I Have a Reputation

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“BIg Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking!”

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“I’ve heard some wonderful things about you!”

The gorgeous creature was looking up into my eyes and fingering the lapel of my suit jacket. We were at a company gathering to mark our sales record and to recognize the people who had made it possible. I was too new to the company to have any chance to be recognized. But I was there to celebrate with the rest of the company. And because if I wasn’t there, people would notice and talk trash about me!

I snuck a look at the name tag perched upon a modest bosom. “Ms. Strack” it said. Strack was the last name of the CEO and Board Chairman. I wasn’t sure how this magnificent young lady was related to him if at all. But I wasn’t going to risk anything before I found out.

“My friend, Missy Talbot, told me all about you! She told me that I should meet you as soon as I could. She pointed you out to me earlier this evening. She really enjoyed the time that she spent with you.” She had the face of a movie star and was smiling a dirty little smirk as she was speaking.

I remembered Missy. We had met after work one Friday when a bunch of us had drinks after work. When I had left her apartment mid-morning on Saturday she had still been asleep, worn out from our gymnastics. Missy was one hot, fucking bitch! And Ms. Strack made her look homely!

“I’m Elizabeth Strack,” she told me. “My friends call me Liz. My very close friends call me ‘That Bitch’. I hope that we will become very, very close friends!” Her hand was now tucked under my lapel and she was running her fingers up and down my torso. She took a moment to caress my nipple under my shirt before she lowered her hand and started to caress my groin.

While looking around I took a quick step back, out of her reach. I didn’t want any trouble! I’d only been working here for just under two months!

And apparently Missy had already started rumors about me!

“Oh, now come on, Jake, I’m not going to get you in any trouble. That is if you let me find out if what Missy said about you is true!” Again she was giving me a sexy, nasty smile. And this escort izmir time she was running her tongue across her cupid dow lips. Her emerald green eyes were glittering with lust.

She closed the distance between us and her hand again moved under my jacket so she could stroke my abs.

“Um!” she moaned. “I bet you work out, don’t you, honey?”

“A couple times a week,” I allowed.

“Umm. I can tell! Missy told me that she has never met a man like you! I wonder if that’s true. Let me find out.” Her hand had returned to my groin. She was slowly stroking my dick, working to bring it to full hard-on status.

“Not here! Not in public!” I protested. “Let’s find somewhere a little more, um, discreet, private!”

“Oh, good idea! Come with me!” Mrs. Strack drew me into the nearby Ladies Room and pushed me into the first open stall. I had just enough time to see that there was no one else in the bathroom before she was on her knees and pulling my zipper down! She wasted no time!

“Don’t worry,” she told me. “My husband won’t fine out. And if he does he won’t do anything! I’m his trophy wife and I can get away with anything!”

“You, you, your husband?” I stuttered.

“Yeah, Reginald Strack. The CEO of this company. But like I said, he won’t do anything. I’m the best he’ll ever get and he knows it. He doesn’t want to lose me!”

By this time she had drawn my zipper down and was busy pushing my pants down to my knees.

“Golly, you sure have a lot stuffed into your boxers don’t you?” Liz was looking at what she had uncovered. And then she reached out to pull my boxers down. As she did so she uncovered the root of my shaft and as she pulled it down further and further she exposed more and more of my dick.

Just before she had pulled my boxers to my knees my cock bounced out into the open.

“My God! You are HUGE! And so pretty! Pretty and huge! I love it!” She ran her hands up and down my shaft a few times. Her tongue was wetting her lips as she watched as my cock grew larger and harder! She had a good touch and she was making me grow faster than I could recall. In moments I was almost completely hard and quivering in front of her!

“I don’t know if I can do escort izmir this magnificent specimen the way it deserves to be handled. But I’m going to try my best!”

She pulled my cock down to where she could get her lips on the dick head. She extended her tongue to lick and lap at the head. She kissed the tip and then pushed herself forward to try to take me into her mouth. At first it wouldn’t fit but she kept up the attempt until she had finally managed to fit my dick head into her mouth! It felt great!

“You fill my mouth! I wonder if I can take it any deeper?” She licked her lips and slid her mouth onto my cock again. When she had taken all that she could into her mouth there were still inches and inches of cock shaft that she had not absorbed.

“Ung, ung, ung!” LIs was grunting with effort as she jammed herself on my hard-on. With a great deal of struggle she managed to take three or four inches more into her gullet. But it wasn’t easy. I could see the strain on her face as she tried harder and harder.

“Here, Liz, let’s try something else!” I told her. “There is no sense in harming yourself.” I stepped back and pulled her to her feet. I took a moment to fondle her still clothed body. Her waist was slender and toned under my touch. Her modestly sized tits seemed perky and her nipples were jutting outward, seeking my touch. As I ran my hand up her legs I found that she was wearing stockings, not pantyhose. That made my next move easier.

I spun her around and had her brace herself against the wall while I pulled her skirt up and over her ass. She was wearing thong panties which I made short work off. I just pulled them to the side and pressed my self against her pussy lips.

I couldn’t make any headway at first. I pressed myself against her again and again without luck.

“You’re too big,” Liz moaned. “Too big! It won’t fit!”

“Just give me a chance,” I told her. “It’ll fit and it will be the best feeling you’ll ever have! Just wait!”

I pushed myself again her harder and harder. Eventually I made progress. Her pussy lips were stretched thin as my dickhead slowly parted them and I began to penetrate her pussy.

“Oh, fuck! You’re so big! So big! Fuck! I love it! I’ve never been so stretched!” she exclaimed. She was panting and gasping as I pounded my way deeper into her.

“It’s not too big now, is it?” I challenged her.

“It’s wonderful! I love it! How much more it there? You must be almost all the way in, aren’t you?”

“LIz, I’m almost half way now! There is another four or five inches to go!” I bragged to her.

“Oh, FUCK! So much! So much larger than anyone else I’ve ever encountered! I’m almost there! I’m going to cum for you! So good! So fucking good!” She was braced against the wall of the stall. Her back was arched and her knees were trembling as she took the pounding of my dick!

“Oh, fuck! I’m cumming, I’m cumming! I have never cum so quickly or so hard! You’re making me crazy, I’m losing my mind!” She was shaking and quivering in front of me. As I watched she slumped to her knees on the floor.

I pulled her head around and pressed my dick to her lips. I watched as she slowly cleaned me up. I was still hard as a rock since I hadn’t had an orgasm yet. And slowly Liz became aware that I was not softening!

“Oh, you horse-hung stud! So fucking big and still rock hard! I want to jerk you off all over me!”

As she announced her intentions she was unbuttoning her blouse and then she started to use both hands to jack me off over her face and upper chest.

She licked and sucked on my hard-on as I continued to ooze pre-cum for her to swallow.

“I’m cumming, Liz” I told her.

“At last! I want to taste it! I want you to fill my mouth and spurt all over my boobies! Do it now, you stud! Do it now!” Liz redoubled her efforts and in just a moment was rewarded with the first of many bouts of cum that flew out to land on her face and chest.

She cooed and murmured in delight as she spread it all over her with both hands.

“It feels so warm and creamy! I will want you again, you know! You can have me anytime you want! You are the best I’ve ever had! The BEST!”

“Fine with me!” I assured her. “You did a great job and I loved it! When ever you want to meet up, just let me know!”

“Soon, lover, soon! And I may have a surprise for you, too!”

A moment later I snuck out of the Women’s Room. Thank God we hadn’t been interrupted! And a few moments later Liz came out of the rest room and went the other way. No one even noticed as far as I could tell!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32