If I Knew Then… Ch. 09

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There will be some readers of this account who have not yet had the pleasure of lying with an eighteen year old girl on a picnic rug, sunbathing naked after making love, occasionally kissing her soft skin, firm breasts, hard crinkled nipples, and willing lips.

I suspect that even fewer readers will have had shared the experience with the eighteen year old girl’s eighteen year old girlfriend.

Let me recommend,to all those who have not done it: two naked girls, a warm spring day, a bottle of Chablis, and some chicken sandwiches, after a half hour walk through a forest to a secluded rocky outcrop, a squeal inducing climb to the grassy patch on top, and nothing to do but indulge in each other for a couple of hours.

It is a recipe for contentment and de-stressing that has no equal.

We all needed it.

Three weeks had passed since Penny had spent the day getting Mike out of her system (almost). Mike was fine about it. He had lost his virginity, and had a really good time, and was left with no commitments. Penny was fine as well – she had a pretty good time, but it made her realise that she actually felt more for Jill and me than she had thought. Which was also good with Jill and myself. So on a personal front life was great.

But now I was in the the throat of organising to buy a house, and renovate it, finish rebuilding a car, prepare for my exams, and make time for the two girls.

Not that I am complaining. After all, this version of life is what I would have done if only I had known when I was eighteen what I know at fifty five – so back in 1980 I would have done things differently, and arranging life to be that hectic is just what I would have done.

Of course I would also have had ten grand on ‘Ben Nevis’ in the National, at 40 to one.

So, although the girls didn’t know it, as we dallied in naked idyll, I became independently wealthy. In a few minutes I had twenty years worth of my father’s income, enough to invest securely and have a comfortable lifestyle and never have to work. I could buy the house we had chosen for cash. I could buy any house I wanted.

But I didn’t tell anyone about that. Even Jill. Because I wanted us to earn our happiness. Weird, I know, but I also know the value of earning things, not just having them. And I know that Jill needed that sense of pride that comes from personal effort. And that is one of the reasons I loved her.

I also loved the soft hair at the small of her back, almost invisible, almost intangible, but catching the sunlight as I ran my finger down her spine, following the curve, parting her buttocks as she opened her legs, over one soft opening and into the other, spreading her lips, slipping into her warmth, her body’s wetness telling tales of the arousal caused by sucking me earlier, by licking Penny’s pussy, by riding my cock for a few minutes before giving it up to Penny, and by the work of Penny’s tongue and fingers as I took her from behind and watched her bring Jill to orgasm.

Jill pushed against my hand, two fingers inside her, another running over her clitoris, as she flexed up and back into a kneeling position. She moaned softly, and said “Oh god, Sean, we have to do this more often.”

“I second that.” said Penny as she moved to slide her head beneath Jill, to kiss her breasts, and I moved to enter Jill the same way that I had just had Penny. “I am beginning to get light-headed in school when I see you. I just want to kiss you and do this and then I want Sean to take me and I keep thinking everyone must be able to read it on my face.”

“Oh, honey, I know. God it’s a good job we don’t do gym together any more. I couldn’t resist you in the showers,” said Jill.

The idea made my cock twitch and Jill laughed, and gasped as I used the extra hard rod to push deeper and faster. I could feel Penny’s finger rubbing over Jill’s clit, and her breathing suddenly changed.

It was too soon for me to come again, but Jill had no restrictions. As I held her waist and rocked her back against me I could feel her body starting to tighten, and hear a slight rasp on each breath. Penny knew her lover well, could speed her on her way, and did all the right things to give Jill the lift she needed. I heard her taking each nipple in turn, releasing them with great smacking sounds as she pulled her head back and kept up full suction, and I felt the pulsing of her finger on Jill’s clit.

Waves of contractions massaged my cock as Jill cried out and her body shook. She fell forward onto Penny, panting and shaking in the sunlight, pulling off me, leaving my cock bare and glistening. I looked out over the forest towards Belfast Lough, the sun high overhead, a slight breeze cooling me, and couldn’t help laughing.

Jill rolled over and looked up at me, “What is so funny?” she said, a tone of impending offence tinged her voice.

I smiled, and bent to kiss her. “Not funny, just good. Too good for words, I was looking out there and wondering if anyone in the world was as lucky as me. And you know something? No-one brazzers porno is.” I kissed her, and then Penny.

We drank more wine, and I listened to the girls talk about school and exams and driving lessons, and our new house. I was beginning to doze, but the breeze came up. It began to cloud over. Jill and Penny both had suddenly peaked nipples. I offered to warm them up, but was spurned in favour of bras and blouses and everything else.

We wandered back through the wood, admiring the bluebells and holding hands. It was interesting to realise that we were utterly comfortable. At one time we would all have been a little giggly, embarrassed after what we had just shared. But now it was a source of quiet peace. A secret shared.

I turned to Penny. “Darling, are you free tomorrow?”

“Yes, after lunch? Why?”

“Jill has to go to her aunt’s. We could hang out.”

Penny looked to Jill. “Would that be okay?”

Jill simply laughed, then took her face in her hands and kissed her deeply. “Always, love. Always.”

So the following day I collected Penny from her house at 2.00 and we drove into Belfast. I suggested we could go for a walk, maybe the museum, but Penny just looked at me and put her hand on my thigh. “Don’t be silly Sean. You said yesterday that your parents are off to Derry today – I presume that means they won’t be home until late. I’m here with you to go to your house and make love all afternoon. So don’t keep me waiting.”

We drove on.

“Penny, I don’t want you to take this the wrong way. I’m very glad you just said that. I very much want to do that. And I am as keen as ever to be with you without clothes, and I am really looking forward to it being just the two of us, because I love Jill, and when she is there I am torn between you two sometimes, and it will be nice to be able to just concentrate on you.”

“But…” said Penny, in amused tones. “There is definitely a ‘but’ coming next.”

“But… I don’t want you to feel you have to. I mean, if you want to do something else, go somewhere, just drive in the country or go get an ice-cream at the beach, or whatever. I’m not just after your body.”

Penny laughed. The hand on my thigh stroked me a little, and she said “But I am after yours. Sean, I like you. Socially. I like hanging round with you. I even find it hard sometimes not being your one and only official girlfriend that you can show off to the world, so I can cling to your arm and let all those girls at school know I love you. And I hasten to add, I want to do the same with Jill. I wish I could just walk into school with her hand in mine, and kiss her when she goes off to a different class. And I would love to spend the day with either of you, or both, being your girlfriend, on the beach or out shopping or at the theatre. And that will happen. People will get to know, or guess, and it will work out. Although how I’ll square it with my parents is another thing. But I also want to make love to you, and Jill, every day. I want it so much, and so often we can’t. So today we can. So today I will grab that chance. So don’t worry darling Sean, I’m not doing this just to please you. Although I rather hope I shall.”

I laughed then, at the shy way she had said that last sentence. “Oh, I’m sure you shall. But tell me, not just for today, but so I know and perhaps can arrange things for another time, so you won’t get bored with just plain old me, or Jill, have you any fantasies? Things you would like to do, or try, or places you would like to be?”

“Oh.” Penny looked surprised. “Well, do you mean with you, or for the three of us?”

“Or just with Jill. Or anyone else for that matter. Anything goes.”

Penny blushed. “Well, I have thought about a few things. I really enjoyed yesterday, outside. I have been thinking about the garden at the house. We should arrange a sheltered spot, that can’t be overlooked. But anywhere outside, where we wouldn’t get caught. And I have always had a thing for doing it on a balcony. Up at the top of a building, a hotel or something, where we couldn’t be overlooked.”

“Well we might arrange that,” I said. “What else?”

“I want one of those vibrator things that were in that girlie magazine. For Jill. Well, for me too, but I want to use it on Jill.”

“Okay, I’ll see if we can get one.”

“And…” she paused, blushing again, then went on in a rush, “I want you to tie me up.”

“Really!” I burst out. “Now that sounds interesting.”

She was blushing furiously then. “I, I sort of liked it when one time you held my hands while Jill was licking me. I thought it would be exciting if I was held down, and you could do anything to me. And then I thought of being tied. I was watching a film the other night and there was girl who had been kidnapped and tied to a chair, and I thought ‘if she was naked what could the bad guys do to her?’ as I looked at her, and it made me blush. I just wanted to do that to Jill. And have it done to me.”

“Okay, tied to a chair. I used to be a boy scout you know. clip4sale porno I’m good at knots.”

“Or to a bed. If you like,” said Penny. The note of pleading and desire, and a little excited fear, in her voice was quite arousing.

“With Jill? Or would you trust me to do that to you when we are alone?” I asked, as we turned into the street on which I lived.

“Oh Sean, I trust you. I always trust you.”

“You know that is very flattering,” I said.

“I didn’t mean to flatter you,” she said as she undid her seat-belt and leaned over to me. She kissed me then as we sat in the car in my driveway. “It is just the truth. I trust you Sean. You can do anything to me, with me. Try anything. I’ll do anything you want. Anything that turns you on. Anything you think that would turn me on.”

“Anything?” I said, with a raised eyebrow. “That gives a boy a lot of scope.”

“Anything,” she said, with meaningful looks.

I kissed her and then said. “Shall we take this inside?”

“Oh, yes please, take me Sean.” she said, with a grin, and we were out of the car and in the door in seconds.

“This way,” I said, leading her up the stairs, across the landing and into my room. I spun her round to face me with her back to the bed, and kissed her again, a long, slow, deep kiss. I let my hands roam across her back and neck and shoulders, into her hair and down to her bottom. Then I helped her slip off her jacket and dropped it onto the bedpost, and took her round the waist, pulling her to me, letting her feel the erection that was pressing painfully in my trousers.

“You see what you do to me ” I asked.

“No, I can’t see,” she said. “Too many clothes in the way.” She reached between us and squeezed the bulge she found there. “Feels good though.”

I made a soft grunt as she rubbed up and down, and then I kissed her again. I wordlessly pulled at her blouse, and then unbuttoned it, pushing it off her shoulders to reveal her cream and pink bra that held and displayed the soft golden curves of her breasts. She undid my shirt, and ran her hands over my chest and shoulders, down my arms to feel the muscles that years of car building and woodwork, sailing and rowing and gardening had hardened.

I cupped her chin and kissed her again as she undid my belt. Then it was my turn to undo the button on the side of her skirt, and the zip, as she undid mine. Her skirt fell to the floor. My trousers needed more assistance, and she knelt to remove my shoes and socks and then my trousers. I was only in my underpants. She was in stockings again, as well as bra and briefs. It was the work of a moment for her to pull mine down and take my cock in her mouth.

It was a soft and loving kiss, developing in depth and intensity, stronger and harder, taking me deeper, bringing it back until only her lips touched the the very tip, then her soft tongue came forward to swirl around and pursue a line down the front, leading her lips to the base of my shaft, and to plant a kiss on each of my balls before drawing up and taking me deep again.

I looked down at her in wonder, and was hit by a flashback from my other memory. I knew this scene. Penny half-naked in my bedroom, sucking me off, me coming in her mouth as I stood there. I had done it a hundred times in another life, but this was the first time this time round. I shook the notion from my head, and returned to the new present, just as her tongue snaked between my balls and she stroked my foreskin back up over my tip.

I groaned, and she gave a very low laugh as she licked each ball in turn.

“I’ll come if you keep that up,” I said, croaking.

“Do you need to lie down?” she asked, and swallowed me again before I could reply.

My knees were softening. Without taking her mouth off me she slipped off the bed and turned me round, so I could sit on it as she knelt on the floor. I lay back across it as she pushed my legs open and ran her mouth down my shaft to lick my balls again. It was irresistible.

I felt the tension rise in my cock, and my ass clenching, and I sucked in air and my body rose in an arch, and she grabbed my shaft, pulling me upright in time to get her mouth over me and catch the first jet of come. She sucked me and her head moved up and down as each pulse of my come was milked from my body into hers, and I shook and leapt as she raked her tongue over my cock-head and wanked my shaft.

I ran out of breath.

She stopped, mercifully, and when I got enough strength to lift my head I saw her looking at me with soft eyes. “Hi,” she said. “You like that?”

“Oh yes.”

“Mmm. Me too. You taste lovely,” she said, and swirled her tongue-tip on my foreskin, then peeled it back as her lips pressed down and round my semi-hard cock. She pulled back up with a loud smacking noise as she sucked me. “Delicious.”

“Have I told you, you are very good at that?” I said. “Olympic potential.”

“Ah, but would I compete for Britain, or Ireland or France?” she said, and stood up. “But the real question colette porno is, what will I do with you now?”

“Oh I have an idea.” I said, sitting up. My head was a level with her bosom, my hands well placed to reach around her and grip her bottom. I pulled her to me, kissing her bra over each nipple, pushing my nose into her cleavage, kissing the soft inner sides of her breasts and across the tops, while my fingers sought the cotton and lace covered cleft between her legs. I kissed her navel and went back to her nipples as one finger found it’s way around the material of her knickers and onto soft hair covered flesh, parting her lips, discovering the wetness within. Penny gasped. Then pushed her crotch towards me, opening her legs, letting me enter her more deeply. She arched back, and reached behind her to undo her bra.

Penny’s breasts were larger than Jill’s, with larger and longer nipples. Smooth and soft and sweet-smelling, they were very responsive to my kisses, and I just loved sucking them. She liked it too. She loved having both sucked at the same time, especially during orgasm. Now she pressed each in turn to my mouth as I pressed two fingers deep into her pussy and rubbed her clit with my thumb.

I snatched a moment to say “Undo your belt.” and returned to licking her breast. When the suspender belt was undone I used it to draw down her stockings, at the same time pushing down her panties, and when I got to her feet I pulled each high heel shoe off as I stripped off the stocking.

She was naked now, and I lifted her foot up to the bed beside me, and then said “Stand up” as I lifted her with a hand on each hip. She stood, straddling me, on the bed, bringing her pussy to eye level. I pulled her to me, opening her legs, running my nose over her tummy and mons and down to the top of the cleft, pushing my tongue into the opening, licking down and pressing in, dipping into her sweet and juicy lips. She was delicious, and soft, warm and open, and instantly panting with arousal.

I explored her with tongue and teeth and lips and nose, drinking her in and building up each stroke to catch her breath and give her little waves of sensation that sent her quivering. I looked up as I drew wet circles round her clitoris and could see her nipples were hard and dark, and her eyes were screwed up tight as she leaned against the wall behind me. I felt her legs begin to sag, and carefully lowered Penny to the bed, spinning round, rolling her onto her back, lifting her legs high and wide, plunging my tongue back into her, spreading her lips with mine.

I was hard again.

She had lost control.

So I took it, and took her.

I sprang up the bed on top of her and into her, grabbing her bottom and pulling her to me, plunging full length on the first stroke into her slippery pussy. I lifted her legs and thrust balls deep, and took another stroke as she cried out, and then it was suddenly a mad thrash of limbs and bodies as Penny went wild.

It was powerful, and crazy. She slammed her body against mine, clawing at me and grasping, rolling, kissing, almost biting, calling out and whimpering, and all the time moving her hips and legs to draw me into her, deep and tight and clasping pussy.

She came, gasping and crying, clinging to me, kissing me with open mouth and words of love. I held her and rocked her, and whispered back.

It was the first time we had been together alone, and said those things. It felt different. It was not like being with Jill, the words meant something different, but they meant something real.

In the afterglow as she curled round me with her head on my shoulder, she pushed her tousled brunette hair back with a gesture I found shockingly familiar and endearing. She sighed and said “Have I told you that you are awfully good at that? Definite Olympic team material.”

“Just wait until you see my freestyle routine,” I joked.

She stretched, and brought both arms up. I thought of grabbing them, holding her pinned so I could ravage her breasts that were so enticingly exposed, and then I remembered what she had said about being tied. I kissed her and said “Sorry lover, I have to go to the loo,” and rolled out of bed.

When I got back she was sitting up, and said, as I expected, “My turn.”

I helped her rise, taking the opportunity for a kiss and a squeeze, and patted her bottom as she went for the bedroom door. As soon as she was out of it I opened the wardrobe and grabbed the hanger on which I kept my ties. I quickly selected five, and got back into bed, having stashed them underneath.

Penny returned looking very cute and slightly naughty. She stood naked in the doorway and looked at me lying naked on the bed, and whistled. “Ooh oh. Look what I found. A naked man in my bed. Whatever shall I do with him?”

I looked her up and down, noting her peaked up nipples and the slight blush, and said “Well more accurately, it is my bed, and I think it would look so much better with a naked woman on it. I swung onto my feet and gestured for her to take my place. She did, and I said “Now that is a pretty sight. Tell you what, can you reach up to the headboard, with both hands? Yes like that, stretch out a bit. Hmm, I love the way that points your nipples up. No don’t be embarrassed, put your arms back up.”

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