HOT SHOTS: M.I.L.F Spring Break Ch. 04

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Perpetual slacker Shawn had been promised sex by his rich girlfriend Daisy if he could pass his final exam…Well, he failed and went over her house in an attempt to coerce her into sex anyway and ended up sleeping with her mother Mrs. Diane Hartford, a SMOKING HOT M.I.L.F!! Mrs. Hartford took his virginity and the couple was nearly caught by his girlfriend and her father!! Shawn found himself in a situation where he had been coerced/ seduced by his teacher Mrs. Oderkirk and now has added his girlfriend’s coach Mrs. Bryant to the mix!!

What will happen next?!!


“EARTH to SHAWN!!” I woke up on my couch with one hell of a headache to see the close gnarled features of my uncle standing over me. I’d fallen asleep on the couch with the bong in my lap after an utter waste of a night toking it and smoking it.

“Wow, somebody had a rough fucking night; wanna talk about it?” Frank looked concerned and started picking up some of the mess littering the floor around the couch. I’d gotten the munchies and went all packman on some industrial sized bags of chips that were lying around, two packs of pecan sandies, six microwave burritos, ten sticks of beef jerky and a single cube of starburst candy.

“Well, guess I’m not all that special after all.” I sat up leaving my brain resting on the pillow. I was in the throes of one hell of a hangover and felt like retching. Frank placed a large pot he reserved for the cooking of his specialty gumbo on the floor and kicked it over at my feet. I waved him off sincerely grateful before bolting from the couch to pray to the porcelain goddess if you know what I mean.

“This is about that girl that took your virginity isn’t it?” He was amused at the sight of me emptying my guts out into the toilet and even gave me a sympathy flush.

“Bingo Uncle Frank; but it’s totally cool and everything. There’s always other uh, fish in the sea right? BBLLLLLUUUUUAAARGGHH!!” I tried to sound glib, but the second wave of vomit took its toll ripping through my body.

“Well I would agree with you Shawn but any idiot can see that you still haven’t gotten this thing out of your system. Tell you what; I don’t wanna hear about it until you’re ready son okay?” I weakly nodded as he pulled the door up behind him as he left. Uncle Frank must have been psychic or something because the next wave of nausea included…diarrhea.


By the time I’d emerged from the bathroom, I found my uncle passed out face down in his bed. He worked the night shift at a local factory three nights a week welding and was usually slammed when he got home in the morning. He’d taken the time to clean the house before passing out and I felt like a sack of shit because of it. I decided to restock the kitchen and grabbed his keys to his jeep. Images of Mrs. Hartford still plagued my mind and I was full of confusion and anxiety continually playing out scenarios involving the smoking hot older woman shagging the hell out of her husband. I pulled into the local grocery store slamming my fist against the steering wheel.

I was so pissed that I sat in the jeep for several minutes just stewing until I finally got it together enough to go shopping. It was a Sunday morning and luckily I didn’t have to go to school because I really couldn’t have dealt with Mrs. Oderkirk’s manipulation or Coach Bryant’s wrestling matt.

I have to admit that I didn’t mind the second half of my day with Wendy (Coach Bryant). The sex we’d had was pretty fucking amazing and I’d left her sitting in the shower staring after me as I walked back to class. Three different women in three different days and all I could think about was Diane Hartford. Maybe I was confused because she was my first, maybe because she was so much hotter than her daughter… Daisy had unknowingly revealed to me exactly what her mom really thought of me. My phone suddenly chirped signaling a text and causing simultaneous dread.



It was her and my heart jumped a few beats for a few seconds. I was indecisive not knowing how to respond and just looked at the message blankly.


Wanna hook up?

I started typing a reply that would have demonstrated how I currently felt about Diane, but I quickly deleted it and sat there staring holes into the phone screen.



I tossed the phone on the seat and entered the store to do my shopping and pay my uncle back for his good will this morning. I really didn’t know what to write back to Diane. I wanted her to know I was pissed, but I didn’t want to run her off either. A few seconds after tossing my phone in the front seat of the jeep, I was aching to get it back and call her. I was mad as hell at her for fucking her husband and that was crazy; but I wanted to fuck her brains out as well.

“You WILL BE HOME AT SIX and YOU WILL BE TAKING CARE of OUR BABY tonight Jerome!!” My inner turmoil was interrupted by the familiar sound of a voice that made my blood run cold.

“Baby, casino şirketleri why you gotta come to my job all the time with this drama; can’t you see I’m trying to work?” It was Mrs. Oderkirk, there was no mistaking that haughty sounding voice and I peered around a display of cans to her talking to a really tall black guy that for all intents and purposes appeared to be “a little slow”. She was wearing this dashiki-type black top that perfectly hid her huge tits, some matching black leggings and black rider boots.

My eyes kept traveling back to her husband who appeared to be a couple of years older than Mrs. Oderkirk with slightly salt and pepper hair and a hang dog face. He probably could have been some sort of athlete in his day and had his share of women’ but how did he score a hot babe like my teacher.

“OOOOWW!!” I was suddenly struck in the back of the head with an object and was propelled forward toppling the display of cans and drawing attention to myself. It wasn’t so much that it hurt as the sudden surprise of being touched that had caused the accident.

The culprit turned out to be a two year old sitting in a shopping cart and wielding a small plastic baseball bat. It was the kind of bat they gave out at baseball games for souvenirs. His mother, some cutie who looked a few years older than me apologized profusely as I waved her off. There were cans everywhere and I tried to get up a few times falling back down on the floor when I’d accidentally placed my hand on an errant can.

“HELP HIM UP JEROME BEFORE HE SUES THE STORE!!” The big black guy reached down without a word to his wife and effortlessly helped me up off of the floor. I felt like a ragdoll or a small child realizing just how strong this guy was. I swallowed loudly as I found myself looking directly into Mrs. Oderkirk’s pretty face. Her eyes widened a little bit when she saw me and she immediately had that trademark smirk on her lips as she folded her arms across her chest.

“OH SIR, I’M SOOOO SORRY ABOUT THAT!! MY STUPID ASS HUSBAND STACKED THOSE CANS!!” Both of my wrists were immediately in her grasp as she apologized loudly in front of her husband and a few sparse onlookers. Jerome was looking at the mess and absentmindedly scratching his head.

“CLEAN THIS MESS UP JEROME BEFORE SOMEBODY ELSE GETS HURT!! I’m gonna help this poor guy to the restroom to get cleaned up…WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR JEROME!!”

“Yes dear.” The giant was already stooped over grabbing as many cans as he could hold. He seemed to be mumbling to himself.

“Right this way sir, I’ll have you cleaned up in no time!!”

“Mrs. Oder-MMMPPHHHH!!” She’d pressed her hands over my mouth effectively silencing me and pushed me into a small bathroom. It happened so fast that I barely had time to register it.

“What a stroke of luck running into you here. You have absolutely no idea how glad I am to see you Shawn.” Her Cheshire Cat grin had me sweating and her fingers immediately grasped my cock.

“MRS. ODERKIRK!” She quickly pressed her hand against my mouth and used her fingers to purse my lips shut.

“Be quiet asshole; do you have any idea what my husband would do to you if he found us like this?” She whispered in my ear as she frantically worked at undoing my fly.

“But you pushed me in here ma’am, WHAT DO MEAN FOUND US LIKE THIS?!!”

She quickly tugged the deep V-neck front of her dashiki style top apart popping her bare breasts out.

“Look motherfucker; I need a mouth full of cock or I’m going to walk out of here just like this and we’ll see who Jerome believes bitch!” She grabbed the doorknob but I quickly covered her hand with my own. She seemed to calm down as I silently fished out my cock which was already hard from the sight of her big breasts.

“Oh yeah, just what the doctor ordered.” She seemed so different away from school and the petite teacher dropped to her knees quickly taking me into her mouth. It took her mere seconds to get me fully hard.

She had this way of applying just the right pressure on my shaft combined with a very sloppy and wet technique that was to die for. Her mouth soon felt almost like a surrogate pussy and against my will had me humping her face hard.

“Fuck Sophie, you’re about to make me cum.” I moaned five minutes into her routine.

Mrs. Oderkirk never broke eye contact with me even when I started to cum right on her extended tongue creating a thick, white trail of semen that slowly flowed directly down her throat. She even let some of my cum dribble down over her big breasts.

“Oh that was great Shawn; but I’m afraid I’m gonna need a little more than that today young man.” She was surveying the mess I’d made of her chest which was glazed over with my seed and her saliva.

“But Mrs. Oderkirk, I’ve got some errands to run and today’s not a school day.” I tried to reason with her but she wasn’t gonna be moved by plain simple common sense.

“You do remember how we talked earlier Shawn; about how CRAZY my HUSBAND is casino firmaları about me and he loves my fuckin tits!! Now I have to admit that he has somewhat of a vacancy between the ears, but he more than makes up for it with twelve inches of charm.” I sometimes wasn’t the brightest myself, but her intent was clear.

“Where Mrs. Oderkirk?”

“Just follow my car Shawn; think you can do that right?” Her attitude was putting me off but I knew I didn’t have any choice.

“Yes ma’am.”

“Cut it out with that “ma’am shit”; do I look like a fuckin old lady to you Shawn?” I didn’t answer remembering that question being the catalyst in me losing my virginity recently.

I ended up following Mrs. Oderkirk’s car to her place. She lived surprisingly close to me in a duplex not far from the beach. My phone had seen ringing while I drove and one look at the screen had confirmed my suspicions. Mr. Hartford must have gone to work today instead of banging the crap out of his smoking hot wife. I tried to ignore my cellphone resting on the passenger’s seat beside me but snatched it up anyway and finding a hundred and twenty-two text messages from Mrs. Hartford.




So, what crawled up your ass and died?


Shawn, answer me!!



I felt a great swell of something like pride as I scrolled through the numerous messages. Diane seemed to be getting more hysterical as the texts continued and I couldn’t help but grin. It’s just that I wanted her to feel what I went through last night while over medicating with my uncle’s stash. The bulk of these messages had been sent while I’d been getting my cock sucked in a public restaurant.

“Hello earth to Shawn; are we doing this in your car or are you coming inside?” Mrs. Oderkirk was tapping at my window with her car keys looking irritated and I just ignored her staring at some more messages on my phone while I stepped out of my uncle’s jeep.

“Now I must caution you that before we go into my place that more than one person resides there and that it is not an accurate representation of me as your instructor or a person.” She seemed to be worried about something as she walked ahead of me with her house keys. My gaze was split between the messages on my phone and her curvy little butt. I really couldn’t tell if she was wearing and underwear but I knew I was about to find out and for some reason I’d developed a raging hard-on following her up to the large oak door.

“Now remember Shawn, no judgments.” Her interior of the condo living room was a mess of clothing, discarded dishes and some children’s toys mixed strewn about. She explained that he husband usually cleaned the house but that he’d been working earlier due to one of his coworkers taking a vacation. She led me down a similarly cluttered hallway to a room near the back of her house which was quite clean and well organized with a futon centered in the center of the sparsely furnished bed room and stacks upon stacks of books lining the walls. They appeared to be school books.

“Welcome to my inner sanctum Shawn. This is where I sleep and live for the most part. My husband and the kids use the rest of the house but this room is off limits. So what do you think of my little oasis Shawn?”

“Maybe if you could like help your husband clean, the whole house could uhm; be an oasis?”

“You don’t understand how things work Shawn. In my home everything has its function and place. This is my personal space due to the fact that I am the primary bread winner in this family. I deserve my space; I earned this by being focused and keeping my nose in the books instead of having fun with friends. I gave up my youthful years to focus on a career and my husband… well; he loved to have fun and fucked off his basketball career.” She had this kind of angry aura about her that was off-putting and I never realized this about Mrs. Oderkirk when she was simply my teacher.

“So what about your husband; what’s his uhm, place Mrs. Oderkirk?” I just wanted to hear her say it even though I already knew the answer.

“Well, like I said before; he has a particular twelve inches of charm and I already told you about my rather peculiar tastes Shawn. In fact you two have a lot in common young man.” She had reverted to using her teacher-like tone with me.

I wasn’t gonna fall for that shit again. She seemed like some entitled shrew and I knew I wasn’t going to get out of that condo without banging the shit out of my teacher.

“Well, these “two” have a lot in common.” I reached into the plunging neckline of her dashiki and brought her large tits out into the open making the petite brunette gasp.

“OOOHH SHAWN!!” I’d started rolling her prominent nipples roughly and squeezing her boobs really hard. I was treating her tits like one of the little stress balls people use when they have a lot of anxiety. Her eyes lit up as my right hand smacked her tight curvy ass.

“Y-You’re soooo fucking güvenilir casino f-forceful all of a sudden S-Shawn.” Both of my hands were kneading and rolling her cheeks pulling them apart for a shot at her sex. Three of my fingers ran along her slit finding her crotch obscenely wet. She was getting off on being manhandled and squirming against my body panting.

“SSSS-SSSHHAAAAAAWWWNN F-FFFUUUCK!!” Eight of my fingers were working the grooves of her lower lips and my fingertips were drenched with her lust. It was almost like she’d pissed her pants. She was so horny at this point that I was essentially holding her up as she bent her knees trying to push my digit harder into her sex.

“W-WHAT THE FUCK?!” I shoved her on the futon watching as her big tits slightly bounced freely on her chest. She had this incredulous look on her face as I quickly got my cock out and started stroking it in front of her while string deep into her eyes.

“What are you gonna do with that fat cock young man?” I didn’t respond and continued stroking my meat with long measured strokes knowing that the sight was driving my teacher wild.

“Come on Shawn; let me play with it too!” Mrs. Oderkirk got on her hands and knees reaching for my cock but I slapped her seeking fingers away from my unit.

“SSHHHAAAAAWN UUURRRRKKK!!” My fingers intertwined with her dark mane as my engorged cock found a home at the back of her throat.

“GAK!!GAK!!GAK!!GAK!!GAK!!” I had my way with her mouth fucking it wildly like it was her pussy and causing webs of saliva to run from her mouth onto her bed. Mrs. Oderkirk started getting into my rough treatment and wagging her cute little butt as she bobbed her head on my shaft but I didn’t want this so I shoved her away by pushing against her forehead. She hardly knew what to do when I caught one of her ankles and pulled the boot free quickly followed by the other boot.

“YOU’RE BEING SOOOOOOOO MEAN SHAAAWWN!!…but I like it!!” My hands were already under her bottom yanking down her leggings and pulling them free of her body.

Mrs. Oderkirk wasn’t wearing any panties.

Her feminine musk permeated the room and I could see that her bare snatch was visibly wet. I grabbed both of her ankles and yanked her violently towards the edge of the futon as she giggled excitedly. Her laughter was cut short as I shoved a finger inside her wet snatch and quickly brought it out for a taste. I replaced that single digit with three watching as her juices pooled around me while I finger fucked her.

“OOOHH FUUUCK, FEELS GOOOD!!” Was all she could get out of her mouth while I was frigging her cunt as roughly as possible. Mrs. Oderkirk tried to hump up against my hand causing me to immediately stop.

“Wh-what; why did you stop Shawn?” I barely let her finish her sentence before shoving my cock back into her mouth and fucking her throat some more.

“GAK!!GAK!!GAK!!GAK!!GAK!!” I continued pumping her mouth shoving my hard cock down her throat as she dug her nails into my thighs trying in vain to push back against the forward motion nearly choking her.

“OOOHH MY GAAAWD SSSHAAWN-What’s going on with GAK!!GAK!!GAK!!GAK!!GAK!!” I’d shoved more of my member into her throat until I noticed her furiously rubbing her clit.

I continued my pattern of yanking my dick away when she’d get into it and focusing on another body part. This time I pushed four fingers into her dripping snatch and rubbed the grooves of her inner walls mercilessly while she squirmed. Mrs. Oderkirk tried to lock her legs around my arm to keep it in place but no dice as I pushed her thighs apart and buried my face in her honeypot.

“Baby-Fucking fuck ShhhaaaaWWWWWNNNN!!” She instantly began trembling beneath me as a massive orgasm approached and I made sure to keep an iron grip on her ankles while I lapped up all of her moisture.

“SSSHAAAWN I’M GONNA CUM SO HAAAARD FFFFUUUUUCCC-huh?” I quickly stopped and stood my ground a few feet back form the bed looking at her with a blank expression and stroking my hard cock. Mrs. Oderkirk looked pissed as she gathered her wits on the futon. Her mascara was ruined looking like oily tears and her lipstick was smeared along with my precum. She clutched her hand to her chest and in one swift motion yanked her top over her head throwing it at me.

“What is your motherfucking problem asshole? I brought you here to FUCK ME RIGHT and all you wanna do is PLAY FUCKING GAMES WITH ME ALL GOT-DAMN DAY!! I WANNA GET FUCKED OR DO YOU NEED A MAKEUP CLASS FOR THAT TOO YOU FUCKING NIMROD!!” Mrs. Oderkirk was clearly enraged and I didn’t help matters by continuing to remain silent and playing with my rock hard cock in front of her eyes.

“SAY SOMETHING SHAWN; SAY SOMETHING ASSHOLE!!” She was livid at this point kneeling nude in her bed staring a hole right through me. Mrs. Oderkirk had a very impressive body and she was glistening with sweat giving off this reddish hue.

“I’m cumming.” Powerful jets of semen began shooting out of my cock all over her floor as she screamed bloody murder.

I jerked out a big bubble out on the fat head of my dick flicking it in her direction before cleaning the puddle on her floor with her discarded top under the ball of my foot while she looked on in disbelief.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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