful to have her back in my life. To have our own apartment away from our mom. We could do as we like. I closed my eyes, savoring her warm, wet mouth working up and down my cock. The tip throbbed, the pressure building and building.

Her hunger for my cum tugged at my balls. I groaned, feeling her passion in her every suck. Her every swirl of her tongue around my cock. She was hungry for my cum. She wanted every drop of it. her tongue danced around my dick. The pressure was immense. Amazing. I would have such a huge orgasm.

“Damn, just like that, sis!” I panted. “You’re going to get a mouthful of spunk.”

She squealed, her ass wiggling faster. My little sister nursed with such hunger. I groaned, so glad we were both at that pool party a few years ago. That her friend had pulled down her top. Let me see Alysha as a woman.

Her nursing brought the pressure to a boil in my balls. My body tensed as I hurtled towards that point of release. My back arched against the couch. I growled through clenched teeth as her hand kneaded my balls.

I erupted.

My cum fired into her mouth. Hot spurts of jizz that pumped out of my dick and splashed into her mouth. It spurted out of my cock. It fired fast. Hard. She gulped it down, her eyes growing glossy with delight.

“Shit!” I growled. “Oh, fuck, sis. Swallow it! Swallow every drop of cum! Yes!”

She gulped it down. She sucked down my jizz. She swallowed every last drop of spunk. It was incredible to enjoy. I groaned through my orgasm. The pleasure screamed through my veins. I hit that peak of bliss.

She sucked out the last of my cum.

“Damn,” I panted. “Alysha, damn, you’re amazing.”

She slid her mouth off my cock and opened her mouth wide. Not a drop of my pearly jizz remained in her mouth. Fuck, I loved my little sister.

* * *

Clinton “Clint” Elliston III

Ed Thomas stepped up to the podium to begin cross-examination. There was a reason criminal defendants rarely took the stand in their own defense. It gave the prosecution a chance to make them look bad. Guilty. Terrible humans. They would use every statement you made in interrogation. Every scrap of evidence they had found to bury your ass.

“You’re proud of your incestuous relationship with the women of your family, aren’t you?” Ed asked.

It was a leading question, but this was cross. He could do that.


“You think it’s okay,” he asked, sounding like a father reprimanding his some. Authoritarian. Stern. In the right.

“I do, yes.”

“Even though it’s illegal,”

“It shouldn’t be illegal,” I countered. “It’s an unjust law.”

“But at this moment, it’s illegal, yes?”

“The laws are wrong,” I answered, keeping my tone firm. Commanding. Authoritarian, too. A pair of alpha males squaring off. I couldn’t show weakness. No doubt in my position. The jury had to believe I was correct.

“What makes you worthy of judging if a law, created by the elected lawmakers of the State of California, is wrong?”

“The same way everyone knows when a law is wrong or unjust. By having a brain. Using common sense. Anyone can do it.”

He studied me for a moment. He turned the pages on his notes. “Have you ever tied up your little sister Leann Samuels up?”

I braced for this line of questioning. How he would try to paint me as a monster. A sadist. “Yes.”

He turned on a slide projector. An image of rope appeared. It was marked as Exhibit C-13. It had already hiltonbet giriş been entered into evidence during the prosecution’s case. “Have you ever tied up Leann Samuels with this rope.”

“I have,” I said with confidence.

He clicked the button on the slide projector. It whirled and an image of another coil of rope, this one made of rough hemp. The fibers were the type that would irritate and rasp the skin. They would give her the most amount of discomfort.

“And this rope?”

“Yes. Many times.”

“Many times,” he repeated. “You’re proud of that? Of tying your little sister up with ropes like in this picture?”

He clicked on the slide and an image marked Exhibit D-103 appeared. It was Lee in that very rope tied up in shibari rope bondage. It was wrapped around her, forming a pattern of beauty as it decorated her naked flesh. You could see it squeezed around her tits and buried in the crack of her ass. Her arms and legs were bent backward.

The jury shifted.

“You were the one who tied her up like this?” he asked.

“I always am the one who ties her up in positions that she will enjoy,” I answered.

“You think she enjoyed this?”

“I know she did,” I said with confidence. “She begs me to do it. She loves being restrained. Dominated. She’s a masochist. It’s sexually arousing for her to be in that state.”

“And you enjoy it, too?” he asked, staring at me with hard eyes.

“Of course,” I said. “It’s how we love each other. She pretends to be my slave. I pretend to be her master. We both enjoy it.”

In the audience, Lee was nodding emphatically, a huge grin on her face. She would be wet right now. Everyone was seeing a picture of her naked and bound. The humiliation of it would be melting through her cunt.

“As I said,” I continued, “I love my family members in different ways. In ways that they agreed to. That they asked of me.”

“Has she ever once objected to being tied up?”

“Not once,” I spoke with such certainty. “If she had, I would have stopped. If she gave any indication that she was in true discomfort or if she felt in danger of lasting harm, I would stop.”

“And how would you know?”

“Safewords, like in any proper BDSM play. For us, it’s red light. If she says that, I know to stop.” Not that she had ever once said it. But she could.

“And if she were gagged?” he asked.

“Rapid eye blinks and general thrashing. I would remove the gag to find out if there was something wrong.”

He clenched his teeth and then hit the slide again. An image of a paddle appeared marked Exhibit C-46. It was made of wood with holes in it. That let it swing faster and really land with force on Lee’s ass. Or my mother, aunt, or Mrs. Hiragawa’s rumps.

“Have you ever spanked her with this paddle?” Thomas asked.

“Yes.” I smiled. “Many times. It’s one of Lee’s favorites.”

“Favorites?” he asked and then grimaced.

“Yes, she has her favorite toys. The ones she likes to be spanked with when she’s naughty. Or when she’s good. It’s both a punishment and her reward.”

Lee nodded.

He clicked on the remote. The projector whirled and the image appeared of a coiled bullwhip. It was marked as Exhibit C-34.

“Have you ever whipped her with this exhibit, a leather bullwhip?”

“When she wanted it,” I answered. “Yes.”

The image changed again. This time it was an image of Lee’s welted, red ass. You could see the bright puckers left by the whip. My little sister squirmed in eager delight at the sight of her. It was a pic that Melody had snapped, as I recalled.

“Is this a picture of Leann after one of the times you whipped her.”


“And you don’t think that’s excessive?” he asked.

“Absolutely not.”

“Look at those marks on her buttocks. Those look painful.”

“Oh, they were,” I said, “but you can also see how aroused Lee is in the photo. How wet her vagina is. Her excitement is trickling down her thighs.” HD Pictures were amazing. “So just because it hurt her didn’t mean she didn’t want it. Didn’t enjoy it.”

Ed worked his jaw and then clicked on the remote. A flogger made of thick, leather straps with metal rivets appeared. “This is a flogger.” He spoke to the jury. “It is made of nine strips of leather each with metal rivets studded through them to cause more pain to the person being flogged. Have you whipped Leann with this flogger?”

“Yes, I have. When she wanted it.” I glanced at the jury. “That’s another favorite of hers. She asked me to buy her one with rivets so it would hurt her more.”

“Have you ever beaten her?”

This question was phrased in a way that made me suspicious. Then I realized he’d been laying the foundation for this question. He wanted to smear me. “No.”

“But you whipped her. Isn’t that a form of beating her?”

“I have only whipped her as an agreed-upon punishment. One she consented to and could stop at any time.” I faced him with pride. “I have never abused her.”

“But you have hurt her.” He glared at me. “That flogger and that bullwhip look like they would hiltonbet güvenilirmi hurt a lot. What’s the difference between that and abuse?”

“She enjoys pain,” I said, answering the question coolly. “But I’ve never harmed her. I would never harm any of the women in my family. I only give them what they crave. Abuse is when you harm someone out of anger. Out of petty desire to control and dominate them. It’s not something the other person consents to. It’s violence you enact on them. I do not commit violence with Lee or any other member of my family. I engage in consensual and mutually agreed upon BDSM play.”

Ed didn’t look happy as he turned the page and launched into his next line of questions. He really wanted to trap me on that one, but I wasn’t going to let him. It was foolish of him to try. Once Lee took the stand, she would sing out how much she loved all those specific items he’d brought up.

“You have abused your other little sister, Alicia,” Ed Thomas said, “preying upon her and taking her virginity, yes?”

“I didn’t abuse her or prey upon her,” I said. “My little sister desired to enter into a sexual relationship with myself and Melody, and that is what we did. I loved Alicia.”

“Is it true that she pretends to be a much younger girl. That she acts like she’s a child during your sexual encounters.”

“It’s called age play and it’s something she initiated, not me,” I said. “It makes her feel loved and special to pretend to be my little girl, but she’s not. She’s an adult. It’s merely fantasy.”

I endured this line of questioning, not letting him pin me down the way he wanted. I had never abused my children.

* * *

Alysha Walsh

My brother sank down to the floor before the couch. I shuddered as he pulled my rump to the edge of the cushion. My brother’s hands were sliding up and down my thighs. I had pulled off the t-shirt of his, now sat naked.

“Mmm, this pussy’s pregnant with my child,” my brother said. His lips kissed at my shaved pussy.

“Yes,” I moaned. “You put a strong son in me. I can feel it.”

“Or a cute daughter,” he said.

“Either way, you have to keep breeding me until our child has a sibling.” She grinned. “I want to start a family tradition.”

“You are a wicked one,” he said.

I grinned.

On the TV behind him, Melody Samuels sat the stand, looking sophisticated and elegant with her sandy-blonde hair pulled back in a bun, her legs crossed and clad in nylons. I shuddered as my brother kissed at my pussy again. A tingle of delight rippled through me as his tongue flicked up and down my pussy folds. His tongue parted through my petal, stimulating my pregnant delight.

“Did Clint force you the first time?” the female lawyer for the Elliston Clan asked.

“It was absolutely mutual,” Melody said. “We shared something beautiful. A brother and sister coming together in love. It was glorious. The happiest moment of my life.”

“Amen, sista,” I cooed to her, knowing just what she meant.

My brother’s tongue drew my attention to his face nestled between my thighs. His dreadlocks rubbed against my legs as he licked and lapped at my twat. He ran his tongue through my folds, teasing my pregnant flesh.

I loved it. He had bred me. That giddy rush still ran through me. I was glad we both had the day off. We were going to fuck and fuck. Just celebrate our good fortune. I’d hardly been back in his life and was already pregnant. He must have bred me out of the gate.

My brother wasn’t firing blanks.

His tongue thrust into my depths. I groaned as he swirled around in me. His hands shoved beneath my rump. He gripped my ass, kneading me as he plundered his tongue into my cunt. He swirled it around. My toes curled as the pleasure flooded through me.

“Damn, bro,” I moaned. “Mmm, love it when you eat me out. You’re so good at it.”

“Easy to get good at something you love,” he said. His tongue dragged through my folds to my clit.

Sparks burst inside of me.

“Yes!” I gasped, my small breasts jiggling as I squirmed on the couch. “Ooh, yes, yes, show me how much you love my pussy.”

He did.

His tongue flew up and down my folds. He licked and lapped with hunger. The pleasure washed through my body. It flowed through me, a hot stream of delight that had me gasping and moaning. I groaned, squeezing my eyes shut as the delight surged through me. It was incredible to enjoy. I savored every moment of it.

Every last second of this bliss spreading through my pussy.

I squirmed on the couch, my whimpers filling our living room. They echoed around us. His tongue plunged into my depths. He reached deep into me. He swirled around, stroking my walls. He did such naughty things to me.

I gasped, trembling. My hands caressed my torso. My skin felt so alive. I had to stroke myself. Caress over my flesh. I whimpered and groaned, loving every moment of his tongue lapping at my cunt. He massaged my pregnant flesh.

“I’m going to cum so hard!” I moaned, my body quivering. “Damn, bro. Just get that tongue in me. Going to shower you in cream.”

He growled. His hands gripped my ass. He kneaded me and pulled me hard against his sucking mouth. He sucked on my pussy. My cunt clenched at the heat he surged through me. I whimpered in delight at the pressure building and building in me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32