How Girls Night Changed My Life Ch. 02

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“Oh man, that was the best damn dream I have ever had because there is no way last night really happened.” I thought to myself as I was waking up.

Still in my morning daze, I realize my morning wood was much harder than normal. It felt like I was on the brink of exploding. This was much more than a good dream and a rock hard morning boner. Finally I realize my cock had been coaxed into it current state by an amazing morning blowjob. Waking up by receiving a blowjob is by far the best way to wake up. I looked down to see the sheet moving up and down.

“Shit, I love that Lexi loves to suck dick now. This is great! Wait Lexi is still out of town.” I thought.

Last night came rushed back into my mind. Last night was real. I really did fuck someone other than my wife. I fucked Kim’s ass. My wife set it all up. I threw off the sheet and there was Kim. She was completely naked and looked amazing. She was lying between my legs slowly deep throating my dick. Her sucking skills were off the charts. With no problem she took my 9″ dick all the way into her mouth. Each downward motion I feel my dick enter her throat and her nose touch my groin.

“Good morning baby.” She said.

“It is a good morning.” I said

“I hope you don’t mind me waking you up but I just could not resist playing with your amazing cock some more.” Kim said, “Plus I must have really worn you out last night because I have been blowing you for the last 15 minutes.”

“No thank you. This is the best way I have ever been woken up. Also you can play with my dick whenever you want baby. As long as I get to play with you and your amazing ass some more.” I said

Kim said, “You have a deal. I am yours whenever you want as long as our spouses are down with it. I know Lexi sounded really excited about it last night and I am going to tell Matt all about it later today. I am pretty sure he will be good with it and might have some ideas of his own about the situation.”

During our conversation she casually kept stroking my cock. When she was not talking she is licking and sucking on my cock head. I could get used to this sexual treatment. Last night and this morning have been amazing. I was in heaven.

“So when you say I can have you whenever does that really mean whenever?” I asked.

“Yes Steve whenever and however you want. I am completely yours.” She said.

“Ok I hope you mean that because I am going to be calling you morning, day and night with my requests. I am going to tell you to get over here and fuck me or get that ass ready because I will be to your house in an hour to fuck till you can’t walk straight. Maybe even at our friend’s birthday party next weekend you will blow me in the bathroom while our friend’s are only a door away. Are you sure you can handle that?” I said.

“Not only will I handle it, I will love it. I hope you can handle Lexi and me. I think we will keep you plenty busy with all of our needs.” Kim said.

“Don’t worry about me, with how sexy both of you are I will always be able to get it hard.” I said.

“Lets get back to business then because I should try to get home soon.” She said.

“Well move up here so I can eat that pretty little pussy.” I said.

She moved up to my head and straddled my face, dropping her pussy right to my mouth and my nose poking her little asshole. I wasted no time and shoved my tongue into her slit. Best way to cure morning breath is to get pussy breath. Kim’s pussy nectar is so delectable and I could not get enough. I could lick her sweetness all day. I pushed her to bend forward, giving me better access to her cunt and clit. Also I wanted her to put my throbbing cock back in her mouth. She immediately got my hint engulfing my cock down her throat and we were locked in a 69. She tenderly rubbed my balls and not so tenderly deep throats my dick. The blowjob was much more aggressive than the sweet loving one I woke up to minutes ago. Right now I wanted it hard and fast. I wanted to send her home to Matt thinking ‘I have never been throat fucked so good and so hard. I can’t wait to have it again.’ I start to move my hips a little to match her downward thrust. My movements were really small at first to make sure she can handle it. Kim showed no sign of trouble, so gradually I increased my pace till I was full out fucking her mouth. Each thrust forced my cock down her throat and her face pressed hard against my crotch. I could feel her excitement growing as her pussy continued to get more and more wet in my mouth. Both of our impending orgasms were coming quick. I focused in on her clit sending shivers through her body. The orgasm followed quickly after. Her body convulsed but never let up on my cock. My orgasm hit me hard 30 seconds later. I grabbed her head forcing her so stay all the way down on my cock as I sent spurt after spurt down her throat.

“That was fun.” She said

“That was amazing, I hope I was not to rough.” I said.

“No that was perfect, I like it a little rough sometimes.” She canlı bahis şirketleri said.

“Good! We’re not done. I am going to fuck that pussy till its sore.” I said.

“Bring it Steve, I am ready for anything you can give me. Make me your fuck slut,” She said.

Wanting to keep up the rough role-play I got on my knees and told her, “lay on the bed, face down you slut.” She obediently followed my request. I then straddled her legs just below her ass. “I am going to fuck you so hard slut, you’re going to beg for more. Tell me how bad you want it.” I said

“Please fuck me Steve! I need it. I will do anything you want baby.” She said.

SMACK! I slapped her ass

“Awww that was nice. I like that.” She said

“You will like what I tell you to like slut.” I said

“Yes master.” She said

Never doing anything rough like this in bed I started to second-guess my actions and I said, “I have never slapped or spanked anyone before. Well the only person as you know could have been Lexi and we have never tried anything like this. That wasn’t crossing the line was it”?

“Steve you are too cute, yes I like it. I will tell you if I don’t like it. Being a little rough in bed really turns me on. I like to be dominated.” She said.

“Sorry I got nervous after I spanked you. I wanted to make sure it was ok.” I said. “Now call me master again.”

“Master, I have been a bad girl.” She said. SMACK, I spanked her again. “Oh fuck master I have been so fucking bad.” I spank her a few more times. It was such a fucking turn on. My cock was sticking straight out and was hard as a rock. I spanked her a couple more times and then caressed her ass. Her ass was hot from the spanking and started to turn red. I grabbed both cheeks and spread her ass apart so I could see her pussy. Kim’s obvious wetness dripped from of her slit. She was not kidding about spanking turning her on.

I released her cheeks and spanked her one more time. “Tell me why you have been so fucking bad and why I need to punish you.” I said.

“Oh Steve, I need to be punished because I love fucking and sucking a mans dick who isn’t my husband.” She said

“Is that it?”

“No Steve, I deep throated this man and let him cum in my mouth. He fucked my pussy without a condom and dumped his seed deep inside me. I even let this man fuck my virgin ass. He fucked my ass hard and deep and I loved every second of it. I felt so good and dirty with him. I can’t wait to fuck him again. That’s why I have been such a fucking slut.” Kim said.

“You have been a dirty little slut. This guy sounds amazing though, tell me who he is, tell your master.” I laughed

“Haha, your funny. He was amazing and he better fuck me again right now.” She said.

I grabbed her hips pulling them up a little making her back arch. “Spread your ass Slut.” I said. She reached back, holding a cheek in each hand and spread her ass wide open for me. I lined up my hard cock and slowly pushed it into her wetness. She was so moist my dick slid into her so nicely.

“Fuck me Steve, fuck me hard baby.” Kim said.

I was sliding my dick in and out of her slowly. Trying to tease her. I knew she wanted it hard. Her body was aching for a release. “Ask me nicely you slut.” I said as I spanked her a few more times.

“Please master please fuck me with your big hard cock. Please, my pussy needs to be punished by your perfect dick.” She said

With that last plea I let her have it. I went from my slow grind to as fast as I could move my hips. With each pump my body was slamming into her ass and my dick was bottoming out in her pussy. I leaned forward to get better leverage and to grab a handful of her hair. I softly pulled her hair while I pounded away.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck Steve! Fuck me harder! Fuck my cunt! OOOOHHHH SHIT!” Kim screamed, as she was cumming.

“Oh my goodness I love fucking you.” Kim said once she was off of her high. “Lay down Steve, I am going to ride you till you cum deep in my pussy.” She said

“I thought I was giving the orders around here?” I ask.

“You have something else in mind?” She said

“No, you riding me sounds pretty good. I’m the boss though so get on my dick and ride it like the whore you are.” I said

“Yes master.” Kim said with a grin and we both laugh.

I lay back on the bed, grabbed a pillow for my head and got comfortable. I was ready for Kim to get on my dick and do all the work. I wanted to enjoy the view and watch her fuck me. It was such a great sight to see her beautiful pussy lower down on my cock. Her lips slowly parted as her pussy seemed to suck me in. Kim looked amazing. Her big tits were basically perfect. They hung perfectly for D size tits with just a little crease at the bottom and upturned nipples. The boobs were so perky and perfect. I was in heaven. An amazingly beautiful woman was comfortably fucking me.

“Is that as hard as you can fuck me?” I said as she was going at a decent pace bouncing canlı kaçak iddaa up and down on my dick.

“Fuck no, I was just warming up baby.” She said.

Gradually her pace increased. She leaned forward putting her hands on either side of me to give her better leverage to move her hips. She finally got to the point where she could not go any faster. It was like she was twerking on my dick. Her ass was bouncing and was slapping down on my groin. Her tits were bouncing about a foot from my face and I needed a taste. I grabbed her tits and raised my mouth to her nipple. My tongue circled her areola and my hand caressed her other tit. Her body tightened, her pussy clamped down on my dick and another orgasm coursed through her body.

“Fuck yeah Steve. Oh fuck I can’t believe I am cumming again. Shit you are good in bed.” Kim said.

Once her orgasm subsided I said, “Alright slut, you have had enough pleasure this morning.” As I grabbed her tits and tweaked her nipples. “Your going to fuck me as hard as you can till I cum deep inside your pussy. Now start fucking me you slut. Fuck me like you have never done before. Get fucking wild.” I said.

“Alright baby, I hope you can handle it.” She said.

She swiveled on my cock till she was reverse cowgirl, which was a great position to watch her amazing ass.

“You ready to get wild.” Kim said.

“Yeah baby, do anything you want, as long as it is hard and fast.” I said

Her start was not hard and fast, it was slow and steady. I slapped her ass, “Speed up.” I said

“Be patient Steve, most good things in life require patients.” Kim said

“I don’t need life lessons right now. Right now I need to be fuck, I have been patient enough giving you all your orgasms.” I said

“Don’t worry baby, you will get your release and it will feel so good.” She said. Kim lowered herself all the way down until she was just sitting on me. My cock was buried in her pussy. Kim’s pussy started to tighten around my cock. She must do her pussy exercises because without moving she was fucking me. Her pussy muscles were milking my dick. The feeling was incredible and was different from anything else I have ever experienced.

“Holy fuck Kim, that feels so fucking good. Whatever you are doing keep doing it.” I said. I could feel her juices flowing down my cock, onto my balls and down my ass crack. She was so fucking wet. She continued to not move yet fuck me. My orgasm was going to happen soon. Kim then reached down and started to massage my balls that were cover in her pussy juice. Slowly rolling each nut softly through her hand. I don’t think sex could feel much better; I wanted to feel like this forever. Kim took her other hand to the area right below my balls and started moving down. What the hell was she doing? Kim’s finger slowly pushed into my crack. I tensed up.

“Don’t worry baby I will make you feel so good.” Kim said.

I tried to calm down and unclench my ass. The tip of Kim’s finger finally touched my hole. Her touch was so soft and sensual, it my cock jump.

“This is so weird but this does feel kind of good.” I thought to myself. Kim slowly circled my hole while increasing the pressure gradually.

“Kim this is incredible, I am going to explode any second.” I said

“Good baby, cum deep in my pussy.” She said.

Kim’s pussy muscles tightened more and the milking of my cock became stronger and more intense.

That was it. Cum blasted deep into her. The pressure on my ass hole increased more till her tip of her finger penetrated me. It was one of the strongest orgasms I had ever experienced; all it took was a little finger poking my ass and a pussy squeezing cum out of me. The orgasm must have lasted for a minute. Cum was leaking out of her pussy and her finger was still in my ass when my orgasm finally subsided.

“Kim, that was…” I thought, “I don’t now what that was but if felt so good. You are such a fucking slut and I love it.” I said.

“Thanks Steve, this has been an unforgettable night and morning. I can’t wait to fuck you again.” Kim said.

“Me to baby, we better fuck soon. Let go shower and get you home. First get off my dick and get that finger out of my ass.” I said as we both laughed.

“You did like it, didn’t you?” Kim said.

“Maybe a little.” I said

We showered and then I said goodbye to her. I could barely wrap my head around what had just happened last night and this morning. The whole thing was crazy. Couple of weeks I had only been with one woman with a pretty basic sex life. Now I have a curious insatiable wife and her best friend who is a sex freak. Life was good and Lexi was coming home tomorrow and that should be really fun.

The next morning could not come soon enough. I woke the next morning with a raging hard-on. My dream that night consisted of a great threesome with Lexi and Kim. Knowing it was a dream was a little disappointing but I had a sneaking suspicion that the dream was going to become a reality. canlı kaçak bahis I got out of bed and took a shower. I had to rub one out to get my wood to go down. I knew if I didn’t I would cum in the first couple minutes when Lexi got home.

Finally I got a call from Lexi, “I am just leaving the airport and will be home in a few minutes. Can you have the shower warm for me so I can get clean from the flight? I always seem to get a seated next to the horny old rich guys in first class that try to hit on me the whole flight. I just want to get nice and clean for you.”

“Of course baby, I am so ready to see you,” I said.

“I can’t wait to see you and fuck your brains out baby. I hope you will join me in the shower.” Lexi said.

“I just got out but there is no way I am going to miss a shower with the sexiest women in the world.” I said.

“Oh you are so cheesy Steve, I am just around the corner and I will see you in a minute.” Lexi said.

We hung up the phone; I got naked and went to turn on the shower. My excitement was already showing with my semi hard cock hanging down and swinging back and forth as I rush around the house. I heard the garage door open and I ran to meet her. She turned off her car and I opened her door. She looked so cute and professional in her sexy little business skirt suit.

“Oh my honey, I could get used to being greeted like this.” Lexi said as she reached out and grabbed my cock. “Honey I have missed you so much and I have really missed this big guy.”

Lexi slowly stroked my dick hard right there in the garage. We embraced and then turned to go inside. I had been so focused on seeing Lexi I finally realized I was naked in my open garage. I turned to look out to see my neighbor right across the street at her mailbox just staring right back at me. Her name was Carrie and she was defiantly a trophy wife. She lived in the biggest house on the block and her husband always seemed to be away on business. She was in her upper 30’s and beautiful. She had an elegant beauty with dark hair and strong facial structure. I was sure in her younger years she had to be a model. Living next to her all that was ever said was passing hellos and to be honest her beauty and since of high society always made us standoffish towards her but with my newfound sexual confidence I just smiled and waved knowing she got a great look at my wife stroking my big dick. Her mouth fell open and gave me a small timid wave in return.

“Lets get you all cleaned up baby, the shower is already going for you.” I said. She led the way to the bathroom still never letting go of my prick.

I got her naked and we got in the shower. I took my time to appreciate her amazing body. Everything is tight and perfect. I caressed every inch of her body with the soap, making sure I didn’t miss a spot. I made sure I spent extra time on the important areas.

“Fuck Steve, I am so fucking horny. You rubbing all over my body is making me so fucking wet. I could cream any second. Play with my pussy baby, I need to cum.” Lexi said.

“I will give you something a little better.” I said

I sat down in the shower. Put one of her legs over my shoulder and her pussy right in my face and went to town.

“Oh shit, I could lick you all day. You taste so sweet baby.” I said as my face was buried in her pussy.

Sensually licking her entire slit I could taste more and more of her nectar on my tongue. She was getting wetter and I knew her orgasm would soon follow. Lexi’s body was aching for a release so finally I made my way to her clit. I clamped down on her little clit and was not going to let it go till she was done cumming. I increased my pressure and speed at which I attached her clit till I pushed her over the edge.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Steve. Oh shit baby I am cumming! Fuuuucck!” Lexi said. Her whole body was taken by the orgasm as it ripped through her. “Fuck honey keep licking me, oh fuck don’t stop.” It was one of the best orgasms I had seen her have.

Once she was back to normal she grabbed my head out of her crotch and had me stand. She embraced me with a passionate kiss and getting a good taste of her pussy. “That was amazing. I had so much sexual tension built up from being away for the weekend. Hearing everything from you and Kim just turned me on more and I needed you so bad. Holy shit I needed you.” Lexi said

“I’m glad I could help baby. I’ll help you whenever you want.” I said, and we both laughed.

“OK honey now I need that big cock.” Lexi said. She dropped to her knees and put both hands on my cock. She slowly started to jack me off moving her hands softly up and down my cock. “Steve your cock is so fucking nice. I’ve been craving this monster all weekend and to think it has been fucking my best friend in all of her holes the whole time. Fuck it makes me wet.” She said

“Oh yeah Lexi, keep fucking stroking my cock. Fuck you are amazing. I can’t believe how much we have changed over the last month. Holy fuck I love you.” I said. As I was talking she continued stroking me and started to lick the really sensitive under of the cock head. All the while never breaking eye contact. She had come so far since that girl’s night. Now she was a sex goddess, my sex goddess

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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