How She Learned To Love The Fist

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Being fisted was something Liza never thought possible but Nils had always insisted he would fistfuck her one day. To use his words, he would “conquer her pussy. ” She relished her subservient position to him and the way he had manipulated her bit by bit into sexual slavery. With her natural submissiveness and his dominant nature, their relationship was a very natural one. Add in the fact that they were deeply in love and one could see how their relationship was so special. Nils and Liza met whenever possible usually in a city where Nils had traveled on a business trip. They lived in separate cities but kept in touch by computer and phone.

She was fairly certain that it couldn’t be done. Oh sure, like most any other girl, she had inserted a couple of fingers into herself. Two fingers seemed to be her biological maximum in that activity. She ought to know if she could be fisted if anyone did. After all, it was HER vagina he was talking about, wasn’t it? Well, maybe he could get three fingers in, she thought upon reconsideration. But her tissue would only stretch so far and of this she was sure. He would just have to find out for himself. The way she envisioned it, Nils would eventually grow tired of trying to get his fist into her hot, little tightness and give up. Perhaps he would cum on her face as punishment for her vaginal recalcitrance.

Liza was 30 something, a brown-eyed blond of Eastern European extraction. Nils was 40ish, a man who prided himself on his physique and his fitness. Their mutual interest in the beginning had been BDSM. They had met in a chatroom one night a couple of years back. Online chats led to phone conversations which led to their meeting each other in person. Imperceptibly, love blossomed.

After a few more sex sessions with Nils, Liza had begun to question herself. She had met Nils one night in Charlotte and he had actually gotten in four fingers! She didn’t think it would ever have been possible but he had done it. Even if she didn’t think he would ever get the whole fist in, she sure enjoyed watching him try! She relished the sight of his working on her pussy with all his concentration as she lay there with her legs spread wide for him. She cherished the feeling of being such a total slut for her man. The way he made her lay there so unladylike and so vulnerable to his maleness made her sopping wet. She loved to see the sweat that glistened on his forehead as he gently pushed his fingers into her time and time again. All her senses were inundated with stimuli as she lay there being used. Her eyes took in the sights of her domination.

She loved the look of the KY jelly that coated his fingers up to the last knuckle. And, oh, the way his hands manipulated her private parts. The way he played with her labia and her clit. Her ears were filled with the erotic sounds of two lovers enjoying each other’s bodies. Her soft moans blending with his low murmurs to create a delicate song of sex and submission. All these sounds combined with that wet, smacking sound her vagina made when he thrust his fingers into her. A rhythmic sound which seemed to lend a drumbeat to the erotic melody which filled her ears. Even her nose was not immune to the sensual cascade of sexual excitement which overwhelmed her. Her sense of smell was assaulted by the erotic combination of ky jelly, perspiration and her vaginal juices which flowed so freely when she was with Nils. Her wetness filled the air with her scent and coated Nils’ fingers with her own unique feminine dew.

While working on her, he made comments about what a slut she was. It was music to her ears. It was so true. She had thrown out all the facades where Nils was concerned and had become her true self. The fact that she was a slut was the secret they shared. She felt so comfortable being his private whore. She sometimes felt she was born to be his personal slut. He would usually start off by eating her, while continuing to finger her gently. He would push his tongue hard against her swollen clit until she could control herself no more. He usually moaned as he was licking her and she knew he genuinely enjoyed tasting her femininity. He would look up and make eye contact with her just as his tongue would disappear into her cunt. It was just too much for her. All that manipulation of her pussy and the way he would dip down below to rim her asshole karşıyaka escort would get her so hot she swore she was going to explode! He had driven her crazy with his hot, wet tongue pressing up against her anus. When he had worked his way back up across her perineum she had lost control of herself. She exploded into orgasm with his tongue probing her clit and his masculine hand prying open her pussy. As she came he had slipped in that fourth finger!

He was always probing her orifices and always trying to get INSIDE her. As she lay there enjoying the last throes of the intense orgasm he had just given her she realized that Nils was inside her alright. Sure, he had deposited his seed in all three of her holes, but far more than his sperm was in Liza! He had raped her mind over the years. He had mindfucked her as he loved to call it. She felt him in her head all the time. Sitting at work at the bank she would suddenly think of Nils and become very wet. He definitely had a power over her. Maybe he was onto something. Maybe he was right. Maybe one day he would force that thumb into her and bury his hand in her up to the wrist! She knew one thing and that was that when her lover got something into his mind he would continue relentlessly until he achieved his goal. And the thought that scared Liza and, at the same time, made her so very wet was that Nils’ goal was to insert his fist up into her womb! He wanted to touch the very essence of her femininity…

That night in Atlanta, Nils had done it a little differently… variety was after all the spice of life. Usually Nils didn’t tie her up for their fisting sessions He would let her body squirm against the brutal intrusion of his fingers into her wet cunt as she lay on her back with her legs spread wide as if she was giving birth. In a sense she was giving birth but in a reverse order of course. A large object was forcing its way into Liza instead of forcing its way out. Occasionally, she lay with her stomach across his lap, flat on the bed with Nils in a sitting position and he would enter her from behind with his hand. But tonight he wanted to do it differently, which didn’t surprise Liza. Nils could always be counted on to come up with some pretty kinky scenarios where her body was involved. He tied her up very secure so that she couldn’t move much at all. He put her into the position he favored above all… silken ropes on her ankles, legs spread wide and her feet up over her head tied to the headboard. A very vulnerable position to say the least. Her hands were free to work her clit because Nils enjoyed the sight of her masturbating and Liza needed to stimulate herself to overcome the pain of a spanking or a fisting session. Not knowing what he planned next, Liza half expected him to take the hairbrush out of the bag and begin working on her ass. Instead he reached into his bag which lay on the bed beside them and removed the ky jelly and showed it to her.

“Know what this means my tight little sluthole?” he asked her in a threatening tone. He dropped it onto her stomach where it rested while he began the slow and gentle probing of her ass and pussy. She was so wet that Nils scarcely needed any jelly to insert a couple of fingers into her.

He stopped fingering her but kept his two fingers in her buried up to the last knuckle while he asked her, “Butterfly, how does it feel to be here in a hotel room, tied down to a bed with a man intent on stretching your cunt to its limit?” “I intend to conquer your pussy tonight Liza,” he said as he again began to move his fingers back and forth in her.

He fingerfucked her hard as her cunt began to make that wet symphony of sound that he enjoyed so much. Nils was on his knees between her legs, staring at the object of his desires. He studied the little slit of pink surrounded by blond hair. It was so defiant! He wanted to make it do his will. He wanted to stretch it out and make it accept whatever he desired to put in it. He wanted to conquer it!

He loved to see the contrast of her pussy before the fisting session and her pussy after he was finished. He loved to see it as it lay there flaccid, no longer tight and defiant with its lips open to anything that wanted in. It was as if her pussy had surrendered to its attackers and no longer held the will to resist. As if her pussy had kartal escort been made into a whore pussy with its lips spread wide to show a gaping, pink hole. … wet and glistening from his abuse… violated… raped… made to accept unnatural objects. Objects such as hugh dildoes and vibrators that Nils loved to insert into her. He wanted to see her pussy accomodate all of him including his tongue and his cock AND his fist! With his two fingers still buried in her he went down on her, licking her clit hard with his tongue. Moaning with pleasure as he tasted her wetness, he told her he wanted to swallow as much of her juices as he could. Hearing these words Liza almost came. Her pussy quivered with delight. Nils quit licking her and removed his fingers from within her to prevent her from cumming. He also removed her fingers from her clit. He, and he alone, controlled when Liza was allowed to cum. Now was simply not the time. He wanted to tease Liza tonight and lead her into a deluge of multiple orgasms.

He reached into the bag and produced three dildoes. One was about the size of Nils himself. Very ordinary except for a small metal strip on the head and a battery connection coming out of the end of it. The next one was obviously intended for Liza’s asshole. It had a bulb in it, that narrowed down so that the sphincter muscle could hold the assplug in. The last one was a hugh monstrosity of a dildo. A black , obscene monster 11 inches long with a soft rubber skin that felt very authentic. Liza had once kidded Nils that she “required” 11 inches of cock to be properly serviced and he was a man that tried to rise to every occasion…

First, Nils inserted the assplug into Liza. He slid it into her rectum very slowly and after lubricating the tip of it with precum from his cock. Methodically, he pushed it in deeper and deeper until the bulb disappeared entirely and her ass gripped the dildo with a viselike hold. Next, Nils picked up the dildo with the metal strip and inserted it into Liza’s fuckhole and turned it on with the small switch which ran from the back of the dildo. The vibration of the dildo instantly caused Liza to moan and strain against the ropes that held her so securely. She quickly approached orgasm and each time she was on the brink of a thunderous explosion, Nils would quickly turn the vibrator off and turn on another switch which sent a slight electrical shock into Liza’s slit. He repeated this torture so many times that Liza lost count. Each time she was brought back from the brink of nirvana by that nasty little shock of reality making it abundantly clear that it was Nils that controlled her orgasms. Her most private act was controlled by this man who dominated her like she had never been dominated before. A thick layer of sweat covered her entire body. Her hair was wet with perspiration and she was desperate for an orgasm. Much like a heroin junkie in need of a fix, she needed an orgasm more than anything in the world right now. Her eyes were locked onto Nils, silently beseeching him to please end this agony Please give her relief from the desires that overwhelmed her mind and body.

Liza was relieved to see the hugh dildo come at her next. Anything to get that dildo that shocked her out of her body. She accomodated it easier than she thought she would. Nils worked it up into her slowly making sure it had sufficient lubrication. The monster of a dildo filled her out nicely as Nils paused to admire the sight of the rubber dick fucking Liza so completely. Liza worked her clit feverishly with her fingers as Nils twisted the dildo in her. He vigorously twirled it in her pussy and reamed the tender tissue out until Liza was sure her insides were soon going to be tied in a knot. After Nils was satisfied that he had fucked her sufficiently with the black dildo, he removed it from her and set it aside.

Next he picked up the ky jelly and began applying it to his hand all the way up to the wrist! The impact of seeing how much of Nils’ hand he was lubricating sent chills down Liza’s body. As he rubbed the lubricant onto his hand he taunted Liza. He told her how he was going to stick his fist up inside her body and grab her womb with his fingers. One finger, then two and then three fingers slipped into Liza easily thanks to the work done by the hugh black kastamonu escort dildo. As she approached another orgasm, Nils again removed her hand from her clit denying her yet again the orgasmic discharge she so desperately craved. Liza slipped into a daze, as Nils continued his unrelenting work between her legs.

Liza had almost fainted at the sight and the sounds of her fisting. She had been denied her orgasm so many times she felt like she would go crazy if he denied it even one more time. Her world was spinning and she felt dizzy as Nils pulled her nipples with his left hand… stretching them to their limit. She had lost count of how many fingers Nils had in her She simply sensed his right hand disappearing into her.

She heard a sound… “plop!”… and suddenly felt an intense fullness. Not painful but not entirely pleasurable it was just a feeling of fullness. Then she heard the words she longed to hear. “Beg Liza… beg for it my little cumwhore and perhaps I will let you cum. ” Liza raised her head from the pillows and looked down between her legs and saw Nils’ arm growing out of her femininity with his complete hand inside her pussy!! She knew she had to cum this time! “I am your painslut Nils… your cumswallowing whore… please Nils! please!! I need it so bad!!” she cried.

With his eyes riveted on his forearm protruding from Liza’s cunt he told her to cum… to cum for him. “Cum for me Liza!!… cum like the little gutterwhore you are. ” With those words Liza strained against the ropes as her body convoluted itself violently against her bonds. Her fingers worked frenetically against her tumescent clit. She issued a gutteral sound from deep down within her throat. A moan that hung in the air like a siren. Her eyes rolled back into her head and her face contorted into a climactic frenzy of emotions. She was racked by the incredible intensity of her orgasm. An orgasm that seemed to go on and on and virtually suspend time itself. As soon as she would start to feel it subside she would look down between her legs and see that foreign object extruding from her… so unnatural… and the contractions would begin anew. All this time Nils was pulling and twisting her nipples and telling her how proud she had made him and how beautiful she was with his fist in her cunt!

At long last the orgasms ended but Nils remained in position on his knees between her legs with his hand inside his lovers’ pussy, admiring his hard work. Admiring the pussy that he had conquered. Marveling at the way her cunt enveloped and swallowed his fist and how his hand had seemingly disappeared within Liza’s body. Even as Nils’ right hand remained in Liza, his left hand found his cock and began stroking his hardness. As he found his rhythm, his right hand began fistfucking her in tempo to his masturbation. Liza ascended once again to an orgasm as she watched her man masturbate with one hand and fistfuck her with his other. Then the white fluid poured forth from Nils’ cock landing on Liza’s stomach and her face. The room was filled with the sound of his relief! Sperm fresh from Nils’ testicles showered her sweat soaked body. Rivulets of thick semen coated Liza’s body in a veil of stickiness. A glob of sperm landed on her finger. She quickly rubbed it into her already sticky cunt using it as the ultimate lubricant. She eagerly scooped up more cum from her belly onto her finger and applied it to her clit producing yet another orgasm when she felt the burning heat of Nils’ newly issued sperm on her most private part. As Nils wiped his cock on her pubic hair to remove the last drops of sperm, Liza began scooping the cum off her face and stomach with her finger and thumb and dripping it into her mouth seductively for Nils to watch. She kept eye contact with him as the semen stringed down into her mouth from her fingers. She told Nils she loved him as she swallowed his seed.

Liza had grown very comfortable with his fist in her but now it was time to remove it. She watched with curiosity as he withdrew his hand from deep within her. She saw the inner lips of her fist raped pussy pull back over the outer lips as his fist slowly emerged from her clutches. In the end, Liza was left with a gaping, red, angry hole where once her tight and proper pussy had been. Once again she had exceeded her limits at the insistence of her lover and master. Liza lay there with a feeling of beatitude washing over her. She felt so slutty and so used by him. Laying there with perspiration and sperm glistening off her body she felt that she had found her place in the universe. She was the property of a man… a man who could take her past any limits she might think she had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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