I Love It When They Come Back Pt. 05

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Somewhere in Molly’s father’s house, a clock chimed softly. Molly stirred against me, and I opened my eyes enough to see the clock beside the bed…it was only 10:30. The prospect of spending another few hours in bed like this was appealing, but I didn’t want to spend them sleeping!

To make the most of our time together, I gave Molly a one-armed squeeze. When she looked up at me, I kissed her soft lips and smiled. “Come on,” I said. “Let’s not waste the day!”

Molly smiled back, muttered “OK” sleepily, and slipped out from under the covers. Was there ever a sight more lovely? She padded slowly across the cool floor, her skin creamy and beautiful, her hips swinging sensuously, and the side of her breast just visible enough for me to enjoy the bounce each step gave her. She disappeared into the bathroom, and I took a moment to reflect on how amazing this morning had been already. Then I got up, pulled on my boxers, and pulled back the drapes to let in some sunshine. It looked great outside, so I opened the french doors and a soft breeze blew through the bedroom.

The bathroom door opened then, and Molly came out wearing a dark blue robe that showed off her legs and gaped just enough to reveal the valley between her breasts. She smiled in appreciation as I admired her, then grabbed my hand and led me down the hall. I went along happily to the kitchen and watched as she made two cups of Colombian coffee in the Keurig. She handed me one, then said, “Let’s go outside.”

Through the dining room and out the doors to the patio. There was a loveseat with deep white cushions set under a pergola in the shade, and we sat there side by side. After a few sips of coffee, Molly placed her cup on the table in front of us and turned to me. I put my cup aside as well. She had a puzzled look on her face, and seemed to be groping for how to begin.

“I don’t know how to say this,” she said, “so bear with me…”

I didn’t say anything-I just gave her a small smile of encouragement.

“I always thought “making love” was stupid expression, but I have never felt anything like what we just did. I mean, we’ve done it…had sex…a couple of times now, and it’s been awesome. I’ve had sex with people I was in love with, and that was great, too. This was totally different, though. From the second I woke up with your arms around me until we got out here, I don’t think I’ve said 10 words, but I’ve never felt so totally connected with somebody. Is that what making love is?”

These were deep waters, and I proceeded carefully. “Molly-that’s exactly what making love is. It means you care about somebody, and you love making them happy, and they make you happy in return. We’ve known each other a long time, and we’ve cared about each other for a long time. The times that we’ve gotten together these last few months have definitely taken things to a whole new level. This morning was a way of expressing that…and it was amazing!”

“It was,” she agreed.

“So what’s the question?” I asked gently.

“I guess…what are we doing here? Are you in love with me? I’m pretty sure I’m in love with you, and I’m starting to feel really strange about it. I started out feeling grateful to you and I wanted to show you how much, but…” Her voice trailed off.

“Well,” I said in my best grown-up voice, “I know that I love being with you. I feel alive and aroused and close to you in a way that I haven’t felt in a really long time. So I’m grateful, too.”


“And we both know I have a family and a life 40 miles away that I love as well. It’s not a contest-I could never leave them, and we both know that you need to be with someone who isn’t twice as old as you are. You’re young and smart and sexy and beautiful, and you have to make your own choices. I’m part of your past. A good part, I think, but still…”

“Of course you’re a good part!” she said loyally. Then she paused to consider all of what I’d said. “I guess that’s right-it’s not a contest between me and your…family. I just know that I want to be with you right now while I can…is that bad?”

“Fuck, Molly-I just drove 40 miles to climb in bed with you, and it was amazing! How can that possibly be a bad thing? We make each other feel good in a lot of ways, not just with sex. We also both know that in a few weeks, you’ll be back in school and I’ll be back at work. That’s just life. But I do know that I want to spend whatever time I can with you. Since we can’t really be going out like a regular couple, I think we have to make the most of what we have here, okay?”

She looked levelly at me, her intelligent eyes flickering with emotion after emotion. I left her alone and sat quietly. Sunlight filtered through the trees and made the pool water sparkle.

Finally, Molly’s full lips settled into a faint smile. “Let’s make the most of it,” she said agreeably. She reached for her coffee, and after I grabbed mine, she clinked her mug against mine. We both took a sip in celebration of our new accord, olgun porno and then she pivoted slightly, putting her back against the arm of the loveseat. Her feet went over my lap and tucked themselves under the arm cushion next to me, and I caressed her thigh idly while I grinned back at her.

“It is a shame, though…” she said, still smiling.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“I could totally get used to this!” she said happily with a small gesture to indicate our situation.

I took in the magnificent creature next to me. Bare legs pale and smooth across my body. Beautiful full lips smiling at me lasciviously. Full breasts behind a thin layer of cotton. Eyes clear now that we had moved past a difficult moment. I could get used to this as well, I thought to myself, trailing my hand up and down her leg again and smiling to myself.

I couldn’t tell you how long we sat there in harmony, but eventually Molly snapped me out of my reverie with a simple question: “Do you want some breakfast?”

“I could eat,” I admitted.

“C’mon,” she said. With that, we untangled ourselves and padded into the cool, dim house again. The kitchen was as perfect as the rest of the house, and a short time later, we were munching toast dipped in over-easy eggs just like a regular couple. We sat close together and made little jokes, and I admired the glimpses of pale breast she let me have.

I knew we weren’t a regular couple, though, and when Molly put the dishes in the sink to rinse them off, I knew it was time to remind her. Once her hands were clear, I stepped up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist, going at once for the sensitive spot just below her ear. She leaned back into me, and I pulled her lithe teenage body closer.

“Mmm…I guess breakfast was a good idea, huh?” she asked in a sultry voice.

“It was,” I told her. “You’re going to need your energy!”

She chuckled, then turned her head far enough to kiss me properly. One of my hands moved up to slip inside her robe and encircle her breast, and the other went below the belt to glide across her belly. My growing erection aligned itself down between the cheeks of her magnificent ass. Feeling her 19-year old body against me was almost electric, and Molly sighed and wriggled her butt against me.

“What did you have in mind?” she asked happily.

“Oh, a little of this and a little of that.”

“And where would like to do all your this and that?” she inquired impishly.

“I was thinking of opening the french doors and pulling all the covers off the bed…” I told her.

In a flash, Molly was gone, her bare feet padding softly down the hallway. By the time I followed her to the bedroom, she was pulling the sheets and blankets onto the floor. I smiled from the doorway at her eagerness.

“Pilllows?” she asked me.

“Leave them all!”

She turned to comply, and I ducked into the master bathroom. On an earlier visit, I had used the facilities there, and like everyone does, I had poked through the medicine cabinet. I remembered clearly the bottle of lube tucked in between the Maalox and the dental floss. I took it with me, grabbed a hand towel, and returned to the bedroom to help Molly with the arrangements.

She turned from latching the first door open and said “Whatcha got?”

Wordlessly, I held up the little bottle, showing her the label. Her eyes widened a little bit, and a slow smile spread across her face. What came next was more of a statement than a question: “I did promise, didn’t I?”

I put my equipment on the bedside table and went to help. Together, we finished propping the doors in place. The curtains pulled back easily, and the sheer drapes fluttered in the morning sunlight and breeze making their way in from the patio.

With our new level of understanding in place, I had no qualms about taking Molly in my arms again. We stood in the last doorway and I bent my head down to kiss her tenderly. Her lips responded eagerly, and her tongue darted into my mouth, teasing mine. After a while, I wanted to feel more of her, so I bit her lower lip gently and pushed the robe off her shoulders. It fell silently to the floor behind her, and I pulled her in tight, feeling her full breasts crushed against my midriff as my hands held her at the waist and hip. Molly moaned as she spread her skin against mine, then paused and looked downward with a pout.

“These are in the way!” she exclaimed.

Her fingers snared the waistband of my boxers and pushed downward. They hung up briefly on my rigid cock, but I adjusted myself and they dropped to the floor so I could step out of them. Then we stepped close again, my thigh between Molly’s, my hands now caressing her back and her ass freely. She wriggled happily, trapping my cock against her stomach and smirking as her motion spread the glistening precum between us.

Enough of that! Stooping slightly, I grabbed her behind the knees and under the shoulders, then picked playboy porno her up easily. Her knees bent up and she snuggled happily into my chest. A few quick strides and I laid her on the edge of the bed, bending down to kiss her as she stretched herself sexily onto the crisp sheet.

Never one to mess around, Molly’s hands went directly for my crotch. I stood next to the bed in anticipation, and I didn’t have to wait long. After a few quick strokes, she shifted her body to face me more fully and leaned toward me. Her finger and thumb encircled the base of my erection, and her other hand gently held my balls as she pointed the tip toward herself. With an effortless movement, half of my cock disappeared into her mouth and I groaned with the voracious heat and suction it encountered. I closed my eyes and let myself enjoy the feeling, running my fingers through Molly’s auburn hair.

With my objective in mind, I didn’t let the blowjob go on too long, though. Instead, I stopped her gently and nudged her toward the middle of the bed. Climbing onto the sheets myself, I knelt and kissed her, then moved my attention lower, working my way down her entrancing body. My lips lingered at each spot: the soft skin of her neck, tight nipples, belly button, smoothly shaven mound, inner thighs, backs of knees, and even the soles of her feet. When I looked up from my journey, Molly was lying with her arms thrown over her head; her eyes were closed, and a blissful smile lit up her face.

Her eyes opened when I pulled her foot up and put it on my shoulder. Holding her gaze, I kissed the tender sole again, then each toe. She giggled when I switched feet and did it again to her other toes. Her eyes grew wider when I moved back a little and kissed her calf, however. Easing myself down, I licked the back of her knee, then turned it outward. Her thigh relaxed and fell open. The long line of her hamstring quivered as I kissed my way along it, and I heard her breath hitch with anticipation when my lips paused at the very top.

Reaching over, I grabbed a firm pillow from the side of the bed and pushed it against her hip. Molly got the idea and lifted up to let me slide it into place. Then I settled back into what I had been doing, and she gasped happily when my tongue traced the line of her pussy for the first time. Her foot, draped as it was over my shoulder still, tightened reflexively.

The tenderness of the morning was a memory now. My tongue attacked her, delving deep inside her, then moving higher to circle her clit mercilessly. My fingers invaded her, searching for her G-spot as I sucked hard on her slick labia. Molly’s juices were flowing copiously, and I lapped them up as I drove her along. My free hand rested on her belly at first, but as I felt her hips start to move, I reached up and toyed with her nipples, twisting and pinching each one.

Molly was close to orgasm already, and I knew what she needed to finish her off. Burying two fingers in her slick channel, I twisted them slowly while sucking on her clit. Her hips came off the pillow, telling me she was close.

“Oh my God, oh my God…yes!” burst from her lips as she pushed up into me.

With one final flick of my tongue, the dam burst inside her. I felt her whole body tense and her inner muscles throbbed ecstatically.

Molly’s face was a study of joy and concentration as the waves of pleasure moved through her. A slight frown appeared when I pulled my fingers out of her, but when I rose up to kneel between her thighs and pushed my cock inside her, her eyebrows arched up and a smile came to her lips. She groaned happily when I bottomed out in her pussy.

“Hold still…hold still for a second!” she said urgently, grabbing my arms.

I complied, giving her time to recover before I began stroking slowly and deeply. Molly shuddered below me, her heels behind my knees and her eyes still closed.

After a minute, I grabbed Molly’s leg and lifted it across in front of me. She turned on her side willingly and I continued fucking her with slow strokes, straddling her lower leg. Her hands, freed from their grip on my arms, went to her breasts and she held herself tightly, her thumbs strumming across her nipples. With one hand, I held her thigh in a firm grip. The other one strayed to her ass, and I caressed her from waist to upper thigh and back again, following every sweet curve, my fingers trailing along the cleft between her luscious cheeks.

As amazing as she felt wrapped around my shaft, I hadn’t forgotten my plan. Still buried inside her, I pushed her raised leg further to the side, and her body turned in compliance. As she moved, I pushed the pillow over so it stayed under her hips. Molly ended up face down on the king-sized bed, her arms cushioning her head and her ass delightfully elevated as I filled her. The sides of her breasts were just visible where they pushed out from beneath her torso.

Grabbing her ass with both hands, I spent several minutes rocking pornhub porno myself into her. Her legs were between mine, and the pressure of my knees held her legs tightly together, which made her pussy even tighter than it had been before. I could have happily stayed there forever! Judging by the steady groans of satisfaction that emerged from Molly’s lips, she could have, too.

However, it was time to change my angle of attack again. Letting go of her ass, I leaned forward until I was stretched along her back, her soft body moving sensuously under me. My hand reached stealthily to the bedside table and grabbed the bottle of lubricant. I kissed her shoulders and neck while I was close enough, then returned to my kneeling position. With a flip of the cap, I let a thin drizzle fall into the beckong crack of Molly’s ass. The cool liquid made her gasp, and her cheeks flex enticingly. She looked back over her shoulder with half-lidded eyes and smiled.

“Lots of lube-I’ve never had anyone as thick as you in there,” she said evenly.

I added another drizzle, then capped the bottle and tossed it aside. Molly spread her legs a little wider, and I moved to kneel between them. Then she returned her head to her arms with her face turned to the side. Still deep in her pussy, I began to massage the oil into her as I rocked back and forth. Soon, my fingertip was nudging her tight opening, and to my delight, it slipped in easily. I pulled back for more lube and pushed again. After a few repetitions of this, I was sliding my middle finger all the way in her, setting a rhythm of rocking forward to bury my cock fully, then pulling back to plunge my slick digit into her ass.

Molly groaned happily. “Oh, God…that feels so good! Give me another!”

As gently as I could, I repeated the process with my index finger, then pushed against her with both fingers together. Her anus was like a thick, hot band around them as I invaded her from behind, and the heat inside her was incredible.

“Fuuuuuck that’s good!” she moaned when I bottomed out.

“I’ve been dreaming about your ass for so long, Molly-I can’t believe I’m doing this!”

She smiled and turned her head to look back over her shoulder, propping herself on one elbow.

“Do it, then…put your cock in me and fuck me like you always wanted to!”

Who could refuse? I withdrew my fingers, wiped them quickly on the hand towel, and then pulled my cock from the warm embrace of her pussy. I ran its length along her crack to gather lubrication-not that I needed much!-and then took a firm grip on the base. My cock swelled to its fullest as I leaned forward on one hand and aimed into her. Steady pressure at first, and I could see Molly breathing deeply, her eyes closed and her lip caught between her teeth in concentration as she tried to relax. The soft, tight entrance to her ass began to relax as well, and I felt it widen to accept the head of my cock. When that most sensitive part of me was inside her, bathed in the heat of her bowels, I let go and put my other hand on the mattress beside her waist.

Molly’s face showed pure lust at that moment, and I’m sure mine did as well.

“Do it…do it now!” she urged.

Shifting my weight forward, I let my hips do the work and sank into her a full two inches.

“Uhnn…” she moaned as the full circumference stretched her ass.

I pulled back my hips, then let them fall forward again. Another two inches vanished into her. Molly reached back with her hands and grabbed her own ass, spreading herself wider to ease my passage. Knowing she was ready, I pulled back and sank as far as I could, feeling my balls bumping against her pussy as I buried myself fully in her backdoor.

“Fuck, Molly…holy fuck!” was all I could think of to say. I began to move steadily in and out, and the slick ring of her ass squeezed me every inch of the way, driving me closer and closer to an explosive orgasm.

To hold that off, I knew I needed a change of position. As a first step, I pulled up on Molly’s hips when I was all the way inside her. She got the hint and rose to her knees, her face still resting on her arms. This allowed me a straighter entry and put less pressure on my cock, which thankfully eased the impending orgasm. Grabbing her firmly, I began to fuck her beautiful ass with long strokes, admiring as I always do the sexy sweep of a woman’s back in this position.

Blissfully, I closed my eyes, and my thoughts traveled back over the last four years. Molly in my classroom, wearing light gray yoga pants that hugged every curve. Molly on a community service trip, her T-shirt plastered to her body with sweat as we passed bags of groceries along for storage. Molly in gym class, her smile flashing as she dribbled around me on the basketball court in her retro 80’s shorts and a tank top. All those provocative, sexy, innocent, young, and beautiful images flashed across my mind. So, too, did the lust that had built up over the years. Every late-night fantasy I had ever had that featured Molly and I alone, or in the shower, or in my car, or with her bent over my desk. Each powerful but unsatisfying orgasm that she inspired…all these images coalesced into the sweaty, sexy reality I saw before me when I opened my eyes.

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