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Chapter 7

Before we know it, it is spring. The snow has started to melt, and the days are getting longer and warmer, which is kind of nice. Winter had been okay, we never froze, we had good gear for that, we even played out in the snow several times, yes, even skating on the lake, which we had to go and buy skates in order to do. But still, Evan and I are definitely warmer climate type people, and even Steven and Sam say they are not much for outdoors in the winter time, and Danny agreed, even though they had all grown up in the area.

All five of us baby boys had decided almost a month ago to challenge the grade twelve exams, and maybe graduate early. Dad had not really been a fan of that, saying that we do truly need to be at school, but, like I pointed out to him, being at school is great for the interaction with others, except we only ever talk to teachers, and maybe a few words a day, if that many most days, because not one of the kids will even look at us, let alone talk to us, so, like we said, we get more interaction when we go shopping than we ever do at school. It had taken him about a week to make the decision, and so, he allowed us to arrange it, which happened almost a week later. Danny said he had no problems whatsoever, I claimed the same, and so too did Steven, Sam and Evan both claimed that there were a few challenging areas, but that they think they did fairly well anyway. They had told us two weeks to get the results, but boy was it frustrating having to wait. We had just gotten home from school, changed our super soggy baby bums, and are working in the shop, when Dad made it home a little early.

“Daddy, you”re home?” We all called out as soon as he hopped out of the car.

“I am. It was a slow day, and I”d received a text from the school board, saying your results were in, so, I”ve got them all here.” He said, showing us the stack of envelopes.

“Wicked.” We all say, and then he passes them out for us to open and read.

“Yippee.” I said, and that was followed by four more.

“How were they?” Dad asked.

“I passed with eighty two percent.” Evan said.

“I was ninety six.” I said.

“Eighty four for me.” Sam said.

“I got ninety one.” Steven said.

“And I guess I”m last, and I got the same as Ethan.”

“That”s excellent Babies. So, when are you going to university.” He laughed.

“Never.” Almost all of us say together.

“Yeah, figured as much. Don”t any of you wanna go and learn something else?”

“No, not really.” We all say.

“Personally, I just wanna do woodworking pretty much full time.” I said.

“Same.” Steven said.

“Metal working.” The other three say together.

“Yeah, I know, and you”re all getting good enough that you can probably do real well with it as well. Just remember though, they”re not exactly high paying jobs.”

“Don”t want a job, just a hobby that makes me money.” Steven said.

“Same.” The rest of us say together.

“I know.”

The next couple weeks go by again, and finally the snow is cleared enough that us baby boys decide that we can start getting the gardens all prepared. There are lots of flower gardens throughout the yard, and there is an area down near the lake that will get excellent sunshine where we all want to plant a large vegetable garden. Dad had taken us all shopping on the weekend to buy all the gardening equipment that we are going to need, including a pretty good garden tractor, that has other attachments that we can add, and did, such as the blade for snow removal, the tiller for preparing the garden, and of course the mowing deck for mowing the grass. All the big items have already been delivered, so, us baby boys are ready to go now.

“So, what should we do first, and how should we do this?” Danny asked.

We are all just standing outside, we are dressed in work clothes, with a single thick baby diaper underneath, but these are new diapers we found that claim the same capacity as when we quadruple diaper, so, we are excited to test those claims.

“Not sure. The vegetable garden will likely take the least amount of time to prepare, since all we can really do today is till it really well, then mix in the compost and dried manure. We should probably do the fence around the garden at the same time, mind you.” Steven said.

“I agree.” Evan said.

“Okay, let”s get that done first. So, Danny, since you were taught how to use the tractor, so that you could then teach us, why don”t you go ahead and get started on that, so that you can get a good feel for it before you try and teach us.” I suggested.

“I suppose that”s a good idea.” Danny said.

He had already jumped onto it and started it, so that it is warmed up, then we all helped to attach the tiller to it, but, the tractor really does do almost all of it by itself, all Danny really had to do was back up to it, and hit the right buttons, all we had to do was make sure it was in the right position to grab it.

Danny then made very quick work of the large area that we want for our garden, and inside of an hour, he has it all done, but because as soon as he had started, the rest of us grabbed wheelbarrows and our compost and manure and started spreading it. We were able to go nearly as fast as he is, and so, he was able to go back as we were finishing the last half, and follow us again, to mix it all in.

“Well, that wasn”t too bad.” Sam said.

“No, little tiring, but not bad. Next is the fence I guess, that”s probably not gonna be very easy.” I said.

“The fence really doesn”t haveta be done today, and it”s likely to take at least a couple to a few days to do, so, why don”t we just get the rest of the gardens all cleaned up and get their plants in, since all of them are still in pots.” Evan suggested.

“Okay.” We all agreed.

So, we grab everything that we need to go and take care of all of them. There are a few weeds already starting, and all of the gardens need some cleanup and other work done, as well all the bark mulch topped up. We had bought hundreds of plants, including several really nice large rose bushes and an arbour for them to climb, so we have lots of work to do there too. The cleanup really only took a little more than an hour, and then we started digging all the holes for the various plants. Steven and Sam were off to the side working on where the rose garden will be, it had been a garden already, so was mostly ready, when Sam said he hit a large rock, so was going to dig it out. Then he called us all over.

“Um, guys, this isn”t a rock, it”s a box.” He said, and then finished digging around it and when he was able to, he pulled it out.

The box is made of metal, and looks very well made, and well sealed. The lid is hinged just like normal, and there is a catch on it that is easily released, but the entire lid had been siliconed so that no moisture would get inside. We all took it and looked at it, wondering what the hell it is, and why it is buried in a flower garden. It is heavy, but not too heavy, I would say about eight to ten kilograms.

“Well, since you found this Sam, I say you get the honours of opening it up?” Evan said, he having been the last to inspect it.

“What if it”s something we really don”t wanna find?” He said a little nervously.

“Mmmm, considering some of the other things we”ve found here, I”m getting a strange feeling we really wanna open this box.” He said, and I feel the same way too.


We ended up having to take it into the shop to get scrapers to peel away the silicone, and as soon as it is cleared away enough to do so, Sam takes the honour of opening it, and there”s more bloody cash in it.

“Holy fuck, there”s even more in here than there was in the safe.” Evan said as he pulled a bunch of it out.

“I”m texting Dad to bring a metal detector home with him.” I said, as I am already typing.

“Hey, Dad, bring home the best metal detector you can find please.”

He responded back only a few seconds later, “Why”

“It”s a surprise, just do it please.”

He did not respond, but I know he will.

“Well, he”s gonna bring a metal detector home with him. I”d almost liketa think that there”s more in the gardens somewhere, but I doubt it.”

“I wanna just start digging everywhere.” Sam giggled.

“Same.” The others all said.

“Yeah, but there”s no point, and it”s a waste of time. A metal detector will make it way faster and easier if there”s anything else to find.” I said logically.

“True. We should put this in the safe in the bedroom, at least some of it”ll fit anyway.” Danny said.

“I can”t figure this guy out, though, even if he had a good job, no one makes this much money.” Steven said.

“I”ve been thinking about that. Let”s say he was in fact a spy, and let”s assume that in his job he likely took out lotsa baddies in his time, what are the odds that while no one was there to notice or complain, he took all the loot he could. I mean, who”d complain, right. Same applies if he was some sort of assassin or something else like that. He could”ve also been a bank robber or jewel thief, but somehow I doubt it, those types of people wouldn”t keep everything with them in case they got caught, because they”d know the police would tear apart their house and property, and no matter how well hidden, they”d find it all. No, think it”s all legitimate, even if gained in a slightly frowned upon fashion.” I said.

“I think I agree. Nothing else makes any sense, and the only person who could tell us is dead.” Danny said.

“Not that he woulda told us anyway, mind you.” I laughed.


Danny took the whole box up to their bedroom and stored as much as he could in the safe in there. When he joined us again, he told us that not even half fit in there.

“So, even if we do find other boxes, what would we do with them, there”s no room left in the safes anyway?” Evan asked.

“It”s probably safer to just leave them where they are.” I said with a shrug.

“Yeah, and just have the metal detector to find them when and if we need one.” Steven laughed.

“True, but I still wanna see if there”s more elsewhere anyway, so that we know.” I said.

“Me too.” The others all said together.

“Well, I think I”m ready for lunch, and I need more to drink, so, şişli travesti let”s take a break guys.” Danny said.

After eating and drinking our fill, then cleaning that up, we are back out in the yard to continue our work. By the time Dad made it home, we have everything all nicely cleaned up and all the plants in the flower gardens all planted.

“Daddy.” We all call out as soon as he comes out back to find us.

“Hi Babies.” He says, and then gave each of us a hug and kiss, though his kiss to Danny is of course far more.

“So, what”s this surprise?” Dad asked once letting go of Danny.

“Did you buy a metal detector?” I asked.

“Not telling until you do.”

“Nope, not telling until you do.” I grinned mischievously back to him.

“Fine. Yes, but you knew I would.” He laughed.

“Good. Go check out that box on the table over there.” I said, pointing to the one I was talking about, so, he went to look at it, us boys following of course, and when he opened it up, he laughed.

We then explained that it had been full, but that as much as could be put in the safe in his room has already been done, and that even though we doubt that there are more boxes buried in the yard, we still want to check anyway. We even explained how well sealed the box was, though not actually locked. I then told him my thoughts on who this guy was, and Dad also thinks it makes the most sense.

“Well Babies, the gardens are looking great, and I see you went with a little larger than you”d planned for the vegetable garden.”

“Thanks. We figured we may as well. It”s not like we need all that yard space anyway, the rest of the yard”s still huge.” Evan smiled.

“True. So, how are your new baby diapers Babies?”

“Glorious.” We all called out.

“I don”t think they”ll hold quite as much as when we quadruple diaper, but it”ll be pretty damn close.” Danny added.

“Good. They cost damn near the same amount as when we quadruple diaper, and of course these are even more babyish than our other diapers, but if they hold up that well, then they”re definitely worth it.”

“Mmmhmm.” We all sigh together.

“Did you Baby Boys have more work to do, or are you pretty much done for the day?”

“We”re pretty near done, but I wanna grab that metal detector and see if we can find more boxes.” I said.

“Yeah.” The others agreed.

I ran to the shop and to the car, found the metal detector all right, and then opened it up on the work bench. The others had followed me, and as I am putting it together, because it comes in a few pieces that are easy to put together, Evan had grabbed the manual to find out how it works. Sam passed me the batteries as soon as I was ready for them, and then I turned it on. Evan gave me the quick rundown, and so, we all head outside.

Starting where Sam had found the first box, I started doing a sweep, and found another metal something approximately two meters away, and then another metal something another approximately two meters away from that, and I kept finding them. They are spaced way too evenly for it to be accidental, and the detector says they are all roughly the same size, because this one tells you that, also what kind of metal they are, and they are all steel. When I passed the detector over the box that we had found, it comes up the same. It can also tell us depth, and they are all the same, roughly thirty centimetres down, so about the same as the first box had been.

“I haven”t even done all the gardens, and not even finished this one, and already we”ve found three more. I”m willing to bet they”re all the same too.” I said in utter awe.

“In one breath, I really wanna dig them all up and check them out, but in the other, I think we should just leave them as well and just dig them up when needed.” Evan said.

“Same.” We all say as one.

“Well, let”s go in and get cleaned up and get dinner going Babies, it”s been another exciting day.” Dad said.

“Okay.” We all say as one.

Our diapers are still more than thirsty enough for a few more hours, so, after stripping down to them, we just leave them as is, and then all wash up. We then helped to make dinner, and then as we sit down to eat, Evan asks Dad something.

“Daddy, Danny”s sixteen now, and he should probably start learning to drive, but, he”s too scared to ask you to do so, for some reason. He”s also gonna need a vehicle of his own, and I think I found the perfect one. It”s a 1951 Fargo truck that some old farmer”s had in his barn here for that last probably fifty years. He only wants ten thousand for it, but says that it”s gonna need lotsa engine work, because it hasn”t run since his grandpa died more than twenty years ago. I asked him to email me pictures, and it actually looks like it”s in pretty decent condition, but it was a farmers truck, so is well used and abused. I”d loveta buy it and fix it all up, we think we can do all the engine work on it, no problem, I mean, there”s like two electrical things in the entire thing probably, and all the body work and whatnot should be easy to do with all the tools and supplies that we have.”

“I think that”s a great idea, and how”s about we go get you your learners license tomorrow Danny. I”ll happily teach you how to drive.”

“Thanks.” Evan said happily, and Danny mirrored his thanks, but bashfully.

“I know it”s still really hard on you to ask for anything Danny, but you”ve been here long enough to know I”ll get or do anything for you within my power. I”ll do the majority of the teaching, but we”ll also get you a proper driving instructor so that you can have a months worth of lessons properly as well. As for the truck, arrange to go and pay for it on Saturday, make sure he”s okay with cash, and we”ll arrange a tow truck to go and pick it up once it”s paid for.”

“I know, but you”re right. Thanks.” Danny said.

“Awesome, thanks Daddy.” Evan said giddily.

Sam is also happy with that, because he will get to help with the majority of the work as well.

“Daddy, that actually reminds me of something. There”s a farmers market every Sunday at the park in town starting up this weekend. Well, all of us have made so much stuff these past few months, that the storage loft is now almost as full of completed projects as it is in material to make things. Would you take us so that we can try and sell all our stuff please?” I ask.

“Absolutely, that”s a great idea. We”ll needta go and buy some tables and a shelter or two, and we”ll probably wanna take chairs as well, so we”ll need a few more of them. After I get off work tomorrow, we can go and get what we need.”

“Thanks Daddy.”

For the rest of the night, we all played games together, and have a great time. The following day, we all worked in the gardens again, getting them finished up, and just before Dad is to get home, we all head in and get cleaned up, get our super soggy baby bums changed, and are dressed and reasonably presentable to the general public. When Dad got home, he too went and changed, well, Danny went with him to change him, because why change yourself when you have a caring boyfriend to do so for you. As soon as they were ready, we all headed out.

“So, did you get a response from the owner of the truck Baby?” Dad asked Evan.

“Yep, and he says that”s perfectly fine, and cash is actually preferable anyway. He says to just go ahead and have the tow truck come on Saturday as well. He asks that we bring the transfer papers with us, so we should grab some while we”re in town as well.”

“Oh, yeah, guess we”ll need them. Okay. Is there anything else we need from town while we”re there?”

“Yes.” We all said, and then told of all the places we want to stop. Each of us has already grabbed a good stack of cash so that we could do so.

“Well, I guess we”re eating dinner out tonight. I”m also thinking that from all you all just said, that maybe having a trailer for hauling things might not be a bad investment, so, we”ll stop somewhere for one of them as well.”

“That”s a great idea.” Steven said happily.

“Yeah, and it”ll make it way easier for the farmers market as well.”

“Awesome.” We all say together.

Dad did stop at a place that sells trailers, and bought a nice cargo trailer. It is two meters tall, has a fold down back door that is also a ramp, and a small man door near the front. It is three and a half meters long inside, and a little better than two meters wide, so it is perfect for what we need. Dad just paid for it from the account, since that is easier. Then, even though it is not exactly legal, we just hooked up and headed out right away, but heading to the nearest insurance place to get the proper insurance on it. Dad also grabbed the transfer papers for the new very old truck at the same time.

Then we hit the Canadian Tire store, since they will have the tables and shelters we need, and we bought their best options; we went with three of the quick set shelters, so that we have extra, six nice big folding tables, two really good dolly”s for hauling things, and six good folding chairs. We also grabbed twenty really good sturdy plastic tote crates for hauling things.

We then hit the two tool stores that we like, then the wood store Steven and I like, and the metal supply store the other three like. There were a few other places we all want to stop, Dad included, and by the time we are done, we are nearly full, and we are starving, so, we go somewhere and fill us up last. Finally we head home.

“Just go ahead and park the trailer outside Dad, it doesn”t needta be in the shop, and it locks, so, no worries.” Evan said.

“Okay. When you offload everything tomorrow, or whenever, there”s no point in removing the shelters, tables, or chairs though.”

“I wasn”t planning on it, if for some reason we ever need them, we know where they are, but they can stay in there, since that”s where they”ll be needed most often.”


The next morning, we did get the trailer all emptied, got everything put where it belongs, and then, because we are all done the cleanup and planting of all the gardens, including our new vegetable garden, we now need to get the fence around the garden complete, so that the animals don”t get all our food.

It actually only took us two days to complete the fence, it was a lot easier than we thought it was going to be, so, that is excellent. We finished beylikdüzü travesti it on Friday, so, the following day, we get to go buy the truck.

Danny was encouraged to grab the cash, Dad told him that we will be putting the truck in his name completely anyway, so, it is his to buy. He gasped and said, “Really, but, no, it”s yours.”

“No, it”s not. That money belongs to all of us, not just me. It”ll be you that drives it, not me, though I”ll happily do so once it”s all done, so, it”ll be yours. I”m also willing to bet that within the next few years, you baby boys are gonna be finding four more cool old vehicles to fix up for the next four to start driving.”

“Oh yeah.” We all said. Though Steven and I will happily let the other three do that. I actually do not really enjoy metal or mechanical and engine work all that much, and Steven is the same, so, the other three will happily do so for us.

“Thanks.” Danny said happily, tears coming down.

When we arrived, we met the guy, and looked at the truck. It is an old beat up pickup truck to be sure, but there is shockingly little rust, all the glass is intact, and everything is there. It is bent and dented in many places, the seats are worn and torn, the tires are pretty near shot, but the rims are decent, and it is the coolest old truck I have ever seen. I think the other three will make it look simply amazing.

Danny happily gave the man the ten thousand dollars, the man shocked that it is Danny paying for it and not Dad, but, Dad told him that this is going to be Danny”s truck, that he and the rest of us boys are going to be the ones to fix it up and get it running, and that Danny has been saving up for this for a long time. Yeah, like seconds.

The tow truck arrived only seconds after Danny and the old owner finished filling out the paperwork, and so, he loaded it onto the truck, and we are off, he is following us. We asked him to try and get it into the garage if possible, and pretty much right in line with the lift as well if possible, and he said that will be easy, and did so, though he truly admired our shop for a few moments before actually doing so.

“Man, I almost wanna say to heck with going to the farmers market tomorrow so that we can start working on this.” Evan giggled as soon as the tow truck driver was gone.

“Me too, but we all have so much stock that we needta sell it”s not even funny, and this is gonna take months anyway, so, we do needta do other things.” Danny said.

“Yeah, I know.”

“So, what all are you gonna do to it then?” Dad asked.

“Strip it completely, the entire body”s gonna come off the frame, then we”re gonna slowly put it all back together once every component has been stripped, cleaned, fixed, then painted properly. We”re gonna haveta figure out what parts needta be bought and get them on order, because I”m sure they”re gonna take time to get, since a lot of them will likely haveta be made, so, yeah, lotsa work. It”s gonna be awesome.” Sam giggled giddily.

“Your idea of awesome and mine are slightly different, but I”m glad you Baby Boys are excited.” Dad laughed.

“Thanks.” All three of them say together.

“So, to be ready to go tomorrow, should we go ahead and get everything you boys wanna sell all packed up and loaded into the trailer today?” Dad suggested.

“Probably not a bad idea.” At least two others said with me.

So, that is what we did. Once that was taken care of, we all went for a good swim and relaxed as well. We had a really nice rest of the day, we watched a movie together and played games together, but, of course the best time of the day is bedtime, and Sam and Steven joined us again for our very amazing night time soggy baby bum change. We once again got into a circle and sucked and finger fucked until we are all fisting each other. We have only done so a few times since our first time, but every time that we do, we get our fists inside each other even faster, and last even longer with them inside us. As per usual, we damn near did not get diapered, because we are all so very well worn, but, we did, and that, truly, is all that really matters.

It was decided that because we did not want to have to find washrooms, or places to change during the day, that we are all going to triple diaper, two awesomely thick diapers and a doubler. Yes, it will show, and no, we do not really care all that much. We do wear our most babyish of baby diaper shirts, and then over top of that we wear our most comfortable and thick diaper concealing clothes. To look at us, you cannot see it, but if we bend over, it is noticeable, and of course if anyone rubs our baby bums they will know instantly. Of course, once we are good and soggy, then we are all very likely to show, but, meh, we are all almost beyond caring any more.

We had had a very nice breakfast together, packed our diaper bags for just in case, packed up lots to eat and drink for the day, but knowing that there will be lots of food and drink for sale there more than likely as well, and then left in plenty of time to get there and set up for opening time. When we arrived, we asked the person in charge how large an area we are allowed to take, and where we are to go, and she gave us the information that we requested, and we are off. We have more than enough space to set up all three tents, so, we unpack everything from the trailer, and then Dad takes the truck and trailer and parks them where he is supposed to, while us boys are already setting up the tents. At least it is not raining, but they will keep the sun off of us as well, because it is already getting warm.

We had an amazing day at the farmers market, we stayed for the entire eight hours that they are open for, and we sold easily half of what we had taken with us, as well Steven and I took a few special orders, which is great, the other three declined special orders at this time, because they have such a large project on the go. We also all walked around at times and bought lots off all the other vendors there, and though we all brought cash, it was simply not necessary, because we sold so much. Everyone talked to Dad at first, if he was there, but he proudly told everyone that all the wares that are for sale were made by us boys, and that he had very little to do with anything that is for sale. Being that it is a farmers market, Dad did buy pretty near all the groceries that we need for the next week from there, and will really only have to grab a few things from the store. Well, at least packing up is easier.

“You boys did amazingly well today, and everyone just loved your stuff.” Dad said as we were pulling away.

“Thanks.” We all say together.

“We”ll definitely haveta go again next weekend.”

“For sure.” We all said together again.

Starting the following day, Evan, Danny, and Sam started stripping the truck, and by the end of the day, they had it pretty much all broken down, even the engine is now on the engine stand. There are a lot of parts. Steven and I are of course working in the wood working area, and having a great deal of fun. For the rest of the week, that was pretty much all that we did, played in the shop. We did go and do some gardening a couple mornings, and of course we all help to clean the house and pool, we all go swimming together, usually every evening or so, so that Dad can join us, and of course we all either play games or watch movies together as well, so we are not spending every waking moment in the shop, but lots.

By Sunday morning, the other three actually have the entire engine stripped apart, and all the parts are cleaned and ready to be put back together. They all say they are thankful that the engine itself had been in shockingly good condition, and had needed no new major parts. They did bore out the cylinders, just because they were a little worn with age, and the piston rings were the only real part that they had to buy, but thankfully they were not a strange size that they had to have custom made for them, and the parts store had the correct ones in stock.

We had packed up Saturday night again, and then Sunday morning when it was time to go, we all headed to the farmers market once more, and had another really good day. Once again we all triple diapered, since why the hell not, and it had worked very well the previous weekend. We had a great day again, even if we did not sell quite as much, still selling about half what we brought, because Steven and I had made quite a few things over the week again, but had completed all the custom stuff first, which were all picked up and paid for as well. Dad bought more groceries, and we all looked around and bought more stuff again, spending almost as much as we had made, which is great.

The next several weeks went by again, every Sunday we are at the farmers market, and every time we sell lots, and buy lots as well. The truck project is moving along very well. The engine was completed, and is running, just on the stand, they had decided to put a new alternator and starter on it, and a new belt of course, so, not lots for parts were truly needed. Next they tore down and rebuilt the entire transmission, and other than a really good cleaning, amazingly enough, it had needed no new parts, even the clutch discs had been in surprisingly good condition.

Finally they start working on the frame, and because it had already been stripped of all parts, they only had to clean everything, only a few things needed to be re-welded and fixed, and then they got to painting it. They put in all new brake lines, as well as new brakes themselves, brand new shock absorbers, and then they put the freshly repaired and painted rims, with the brand new tires on them, onto the truck.

Now, they say, is the lengthy chore of getting all the bodywork done. All parts were stripped, sanded, repaired, and once all of them are done, they painted everything inside and out, to prevent rust from happening from the inside.

The engine and transmission had already been installed, so, they put the body back together, and it already looks amazing. It had been decided that they did not have the knowledge or the care to reupholster the seat, so, it had been taken to someone who specializes in that, and it was remade even better than it would have been originally, and is now installed as well. Steven and I were asked to take care of making wooden panels to go on the doors and the dash board, and so, we did, doing our absolute best on them, and when they were ready for them, the others got them installed as well. I think it was damn near twelve weeks from start to finish, but, it now looks truly istanbul travesti spectacular.

Dad had taken Danny in to get his learners license, and had been teaching him how to drive ever since. Dad had also paid for Danny to have driving lessons from a professional, and he had done one month of one hour per day with him, Danny claiming that he would really like to take his actual driving test in his new truck, and he did. Almost as soon as they had it finished, Dad and Danny got to take the truck for its maiden voyage, Danny driving of course, though he had to learn how to drive a stick shift, and he was glowing when they got back, saying it runs perfectly. Three days later, Danny took his driving test in his new truck, and even the instructor was shocked that Danny and his brothers had spent the last several weeks stripping it and fixing it completely. He passed his test, too, so, now he has his new drivers license, and once more, he is glowing.

It is now summer, and we are all very happy. We are diapered properly every day like we deserve, we are getting in lots of loving with our brothers and boyfriends, just having a gay ole time as they say. Us baby boys play in the shop lots, and make all sorts of amazing things, that we happily sell every weekend, though Dad joins us sometimes as well and has fun too. Our gardens are doing spectacularly, all the flower gardens look amazing, and our vegetable garden is coming along very well indeed. Us Baby Boys had even gotten permission from Dad to clear out a few more trees down the length of the yard, so that we can plant fruit trees, and he happily allowed us, and bought us all the equipment to do so even. Most of the trees were really only good for firewood, so we cut it all up into that, but two of the trees were alder, and I love alder, it is a very pretty wood and can be worked very nicely, so, I found a portable mill, and dad ordered it for us. As soon as the mill arrived, we cut the whole thing up, and we have it stickered and stacked to dry out, so that is awesome. We took down a dozen large trees, but we planted twenty in their place, since we bought smaller dwarf variety trees, so that they do not get huge.

One day, late morning, Evan, Danny, and Sam are all out back of the shop, working at the forge that they have, so that left just Steven and I in the shop together. We were working side by side like we usually do, and most of the time, we hardly even talk. This day, though, I want to ask Steven about his feelings. I have been having stronger feelings for him for a long time already. I still love Evan so much, but, I am starting to wonder if maybe Dad is right.

“Steven, I wanna ask you something while no one else is around.” I asked softly.

“Sure, what?” He asked, setting down the box he was sanding.

“It”s well, I know you love Sam more than a brother”s supposed to love his brother, same as Evan and I feel for each other. Our dad”s always told us, though, that while he doesn”t necessarily disagree with what we share, that he does feel that we should have other boyfriends, but that if we play together as well, that”s fine too. For a long time, I”ve kinda been getting stronger feelings for you. We”re so much alike, and I love how we can just sit and work silently next to each other for hours and not always feel the need to talk. There”s only one other that makes me feel like that, and that”s Evan. What I wanna know, is, are those feelings returned?”

“Yes. I”ve felt it for a long time too, and your dad, well, I guess our dad now, has told us much the same thing. I kinda hoped you felt the same thing for me, but, I”m afraid of what it”ll do to Sam and me if we do that.”

“I”m afraid of what it”ll do to Evan and me as well.”

“If I”m right, though, Sam and Evan feel the same thing for each other too. I”ve seen how they look at each other, and I think that they love each other as well.”

“Yeah, I”ve seen the same thing. We should do it separately, so tonight, we should talk to our brothers and ask them how they feel about it.”

“Yeah, I think we should, and then maybe tomorrow night you and I can spend the night together. We can go slow, we both know each other”s more than capable of taking anything we have to offer, but, I don”t wanna go fast with you, even though I”ve already fist fucked you so many times before.”

“Yeah, I think I”d like that.”

We continued working, and the rest of the day, I was both dreading and expectantly awaiting tonight once Evan and I can be all alone.

Finally the time came, though, and Evan and I are freshly diapered, having stroked each other to three orgasms a piece in doing so, and now we are cuddled up.

“Evan, I wanna talk to you about something that Dad”s mentioned to us a few times now.”

“Yeah, I think it”s about time we talked about that as well, but, in some ways I really don”t wanna, but in others I very much do.”

“Oh, good, so, you already know what I needta say.”


“I love you so much, far more than someone”s supposed to love their brother, and that love will never fade, but I”m falling in a deeper love with Steven, and I”ve been hoping that the looks I”ve seen you and Sam giving to each other means that you two are falling for each other the same way.”

“Yeah, we really are, and I love you that much as well. Promise me that what we”ve shared, though, won”t end, I couldn”t take that.”

“Never. I think Steven thinks the same thing, that we can still all play together, and maybe occasionally we can have our beautiful baby brothers all to ourselves for a night here and there, but, I really think it”s time that you and I stopped being baby brother boyfriends, and moved back to just being baby brothers, just baby brothers with benefits.”

“Yeah. I”ve been thinking about this for a while now, and I”ve been dreading it, thinking that you”d hate me for doing that to you, thinking I was cheating on you.”

“Yeah, I was dreading it as well. Dad was right, though, wasn”t he?”

“Yeah, he was. I know he”ll be proud of us, we”ve come a long way since we accidentally sucked each other, huh.”

“Yeah, that we have.”

And Dad was proud of us. Steven and Sam had had the same conversation, and then the following night, Sam and I traded rooms, and told Dad what we are doing and why. He smiled warmly to us, and hugged us all extra tight, and told us our hearts are now where they belong.

Oh, sure, Evan and I still play, and Sam and Steven still play, and sometimes we still all play together, but the love that Evan and I shared actually paled in comparison to the even deeper love that Steven and I shared. The day after I had my very first wet cum, though, I went and made hot sweet gay baby diaper love to my big baby brother, so that he got my second load, and Sam did the same only a few weeks later when he had his first wet cum, and made love to his big baby brother as well. What is funny, though, that the longer we are together with our boyfriends, the less any of us desire to be with our brothers, and by the time we are in our late teens, we actually almost never play together any more. Only maybe just a couple times a year.

Just after I turned seventeen, Dad adopted another young boy who had tried to commit suicide for the same reason that Danny had done so, and within four months we had found him an exceptionally hot young gay baby boyfriend of his own, they were both twelve when they moved in with us, and were so smoking hot in just their soggy baby diapers, and they make the most adorable little couple.

They both love woodworking as well, and so, joined Steven and I in that, and we all do so very well still, and sell lots and lots of things. Our gardens also do very well, and we sell almost half of that as well. Before Evan, Steven, Sam, and myself turned sixteen, we all scoured the sales ads looking for old trucks, and as we found them, we would buy them, and Evan, Danny, and Sam would fix them all up, though we would help with the woodworks as well, and we all ended up with amazing trucks. We even found Dad a really cool old truck of his own, and they fixed it up for him, though he keeps the other vehicle for when we all have to go out together. We ended up having to build another garage to store all our vehicles, but that is totally okay, and we made it to match the house and shop.

In truth, all the money that we found, we never truly did ever use it all, we never had to try and sell any of the jewels or gold, because there was so much cash, and Dad and us boys also make really good money as well, so, we really never had to worry any about that. We donated probably two to three thousand a month to more than twenty local charities who did lots of good with it all, so that is great.

And, that there is all that I can say about that. We all lived soggily ever after.

****So, yet the end of another tale. I hope that you enjoyed it. I didn”t actually intend to have any woodworking in this story, it just kinda happened, because as I wrote this, I was busy trying to get my woodworking shop all set up, and I guess we just write what we know and/or are doing. I started this story so long ago already, that once more I cannot totally remember what inspired it, but, if I recall correctly, it was a combination of seeing the brothers somewhere, and then the following dream that ensued from it. What”s funny, this is yet another incest story, and someone once asked me if I”d ever done any such thing with family, and the answer is no. I never thought of my dad or brother in that way, at all, ever, no uncles or cousins either, and I don”t necessarily condone it, though nor do I not either. As for finding the treasure in the house, well, isn”t that everyone”s dream. My dad once told me of one of his friends who was very much like that, didn”t trust the government or banks, didn”t trust much of anyone really, I doubt he was rich or anything, and I think I met him once or twice when I was a kid, at least I”m pretty sure that was the friends house we went to once, and it was nothing special, but that was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many years ago for me to remember clearly. What I wouldn”t give to find an awesome treasure, of nearly any size. Another funny thing about writing this story, apparently I chose the two hardest fucking names to write, I hope I caught all the mistakes, but it”s amazing how Evan always comes out as even as you”re typing, and Sam comes out as same, like I said, I hope I caught them all, in my multiple edits, but I probably didn”t. As always, I would love to hear from you, email me at erich5748 ail, but just like always as well, I don”t require your comments to continue to write, I do this as therapy for myself and just simply share with others who like what I write, but I do still appreciate it none the less. I hope that you all have a great soggy diapered day.****

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