In The Mountains

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The air rushing past us was uncharacteristically warm for a Northern California night. We had decided there was no way we could stay in the city for what promised to be the first nice weekend of the summer and now the Jeep climbed a twisting road into the mountainous interior of Mendocino National Forest. We had stopped to take the top down shortly after we left I-5 and now the fresh air billowed around us as the sun dipped below a distant ridge. We were already fifteen minutes out of the last town and we hadn’t seen another car since then. Another half an hour should bring us to the remote cabin we had rented for the weekend, but we were in no hurry. It was pleasant enough just to be alone in the outdoors.

Stacy echoed my thoughts aloud from the passenger seat.

“God, it is so nice to be out of the city. I hope we don’t see another person all weekend.”

“Well, if this cabin is as remote as they promised us, that shouldn’t be a problem,” I answered.

“It better be. I want to find a sunny spot and lay out naked.”

“If you’re laying out naked, I don’t know if I’ll be able to leave you alone long enough for you to relax,” I warned her teasingly.

“Don’t worry, getting sun isn’t the only reason I want to be naked,” she assured me, “I also just want to feel the fresh air on my bare skin while we make love.”

“Why wait? I asked her. “There’s plenty of fresh air now, why don’t you take your shirt off?”

I said it jokingly, not really expecting her to do any such thing, even this far from civilization. To my surprise, she sat up and started to undo the top button on her shirt.

“Are you sure you’ll be able to keep your eyes on the road?” she inquired. “It’s awfully curvy….”

“I’ll try to keep my attention on the curves in the road,” I joked back, “even though I’d rather look at yours.”

I did steal one glance at her in the rapidly diminishing light and saw that she had at least three or four buttons undone. I could just catch a glimpse of the creamy skin at the top of her breasts as she pulled the sides of the shirt apart. With regret, I pulled my eyes back to the road. Stacy has the most magnificent tits I’ve ever seen and I never tire of staring at them – or of caressing and kissing them.

I became peripherally aware of an increased amount of movement in the passenger seat and stole another glance at her just in time to see her triumphantly pull her bra out of her shirt. The shirt itself was now open the whole way down the front and her large boobs jutted out proudly. I could see that the feel of the wind had already hardened her nipples. To me, they looked like tasty cherries atop those two delectable scoops of flesh.

“You’re not making this driving thing easy,” I warned her.

“I bet you wish you could touch them, huh?” she teased me further. “Like I am. God, it feels so good to run my fingertips over my boobs with the air blowing over them.”

Something else began to call for my attention as well, as the sight of my beautiful wife had the expected effect on my dick. I could feel it strain against my jeans and even felt an extra little surge when she described how it felt to be touching her own tits. I hope we reach that cabin soon, I thought, or I’m going to pull over and have her in the trees beside the road.

Another quick glance, but this time the image stayed on my retina even after I looked back at the road. My wife was sitting in the seat with her shirt completely off, fondling herself and teasing her nipples with her fingertips. I could still clearly see the image of her petite hands rubbing all over her chest and lifting those heavenly globes up to feel the air along the sensitive undersides. I tried to blink away the image and concentrate on the road. There might not be any other cars, but it was a narrow, winding road and there was always the chance a deer would choose that moment to leap in front of us.

“You’re turning me on so bad, baby,” I told her softly.

“I’m turning myself on too,” she replied, “my pussy is getting so wet that I want to feel the air rushing over it too. I bet just the feel of the wind on my clit would make me come right now.”

The thought made my dick jump again and I tried to surreptitiously reach one hand down to adjust myself.

“What’s wrong?” she asked. “Having a little problem down there?”

“I think someone is jealous that your body parts can come outside and play,” I told her.

“Oh, he’ll be even more jealous once I get my shorts off,” she said.

Once again there was an extra bit of movement in the passenger seat as she slipped her shorts down around her ass. I looked again and saw her leaning slouched down in the seat with her shorts and panties bunched up around her thighs. The light from the moon wasn’t enough for me to clearly see her womanhood but I could see her hands sliding down between her legs.

“Oh my GOD! That feels so good. I can’t remember the last time I had my pants off outside. The air feels so good. It’s starting to cool down a little and that just mofos porno makes it feel even better….”

My glances toward her were starting to become more frequent and I watched with a sort of strobe vision as she pulled her shorts and panties the rest of the way off. I couldn’t believe that my lovely wife was reclining in the seat next to me stark naked, with the top down on the Jeep. I watched with admiration and frustration as she put her feet up on the dashboard, spreading her legs wide and pushing her ass forward to the edge of the seat. I could see her hands moving rapidly between her beautiful white thighs and she decided to take the opportunity to tell me just how much she was enjoying herself.

“Oh god, baby, this feels so good. I can’t decide what feels better on my cunt, my fingers or the wind. I am sooo wet. It’s a good thing we can clean the Jeep just by hosing it out. I think my pussy is dripping all over the seat. God, I’m sliding two fingers up inside myself while I hold it open so I can feel the wind on my fucking clit….”

My wife knows that hearing her talk dirty drives me crazy and she knows just what to say. I slid my hand into my lap again and started rubbing myself as best as I could through my pants. At this point, I didn’t care if I came right in my boxers. I looked over again and saw that Stacy was pumping one hand inside herself furiously and pushing her feet against the dashboard so hard her ass was coming up off the seat.

“Oh baby, God, yes, I’m going to make myself come so fucking hard for you. I know you want to see me coming while I’m fingerfucking myself. Oh, yes, baby, yes, ohhhhhh….”

Her words trailed into an incomprehensible moan as her body went rigid and I saw her grab her pussy and hold tight as she exploded into a massive orgasm. The moan turned into a little shriek as the peak hit her and then a long sigh as her body relaxed and her eyes started to refocus.

“Did that feel good, baby?” I asked rhetorically.

“Oh, hell yeah! God that felt awesome! I was just fantasizing that it was your fingers inside me or better yet, your hard cock.”

“You might have your chance soon,” I told her, “that looks like the turn off to the cabin ahead.”

Sure enough, a discrete sign labeled “Mountain Getaway” stood beside a simple gate.

“Here,” I said and held out a key to her.


“I’m driving so you have to get out and unlock the gate.”

“I don’t have any clothes on!”

“You haven’t had any clothes on for five miles. I think it’s a little late for modesty.”

“Oh, fine,” she said, “You don’t think I’ll do it, do you?”

With that, she grabbed the key from my hand and swung her door open. I watched in awe and amazement as she jumped to the soft ground and padded into the pool of light from the headlights. I could only stare, transfixed, at her gorgeous nude body as she walked barefoot through the dirt to the gate. Her lovely legs, perfectly rounded ass and the darkly beautiful swirls of the tattoos on her back made her look like a pagan goddess approaching her sacred grove. My blood burned through my veins like gasoline on fire and I had to put all my will into not jumping out after her and taking her right there on the ground, in the harsh glare of the headlights.

In the time it took me to gain control of myself she had unlocked the gate and swung it aside. I pulled the Jeep through and sat there trying to regain the rest of my self control as she relocked it and rejoined me in the Jeep.

“You going to be OK, there?” she teased.

“Oh god, I want you so bad, baby.”

“You can wait a little longer, I’m sure,” she assured me. “At least long enough to get out of sight of the road.”

Nodding silently, I pressed the accelerator and drove slowly up the dirt road. It was maybe another half a mile before a small wooden cabin came into sight. I pulled over to one side of the clearing around it and parked. Relieved to be here, I turned off the ignition and dowsed the lights.

In the sudden darkness, I was momentarily blind and it shocked me when I felt a body near mine. Then Stacy’s hand was in my lap, surrounding my rock hard cock. Her other hand groped for my zipper and I helped her get it down as quickly as possible.

My dick sprang out into the night air but I only had a moment to feel the delightful coolness on my burning skin before I was engulfed by the silken feel of her mouth. In one quick movement, she sank her mouth down over the length of me until her lips were buried in my pubic hair. The sexy scene in the Jeep, the beautiful vision of her walking naked, the feel of the mountain air and the unusual sensation of being nearly blind overwhelmed me and I arched up toward her as my orgasm gathered in my balls and jetted upward. She slid her mouth back up as though enticing the orgasm out of me and when her lips hit the underside of my head, I exploded. Wave after wave of come blasted through me and she noisily sucked it all down and swallowed greedily. The orgasm raced through naughty america porno me, sending my body, my mind and my soul out my cock and into her warm, welcoming mouth.

It took me several seconds to realize I had yelled loud enough to be heard two valleys away. My vision slowly came back, but I couldn’t tell if my eyes were adjusting to the moonlight or if I had literally lost my vision for a moment. I collapsed back into the seat as Stacy licked the last drops of come from me. Then she slid over to perch on my lap and wrap her arms around me. She leaned her face into mine and we shared a deep, passionate kiss. I could taste my own come in her mouth as well as hers and I knew I had missed it when she had tasted her own juices while masturbating. After a long while, she disengaged and gave me dick one more squeeze before sliding back to her side of the Jeep.

“C’mon,” she said happily, “you unpack and I’ll get a fire going!”

Fifteen minutes later, she had a nice fire going in the firepit outside of the cabin and I had carried our few supplies inside. The first thing I did in the cabin was pull the thin mattresses off of the twin beds and lay them side by side on the floor. I had no intention of sleeping on the other side of the room from my sexy wife tonight.

Once I got the cabin squared away, I retrieved a bottle of wine from the cooler, opened it, and filled our two plastic wine glasses. Grabbing each by the stem, I went outside to see how the fire was going.

Stacy had put her shorts and shirt back on, although she had left several buttons on the shirt undone and I could see she hadn’t bothered with her bra. She was crouched by the fire, happily poking at it with a long stick. I could see that she already had smears of soot on her hands and clothes, and her bare feet and knees were covered in the dry dust that is ubiquitous in California. She had even managed to get a small twig caught in her hair. I handed her a glass of wine and then gently removed the twig.

“You look like a perfect little Girl Scout,” I told her, “or maybe even a Boy Scout since you’re so dirty.”

“You know there’s nothing I like more than getting dirty and playing with fire,” she responded.

Once again I marveled at how ravishing she was. The flickering light of the fire played over the exquisite features of her face and reflected in her beautiful eyes. It still amazed me every day that this lovely woman was my wife. She moved to stand up and her shirt fell forward, giving me a wonderful view of her tits as they swung freely.

We set our camping chairs near the fire and sat down to enjoy the night. Surprisingly, it was still warm, with just a slight breeze that hinted of colder air in the higher mountains. The moon was nearly full and with the firelight we could see quite well. The only sounds were the rustle of branches in the wind and the crackles and pops of the campfire.

We sat and talked for a while, drinking our wine and staring contentedly into the fire. I continued to glance over at my wife, drinking in the sight of her. Eventually, I decided it was time to start seducing her again.

“Why don’t you unbutton your shirt the rest of the way?” I asked suddenly.

“Didn’t you get to look enough on the way up here?” she replied.

“I was paying attention to the road. I couldn’t enjoy the sight as much as I wanted to,” I told her.

“You have to take your shirt off, then,” she said.

I happily complied and watched with pleasure as she undid the rest of the buttons on her shirt and let it fall to her sides. Once again, her magnificent breasts were proudly displayed for me. I leaned back and enjoyed the cool air on my own bare flesh while I watched her hungrily.

“Do want me to toast us some marshmallows?” I asked.

“Yum. Will you toast one for me?” she asked.

“Of course. I’ll go get them. Don’t go anywhere,” I joked.

I quickly found a suitable stick and toasted a marshmallow for each of us. When they were lightly brown on the outside, I took one off and popped it in my mouth. Then I walked over to her and held the other one out. Slowly she leaned forward and opened her mouth. I pushed the marshmallow in and she closed her lips around my fingers, licking them sensuously as she pulled the gooey treat away.

“Mmmm,” she sighed as she swallowed and then delicately licked her lips, “just what I needed, more white creamy stuff.”

I laughed and started preparing two more marshmallows. We played that game for a few minutes, feeding each other and licking each other’s fingers clean. Finally I took a freshly toasted one to her and got down on my knees in front of her.

“Open your mouth and close your eyes,” I told her .

When she complied, I moved the marshmallow so it was positioned just above her right nipple. Then I squeezed until the creamy inside started to leak out through the crisp shell. The hot, melted marshmallow hung over her for a moment and then dropped to land directly on her nipple.

“Ohh!” public agent porno she cried.

Quickly, I leaned over and covered her nipple with my lips while I simultaneously slid the remainder of the marshmallow into her mouth. She moaned as she felt the dual stimulation of my tongue licking the cream off her breast and the sweetness exploding in her own mouth. As she started to lick and suck my fingers, I moved my lips around her breast, cleaning up every bit of marshmallow before I returned to her nipple and started flicking my tongue over it.

“Ohhhh,” she sighed around my fingers. I put my other hand up to her boob and lifted it up so that I had better access. Then I took as much of it as I could into my mouth and sucked hungrily on her nipple. She moaned again, louder, and clasped one hand behind my head.

I started moving my mouth over her chest, under her tits, between them and across first one nipple and then the other. As she relaxed and enjoyed my ministrations, I gently pulled my fingers from her mouth and slid both hands down to her shorts. In a moment, I had them unbuttoned and unzipped. Realizing what I was doing, she lifted her hips without opening her eyes and I slid the shorts over her ass and down her legs. As she sat back down, I gently guided her hips forward so she was sitting near the edge of the camp chair.

I ran my hands down the outsides of her legs and then started licking my way down her stomach. I lifted one leg and draped it over the side of the camp chair and then leaned forward. She willingly spread her legs open as far as she could and I looked down, past the light covering of blond pubic hair, to see that her pussy was already glistening with moisture. I quickly cupped her ass in both hands and lifted her toward me. Bending down, I ran my lips slowly up the inside of her upraised leg as she moaned again in pleasure. I moved my mouth closer and closer to her pussy, alternating kisses with short licks. Finally, I leaned as far down as I could and slowly licked up the length of her lips.

“Oh, god”, she moaned. “Don’t stop. Don’t ever stop.”

I did it again, but this time I let the tip of my tongue slide just inside her lips. When I got to the top, I pushed forward and let my tongue find its way to her clit. I flicked my tongue over it and her whole body spasmed in pleasure.

“Oh!” she cried, “yes….”

I continued to hold her lovely ass in one hand and moved the other up to her pussy. I slid my fingers along the length of it and felt how wet she was already. I held her open and, like a man eating his last meal, started rapidly licking and sucking on her clit. She started moaning uncontrollably and tangled both hands in my hair to pull my face closer to her. I licked harder and faster, smearing her juices all over my face as I tried to devour her. She started writhing in the chair and pushing her pussy into my face, smothering me in her sex.

“Uhhhh, oh god, yes, yes, baby, that feels so good, you eat my pussy so good baby,” she said in between gasps and sighs.

I slid one finger of my hand inside her and again felt a shudder pass through her whole body.

“Oh FUCK!” she cried as I started to slide my finger back and forth into her body. I carefully angled my finger so the tip would hit the inside wall of her pussy, just behind where my tongue was still assaulting her clit. I moved finger and mouth faster and faster until she began to buck and grind against me.

“Oh yes, baby, oh god, yes, yes, YES!” she screamed as her body tightened and the muscles of her cunt clenched around my finger. I kept licking and held her pussy against my face as her orgasm swept over her and she moaned incomprehensibly.

As her body relaxed, I slowed down and slid my finger out of her. Giving her hot sex one more kiss, I sat up and let her collapse into the chair.

“Oh my god, that was so great,” she told me when she could speak again. “I want you inside me right now.”

I jumped up and sprinted to the cabin. In seconds, I had returned with a blanket and thrown it on the ground beside the fire. Quickly, my wife slid out of her chair and lay on her back on the blanket. She spread her legs and looked up at me with imploring eyes.

“C’mon, I need you inside me, come fuck me right now,” she begged. There is nothing sexier than my beautiful wife laying totally naked in front of me, legs spread and tits jutting up proudly, begging me to fuck her. I quickly knelt between her outstretched legs and covered her body with mine. I could feel the heat of the fire on my legs and ass and the cool mountain air blowing over my back. When our bodies touched, an electric shock seemed to pass down over the entire surface of my skin, starting where her tits pressed against my chest and ending where our arms and legs intertwined. She held herself ready for me and I moved my hips forward, sliding into her in one easy motion. We both cried out in pleasure as I penetrated her and we were joined once again in that magical way that only true lovers experience.

As always, I paused for a moment so we could both relish the feeling of our bodies being joined, of being so close to each other. Inside her, I could no longer tell where I left off and she began. There was just one scorching hot junction of passions, a glorious consummation of our love.

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