I, Pornographer Ch. 03

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I awaken and it’s after 9am on Saturday. We are still cuddled together. I have to pee again. That’s the alcohol from last night. I unwind from her and go to the bathroom. As I’m crawling back into the bed, she opens her eyes and smiles at me. She says “Where did you go?”

I say “To the bathroom. The booze makes me have to pee, especially in the morning. I had a really full bladder.”

She moves away from me and says “Yeah, I need to pee too.” Soon she’s back in the bed and cuddling. She soon moves down and begins to lick my cock again. It’s soon hard and she begins another blowjob. I raise up and say “Honey, you don’t have to do that.”

She smiles, removes my cock from her mouth and says “I owe you at least one more. You gave me so many last night.” She goes after it again and five minutes later, I freeze up again and make a deposit in her mouth again. She shows it to me and swallows it.

“I really like your cum, Brad. We’re going to be doing that a lot more. I need to teach myself to take you all the way into my mouth and throat and I’m going to do it.”

I grab her and give her a long French kiss.

We get up and shower together. We decide to go out and have a little fun together after we eat. We go to a park that has a zoo also and spend the day enjoying each others company and the zoo. We are discovering we are very compatible in all things. At 5pm, we head back to the apartment and decide what we want to do for supper. We decide on a restaurant and get dressed to go out.

The restaurant is great and we have an enjoyable time together. After eating, we stop at a night spot and enjoy drinking and dancing. At 11:30pm, Penny grabs my crotch and says “Let’s go home. I’ve got somewhere for you to put this.” I smile and grab her crotch and say “Here, maybe?”

She smiles and says “Correct, Oh Wiseman.”

We both laugh on our way to the car holding hands. In the elevator going up to our penthouse, we both got our tongues in each others mouths and our hands are roaming. Once the elevator stops at the top floor and we exit, we are starting to roughly pull each others clothes off.

The living room is littered with our clothes and by the time we reach the bed, we are both naked and horny as hell. We both tumble onto the bed and, still French kissing, we are rolling back and forth wrapped in each other. Soon I start to head south and she moves her hold on me from my back to my head.

I love these tits and the nipples seem to always be hard when we are together. I start to suck, lick and nibble on those nipples and Penny is starting to moan low in her throat. After a couple of minutes, I begin to kiss my way down her body to that tasty little amatör porno morsel between her legs. She’s got a great body. Her abdomen is well muscled. I’m going to have to ask her if she goes to the gym. She must have been an athlete in school.

I finally reach heaven and begin to lick and kiss around her vulva. She immediately spreads her legs and pulls her knees up giving me full access. I look her in the eyes and smile before I begin to lick and suck her pussy in earnest.

Holy fuck, she’s got to have the best tasting pussy in the world. I love eating pussy but I could stay right here between her legs forever. I can’t get enough and her pheromones are making me insane with lust. As I’m pulling her inner lips, she’s squealing and her ass is wiggling. She’s loving this too. I slip two fingers into that lovely pussy and begin to fuck her. I’m rubbing the front wall of her vagina. I move my mouth to her clit and suck it in. I start to flick my tongue back and forth over the tip of her clit. She lasts about fifteen seconds and screams. Her body arches and every muscle tenses. I continue to finger-fuck her and suck that clit. She continues to cum. Finally, she pushes me away and says “Got to stop. Overloaded. Please!”

I release her clit and remove my fingers. I move up and kiss her with plenty of tongue. She moaning as I’m kissing her. I stick my fingers into my mouth and suck them clean. She’s watching me and smiles.

We cuddle for awhile and then she scoots down and takes me in her mouth. She sucks me for a couple of minutes and then lays down with her legs spread. “Come on, my stud, fuck me good. I’m ready to go again.”

I get up, crawl between her legs and slip into her. I begin to move in her and she starts to moan again. We fuck for a while and she suddenly screams and I feel her vaginal muscles tighten around my cock. She cums for over thirty seconds and then she releases my cock so I can continue to fuck her. She starts to cum about every two minutes. About ten minutes later, I can hold back no more and start to cum into that wonderful pussy. I pull out when I’m finished and lay down beside her. She slowly gets up and leans down to suck my still wet cock. When she finishes, she kisses me and lays down cuddling up to my left side.

After we both calm down, I reach around and start to play with the large butt plug. I really should have turn the vibrator on. I start to rotate the plug and Penny is moaning again. I get up and grab the dildo and the lube. I slowly pull the plug out and when it pops out, Penny says “Oh, shit!”

I relube her and lube up the dildo. Slowly I start to slip the dildo into her ass. She’s moaning again. I get the dildo in about anal porno three inches and she stops me. She looks around and says, “Brad, are you hard again, I hope?”

I am about 60% hard again. I look in her eyes and say “Almost.”

She says “Pull that dildo out. I’m going to get you hard and then I want the real thing in there. What the hell. Why not?” I pull the dildo out slowly and when it’s out, she scoots down and starts to suck my cock to get it hard. I can’t believe she wants to do this already.

In less than a minute I’m fully hard again. She grabs the lube and lubes me up. Then she gets on her hands and knees. “Come on, my stud. I give you my anal virginity.”

Wow! I get behind her, lube her up again and put the head of my hard cock on her slightly gaping anal sphincter. I tell her to relax and then start to push into her. That plug we took out is as wide as my cock when hard. The head of my penis slips into her ass. She moans. “Come on, Brad, push it all the way in. I want it.”

I bend down and kiss the back of her neck and start pushing the rest of the way in. She’s now growling deep in her throat. Soon I’ve got all seven plus inches in her and I’m balls deep. Penny says “Ohhhh God, Brad. It feels so huge in there but it feels so warm too, not like the dildo.”

I start to move slowly so I don’t hurt her. I reach around and begin to play with her clit. A squeal escapes her lips. Soon I’m moving in and out fairly fast and she’s groaning. I lean over and say “Are you okay, honey?”

She says rather loudly “Fine, but fuck me harder, now, please!”

I smile and start to speed up. She squeals again and says, “Oh, Goddddddddd!”

Soon she screams and her ass muscles clamp down on me. They are really tight. I can’t hold back but grunt and begin to cum in her ass. She screams again and I feel her muscles clamp down again. Shit, she’s really tight and those muscles feel like they are going to squeeze my cock right off. She soon collapses and I collapse with her. My hard cock is rammed all the way in.

We’re both breathing really hard. I lean down and kiss her left ear. “That was wonderful, sweetheart.”

I start to pull out and she says “No, honey. Don’t pull out yet. I like it there.” I smile at that.

“Okay, sweet thing.” It sure feels great being in that tight channel. When I’m flaccid, I pull out and go to the bathroom to clean up. I bring back a warm wash cloth and begin to clean her up. My cum has run out of her ass and her pussy so I get most of it cleaned up.

After I finish cleaning her up, she rolls over and grabs me for a long French kiss. She says “I kind of liked that. The orgasms were so hard I almost passed out. We anal breakers porno can do that again anytime you want, my love. And I really love the after care with the warm washcloth. That was wonderful.”

I smile at her; my love, huh? “You know, sweetheart, I think I want to keep that hole for myself. As long as you are mine nobody else will fuck your ass. It’s mine.”

She grabs me and French kisses me again. “I agree. I only want your cock in there, ever.”

“If there’s a scene in a movie where you have to get fucked in the ass, I’ll be the one doing it and we’ll edit the scene into the movie. Well, let’s give you some time to get back to normal back there and then, say Tuesday or Wednesday, we will film your anal scene and get it edited into your audition tape. Then it’s off to California with it.”

She says “Honey, why don’t we just forget California? I’m not going anywhere. I want to be with you.”

“Actually, Penny dear, I want to see what the California producers say about you. And I promise you, if they say they want you, I’ll make you a vice president, how does Vice President Of Script Development, with me in Slipstream Productions? I’m pretty sure they will want you. But what’s better for you, a 5 to 6 year porn career or half of a production company with an occasional porn acting job plus all the hot sex you can stand with yours truly. I’ll give you your current contract only boosted to $100,000 per year and half the net profits.”

She smiles and grabs me for another long French kiss. She says “As long as I’m with you, I don’t care about anything else. I love the deal we have now.” Then she jumps up and says “How about a shower?” I love that she’s not greedy.

I grab her hand and we walk to the shower. After a long shower, we dry off and jump back in the bed. Soon we are wrapped around each other and sleeping.


We wake a little before 10am. Penny wants to blow me but I tell her I need to rest for a while from sex. I’m still pretty tired and I’m surprised that she isn’t.

Today is moving day for Penny. I have hired a moving company. We start in three hours.

We get all her little stuff boxed up. Everything is finally moved or in storage by 6pm.

We are both exhausted. We call out for a pizza and spend the night cuddling in front of the idiot box. We both decide to skip the sex tonight so I read the BDSM story that Penny has found. I love it and it will be a good vehicle for Jules. I’m not sure about the male lead though. She’s right that Mike Paloni isn’t right for the male lead. She’s really got a feel for this business. I may have to do it if we don’t have any more male candidates.

Sunday night, Penny’s roommate, Karen Mack, calls. She tells Penny she’s very interested in the job offer and wants a interview as soon as possible. She’s not sure about the porn interview yet. Penny talks to me and we set up Karen for a interview at 9 am tomorrow.

To be continued…

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