Hot Tub Fun Ch. 02

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He’d been watching her now for several weeks; each time he heard her get into her hot tub, he would take his place on the balcony to watch her cum. As she got hotter and hotter, he would stroke his cock and fantasize that he was the one making her moan like that. As she reached her peak, he would cum with her, wishing he was pumping his cum into her mouth or her pussy! He hadn’t jacked off this often in years!

One night, after a session that she seemed to be particularly wiped out, he decided that he would like to try her hot tub out and fantasize about her in there. He figured he would wait until she was in bed, knowing she would probably sleep hard after that group of orgasms, so she shouldn’t hear him.

He waited until all the lights were out next door, waited another half hour to be sure, and then walked through the light hedge separating their yards. In just a robe, he didn’t need any time to undress, just dropped the robe outside the tub and stepped in. Sinking into the hot water, he began to relax. He was in no hurry to start his fantasy, and this felt really good!

After a few minutes, he began to think about the woman who lived here. She was decent looking, from what he could tell. He wondered why there was never a man in canlı bahis the tub with her. He started to think about touching her body, stroking her breasts, flicking her nipples as they hardened…his cock began to respond to his thoughts. He thought about how he would like to start by kissing her neck, then move his mouth down to each breast in turn, licking and nipping at them to get her excited. He thought about how she would reach out and tentatively touch him, wanting to know what she had to look forward to. As he was thinking that, the water seemed to stroke him gently…what a great feeling, he thought. He continued to think about how he would touch her body, then began to really think about how he would like her to touch his.

She would gently cup his sac, then encircle his cock with her hand, stroking down, then up with a light brush of the head when she got there. He could actually feel her doing it, just the way he liked it! Wow, no wonder she likes this tub, he thought. The water feels great on your body!

As he got harder and harder, he imagined her using her other hand to move between his legs and begin caressing the spot behind his sac. He spread his legs a little to accommodate the feeling this was giving him. He couldn’t believe bahis siteleri his imagination was this good, but he wasn’t about to stop now. He pictured her gently probing his anus, wondering if she should be bold and go farther. He wanted her to try; he’d never had anyone offer that and was curious to see if he would like it. He spread his legs a little more and could feel warmth and pressure at his sphincter. All the while, her hand, or the water, was stroking his cock in a lazy rhythm. He thought that he would really like to feel her mouth on him, and suddenly the feel of a warm, wet mouth was enveloping his cock, he even thought he could feel her throat where it hit his head! God! This was unbelievable!

He imagined her switching from her hand to her mouth, and could feel the changes as he did. He went back to the pleasant feelings from his ass…did he want her to go farther? Did he want to feel his prostate being massaged, like he’d read about? Yes! He did. As he made the decision, he could feel what he thought must be her finger entering him, slowly, allowing him to relax and let her in. She gently moved in and out and he realized that he was not only enjoying it, but wanted more. With that, he felt something a little larger prodding bahis şirketleri him…two fingers? No, this felt more solid than that. A dildo perhaps? He found himself very excited by the idea and willed himself to relax enough to take it in. He could feel it entering and pulling out, going deeper with each stroke. Between the feeling in his ass and the feelings on his cock, he didn’t know how long he was going to be able to last before he exploded in what he knew was going to be the orgasm of a lifetime!

The pumping in his ass became a counter rhythm to the sucking on his cock and there was a warm hand stroking and pulling his sac. Before long, he felt his balls tighten and his cock felt harder than it ever had in his life. He wanted to cum in her mouth! He moaned and arched and shot a load of cum down her warm, wet throat. His cum pumped and pumped into her until, spent, he relaxed back into the tub. The dildo in his ass slowly pulled out, the hand on his balls gave one last little tug and he swore he could feel her kiss the top of his head as she let it out of her mouth!

After resting a few minutes, he managed to drag himself out of the hot tub and put his robe on. He wasn’t sure his legs would take him back to his house, but he sure couldn’t get caught here!

A few days later, he decided that he really was going to have to devise a plan to meet his neighbor and get invited into her magic hot tub with her; he could only imagine what they could do together!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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