I’ll Teach You

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I see you sitting in there as I walk by. You notice me and give me a slight sly smile and a nod of your head. No words are exchanged as I pass, but an idea of what the other may be thinking hangs between our glances. As I turn to go, the thought of your rough touch makes my body shiver once again. I lower my head as I walk away and I catch the smell of you on my shirt and breath deep. Playing out in my mind are additions to that fantasy scenario that I have created and think about when I am alone and taking that “special time” for only me….

….In that dim little room you are standing so close to me. The smell of coffee and that last cigarette is on your breath and I long to taste it on your lips. My heart begins to beat faster in anticipation of what may happen next. As I start to speak, I remember you being there earlier in the night to visit me and that smooth voice of yours saying “Nice try…”

“I wasn’t kidding you know,” I begin to explain, “I meant it when I said just the sight of you turns me on.” I go on to tell you that when I see you sitting in that chair next to me, stretching because you are tired once again, I can’t help but watch your entire body move the way it does…the way your chest rises and your arms flex as you reach them above your head…the way your rich brown eyes close as you start and then reopen so wide when you are through…knowing that under those clothes is your wonderful body that my hands want so badly to explore…so many places I want to kiss… how I have admired your hands while you hold whatever drink you may be drinking, handing something to me, or just typing at the keyboard…I love the look of them… hard and strong…calloused and rough from so much work…

You are standing but a breath away from me now. Already tingles of excitement are taking a hold of my body. “So I turn you on…what else?” you ask.

“I want to be taken by you. You already know the power you have over me when you put your hands in my hair. I’ve never had anyone do that to me before. This is all so new to me. I want to discover what else I enjoy…I want to give up control and let you take charge…I want for you to tell me what you want, what I can do to please you.” I answer, “I want you to teach me…”

“I feel like a virgin when I am with you,” I continue, “like I am discovering raw desire for the first time.”

In so many ways I am still a virgin. I have only had two real lovers in my past and for each of them I was only their second…. an innocent taught by those so close to innocence themselves…. it is only now that I have begun to understand the power that someone can have to make me want to let go of myself so completely.

“Please teach me.” I quietly ask you.

“I’ll teach you…” You softly growl to me, “I’ll teach you good…” And at that moment you put your hands on my waist and pull me to you. Already I can feel your cock growing hard underneath the layers of clothes between us. You begin to kiss me ever so gently, lightly flicking your tongue across my lips and the tip of my tongue. My own hands caress your broad shoulders and back, feeling the movement of your muscles under my fingers. I let my hands fall to your tight little ass and gab hold. Grinding my pelvis into you, feeling your rock hard dick rub against me.

Slowly your hands move up my back as we kiss harder and deeper. I feel your hands making their way higher. As they reach my neck I feel your fingers begin to make their way into my hair. I know what is coming next and my legs begin to shake slightly. As you take hold tightly, you pull my head back and my mouth away from yours. A moan that is almost like a whimper escapes from my lips. I want so much to be at your mouth again. The torment of not being able to reach it leaves me with only a stronger wanting need due to your teasing.

With your hands still firmly in my hair you hold me so that I cannot move. Your warm mouth moves to my ear and I feel your tongue begin to trace the edge of the lobe. Within but moments your tongue is in the center, so warm and insistent on its task. As your warm mouth is at my ear I feel a warmth spreading over my body, rising from deep within my center. It is that feeling, that desire, that need of you that is spreading over me. I know there can be no turning back for me now.

As I am still within your grasp you begin to kiss your way down my neck. Some kisses are soft and others are more like a bite with little nips from your teeth, though you are careful to not leave lasting marks. Your grasp on my hair is loosened as you bring your hands to the front of my shirt. You begin to unbutton my blouse as you kiss and nip your way down further.

When your lips reach the V of my breasts I feel your strong hands take each one in a soft grip and you begin to caress my already erect nipples with your thumbs. Your fingers begin to curl into my bra so as to pull it down and set my breasts free of its tight confines. My mind is swirling now and I must make myself concentrate on breathing or I may forget xvideos porno while lost in your caresses.

With my bra now down and my naked breasts in your grasp you move your mouth to one and begin to flick the nipple with your agile tongue. So expertly your tongue works its magic on me. When I think I cannot stand the teasing anymore your mouth then encircles my breast and you begin to suck as well. You move from the one to the other and begin your playing all over again. All the while your hands are roaming my body with rough caresses. I love the feel of your hands against me.

You then begin to kiss your way down my stomach. Before you are completely on your knees you tell me “Get up on the table and lie back.” I do as you say and your hands then go to the front of my pants as you begin to undo the button and pull the zipper down. Once my pants are undone you begin to pull them slowly down my hips all the while kissing further and further down.

With my pants past my hips I feel your kissing lips reach the beginnings of my soft nether hair. You stop your kisses and tilt your head up to look at my face as I have been intently watching your decent. You give me one of your sexy grins and ask, “Do you want me to keep going?”

“Yes.” I say.

“Are you sure?” you ask again.

“Of course.” I say.

Again you ask of me, “Are you really sure?”

“God yes!” I nearly cry, “What do you want me to do…beg for you to keep going?”

“That is exactly what I want you to do…beg for more…or I’ll stop.” you growl.

“Oh god, don’t stop now! You have me so excited I can’t stand the thought of you stopping now. I need you to keep going. I feel like I might die if you don’t keep going. Please don’t stop! I want you so bad… I need you…” I honestly plead.

“What exactly do you want me to do? I need details.” you softly laugh.

“I want your mouth on my pussy. I want your tongue to tease me the way it teased my tongue that time you told me to imagine is was my clit. I want your strong fingers playing inside me… most of all I want your cock inside me…I want to see the look on your face when you come…I want it all…” I say.

“That’s more like it…” you say as you take my pants the rest of the way off. Once they are cast aside you open my legs and your head goes between them. I feel your warm breath against my sensitive skin as you bring your mouth to my already wet center. The first lick of your tongue sends waves of shivers through me. Just as when you once demonstrated on my tongue, your own tongue begins to flick across my clit in short little strokes. Your mouth on me feels so much like heaven, for heaven is the only way I know to describe the wonderful sensations flowing through me right now. My hands grab the edge of the table as to hold myself down for I feel as though I might float away if I don’t.

The speed of your tongue quickens and then slows again in teasing succession. And then I feel the first hard little nibble of my clit by your teeth. My body jumps at your nip, but not from pain, only sheer pleasure. Between nips and licks, your tongue begins to dip lower and lower, ever closer to my center. You then begin to concentrate your attention on my center, your tongue making swirling motions around my outer lips. With slow deliberate darting motions your tongue starts to go in and out of me. My hands let loose their grip on the table and make their way into your soft hair and rest atop your head as to draw you even closer into me.

Your mouth goes back to work on my clit and I feel your fingers begin to play at teasing my outer lips as your tongue did moments ago. A finger begins to work its way inside me in slow soft strokes. When you have worked your finger back and forth till it reaches as far in as it can go, you start the process over this time using two fingers instead of just one. I can feel that sweet pressure begin to build inside of me and know it will not be long now.

As you fingers work inside me, and your mouth works my clit, it is more than my body can take. The first contracting waves of my climax begin to take hold of my body. You can feel the spasms begin and the pace of your fingers and tongue quicken. I hold my breath for only moments and as my climax peaks I breathe out in a hoarse cry of release. Wave after wave of sensation flows though me.

As the spasms die down, and my once quickened breathing slows again, you bring your head back up to mine. Your hands find my hair again and take a hold before you kiss me ever so softly. I taste myself on your lips and for the first time it is pleasing to me. You then pull your face away from mine and look into my eyes. A smile comes across your lips that is as wide as the one now on mine and I begin to speak again…

“I never knew I could climax like that before, from having someone go down on me like that…at least I have never been able to in the past.” I tell you.

“You just haven’t had the right teacher… until now that is. And there yerli porno is so much more to learn. Are you ready for your next lesson?” you ask.

I eagerly answer “Oh yes…..”

“Alright, but not now, and not here. Our time here is limited and I want to have you away from this place and any chance that we might get caught. After work wait for me to leave like you usually do, but this time I want you to follow me. I know a place we can go and where we will have all the time in the world……”

As we straighten out our clothes I kiss you one last time before you leave me. I want so much to not let you go, afraid that the rest that is yet to come may somehow never happen. Thoughts of the possibilities of what I may be schooled on next plague me as I work the rest of the night making it difficult to concentrate. I count the minutes as 7 approaches…… Finally it is time……

I see your truck leave the lot and just as you told me to do, I follow you. You head south out of town like always when going home. But this time halfway between here and there you turn down a gravel road. For several miles and around many turns you take me. I am so completely lost. You take one last turn and we enter a field driveway. We drive a little ways more and the field ends at a timber. You stop and so do I. Around us is nothing but open space on one side, woods on the other. No houses or roads can be seen, and no one can see us.

You walk to the back of your truck and put the tailgate down. I walk over to you where you stand and you ask “Are you ready?” “Ready as I’ll…” and before I can even finish my words you roughly grab my wrists and place them behind my back as your arms circle around me. I am completely helpless in your tight grip, and never have I loved that helpless feeling like I do now. Your mouth descends down upon mine and our kisses are just as heated and urgent as before. Our tongues probing, our mouths sucking, and our teeth nipping.

Suddenly you stop and spin me around so that you are behind me. Still in your grip you walk me closer to the back of your truck. With your moth close to my ear and the heat of your breath sending shivers through me you say “Put your hands on the tailgate, and don’t take them off unless I tell you.”

I stand strait next to the tailgate and do as you say. Your hands start to caress their way over my entire body. From back to front and up and down I feel your strong fingers all over me. Not being able to touch you back is a torture for me, but I keep my hands where you told me afraid if I disobey, the lesson will end.

With one hand you brush my hair aside and begin to nibble at the back of my neck. With the other hand you caress one of my breasts through my shirt. You tweak my nipple with your thumb and forefinger and it hardens instantly. Your mouth moves to my ear and your probing tongue starts with the lobe and works its way to the center. You breath is so warm in comparison to the chilly morning air we are standing in. Both of your hands are at my breasts now and both of my nipples are now rock hard from your touch. Your hands move down to pull up the shirt I am wearing. Still my hands remain where instructed as you pull the shirt over my head and let it rest on my hands where they lay. You then unhook my bra and let it fall to rest over the shirt.

Your hands go back to their caresses and your mouth back to its assault on my neck. I writhe under your hands and try to push my way back into you without letting go. With my ass I can feel your long hard cock straining against the fabric of your jeans. Your hands then go to the fly of my own jeans and swiftly they are undone by you. In one long slow process, you nip your way down my back as your hands pull both my jeans and panties down to the ground. You stand back up and your hands begin to caress my all over once again. Your warm hands are such a contrast from the chill. I am shivering all over, but certainly not from the cold.

One of your hands then moves to my pussy. Your fingers start to massage my clit and I press my pelvis into your hand wanting more. I am so wet now as one finger easily slips its way into my tight opening. Slowly in and out you move your finger and with each outward motion it glides once again across my swollen clit.

Suddenly you stop and grab my hips with both hands. You tug me back, but I know I must keep my hands on the gate for you have not said yet to let go. Still holding on, you do not stop going back till I am almost in a 90% bend. You let go of me and I hear you take off your own shirt and then the sound of a zipper and your jeans falling down. I want so much to turn around and look at you. We have only been in darkened shadows till now and I want so much to view your glory in broad daylight, but I keep still where you have placed me.

As I stand there bent your fingers go to my crotch and hold open the lips of my pussy. I feel the head of your cock against my opening. You work it only slightly in and out, teasing me with it. “Do you want youjizz porno it?” you ask. “I want it… I want all of it.” I answer.

With one quick hard thrust by you I feel a searing of delicious pain. I cry out with pleasure and you are completely in me. Slowly in and out you move. One of your hands makes its way back to my clit and once again you massaging me but now to the rhythm of the strokes of your cock. You let your cock come out once completely and you take the thumb of your free hand and slip it in my hot wet hole stroking it in and out a couple of times. After your thumb is thoroughly lubricated with my juices you take it out and thrust your cock deep into me once again.

You then take your thumb and place it over the little puckered hole of my ass. You lean over me slightly and bring your mouth close to my ear. “Lesson number two.” you growl and then slowly you press your thumb into the hole and I breathe in a quick gasp of a breath. You only work your thumb slightly in and slightly out, but the feeling of even such little movements is so new and surprisingly so pleasurable.

Now with one hand still on my clit, the other at my behind, and your cock inside me, you continue your rhythmic movement and caresses. A sweet pressure is building inside me as so many wonderful sensations are happening all at once. I can feel the tension building greater and greater and you feel it as well for my inner muscles strain tighter against your huge cock. I give a cry of delight as the waves of my orgasm wash over my body. I feel you tense up and press harder against me as your own release begins and your sweet hot cum is shot deep inside me.

Only when the last of our waves pass do you finally tell me “You can let go.” Never have I let go of anything as fast as I release my grip and spin around to put my hands to your face and pull you into a long deep kiss. I then release you from the kiss and look into your eyes wonderful eyes. I can do nothing at that point but smile and wonder at the fantastic things that have just happened to me, and all because of you.

“How can I ever repay you?” I ask. You smile and give me an answer you have given me before “Oh I think you have.”

And with that answer you start kissing me once again. This time the kisses are slow and sweet, not the fevered pace they were before. With my hands now “freed” of their verbal confines, I finally start my own exploration of your body. I do so with great care so to memorize the feel of you, afraid as always it will be the last time I touch you. I run my fingers first through your hair and then down to caress your face. The stubble from your face is rough against my fingertips. But as you now know, I have a newfound liking for things that are rough.

From your face my hands caress down the sides of your neck hands come to a temporary rest on your shoulders. I love your shoulders, so broad and strong. Many times I have thought of how I would love to just set you down and massage those shoulders. Running my hands and fingertips over your muscles, kneading away any stress you may have, relaxing you into a soothing comfort. I make a mental note to ask your permission to do just that very soon.

From your shoulders, I bring my hands down and across the front of your chest. Your normally smooth skin is prickled with goose bumps. I wonder, is it from the chill, or from my touch? Your nipples are hard and I rub each one simultaneously with a fingertip. From there my hands caress down your stomach and to that patch of hair that begins the trail to manhood. Through the soft hair and further down my fingertips lightly trace till I reach the one thing I have wanted to see in the daylight. I break away from your kiss and take a small step back so as to improve my view. My hands ever so lightly brush their way up and down your still hard shaft. I can’t help but stare at you. The power of you that now lies within my hands is amazing to me. From top to bottom my very own Greek god stands before me.

When I my eyes have had their fill, though admittedly only a temporary fill, I step close and kiss you one more time. I then trace kisses down the same path my hands just traveled until I am “eye to eye” with you cock. Kneeling in front of you now I look up at you say “I know you said that I have already repaid you. In my mind however, the payment will take a long time to complete, but I will so enjoy trying.” I take my tongue and trace the underside of your shaft. My tongue then makes a circle around the head and flicks the very tip. I then slowly draw you into my mouth. Back and forth my mouth goes, sucking, licking, enjoying the feel of you. I release you of my mouth’s hold and trace your length with my tongue again.

My hands have reached around to you tight ass by this time. I have each hard cheek in my grasp. After working my way down slowly with my tongue, I pause at the base. One by one I take each of your balls in my mouth and softly roll them around, sucking very gently. I then trace my way back up to the tip of your cock and draw you in once again. Back and forth my warm mouth goes in a slow steady rhythm. You place your hands on my head and twine your fingers through my hair. I know your intent and anticipate the pleasure of your grip. I quicken my pace and you tighten your hold.

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