How the Story Ends Pt. 03

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Double Penetration

Evie finds redemption with Gerald


Author’s note:

This story is fiction; all characters and situations are fictional and any relationship they may bear to any living or dead person is purely coincidental.

This story was inspired by the song ‘Please don’t tell me how the story ends’ sung by Kris Kristofferson.


I felt the familiar surge in the pit of my stomach as another massive Pacific swell lifted and tilted my board, then I was paddling frantically down the slope before gaining enough speed to stand and ride the breaking wave into shallow water. I jumped from the board, tucked it under my arm and walked shorewards. By now I was used to the admiring stares of the young men, and scowls of their partners, as they admired my slim, tanned body almost completely exposed by my tiny bikini swimwear. I reached my van and trailer, stood the board up and dried myself on a towel while watching the ever-changing, ever-healing ocean waves pound the beach. There was something hypnotic about their ebb and flow, each time the same, each time different, I thought, much like my life.

I cast my mind back again, for the millionth time at least, to that day on the snow as I watched the love of my life end his. I suppressed the teary sensation that arose within me yet again; life had moved on, it was no use crying over spilt milk, as the saying went; live each day to the fullest because you never know when today may be the last day you have.

A young, stereotypical surfie guy walked from the shore towards me. I watched as he approached, knowing that he was returning the board he’d hired, wondering if he had a partner to share his bed with tonight. So far, I didn’t have, but there was plenty of time.

“All good?” I greeted him as he leant the board against the trailer.

“Yeah, cool, thanks. For a hire board it’s great. So many of them are simply crap but yours are excellent,” he replied, grinning.

“Thanks, I sure try to keep them, in good condition. The guy I bought the business from a few months ago taught me lots before he left, and not only about boards either,” I grinned, remembering the many shared nights in his bed where we made love and he held me afterward as I sobbed for Alex.

The surfie grinned, probably guessing at least part of what I meant. “I’m Marty,” he said, holding out his hand.

“I’m Evie,” I replied, ignoring his hand and giving him a close hug, feeling the strength and self-assurance of his body against mine.

“You wanna coffee?” he asked.

“Sure. I’ve no boards coming back in the next little while, business is quiet, where do you recommend?”

“You’ll see,” he replied mysteriously as he took my hand in his and we headed for the shops across the busy road.

He bought me a coffee and we chatted for a while about life and ourselves. He was at a loose end, relaxing between construction jobs, no attachments; I told him a brief and practised version of my story, managing to complete it without allowing the emotions out. He expressed sympathy for my lost love.

“So, have you found another partner yet?” he asked.

“No, and I’m not looking for one. If you share love with a person you make yourself vulnerable to loss, and I’m not ready to face that possibility yet. But I do enjoy sex, so if you want to share that, I’m yours for the night.”

I’d found that this line rarely failed. Very few unattached young males wanted to pass up the opportunity to spend a sexy night with a gorgeous gal with no strings attached.

“You’re serious?”

I nodded silently.

“Right, you’re on, Evie, I’ll collect you from your van and trailer at sunset. Where d’you park at night?”

I told him, then we walked back across the road and he relaxed beside my trailer as I checked boards back in and hired some out again. Every time I looked at him he was watching me, devouring me with his eyes, it seemed, a broad grin on his face as he imagined what was beneath the scraps of fabric which were all that covered vital parts of my body. After a while, when business was quiet and I was sitting on a folding chair eating a sandwich, he stood and came close.

“So, sunset then? Enjoy your afternoon.”

I stood and embraced him, pressing my almost naked body against his, feeling a stirring in his loins as I gave him an open-mouthed kiss.

“That’s just to keep you interested,” I told him after the kiss ended.

“Oh yes, am I ever interested,” he replied, then he turned away, grinning widely.

As the sun dropped towards the western horizon, Marty returned, a couple of beers in his hand.

“Thought you might like a sundowner,” he grinned as he sat beside me on the warm sand.

“Thanks. I love this time of day, don’t you? The sun going down, the cool sea breeze dropping as the land cools ready for night.”

Marty caught my romantic mood quickly and shuffled a little closer, wrapping an arm around my shoulders as we watched several gulls squabble over a fish head that had washed up on the beach.

“Feel asyalı porno like supper first?” he asked, as the golden orb of the sun finally vanished beneath the waves.

“Yeah, sure do, but I think an entrée first would be an idea too,” I said as I leaned towards him, my arm across his chest, tilting him backwards until he lay on the sand with my upper body across his chest. We kissed deeply, his hands caressing my back and sand-covered ass over my bikini bottoms. I loved the feeling of being so exposed, naked but for two scraps of fabric held together with strategically placed bows. As we kissed I reached for his cock and felt it hardening under his board shorts; not for the first time I wondered why guys had to cover so much of their body while women were encouraged to walk around almost naked.

After a suitably long entrée, we parted, I locked the van and board trailer, selected a light wrap to cover my shoulders against the cooler evening air, then Marty escorted me to his car and we drove to a nearby nightspot. I had only what I stood up in, forgetting the need that I may require money or Id, but there were no problems and we were soon seated in a dimly lit area watching two gyrating young women on stage as they moved to the heavy beat of the band. It occurred to me that I was actually wearing less than they were, but the thought passed before it was really there. Marty ordered me a margarita and himself a beer and we began talking quite loudly to make ourselves heard over the band.

A while later the drinks arrived along with a couple of burgers Marty must have ordered, all brought by a scantily clad, sexy waitress. Marty tucked a larger note than was necessary in the string waistband of her bikini bottoms and was rewarded with a quick peck on the cheek before she flounced away, wiggling her ass.

We ate and drank quietly, watching the dancers and other people in the bar. It was at times like this that I became quite maudlin, thinking how it would have, could have been with Alex. A tear rolled down my cheek, noticed by Marty, who brushed it off with a napkin.

“You Ok?”

“Yeah, guess so. Just still grieving for Alex.”

“Of course. You guys must have been so much in love.”

“We were. And we were so suited to each other, I think. We had the same values, allowed each other the freedom to be who they were instead of having to conform to society’s norms.”

Marty was silent for a time, possibly waiting for me to go on, the silence being emphasized by the band going on a break. When I didn’t, he decided to prompt me.

“Like, how?” he asked, “How did you not conform?”

I grinned then, smiling at him, wondering how much to tell; wondering if he’d be shocked.

“Well, sexually, we were both free to take other lovers, and we did. We certainly didn’t act like an engaged couple; we frequently actively sought out other partners and the fun was in telling each other of our conquests. We had some very sexy sessions after telling those stories.”

Marty didn’t show any signs of being shocked or offended, but grinned at me. He changed the subject and we talked for a while, the waitress keeping our drinks topped up as the band played, we danced a bit and talked mainly during the breaks. It was later in the evening when Marty returned to the earlier subject.

“I can imagine that your sexual freedom with Alex would have been great fun. So, if you’re so sexually liberated, do something sexy here, now.”

I looked around; we were in a corner booth, it was relatively dimly lit and nobody was paying us any attention. I felt a shot of adrenaline as I thought what I could do.

“You sure you want me to?” I asked, “It might mean we’re thrown out.”

Marty looked around the bar, then grinned.

“I doubt it,” he replied, “So what’re gonna do, honey?” he asked as he leaned towards me, a grin on his face, daring me to be daring.

I reached towards my hips, taking the free end of each bow and pulling them. Marty couldn’t see what I was doing and had no inkling of what my plan involved until I lifted my ass off the seat slightly and then brought my hands back onto the table.

“Which hand do you want?” I asked, showing him both hands clenched, palms downward.

“What’s the story?” he asked.

I hadn’t really thought this through, so I made it up as we went along.

“You get to keep for the evening whatever is in the hand you choose.”

He looked into my eyes and grinned once more, wondering if I could have done what he imagined I may have done. Then he tapped the back of my right hand. Shit, I thought, feeling my bikini bottom scrunched up in my right hand, oh well, here goes. I turned the hand over and opened it, revealing my bikini bottom. He looked at it, looked at me, grinned, then picked up the tiny garment, held it up, examined it for a few seconds, then put it into his pocket.

“You can have that back tomorrow morning,” he said with a huge grin on his face. It was at that moment that the band castajans porno started again. “Now, do you want to dance?”

“Dance? I’m naked, well, except for my bikini top I’m naked.”

“Yeah, cool, eh. And you think anyone will notice in here?”

“Oh yeah, they’d notice alright.”

“Well, you could always do a dance of a single veil,” he suggested persuasively, “But if I let you use your wrap, you’d have to be completely naked underneath.”

The thought of dancing naked except for my diaphanous wrap was both terrifying and hot as hell. I could imagine the feel of all the eyes following me around the floor, watching my pussy and breasts as I danced. I looked down at the wrap as it lay loosely about my shoulders; yes, it was see-through, well, almost, but not so see-through unless there was light on the other side. I noticed that I couldn’t see the skin of my arm where it lay over it, but I could see the outline. I pulled a corner over my pussy and checked; I could just see the outline of my thighs but certainly couldn’t see any details. I was getting hot from the thought of dancing just wearing my wrap. I could tell that Marty was as well. I checked under the table with my hand; sure enough his cock was like a log. I reached behind my back and unfasted the tie, then slipped the top off and handed it to Marty.

“You sure?” he asked.

“I’m sure, but you’d better make it worth my while later.”

He pocketed the top then stood up, holding his hand out for me. I quickly adjusted my wrap, tying it so it just covered my breasts and the ends came down to about mid-thigh front and back, leaving the sides of my thighs bare to my hip bones. I spun around for Marty’s inspection.

“Look Ok?” I asked.

“Yeah, and sexy as hell,” he agreed as I took his hand.

We swayed and gyrated amongst the dancers, few people seeming to pay any attention. Feeling my breasts, ass and pussy completely uncovered beneath the light fabric was an amazing turn-on and after only a few minutes I could feel my juices running down the inside of my thigh. When the music slowed, I pressed my body against Marty and moved his hand between my legs.

“Feel me juicing,” I said in his ear.

He slid his hand down my inner thigh, then back up to my pussy, sliding his finger between my slippery, engorged lips before gently rubbing my entrance. Waves of passion poured over me and I clung to him tighter as he moved upwards to my clit, then began caressing it, gently, slowly, arousingly. I felt my body respond, my hips thrusting back and forth in time with his movements, my legs becoming weak, causing me to hang on with my arms around his neck. He then used his other hand to caress my naked breasts beneath my wrap, then he squeezed my right nipple.

The sensations from nipple and clit surged through my body and I came in a mind-blowingly intense orgasm. I stifled my scream against his neck as my body tried to burrow inside his, wanting more stimulation. Finally, after what seemed forever, the waves of ecstasy decreased and he held me tightly as my arms relaxed and we moved together to the slow, sensuous beat of the music.

The band finished playing and we walked to our table. I was still in the aftermath of my release and didn’t notice that my wrap had moved until I heard a low whistle from a guy we were passing. I looked down and found that my pussy was on show to the world. If I adjusted my wrap, it would only draw attention to the fact, so I simply grinned at the guy who had whistled, and continued walking. We sat in our seats and I must admit I felt a little disappointed; only one guy had noticed that I was almost naked. A part of me wanted to remove the wrap completely and dance naked, maybe even on stage. Pity this wasn’t a strip club, I thought, maybe that would be a good night job for me.

“You ready to leave?” asked Marty.

“Oh, yes, darling, I want your big log of a cock in me next time I cum.”

“Then let’s go.”

We stood up and I adjusted my wrap, then walked across the dance floor as I imagined every pair of eyes watching me. I stood up straight, proud of my body, proud of my almost nudity. Marty slipped a note into the waistband of our waitress as we passed then we were out the door onto the almost-deserted street. It was almost a let down not having anyone ogling my body.

“Where’re you staying?” I asked.

“Oh, a short walk along here. Take about five minutes.”

We walked slowly, taking longer than five minutes as we stopped to kiss, cuddle and caress each other. Once we arrived we walked upstairs and Marty opened the door into a compact but quite luxurious apartment.

“Like a nightcap?” he asked.

“Mmm, yes please.”

Marty concocted a deceptively gentle drink of his own making which tasted beautiful but seemed to have some sort of aphrodisiac effect. By the time I’d finished it I was horny and wanted cock; all the cock I could get. I removed my wrap and stripped Marty quickly, caressing his beautiful hard bangbros porno cock before kneeling and taking it fully down my throat, causing him to moan in pleasure. A few seconds of that was all I could stand so I stood up and led him to the bedroom, my hand wrapped around his rock-hard organ.

I flopped backwards onto the bed, spread my legs wide apart and stretched my arms towards him.

“Fuck me, lover, impale me on that log of yours and squirt me full of your baby-making juice,” I pleaded, now needing to feel him inside me more than ever.

He wasted no time in kneeling between my knees and feeding his cock into me. I was so wet that he filled me on his first thrust, his long, thick, hard cock stretching me, pressing against the end as his pubic bone ground against my swollen, sensitive clit. On that first thrust, I came, hard, my body shuddering as sensations pulsated through me. I heard screaming and realized it must have been me, then as the sensations showed no sign of abating, I felt him pounding away at my pussy, pushing me to higher and more intense realms of delight than I’d experienced since Alex0. As though in a dream, I could visualize myself being fucked so wonderfully, watching myself writhing, shuddering and screaming my orgasms to the world. Then Marty thrust deeply inside me and I felt him pouring his juices into my hungry cunt, filling me with his love syrup, pushing me still higher, higher, still higher . . . .

I must have passed out. I came to with Marty lying alongside me, stroking my hair. My ecstasy had passed, but was replaced by a yearning hunger to be filled and fucked again and again. What had been in that drink, I wondered. I rolled towards him and we kissed, then I rolled him onto his back, knelt between his thighs and sucked his cock to hardness before straddling him and sinking slowly and gratefully onto it, feeling it penetrate me, filling me, stimulating me. I leant forwards, grinding my clit against the root of his cock, feeling my cunt pulsating around him as he reached towards my breasts and cupped them, gently caressing them, alternating that gentleness with strong squeezes of my engorged nipples, sending sharp pulses of delicious pain surging to my clit and my brain.

I moved back and forth, quickly, hard, feeling his cock head moving across my cervix, a feeling I had always enjoyed. It took only a short time before I was again fully aroused and ready to cum.

“Squeeze them hard, hurt me, honey, yes, like that, oooohhhhhhhHHHHHHH, YESSSS!!”

I held still as surges of orgasm once again shook my body, feeling his rhythmic squeezing of my tits causing the sensations to continue. I needed more; I had never felt so dissatisfied with lovemaking; what was wrong with me?

I rose off his cock and knelt on the bed.

“Fuck me doggy style, honey,” I told him.

He quickly positioned himself then entered me, going deeper this time, reaching around my body and pulling my tits downwards, like milking a cow, each stroke ending with a squeeze to my nipples as he thrust deeply inside me, his balls hitting against my clit with each stroke. After a very short time he sped up and began grunting, then he went rigid and I felt his hot sperm spurting inside me once again. I pushed backwards against him, gaining more depth as I also came hard once more. My arms collapsed and I fell forwards onto the bed, my body shuddering and convulsing in ecstasy. He lay over me, supporting his weight, our panting as we rested for a few minutes. He pulled out and I rolled onto my back, looking up at him.

“God, you’re a sexy fiend,” he said with a grin.

“Ooohhhh, yes, one hundred percent certifiable nympho. Now, fuck me again, honey.”

He did, and he came twice more while I came another four times before he couldn’t get it up and I was too exhausted. We lay together on the bed and cuddled.

“I still feel sexy, darling. It was that wretched drink.”

“Yes, maybe I overestimated. If you’re still horny I can possibly help though.”

“Yeah? How?” I asked holding his floppy cock.

He reached out and opened a drawer, then presented me with a cock shaped dildo attached to a pair of G string rubber panties.

“I’ve had this problem before so an ex-girlfriend had these made just for this occasion. Here, I’ll help you put them on.”

He did, and very soon I was lying in his arms, the vibrator buzzing away in my sopping cunt, sending waves of sexy feelings pouring through my body. I can remember cumming another three times before I simply passed out, the dildo still running, placating my insatiable desire.

The following morning, I awoke in Marty’s arms, the dildo now quiet. I needed to pee but first we kissed for a few moments, then I ripped the panties off and sprinted the short distance to the bathroom. I returned to find Marty lying on his back, his cock now hard once again. With no hesitation I straddled him and sank onto his cock, feeling the wonderful sensation of his morning wood filling me once more. This morning the desperate need was gone and we could make love gently and sweetly. He brought me to two orgasms before once again filling me with his seed, then we lay together for a while before sharing a shower and eating breakfast. He handed me my bikini, which I donned as he dressed in his board shorts.

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