Impregnation Hotel

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I wondered if there was a place where a fertile woman could go to be impregnated, and decided to do an Internet search. Sure enough–it seems there’s something for everyone out there. I found the Impregnation Hotel. Let me tell you about it.

It’s located, ironically, in the Virgin Islands–a little out of the way tropical paradise, from what I can tell by the pictures. It’s staffed by warm and caring medical and hotel staff who are there to meet a woman’s every wish and desire while she’s there to become impregnated.

The studs appear to be in wonderful health–so strong and well-built. They have a brochure that profiles each stud, showing him as a baby, then full naked frontal and rear poses with close-up insets of his erect cock from several different angles. I love monster cocks, so I particularly enjoyed the meaty well-hung ones with engorged scrotal sacks at the base. There were statistics for each stud–age, height, weight, number of successful impregnations, and a close-up shot of his sticky flaccid cock next to a beaker containing a typical load of semen.

I also love my men hairy-chested, so I spent more time checking out the ones with furry fronts and nice hairy legs and forearms. There was one guy there, named Mark, who was listed at 6’2″, 200 pounds, wonderfully tanned all over–they must live in the nude there–with thick black hair, a thick black mustache, broad shoulders, furry chest, lean stomach with a line of softer looking fur that led down to his wonderfully thick cock, springing forth from a full scrotal sac, surrounded by springy black hair that continued down his firm thighs, strong legs and rather bony long feet. His hands were long-fingered and somewhat bony, but very neatly groomed.

His rear portrait revealed nice tight buns I just ached to run my palms over. The close-up of his flaccid cock and semen beaker, showed a brimming cupful and his impregnation record numbered 376. He had been on the staff at the hotel for four years, so I figured he must impregnate one or two women per week.

He was smiling and radiated confidence. I knew if I were going to check in to the Impregnation Hotel, I’d pick Mark for my stud.

There was a page devoted to pictures of women being impregnated in various settings. One naked woman was leaning over at the balcony railing of her room, looking out at the beach while her naked lover was pumping her pussy from behind, his buttocks tight with full penetration. Her full tits were hanging down from her bent over torso like cow udders, and you could tell she was gripping the railing to anchor her during the intense fucking she was receiving.

Another naked woman was just climbing out of the hotel swimming pool, still standing on the bottom rung of the pool ladder with her naked lover right behind her, prodding her with his thick meat stick. Her nipples were obviously excited by the cool breeze that must have been blowing, because they were tight as pencil points, well, big pencil points, and she too was gripping the ladder handles quite tightly with the intensity of her fucking.

Another naked woman was in an examining room, laying on her back on an examination table with her legs propped on supports to keep them spread. Her lover was standing between her legs, his cock thrust to the hilt–his heavy scrotal sac could be seen squashed between them. She had a wonderful smile on her face and he was gazing down at the woman with an intense expression of purpose–he was happily impregnating her, giving her exactly what she wanted. A medical assistant was standing by in this picture, naked too, except for a lab coat that hung open, revealing one breast completely. She was massaging the stud’s balls as he pumped the woman full of semen.

Another page showed paraphernalia that was used at the hotel to help in the impregnation process. They had sexy-looking thongs for the women to wear during breaks in the impregnation process that incorporated a short thick dildo-like plug that fit snugly into the vagina of the woman, so that as much semen as possible could be kept deep inside her body. That explained the pictures of topless women lounging around the pool and walking around in these beautiful thongs.

It was explained that inseminating women was allowed anywhere and at any time at the hotel. So that explained why the dining room showed women straddled across the laps of their lovers, riding their rods and letting the studs suck their tits, while waiters stood by patiently for them to finish and place their orders for drinks or dinner. On the dance floor, naked couples could be seen fucking to the sultry jazz music coming from the stage band. One stud at the bar was standing behind his woman while they had drinks, penetrating her from behind as she leaned against the bar railing.

There were testimonies from women who had success stories to share. One woman raved that her stud, a fellow named Christopher, fucked her so thoroughly for 5 days, that she also trimmed down 5 pounds kırklareli escort before happily putting it on again as her pregnancy advanced.

Her stud had met her at the door to her room at the hotel, stark naked, cock erect, took her bags, helped her strip out of her clothes, which she never donned again until she checked out days later, bent down to suck her nipples, massage her moist love hole, then hoisted her onto the bed, spread her thighs and with one firm long deep stroke delved into her depths and began a thorough fucking to make her pregnant.

He brought her to a quick orgasm and soon shot his first creamy sticky load at her cervix, then pulled a thong plug from the drawer of the nightstand by the bed and strapped the cork-like devise onto his lover. They left the room and went down to the bar for drinks, where he sat on a stool with his cock rising from his lap like a mast. He slipped the plug from her pussy and hoisted her onto his rod, lowering her with a squishing sound as his cock made it’s way through the jizz from their previous session.

She sat there, impaled on his thick rod, while they had drinks at the bar, but soon had to set the drinks down when their need to fuck became too intense to ignore. He tilted his pelvis up to fuck her and she wriggled on his pole and the bartender, seeing her bouncing tits while she rode the stud, came around to suck one tit and massage the other, which felt like heaven, together with the fucking her pussy was getting.

With her clit rubbing against Christopher’s hard lean stomach with each thrust, she came fast and hard, gasping and moaning and had to lean into his embrace with a slump after her climax receded. Chris shouted a bark of triumph as he shot another load up deep into her vagina–again coating her cervix with his seed. When he recovered from his climax, they sipped from their drinks again–he lovingly nipped at her nipples. The bartender was smiling at them with approval.

Chris decided to leave them linked this time and carried his woman still impaled on his staff, into the dining room and sat at a table with a nicely upholstered chair that had no arms, so that the woman’s legs could dangle as she straddled him. He ordered finger food that he could feed her as she nestled against his chest. For dessert, he ordered a Kahlua and had the woman dangle her nipple into the sweet sticky liquid so that it was coated with liqueur and then sucked her nipples until she was squirming on his hard cock again.

Part of the excitement, she said, of being at the Impregnation Hotel was being around other women and studs who were constantly mating. At any given time there’d be a couple mating in the booth next to you, or at the edge of the pool, or on the next chaise lounge or naked on the beach, or above, leaning over a balcony railing. Gasping and moaning from orgasms, squishing from thrusting into love boxes full of load after load of jizz, mixed with the low-key jazzy music and the constant roar of the ocean breakers that pervaded the air at the resort. Often couples would encourage one another as they fucked.

I looked at another page and I saw there were some specials coming up–presumably during their off-season. One was where a woman could check in and either be impregnated by two or three studs of her choice, exclusively spending their time together; or another which seemed enticing to me, where a woman could have her pick of any available stud at any time during her stay, mating with as many and as often as she wanted.

I started to plan my impregnation then. I knew this was the place for me. I wanted to be made pregnant in the worst way, and this place seemed like heaven. So I decided to go with the two stud special–Mark was one, and the other was a Greek looking fellow, named Nikos.

I flew to the island and was greeted at the airport by a hotel staffer who chauffeured me to the resort. After check in, I went up to my room and was met by Mark, who was every inch the man I’d imagined, and Nikos, who could have been Mark’s twin. They were stark naked, and sported erections that any man would be proud of. Nikos took my bags and Mark turned me around, unzipped my dress and proceeded to strip me. He said he was going to love making me pregnant and commented at how well toned my body was and how sexy my hair and tits were.

He bent down and nibbled at my tit, first licking and then taking one nub firmly in his lips, tugging and sucking and making my pussy lips wriggle, starting to moisten and engorge. Nikos was back from putting my luggage down and stood behind me, first massaging my buttocks, then slipping his middle finger into my love box from behind, pulling it out and rubbing my slippery moistness onto my clit. I couldn’t help but dance in his hand, it felt so good, with Mark exciting my nipples.

Nikos spoke softly and hotly into my ear, telling me he and Mark were going to fuck me until I was pregnant and to just relax and let them kırşehir escort do their work. So I submitted to their attentions and before you know it, I was writhing with my first climax–right there inside the door of our room. I’d only been there 10 minutes.

Mark lifted me into his arms and took me to the bed, where Nikos had laid back the covers. He laid me down on my back, spread my thighs and let his thick cock prod my now-engorged wet pussy lips. The head of his cock was so thick, it felt wonderful pushing against the entrance to my love box. He started to push his way into my depths and every inch of him stretched me wider than I’d ever felt before.

Finally he delved to the bottom–pressing against my cervix and letting his scrotal sac push against my pussy lips like a squashed ball. I’d never felt so full before. He just stayed there for a moment–stretching me to the max, letting my body adjust to his monster size–then he eased back a little and shoved his way back down–rubbing my clit with his pelvis as he stroked deep.

I was panicking a little from the distress of Mark’s size stretching me to the max and Nkos, who had climbed into bed beside us and lay next to us propped up on an elbow, calmly rested his head in his hand and offered words of encouragement and comfort–letting me know that Mark had never torn anyone yet–that I’d be able to take him comfortably after a few more fuckings.

Mark said that he had so much jizz ready to give me–he could feel his sac so full and ready to explode. He was ready to give me what I really wanted, to be pregnant.

Nikos continued to stroke my hair away from my face and kiss my ear and whisper hot sexy nothings into my ear while Mark plunged his thick cock again and again into my depths–bottoming out with each stroke. My pelvis thought it might split in two, but I began to love his weight and firmness. Nikos bent down and sucked on the nipple nearest him and I began to wriggle my hips and lift my legs and wrap them around Mark’s waist. This let Mark sink even deeper and I heard him moan with pleasure as he fucked with full force.

With Nikos sucking on my tit, I came quicker than usual and my orgasm pushed Mark over the edge. He stiffened and tightened his buttocks and shot his first creamy load deep into me. He shot load after load, it seemed he had an endless supply of jizz. We began squishing as he stirred his own jizz inside me, then he held himself still at his deepest penetration, grunting and groaning before gingerly retreating and letting his huge meat stick pop out. He knelt back and encouraged me to keep my pelvis tilted up so that his jizz would stay inside.

He plopped to my other side, propping himself up on his elbow and massaging my now sweaty stomach and breasts, massaging my tits and leaning down to suckle, when Nikos slipped between my thighs and pressed his own impressive cock head to the gaping jizz-dripping hole that his buddy had just vacated. He wasn’t quite as big as Mark, but he was long and firm and as he slipped his hard length into my depth, my vaginal walls soon clung to his cock and we began our squishy dance towards another orgasm. He had a way of stroking in all different directions–backing out and aiming left, backing out and aiming right, up, down. He stirred my hole with his stick like it’d never been stirred before. He found that special spot that puts fucking into high gear and relentlessly prodded and prodded, until I was writhing with another climax.

Mark, still sucking my nipple, clung more firmly as Nikos rode me through the waves of orgasm. After I came down a little, Nikos reared back and fucked front and center like a steam engine–letting his rather loose balls slap against my buttocks with audible smacks. It wasn’t long before he held himself deep inside my pussy like Mark had, and pulsated with shot after shot of his release–adding more jizz to the mix that was sure to impregnate me.

Nikos and I stayed enjoined while we all slept for a short period. I loved having these two hunks, one on top of me and cuddled into the arms of the other as we slept.

I was awakened after what seemed like a very brief rest to hear Mark whispering in my ear that they intended to keep me penetrated continuously for the first 12 hours of my stay. He slapped Nikos on the butt and woke him with a friendly encouragement to quit sleeping on the job. We all laughed at that and Nikos began thrusting gently inside me again as his cock began to harden. I was so full of jizz already that we were making an awful wet mess on the sheets, but I knew it meant I was getting loads and loads of semen which would certainly leave me pregnant by the time my stay was over.

While Nikos began thrusting again, Mark and I kissed. He tugged at my lips and kissed my eyes and playfully licked the tip of my nose. I loved this playful frolicking–like lions mating in the wild. Nikos sucked my tits as he fucked this time. I loved the feel of kızılay escort their hairy chests and abs–Nikos’ rubbing between us as he fucked and Marks against my side like a big Teddy Bear. My nipples loved the feel of grazing through their fur.

Mark had me so worked up with his kisses and caresses that I came before Nikos. I had to roll on my side and cuddle in Mark’s embrace, so Nikos re-entered me from behind and continued to fuck until he came. He wrapped his arms around me and massaged my tits, while Mark positioned his cock to push into me again from the front. Once again, I was surprised by his size. I still hadn’t adjusted–he stretched my depths with each inch of his penetration until he was in to the max. Jizz squished out between us, but eased his penetration.

He thrust in and out as we faced each other on our sides for a bit, but before long, he rolled on his back, putting me on top of him and I marveled at how awesome it was to ride this hunk of man. I leaned forward to let him nibble one tit, while Nikos, laying on his back beside Mark, took the other tit. With both of them sucking my tits at the same time, I jumped into high gear faster than ever–riding Mark for all he was worth–trying to slide up and down that monstrously thick rod of his.

I wriggled my hips and took him as deeply as I could, squeezing him with my inner muscles as the guys worked my nipples. My clit was having a riot of fun rubbing against Mark’s pelvis and soon I was gasping and shouting with my climax, the likes of which I had never had before.

I lay forward on Mark’s chest afterward. He bucked upward to fuck me and release his load, and soon spewed another massive load up into me. He clamped my thighs and hips down to keep us firmly engaged. The three of us drifted off to sleep for another short while.

The night continued with one fucking after another–first Nikos and then Mark, or first Mark and then Nikos, but from dusk to dawn, one cock or another was buried in my depths and between the two of them, they must have released a gallon of semen into my eager pussy. If I wasn’t pregnant after that first night, I’d be surprised. They were such dedicated studs.

As the dawn broke, I awoke in Mark’s arms with his soft cock still inside me and Nikos nestled spoon style at my back with a hand possessively cupping my breast, and Mark whispered into my ear, “Well, love, do you feel impregnated yet?” And just as I was about to answer, Mark pulled his hips back, disengaging us and Nikos thrust his cock into me from behind with one smooth firm stroke and began pumping.

I could feel Mark’s cock engorge between us and he and Nikos seemed to communicate an unspoken agreement and Nikos slipped out from behind and Mark entered from the front. He thrust in and out several times, then pulled out to let Nikos thrust in and out again. They alternated back and forth that morning, Mark, Nikos, Mark, Nikos, Mark, Nikos, until finally I couldn’t take it any longer and came as Nikos jabbed me from behind–Mark giving me deep kisses and massaging my buttocks.

My orgasm milked Nikos and he came again, spurting still more semen up my love canal, then Mark slipped in again, squishing out Nikos sperm with his massive size and completing his own orgasm. We slept wrapped up together again for a while before stirring again to start our second day of impregnation.

Mark left me impaled on his cock as he got up from the bed–carrying me into the eating area of the hotel room, where room service had delivered some breakfast. We fed each other lovingly while Nikos showered. Mark took the whipped cream and decorated my nipples and then licked them off–giving each nipple another good working over. He sucked and tugged and pulled and chewed and before long I was writhing in his lap again, his cock hard and firm inside me.

I squirmed around his pole, longing for another orgasm. Mark bucked to fuck up inside me, we were so squishy. I took a strawberry and held it in my teeth, while Mark took the other half and we enjoyed a strawberry kiss. He massaged my tits with honey and took the nipples again and I began to climax. He bucked faster and deeper and we came at the same time.

He lifted me up, still wrapped around him as he got up from the table and carried us to the shower where we joined Nikos. It was a big shower so we were all able to be in it together. Nikos lathered my back and buttocks as I clung to Mark–reaching between my lobes to feel where Mark and I were enjoined. He massaged the base of Mark’s staff and his balls as well as my clit and we moaned with pleasure. The warm water spilling over us felt so good–soothing aching muscles from all the love making.

Mark held me against the shower wall and rammed some more. His cock was hardening again. He just pounded into me this time–no mercy. This was truly a fucking. I screamed with the intensity of his thrusts, but he had no mercy–he just kept pistoning in and out–ramming me against the wall. My climax built until I was literally screaming and then he shouted and rammed me for all he was worth–holding me impaled against the wall of the shower. I was sure my back was bruised and my pelvis would never be the same. My legs might be permanently wedged open.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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