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I’m Glad You’re My Daddy Now
Chapter 7


By Kevin Anderson


Edited by Jeremy Ellington

NOTICE: This story contains scenes of a sexually graphic nature which may not be legal in your area.  This story is based on actual events, although some parts have been configured for story flow.  If you are offended by such themes, stop reading now.


Everything went as normal for the next few months. Sean with school, Wayne working round the house taking care of the two of us, and me working and getting things ready for the holidays.

One day I had to be at the studio early.  It was a hard day with lots of takes, and when I left I really needed to rest but I knew I had to be at Sean’s school for his last day before the Christmas break.  I arrived at the school just in time to see Sean singing his song, ‘Little Drummer Boy’.  He looked so cute in his costume, and it sounded like he inherited my talent for singing.  God he looked so adorable in his pants that were too short, and his open shirt exposing his soft, hairless chest.  He looked like an 18th century beggar.  Damn, I wanted to snatch him off that stage and rip his clothes off!  Hell, it got even worse when the rest of the boys came on stage looking about the same as Sean.  Fuck, I was in a sea of hot, little angels.  All the boys looked so sweet, all those bright faces and all the open shirts.  Sean looked up and saw me watching him and he got the biggest smile.

When the show was over I went backstage to find Sean and I had all these boys running around me.  A few little hands rubbed across my crotch which gave me the biggest hard-on, but I didn’t much care about that.  All I had on my mind was finding Sean.  I did notice some of the Dads looking at me and my hard cock in my pants as they were picking up their kids, and I noticed some had hard-ons as well.  Damn, a lot of hot Dads I would do in a minute, as well as their sons!

As I was looking for Sean I noticed a pair of twins and their Dad.  There was lots of hugging and kissing in a way that told me they played around, but I don’t think anyone else noticed.  I walked over to them.  “Hi boys, do either of you know Sean Anderson?  He’s my son.”

They looked at each other and then at me.  Well, they looked at my crotch then looked up at me.  “Yes Sir, he’s over there,” one of them said, pointing to the other side of the room.

Their Dad looked at me closely.  “You’re Kevin Anderson, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am.”

“I’m Tony, Tony Markel.  Nice to meet you.  These are my sons, Jimmy and Jack.”

“Nice to meet you as well.”  Tony and I shook hands and he had very soft hands.  He held his grip a bit longer than normal.

“My wife loves your songs.”

I looked around and didn’t see a wife.  “Oh, really, thank you.  Where is your wife?”

“She couldn’t make it.  Man, she is going to be so upset she missed seeing you.”

“Well, I have my new CD out in the car, I could sign it for her.  It won’t be out to the public until after the first of the year.”

“Oh man, she will flip over that!  Thank you so much!”

Sean spotted me and ran over and jumped in my arms.  “Daddy, Daddy, did you see me?  Did you?”

“Yes, baby I saw you, you were great!  If I don’t watch out you’re going to outdo me son.”  We laughed and hugged again, and then without thinking he planted a big kiss right on my lips.  When we parted I looked over and saw the look on Tony’s face.  He had a big smile.

“Looks like you two are close.”

I blushed and didn’t know what to really say, so I just smiled.  “Yeah, I guess we are.”

I looked down and saw the twins smiling at each other. One looked up at Tony.  “Daddy, may we go over and get a drink and cookies?”

“Yes, boys you may.”

Sean heard ‘cookies’ and asked if he could go as well.  I put him down but not without running my hand over his little ass.  Man, I wanted to get out of there so bad and get him in the car or home and get naked!

As the boys ran off, Tony and I started to talk some more.  “Looks like the boys get along well.”

“Yes, it looks that way.”

“I have to say I’m surprised, it’s been hard for my boys to make friends with other boys.”

I looked over and watched them.  “Really, they seem outgoing to me.”

“Yeah, they are, but they can never find any boys they have anything in common with.”

I wasn’t exactly sure what he meant by that, but I thought I knew where he was going with it so I decided I would test the waters and see if I was right.  “Yeah, Sean is the same way.  He’s been through a lot in his short, little life.”  I told Tony the story of my brother and what Sean had been through.

“Man, that would fuck up any kid,” Tony said.  “It’s a good thing he has you.  How is he adjusting to his new life?”

“He’s doing great.  I try to keep him busy as much as I can.”

“I bet you do.”  Tony looked me in the eyes with this big smile.  God he was hot!  He was about 6’2’, red hair and clean shaven.  He had on a tight dress shirt that showed all his chest muscles and a little peek of chest hair.  I could tell he worked out.  I couldn’t look away, so many things were running through my head.

“Hey, why don’t we run out to the car while the boys are busy with their friends and I’ll get you that CD?”

“Sounds great to me, let’s go.”

I went over to Sean and told him I would be right back, I had to run out to the car.  He looked up at me and said ‘Okay, Daddy’.
Tony and I went out the car.  I asked the driver to head into the school to keep an eye on Sean for me, then I opened the back door to look for the CD but I couldn’t find it.

“I know it’s in here somewhere.  Let me get in the car and see if it’s back here.”  I got in the limo and moved to the front.  I had my ass in the air on purpose to see what Tony would do.  “Hey, why don’t you get in and help me.”

Tony got in and I heard the door close.  I looked back at Tony.  “Don’t need the door open like that in case someone wanted to park next to you,” he said.

As we looked around for the CD we kept bumping into each other.  At one point I could swear his hand grabbed my ass.  I kept letting him touch me and didn’t move away.  I got an idea what I could do to get more contact but make it look like an accident.  I ‘lost my balance’ and fell back on him.  As I went to steady myself my hand found his crotch, and man he was hard as hell.  I left my hand there to see if he would react and he did.

I looked up to see that he had this smile that said ‘I knew it!’  I started to rub his hard cock in his pants and he reached over and grabbed my head and pulled me in for a kiss.  Our lips met and I felt his tongue making its way into my mouth.  I willingly opened up and we started our tongue war.  As we kissed we were ripping at each other’s clothes.  Soon we were naked, kissing and running our hands all over each other’s bodies, moaning and panting the whole time.

Tony broke the kiss and started to lick his way to my hard cock.  “Oh man, that feels so good,” I moaned.  I started to say it was good like it was with Sean, but I caught myself.  I felt his hot breath on my cock and then felt his hot, wet mouth engulf my cock to the base.  My eyes got wide.  Now I have had plenty of blowjobs, and this ranked right up there with the best.  Tony moved his body so he was laying down.  I took the hint and positioned myself over his hard cock.  I figured it was 7 and 1/2 inches long with nicely trimmed red pubic hair. Talk about hot!  ‘Red’ hot!

I started to suck his cock at the same time, then I licked my way to his hot ass.  It was so pink and shaved clean.  I stuck my tongue in his hot, tight hole.  Tony let out a low, deep moan and started to move his ass up and down as I tongue-fucked him.  Then I heard it.  “Oh Jimmy, Daddy loves that.”

I smiled and he froze, knowing what he’d just said.  He just told me he and at least his son Jimmy have sex together.  So, I knew if he was having sex with one he was having sex with the other, which drove me crazy and I wanted him even more.  I wanted to get to know him to gain an invite for Sean and me to join them.

Tony sat up real fast and started to stutter.  “Oh man, I meant to say ‘Kevin’, I don’t know why I said ‘Jimmy’.”  I looked at him and his whole body was red.  I thought I would let him off the hook fast.

I leaned in and whispered in his ear, “Hey, I was saying the same thing to Sean just last night.”

Tony pulled back and looked me in eye.  “You mean you and Sean have sex as well?” I nodded my head yes.  He jumped in and started to kiss me hard, panting.  “Oh god, I never would have thought that, but damn!  I haven’t met any other Dads that mess around with their sons like we do.  Oh god, that is so hot; both of us knowing we have sex with our sons makes this so much hotter!”

I started to lick my way to his cock and started to suck him like it was the last cock on earth.  Tony was moaning and thrashing around, and when my tongue found his ass again he went nuts.

“Fuck me, Kevin please fuck me.  I want to feel your hard cock balls deep inside me!”

I moved his legs so they were over my shoulders.  I wanted to see the look on his face as my hard cock slid into his tight hole.  I went slowly so he could get used to the size entering him.  I looked down and his mouth was wide open, his eyes closed as I sank all 7 inches of my cock deep inside him.  Once I was all inside I started to move in and out nice and slow. I wasn’t sure how long I would last with the thought of Sean, Jimmy and Jack and this hot man I was fucking running through my head.  Tony was panting ‘fuck me Kevin, fuck me, oh god yes’.  I started to pick up my pace and fucked him faster and harder.

I looked down as Tony was jacking his cock and then he blew the biggest load I’ve ever seen.  That set me off and I started to pull out to jack off on him, but Tony grabbed me by the hips and pulled me back in, balls deep again, and I started to blow my load deep inside him.  His eyes rolled back in his head.  I was out of breath.  I fell on top of him breathing heavy.

I started to pull out and Tony looked at me.  “Please stay inside me a little longer.  Man, your cock feels so good.  It’s been a while since I have been fucked by a man and I want to remember this.”

I stayed inside him until I went soft.  My cock slipped out of him as we were kissing.  Once we recovered we got dressed.

“There it is.”

Tony looked to me.  “There what is?”

“My CD I promised you.”

istanbul travesti “Oh, I thought you were just saying that to get me out here to have sex with me.”

“Well, that wasn’t my intention but hell it was a nice surprise!” We finished getting our clothes back on.  “So, tell about you and the twins.  I know you and the twins are having sex.  Come on, I’ll tell you about Sean and I having sex as well.  I think it would be nice if you and the boys had some place to go and have fun with someone that does the same thing.”

“Okay, you’re right… the twins and I are having sex.”

“So how long has it been going on?”

“I guess since they were born.  My wife would leave to go shopping or out of town and leave me alone with the boys.  I would give them a bath and noticed I would get hard running my hands over their little bodies, and I started to pay more attention to their little cocks and asses.  They would smile and laugh every time I would do that.  Jimmy would cry a lot and I couldn’t always find a pacifier, so I thought I would use my cock as one.  It worked, and Jimmy took to it right away, and from that day on he never wanted his pacifier again.  Then Jack did the same, so we have been playing around whenever we had the chance.”

“WOW that’s hot!  Well now, if you like, you and the boys can come over to my house and play there.  It’s just Sean, myself and my houseboy Wayne.”

Tony and I returned to the boys.  I gave Tony the CD for his wife and slipped him my personal number with a wink.  He smiled and slipped it in his wallet.  I found Sean still with the twins talking and laughing with each other.

Sean spotted me.  “Daddy, Daddy, you were gone a long time.”

“I know baby, Mr. Merkel and I were talking and lost track.  You ready to go?”

“Yes Daddy.”  Sean said his goodbye to the twins and took me by the hand.

I shook Tony’s hand and gave it a little squeeze.  “It was very nice meeting you Tony, and I do hope we meet again soon.”

“I hope the same.”

Sean and I left the school.  Once in the car I looked at Sean just sitting quietly next to me. “Hey, I have an idea.”

“What is that Daddy?”

“Why don’t we go look for a Christmas tree?”

Sean’s eyes lit up.  “Really Daddy, a real tree?”

“Yes son, a real tree.”  Sean jumped in my lap and gave me a big hug and a kiss.  I picked up the phone and told my driver to take us to a tree lot.

“Yes Sir, right away.”

As the car drove through town I remembered I didn’t think we had any ornaments for the tree.  Once we reached the tree lot Sean was running around pointing at every tree he could find.  I spotted a young guy that couldn’t have been more than 16 years old working there at the lot.  He was about 5’5” with dirty blonde hair. There was no facial hair to be seen, and he had bright, green eyes.  I asked if he could help Sean and me pick out a tree.  I told the boy we wanted the biggest tree he had.  After we picked out the tree and paid for it I gave him the address to deliver it.  The boy looked at me and said he would personally deliver it.

After we left the tree lot Sean and I went shopping for the decorations.  Once we were done shopping… and I think we bought every decoration in town… we arrived home.  Sean jumped out of the car and ran into the house where he found Wayne.  He told Wayne everything we bought, he was so excited.

“Daddy, where are we putting the tree?”

“I thought we could put in the family room so we can see it all the time.”

“Great Daddy!”  Sean ran into the family room and pointed to the corner where he wanted it.  He picked a great spot, so Wayne and I started to move the furniture around making space for it.

The phone rang so I thought it was the boy with the tree. “Hello?”

“Hey, is this Kevin?”

“Yes, it is.  Who is this?”  To my surprise, it was Steven from Virginia.

“Oh, hello Steven.  Merry Christmas man!”

“Hey, Merry Christmas to you as well.”

“So, to what do I owe this surprise?”

“Me and the boys will be in town for the holidays.”

“Great!  What about your Shelly?”

“Oh that’s a long story, I’ll tell you all about it.  We’re staying at the Days Inn.”

“The hell you are!  You and the boys are staying here with Sean and me, we have plenty of room.”

“Kevin, are you sure?  We don’t want to put you out or anything.”

“Yes I’m sure, besides Sean is out for his holiday break and it would be nice for him to have some kids around to play with.”  Boy, that was an understatement!  “When are you getting in?”

Steven told me he and the boys would be flying in the next morning.  I told Steven I would have the car pick them up and bring them here. We talked for a bit and he thanked me before hanging up.  I called Sean into the room and told him I had a surprise for him but he wasn’t getting it until tomorrow.

As Sean is, he started to beg me to tell him.  “Please Daddy, please tell me what my surprise is, pleeeeease!”

“No baby, this is one I will keep to myself but you will like it.  Now why don’t you go and get ready for dinner, Wayne has cooked up something special for us.”

Sean ran off to his room just as the doorbell rang.  Wayne answered the door to find the boy from the tree lot.  “Hello, I’m Sam from the Christmas tree lot, Mr. Anderson asked me to deliver this tree.”

“Kevin, the boy from the tree lot is here with your tree.”

“Great!  Wayne, please help Sam with the tree.”

After it was up, Wayne went back to the kitchen saying dinner would be ready soon.

“Sam, I have something for you, please follow me to my study.”

As I walked into the study Sam was close behind.  “Mr. Anderson, you have a wonderful home, and so big!  I have all your CDs, and I saw you in concert last year, it was a great show.”

I turned and looked at Sam.  As he was looking around I took the time to check him out closer.  “Thanks, that means a lot to me to hear.”

I went behind my desk to write him a check for a tip, and good thing!  As I was checking this boy out my cock was getting so hard, so it was good thing the desk was there to hide it. As I was writing the check Sam was standing beside me.  I could smell the teen boy sweat, mixed with evergreen pine and a cologne.  I knew that scent for some reason but couldn’t put my finger on it, but then again, all I could think about was Sam and how hot he looked.

“I’m sorry if I’m keeping you Sam.”

“Oh no Sir, you were my last stop for the day.”

“Great, would you like a tour of the house then?”

“Oh man, that would be great.  I never get to see the inside of homes like this.”

I took Sam on the downstairs tour, the whole time checking out his tight ass in those jeans and the bulge he was sporting.  Man, he was packing!  After he saw the inside I took him outside and then to the studio.  Nobody was there since everyone was on break for the holidays. “And this is where the magic happens, Sam.”

“Oh, man this is so cool!  Can I take a picture with you?”

“Sure thing.”  We stood side by side, and somehow I figured out how to fake losing my balance.  As I fell into Sam my hand brushed over his hot package.

“Oh man, you okay Mr. Anderson?”

“Yeah, good thing you where there.”  Oh yeah, he had a hard-on so this would be easy, but I wanted to have fun with the boy.  “So, you play?”

Sam looked at me with a surprised look.  “Uh… wha… what do you mean?”

“The drums, Sam.  Do you play the drums?”

“Oh!  Oh… yeah, I do, a little.”

“Want to give them a go for me?”

“Are you sure, Mr. Anderson?  Would it be okay?”

“Sure thing, I mean, I own them.”

“Okay thanks.”  Sam took a seat but it was a little too low so I adjusted it for him and got a chance to touch that ass.  I knew I was teasing the boy, but I was having fun.

Sam started to play the drums and he was good.  “That’s pretty good, Sam.  Keep that up and you’ll be playing for me some day.”  He got this big smile on his face.  Then I had an idea.  “Here let me adjust this for you some more.”  I went over and knelt down in front of him.  I reached back behind him to act like I was fixing the seat again, my face inches away from the big bulge.  I took a deep breath… man, he smelled good!  I looked up and Sam was staring down at me.  He looked nervous as hell.  “You okay Sam?”

“Ye… yes….yes Sir. It’s just… nothing.”

“No, what is it?”

“I… I… I can’t.  I have to go.”

“Why?”  I decided to let him off the hook. I ran my hand up his thigh till I reached his bulging crotch.  He kept staring at me.  He let a low moan and closed his eyes.  “You okay Sam?”  All I heard was ‘mmmmm.’

I had him stand up and as I got up myself I went in and kissed him.  Sam melted in my arms.  Our lips met and I felt his tongue running across my lips, then I ran my tongue across his and they met until we were in a passionate kiss.  I ran my fingers through his hair.  We had to have been kissing for about a minute but it seemed like hours.  I pulled away.

“Sam.”  He opened his eyes.  “Sam, this can go no further than this room, understand?”

“Yes, I understand,” is all he said and we kissed again.

I ran my hands down his back, then around to the front of his jeans.  I unbuttoned the front and unzipped his fly.  I reached in and it felt like he was wearing boxer briefs.  His cock was so hard.  I placed my hands on each side of his hips and started to slide his jeans down at the same time as he was working on my pants, which were not so tight.  Once he had my belt undone and pants unzipped they fell to the ground.  I pulled away from the kiss and bent down to try and pull his jeans down more.  I had to get on my knees to do it.  I helped Sam out of his jeans then I ran my fingers over the white cotton boxer briefs.

Sam let out a moan.  “Oh, Mr. Anderson.”

“Call me Kevin, please.”

“I like to call you Mr. Anderson, if that’s ok?”

Hell, he could have called me ‘banana’ for all I cared.  He was hot and I had to have him.  I placed my fingers in the waistband of the boxers and slowly pulled them down in the back, first exposing his sweet ass which I found out was smooth and hairless, and not a tan line in sight.  If he likes to lay in the sun naked, he can lay out here all he wants!  As I was pulling them down, I noticed the front.  I expected to start seeing a hairline of his pubes but no… no… not yet.  I kept pulling them down and man, he was kadıköy travesti hairless in front as well!  God could this get any better?  Sam looked down and saw me inspecting him.  “It’s a family trait, none of the men in my family have pubic hair.”

”WOW, that is so hot!!”  I started to lick the skin where there should have been hair, and damn, he wasn’t kidding!  Not even stubble, all soft and smooth.  I pulled his briefs all the way down and helped him out of them.  His beautiful cock sprang up.  It was the most amazing young cock I’d ever seen.  It was like a man’s cock on a little boy. I started to lick the head and saw some precum I had to taste.  I licked at it… fuck it was sweet, like honey.  Really, I mean it actually tasted like honey!  I had to have more.  I sucked his cock in my mouth as far as I could get it.

Sam let out a louder moan.  “Oh god, that feels so good Mr. Anderson, please don’t stop, please!”  Sam was moaning the whole time I was sucking his cock.

After a few minutes I stood up and started to kiss Sam again, then he went to his knees and started to suck me.  Right away he took my cock all the way to the base and didn’t stop. He was sucking like a starving baby; moaning and whimpering loudly.  I ran my fingers through his hair, feeling his head bobbing up and down on my cock and his hands running over my balls and ass, pulling me into him.  I took the hint and start to face fuck him.  I looked down and saw this beautiful guy with my cock in his mouth.  I knew I wasn’t going to last long so I pulled him off me, even as he was still trying to get my cock back in his mouth.

I told him to lay down on his side, then I laid the opposite so were 69ing.  He dove right back on my cock and started to suck hard.  The more I sucked his cock the harder he was sucking mine.  He was so damn good, I never wanted him to stop.  I started to fuck his mouth again and he started to whimper and moan a lot.  God, that turns me on so bad to hear a boy whimpering and moaning on my cock.  I felt the first twinge in my balls… I was close!  I gave Sam a warning so he could decide to stop or keep going and swallow my load.  After I told him that he went crazy whimpering, moaning… whimpering, moaning… oh god I couldn’t stop!  I felt it first in my balls then racing up my shaft, and he had my cock down his throat just swallowing as much as he could.  My cum shooting in him set him off, and I felt him blowing his hot load in my mouth.  I could taste the sweetness of his young load.  I lost count how many spurts I gave the boy but he kept sucking and swallowing.

When he was done blowing his load I came off his cock, but he still had mine in his mouth, just not sucking as hard as before.  He was nursing it trying to get every drop.  I had to pull him off my cock and up to face me; I wanted to taste my load on his tongue.  As we kissed I searched for any hint of my load and there was none… he must have swallowed it right down into his throat.

We parted from the kiss and fall back on the floor.  “Man that was hot, and damn you know how to suck a cock Sam!”

“Well Mr. Anderson, yours was the first cock I have ever sucked.  Hell, you’re the first guy I have done anything with!”

Oh. My. God!  A virgin!!  Oh hell.

I laughed a bit.  “Well, you wouldn’t know by the way you sucked my cock.”

“I have always wanted to do stuff Mr. Anderson, but I didn’t know anyone to try it with.”

“Sam, you can come back anytime you want to try anything, and I mean anything!”

We got dressed and I led him out to his truck.  I gave him my personal number and made him promise it stayed with him and not to lose it.  I reminded him that what we did together was between us, it could ruin me otherwise.  He agreed, and off he went.

As I walked in the house Sean was coming from the family room.  He was jumping around all excited.  “Daddy, Daddy, the tree is here, the tree is here!!”

I picked Sean up in my arms.  “I know son.”

“Let’s get the decorations Daddy.”

“We can’t do that tonight we have to let the tree settle and the branches fall into place.  Let’s go eat dinner.”

We ate dinner and watched a few movies.  Sean wanted to decorate the tree so badly he couldn’t stop looking at it.  “Tomorrow we’ll decorate the tree when your surprise gets here.”

“Oh, I forgot.  What is it Daddy, what is it?”

“No, you’ll have to wait.  Remember, only good things come to little boys who wait.”

Before the movie was over Sean had fallen asleep in my arms.  I picked him up and put him in his bed.  I wished he’d had a bath before bed but I decided he could take one in the morning.  I tucked him in, left his night lite on and returned downstairs.  As I sat down to relax Wayne brought me a drink and joined me on the couch.

“He is so excited about the tree,” Wayne said, chuckling.

“Yeah, he’s never had one before.  Hell, I don’t even think he’s had a real Christmas, so we have to make this one is very special for him.”

“That is so sad, I can’t imagine not ever having a Christmas.  Your brother must have been a real bastard!”

“Yeah he was.  I know I shouldn’t feel that way about him but I still hate him, and even more now knowing what he did to that sweet boy.  God forgive me, but may he rot in hell!  Oh, I almost forgot, we’re going to have guests staying with us starting tomorrow so I need the guest rooms made up.”

“Oh who is it, if I may ask?”

“It’s fine Wayne, it’s a guy and his 2 sons who are going to be in town.  We met them while I was in Virginia doing a concert.”

“I take it they know about you and Sean?”

“Yes they know, they have the same relationship.”

Wayne got this big smile on his face and I knew what it meant.  “No Wayne, hands off the boys.  The dad, he’s fair game but the boys, hands off.”

“It’s okay, I have my own date this weekend anyways.”

“Great.  Well, I’m off to bed… long day tomorrow.”

I didn’t know how tired I was until my head hit the pillow.  The next thing I knew it was morning.  I woke and had to pee so badly.  I made my way to the bathroom and just stood there pissing.  It felt so good to empty my bladder!  I finished, washed my hands and made my way to Sean’s room.  He was still asleep.

I knew Wayne was up, I could smell breakfast cooking.  I came to the kitchen, sat down and started to read the paper.  I had my juice and ate.  Just then Sean came stumbling in and made his way to my lap.  I picked him and give him a big hug.  “Good morning sweetheart.”  Sean was still wiping his eyes to wake up.  I pulled him to me and gave him a piece of bacon.  He ate it slowly, still half asleep.  “Well baby, you need to eat your breakfast and start our day.  We have a long day ahead of us.”

“Daddy, what are we doing today?”

“Well honey, we have some shopping to do, we need to pick up some Christmas presents.”

“Can I stay home today?”

“No honey, you have to come with me because Wayne has a lot to do and we need to let him get to it.  Now finish your breakfast and we need to get a bath.”  We finished up and I led Sean upstairs.   As I ran his bath water and took his clothes off I got so hard.  I never get enough of seeing my son naked.

I got him in the tub, then I heard Wayne come over the intercom.  “Kevin, Mr. Sam is here.  He said you didn’t sign some paperwork yesterday when he delivered the tree.”

“Oh man, I forgot.  Okay, can you please send him up to my room, I have Sean in the tub and can’t leave him alone.”

“Yes Sir, right away.”

Wayne gave Sam directions to my room.  As he walked in I heard him call out.  “Mr. Anderson?”

“Yes Sam, in here.”  I had Sean up on his feet while I washed his legs, so he was standing there naked facing the door when Sam walked in.  He stopped dead in his tracks, taking in the sight of my naked son.  I turned and saw Sam there, and then I noticed he had a growing hard-on.  I let him take a good look then spoke.  “Sam… Sam… you need me to sign something?”

“Oh yes…yes… yes Sir.”

He handed me a clipboard with shaking hands.  “Everything okay, Sam?”

“Yes Sir.  I… I… I just need… um… you… to… sign here.”

Sean was running his soapy hands all over the front of himself, feeling his smooth chest, his stomach… all over.  I think Sean was showing off for this young man.  I signed the form and handed it back to Sam.  As I was on my knees, the back of my hand rubbed across the hard cock in his shorts.  He don’t even flinch.  I think he was too into watching Sean.

Sean turned around, showing off his little, round ass.  Just then he slipped and Sam dropped the clipboard and reached out to grab him from falling and hurting himself.  I grabbed for Sean as well.  I had ahold of his underarms, and Sam’s hands slipped to Sean”s hard, little cock.  I didn’t say anything but reached over, placed my hand over Sam’s, and started to move his hand up and down on Sean’s hard cock.  

Sam looked over and tried to pull his hand away.  I kept a firm grip on it.  “Feels good, doesn’t it?”

Sam looked at me.  “Yeah…yes Sir… but I shouldn’t do this.”

“Why not?  You don’t see Sean or me stopping you.”

“I know Sir, but he’s just a kid.”

“I know, but he likes it and I think he likes you, and from what I see you like him.”  Just to make Sam more comfortable I leaned in and kissed Sean on the lips.  I removed my hand from Sam’s and moved it to his crotch.  I unzipped his shorts and pulled out his hard cock from its confines.  I stripped Sam naked and damn, he was a hot little guy himself!

Once naked, Sean noticed Sam was hairless as well.  “Look Daddy, he doesn’t have any hair, just like me.”

I told Sam to get in the bathtub with Sean and I was also going to join them.  I handed Sam the soap and he started to soap Sean up with his bare hands while I got undressed.  Fuck, they looked so hot all wet and soapy. Sam and Sean were moaning.  Sean looked over and saw me stripping.  Once I got my clothes off I joined them with Sean between us.  Sean was facing Sam and leaned in to kiss him.  While they were kissing, I was playing with Sam’s hard cock and Sean’s little ass, both of them moaning.  I was running my hands over both sweet, little bodies.

While jacking Sam I was fingering Sean’s little ass, getting it ready for Sam to fuck him.  They never broke their kiss as I lifted Sean’s ass up a little and had it hovering over Sam’s hard cock.  Sam’s cock was slim, so I knew Sean could take it.  I then lowered Sean down on Sam.  Sam let bakırköy travesti out a low moan as his cock entered Sean, and Sean was moaning as well. Once Sean had Sam all the way inside him he started to ride him nice and slow.

They broke their kiss and Sam looked at me over Sean’s shoulders.  “Oh Mr. Anderson, I can’t, I should stop… I don’t want to hurt him and he’s so young.  I should stop!”  But he stayed hard and Sean kept riding him.

I looked at Sean.  “You okay, baby?”

“Oh Daddy… he feels good inside me, it doesn’t hurt.”

“Good baby, good.  I want you to have as much fun as you want.”

I stood up and my hard cock came into view.  Sean leaned over and started to lick the head of my cock.  Sam looked wide-eyed, then leaned in and licked the other side of my shaft.

“Mr. Anderson, this is so hot and so wrong.  I want to stop but I can’t, I don’t want to stop.”

Sean took the head of my cock in his mouth and as always, I loved it!  Then he came off my cock and held it out for Sam to suck.  Sam took my cock nervously in his hand.  ‘Happy Birthday to me’, I thought.

“It’s okay Sam, just do what you want.  Go slow and enjoy it.”  He then took my cock in his mouth and started to suck.  “Oh Sam, that’s so good!  You’re doing a great job.”

At the same time, Sean started to play with my balls.  Sean was still riding Sam and I could see Sam was enjoying this.  The room was filled with our moans and whimpers.  I looked down at Sam and saw the look on his face.  I could tell he was enjoying fucking Sean, and I was enjoying watching as well as Sean and Sam switched places on my hard cock.  Sean moaned while I slid into his little mouth.  I was so close, but I wanted to hold off and cum the same time as Sam and I could tell he was getting close too.

“Oh god Mr. Anderson, I can’t hold off much longer, I’m going to cum!”  He tried to pull Sean off his cock so he could finish by jacking off but Sean wasn’t having any of that!  The more Sam tried, the harder Sean rode his cock.  “Oh god!  Oh god!  Oooohhh iiimmm cuumming… oh god I’m cumming!!”

That set me off and I blew my load in Sean’s mouth.  He never missed a drop and swallowed it all.  Sean was still riding Sam, who was shaking and thrashing around while he blew his young, teen load deep inside Sean.  He was panting so hard.  His eyes rolled back and his mouth was wide open.  It was so hot watching this!  Then Sean started to shake as he was having his own orgasm.

I sat back down in the tub and rejoined the boys.  I pulled Sam up to face us and the three of us started to kiss.  Sean was still impaled on Sam’s cock.  Sean leaned back and Sam’s spent cock popped out.

Sam finally regained his breath.  “Oh man Mr. Anderson, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to cum in him but he wouldn’t get off me.”

I looked at Sam with a smile.   “Sean, are you okay son?”

Sean looked up at me with a big smile.  “Yes Daddy, it felt good.  I could feel him inside me I really liked it.  Can he come back and play?”

“Sure, if he wants to.  That’s up to him.”

Sean looked at Sam with those bright, blue eyes.  “Sam, please come back and play.  I like you, you’re fun!”

Sam looked at me for an answer.  All I did was smile.  Sam looked back at Sean.  “Sure little guy. I would love to come back.”

As we got dressed I told Sam he was welcome to come back anytime, and to remember his promise that this was not to get out.  “Yes Sir, your secret is safe with me.  Besides, I like you and I had a lot of fun.”  After we all got dressed Sam was trying to sneak out, but Wayne was already gone.

Once Sam left, Sean and I headed out for the day.  We did all our shopping, then I asked Sean if he was ready for his surprise.

“Yes Daddy, yes.  What is it?”

“Well, we are on our way to get it.”

Sean was trying to figure it out by looking out the car window.  We drove down the highway but Sean couldn’t figure it out.  Then he saw the airport. “Daddy, are we going somewhere?”

“No baby, we’re not.  We are picking up your surprise.”

He yelped out ‘Yeah’ and started to bounce up and down in his seat.  “What is it?”

“Just wait son.”  We pulled up to the front of the airport and got out.  I checked the flight schedule and saw Steven’s flight was on time and about to land.  We made our way through to the baggage pickup area.  Sean was bouncing up and down waiting, looking like he was doing the pee-pee dance.

I saw Steven coming down the escalator.  Sean didn’t see him yet.  Steven and I exchanged big smiles, and then Sean looked up and saw Steven and the boys.  He let out a big scream and ran to Steven and jumped in his arms, and then he started hugging the boys.  I went over and shook Steven’s hand and hugged the boys as well.

“How was your flight?”

“It was nice, but long.”

“I am so glad you called me.”

“So am I.”  I looked in Steven’s eyes and man, he was hotter than before.  The boys look good.  “Hey Junior, you’re looking good!”

“Thank you Sir.”

“Now, now.  It’s Kevin, please.”

“Okay… Kevin.”

“And Zachary, you’ve grown a foot or more!”

Zach looked up and smiled at me.  “You think so?”

“Yeah, I do.”

We made our way over to retrieve their bags, then headed back to the car. “Oh man, a limo!!”

Sean was trying to help with the bags.  “Here Daddy, it’s too big for me to lift.”

“Here Sean,” Junior said.  “Let me help you.”  He took the bag from Sean and smiled down at him.  “You look great Sean.”

“Thank you Junior, I grew a little.  I can’t wait to show you our house, it’s big with lots of rooms!”

We got in the car, and while Steven and I caught up the boys were catching up as well.  Steven told me Shelly left him for a younger guy and left the boys as well.  She said she didn’t need the baggage bringing her down.  He never told the boys what she said, all they knew was she left, they were getting a divorce and he had custody of them.

“Wow… so what are you going to do?”

“I’m not sure.  I thought about moving out here.  I can get a transfer with my job, so I thought while I was out here I would check things out.”

“Then it’s settled, you and the boys will stay with us until you find something.”

“Oh no Kevin, we couldn’t, it’s too much.  I mean, you and Sean then you’re adding three more?  We couldn’t.”

Sean heard that.  “Couldn’t what Daddy?”

“Steven and the boys might be moving out here, baby”

Sean got excited and started to jump around in his seat.  “Yeah, you’re moving here!!  We can play all the time, you guys will like it here, it’s a lot of fun!”

As we pulled up to the house Steven looked at me, wide-eyed.  “Man, you weren’t kidding about having the room!  And it’s just the two of you living here?”

“Yes, except for Wayne.  He’s like my houseboy/cook/butler, nanny for Sean… secretary for me…”

“Okay, okay, I get it!  He does everything for you.”

I had to laugh.  “I guess you’re right, I never thought about it before.”

Just then Wayne came out to greet us.  “Welcome back Kevin.”

“Hey Wayne.  This is Steven and his boys, Steven Jr. and Zachary.  They will be staying with us for a while.”  I turned to Steven.  “Your rooms are near Sean and me to make things easier, but if you like I can move them to the other end of the house.”

“No, no, that will be fine.”

I showed Steven and the boys where their rooms were.  “Junior, I put you in this room next to Sean, and Zach your room is there next to Junior and your Dad.

“Excuse me Kevin,” Zach’s little voice piped up.  “If it’s okay, can I stay in Sean’s room with him?”

“Sure thing buddy.  It’s okay with me if your Dad is okay with it.”  I looked at Steven.

“Sure, it’s fine with me, whatever he wants.”

“Great, then it’s settled.  Steven, you’re in that room then.  We’ll let you settle in.  Come downstairs whenever you’re ready.  We’ll have lunch out by the pool.”

As I closed the door I could hear Steven talking to his boys.  “Okay guys, we are guests here…” and that’s all I heard.

Sean and I went downstairs holding hands.  “Thank you for my surprise Daddy, I love it!”

“You’re welcome, but you know it’s for both of us.”

As we walked down the stairs Sean looked up at me.  “Daddy?”


“I’m so glad you’re my Daddy now.”

I smiled and looked at him.  “I’m glad you’re my son now.” I leaned down and gave him a kiss as we made our way to the pool.

“I love you, Daddy.”

“I love you too, son.”


– – – – – – – –


To my readers. This isn’t my story, it is Kevin’s story.  Kevin is one of my readers who wrote me and told me of a story from his past.  I helped him edit this and here you have it.  The story is 98% + true. I just moved a few things around and added a teeny bit of flavor.

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