I Gave in to an Urge

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The party had been winding down and honestly, I was getting bored. All the interesting people had moved on to the bars and only a few of my roommate’s burnout hanger on buddies were still littering our living room. The music choices had gone south with this group too so I decided the record player on my nightstand and the joint in my drawer I rolled earlier were officially too strong a call to ignore.

Music selection for proper mood adjustment is serious business, and at 2 a.m. some shoe gazing is just about the only thing that will do, I decide. Hopping into the mass of blankets and pillows that is the abyss of my bed, I manage to liberate an arm to go digging in my nightstand for said joint. Apart from the mellow illumination of a lamp, the spark of my lighter adds to the warm glow of my room. Second reason for escaping the crowd, I’ve been horny as hell all night. I don’t know what does it for others, but the energy of fun, of witty conversation, and a fine blend of some alluring people does it for me. I adopt the “don’t mind if I do” attitude as the weed does its job pulling me into waves of relaxation, and before long my hands are caressing up and down my inner thighs. Exploring and gently tickling the fold where my ass creases at my thigh, lightly dragging my fingertips over my underwear hiding my nectar-y depths. Suddenly I hear a playful tap at my door.

“What? Wait, fuck, I mean, who is it -”

I’m caught off guard, stoned, and touching myself. I’m not at my most eloquent. An adorably genuine laugh I recognize announces to me that it’s Theo.

“Caaaan I come in?”

“Yeap, don’t see why not. I thought you’d left a while ago.” I’m guilty of a few private indulgences in this moment and I’m sure he’ll smell it on me but I’m too tired to really care at this early hour.

“Yeah well Rosy caught me out on the balcony for-fucking-ever as she talked me through one of her latest woke epiphanies.”

“She’s been having a lot of those lately it seems. You know she’s crazy about you, right?”

“She’s not very subtle. Hey, wait a minute Miss, are you holding out in here having a party for one?”

I blush before realizing he’s just noticed the joint in an ashtray.

“Help yourself,” I toss the lighter lazily so he has to reach to catch it. Taking a deep hit he falls into my bed next to me, staring up at the ceiling.

“Fun party.”

“Yeah, John’s friends are a bit of a yawn and they seem to hang around the longest but earlier it was fun. You headed out?”

“Why, are you kicking me out?” He eyes me playfully, “I’m in no rush.” He then hesitates and gives me a bit of a weirder look, “though I did notice you were busy. I can let you get back to it, if you like.”

“Uhhhhh,” and a nervously too loud laugh is all my dumb brain can produce. “Well, I mean, fuck. I gave in to an urge… wait, were you spying on me?”

“If one is leaving the bathroom,” he points, “your door left cracked open is the perfect angle to get a shot of the action. If you ask me, you wanted to be caught.”

“I see. So you didn’t linger then, before knocking?”

Now it was his turn to blush. He’s about to say something when another knock comes at the door and Rosy’s muffled voice asks if I’ve seen Theo.

“Fuckkkk, whyyyy,” Theo whisper moans. “Help me hide.”

“Hide?” I laugh and he claps a hand over my mouth.

“Emma?” Rosy tries again.

“For real, she’s too much for me right now, best hiding spot, where?”

I point to the open window since his hand is still tight on my mouth and give him an impish grin as he hops off in the direction of the fire escape.

“Emma are you in thereeeeeeeeeeeeeee.”

“Yeah,” I call back, “Sorry, I had dozed, what’s up?”

“Can I come in?”


“Have you seen Theo? I think he Irish exited, again.”

“You know Theo.”

“Uhhhhhgggg,” she complains. “One of these days I will have my way with him.” She leaves, head flung back in dramatics.

After a minute I call ‘Olly Olly Oxen Free’ to signal the all clear. Nada. I guess Theo must have done as he does and dissapeared and so I settle back in to continue my night.

“Shirt, beat it.” I announce to myself, pull off my top, and fling it toward the opposite end of my room. Braless as per, I love the instant freedom of whipping my shirt off. Not a second later I hear a subdued laugh and a tap on my window.

“You rat! Tell me you’re still out there.”

“I’m still out here.” Theo laughs some more.

“I gave you the all clear!” I chide as I bury myself under my comforter.

“The window locked behind me.”


“Well aren’t you going to let me back in?”

I think female agent porno about it for a second and realize there’s no smooth way to keep myself covered so I pull my massive comforter around me as best I can and shuffle to the window.

“Naughty, you.” I chide again as I unfasten the latch. From the darkness outside I see his hand only for an instant before it comes up under my chin and without warning Theo’s lips are on mine. The shiver it sends through my body nearly knocks my knees out. His kiss is intent, his lips lush, and his tongue soon finds mine.

“Wait, wait, waiiitt, what is happening?”

Pulling himself inside enough that he can sit on the ledge and face me he grabs my comforter and pulls me in to his hips, his legs press the sides of my thighs to hold me in place.

“I gave in to an urge.” He cheekily offers up in echo of my earlier admission.

“I didn’t know we had urges about one another.”

“You always were the oblivious one.”

I pull back and give him an incredulous look. “Noooo, you’re fucking with me. Not awesome.” I motion to move away and he slips a cool hand inside the comforter around my warm waist.

“Not so fast – I mean it.”

“Since when!”

“Since always!” He seems to be knocked sideways from his normally relaxed demeanor.

I still don’t quite believe him but don’t want to deny him his words again and make him more uncomfortable. Truth be told, I’m not upset about it. He came into our friends circle through a bandmate of my roommate and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t instantly notice him. He’s always so approachable, and yet guarded. We got along famously but there was never a vibe I picked up from him that he was interested. We quickly clicked in our shenanigans and had become the heckling muppets from the balcony whenever we all hung out together and it drove our friends insane. It was just easy with him. Oh wait – I pause in my thoughts – I am, in fact, an oblivious idiot.

“You never once noticed how I seek you out whenever we all got together? Legit, I suffer all the passes Rosy takes at me, just so I don’t miss a chance to be near you.”

“Why didn’t you ask me to ever, I don’t know, hang out? Alone?”

“I’m shy!”

“No you’re not!”

“Ok, that’s a lie, you make me nervous. Good nervous. I don’t know, I thought I’d been friend zoned, then tonight happened so I made my move and here we are.”

“Mighty awkward of you.”

“Don’t,” he laughs. “Please don’t make this weird for your amusement. I like you. A lot.”

“Well – where do we go from here? You’ve got me in a pretty compromising position.”

“Let me get you into more compromising positions?” He grins, almost sheepishly. Maybe he is a bit shy after all.

Another knock at my door breaks the moment.

“You have got to be kidding me.”

“Is it almost three? Yeah, it’s her emotionally slutty witching hour. She probably wants to come in and whine about you ignoring her throwing herself at you.”

“What now?”

I think on it for a second.

“I locked the door after she left before. We pretend I’m asleep, smoke the rest of this joint, and maybe you take your pants off.” Even the suggestion of him getting naked causes the aching between my legs to make my stomach flip. “On one condition.”

“Name it.”

“You really mean what you’re saying and it’s not that you just stumbled into a delightful opportunity you couldn’t help but see if you could get in on. I mean, I wouldn’t want to make you feel used or anything…”

Theo moves both hands to either side of my neck, holding my eyes in an almost alarmingly intense gaze. He draws his face closer to mine so our noses touch and then kisses one of my eyelids. “My chest gets tight and my hands sweat when I’m near you, I mean it.”

I run my hands through his wavy hair and his hand drops back to my side. He pinches and tugs at my nipple and my body lights up in response. I have to hold myself back from pouncing on him. His other hand around the back of my neck, he moves my lips to his and without even thinking our bodies are pressed firmly together, our kissing so heavy our deep breaths are making too much noise.

Another knock at my door, “Em, Em, Emmaaaaaaa.” We giggle like kids hidden in plain sight during hide and seek.

“Shhhhh. Seriously, we need to be quite or that very drunk roommate of mine is going to learn what’s going on in here and she will be absolute hell to live with.”

Theo places a knowing finger over his lips before putting his hand back over my mouth and begins kissing just under my ear, across my jaw, and down my neck. With his free hand he pushes gizli cekim porno the comforter off my shoulders. The coolness of the night air breezing in from the window causes me to shiver again just as he firmly presses his teeth into my shoulder. I yelp under his palm but he quietly shushes me, his lips grazing my ear. I can feel the atmosphere charge with the eroticism of the first time we’re touching each other needing to be in silence.

I reach a hand out to touch him and he pulls it away and behind my back. Taking his shirt off he crushes his lips to mine and pulls my other hand to meet the one already behind me and ties them together with his shirt.

“You seem to either have some tricks up your sleeve or you’ve thought about this before,” I whisper.

“I’ve definitely thought about you before.” He throws me back onto my bed and I let out a surprised laugh. “You know, you’re going to get us caught,” he scolds before pulling my legs around his waist and his tongue is teasing mine again in no time.

“Tell me what you’ve thought about.”

“Why don’t I just show you,” he offers in such a hushed tone I barely hear him but I feel his words pulse through me.

I make him nervous he said, but now it’s my turn to be nervous. Good nervous. I start trembling and I feel him freeze.

“You’re shaking.”

“Anxious excited is all.”

“Tell me what I need to do to help you relax.”

“Put your hands all over me.”

Without missing a beat Theo firmly grabs my hips and digs his thumbs into the inside crest of my hip bones. It drives me wild, the spark it causes down my legs. Pressing his one hand up along my side he cups my breast and with the other hand pulls my hair at the base of my neck.

“Oh my god.”

“Good ‘oh my god?'”

“Mmmmmmmm,” I bite my lip before moaning into his mouth in a heavy kiss.

I can feel his dick so hard against my leg I angle myself over his thigh to start to gently ride him. He gets the cue and lunges his leg tight to my sex. I want to growl, I want to moan, I want to scream. I think he knows this because his kiss doesn’t let me come up for air and I’m light headed. Though I can’t tell if it’s from lack of oxygen or the thrill of his touch. In the middle of all this he sets my hands free and tears my shorts and panties off in one smooth tug.

Reaching for his pants I slip a hand down inside and feel the dewy warmth of his shaft, sweat from our heavy grinding lightly slicking the inside of his thighs. He lets go of me just long enough to undo his belt and fly, pull down his boxers, and his dick falls out with such a heavy motion I find I’m a bit surprised – though for who knows what reason, I was just gripping it hard – but it’s much more intense, and satisfying, having it out in the open. If I wasn’t horny before, holding his cock in my hand now as he thrusts up into my palm has me going a little wild.

“I know a way to keep us quiet,” I offer.

“Do tell.”

“I’m going to sit on your face and swallow you to the back of my throat.”

I feel his body relax in that moment of sexual overload weakness when something turns you on to the point of no control, but he catches himself quickly.

“Get over here you fucking goddess.”

A quick tussle around the bed and my hips are hovering above his lips. In no time he’s pulling me down onto his face and his tongue is gliding along my aching opening, teasing and sucking, the flat of his tongue finding my clit and lapping at it firmly, maddeningly so. I hold my breath to keep back a groan and marvel at his gorgeous, thick hard-on. Lucky me, I think. I quickly guide his throbbing head deep down my throat. The feel of his smooth cock in my mouth, coupled with the intoxicating warm scent of his sweat, causes me to start bucking my hips against his lips and caress his shaft with my tongue with more abandon. He pulls me tighter onto his face and the orgasm building is getting intense.

“Wait – wait,” I breathily manage and pull myself off him. Laying back into the corner of my bed by the wall I motion with a figure for him to follow me.

“So what’s your style?” he asks.

“In relation to what?” I puzzle.

“How do you like to be physically loved? Personally I usually like things hot and heavy, intense and sometimes a bit rough.”

“How rough is rough?” I ask, intrigued but cautious.

“Do you like to be choked?”

Delightful, I muse, and my answer to him comes in the form of moving his hand to my throat.

“Mmmm,” he presses himself closer to me. “Do you like to be spanked?”

I turn my body underneath him to offer a wide open shot of my ass cheek.


“Give glory hole secrets porno it your best shot, but keep it quiet-ish! I’ll let you know when it’s too much. What should our safe word be – ‘Rosy’?” I laugh at the tease. He claps that hand back over my mouth and seems a bit more serious, or focused, I’m not sure which.

“Let’s keep her out of this, how about ‘timeout?'”

He gives a smart little slap that makes me jolt and then uses his free hand to guide his cock to my dripping wet slit. I make a small noise in the back of my throat and he pauses, eyebrow up over one eye.

“Did you say something?”

I shake my head as best I can with the weight of his hand on me. He moves his hand off and lowers his face to my neck.

“Give me permission,” he whispers into my ear.

“Please,” is all I offer.

With that he slowly slides his dick inside me, inch by solid inch, and a wave of pleasure crashes across my body. A deep breath in and he starts rolling his hips into mine. Oooff. The way his cock fills me and he’s tapping my clit with the rocking of his hips – I’m way too turned on at this point and am not going to last long. I think he notices because my breathing becomes heavy and he picks up his pace and tightens his grip on my throat. Then I feel his wet fingers slip between my ass cheeks and begin swirling across my pert little hole before slipping a finger in and it’s too much, too good.

“Cum for me.”

I lose it. I see stars, the rush and the release are so intense I think I black out for a second.

“What, the, actual, fuck.” I finally manage between panted breath as the pulsing of my orgasm slows.

“You like that?”

“What do you think?”

“I think you liked that,” he quietly laughs.

Sitting back on his heels he pulls me on top of him to ride him, face to face. My throbbing little cunt is aching so hard it nearly hurts but I can’t stop myself from grinding on his hard cock. I hear him moan before I feel a quick stinging and hear a loud smack.

“You can’t do that!” I loud whisper, “that was so loud!!”

The sound of him slapping my ass cracks through the muffled silence of our fucking.

“Can’t or shouldn’t?”

I keep riding him and he grips my ass cheeks firmly as he pulls me into him, our breathing getting more labored as we kiss to keep each other quiet.

“Shit, fuck,” he pulls his lips away, presses his forehead to mine and protests. “Honestly baby, I’m close, if you keep riding me like this…”

I bite his lip, hard, and tangle my fingers in his hair. It feels too good to slow down.

He lets out a determined breath and really starts slamming my hips into his. The feeling of his dick hitting even deeper inside me is startling and I begin to tremble and let out a trembling moan into his mouth. I feel his body tense as he wraps his arms tightly around my waist and holds me to him, rocking up into me. Finally he breaths out a sigh of release and pulls me down onto him on the bed. Our skin is slick with sweat from working so hard to keep close and quiet, and the heat radiating between us is cooled by the breeze from the window.

“You are one lucky man.” I tell him after our breathing steadies and we lay this way, just gazing into one another’s eyes as the sweat evaporates from our skin.

“You think I don’t know that?”

“Oh, well, I meant you’re lucky I’m on birth control.” I give him a cheeky half grin with a raised eyebrow.

He laughs, a bit nervously, and kisses me. “Wow, how fucked up would that have been if… I am a massive idiot, you have every right to kick me out onto that fire escape, naked, and never speak to me again after a stupid move like that, I promise I’m not in the habit of doing that…” his eyes change, “I’m really, truly sorry. How do I make it up to you?”

“You get a pass, this time. Happily I’m not that reckless and I’d have told you from the outset if the situation was otherwise… I like that you couldn’t help yourself.”

“My brain definitely stops functioning fully around you. Remember that really embarrassing time last week when I started stuttering that we somehow have never mentioned since it happened?”

“Haha, yeah I wondered what that was about. I thought you were just way too drunk.”

“I was, but I was also working up the courage to tell you I liked you.”

“Well, next time I’ll just sick Rosy on you and you can escape into my room again. That seemed to do the trick.”

“Fuck, please keep that girl away from me. I’ll never leave this bed if you don’t promise me immediately.”

“Well then where’s my incentive to promise?”

Grabbing my chin like he did earlier in the night on the fire escape, he teases my lips with his tongue before parting them and kissing me deeply once more. My body responds and his other hand grips my ass so tight it almost hurts. I like it. Next time I think I’m going to make him fully tie me up, that’s how he can make it up to me.

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