Hitchhiker’s Story

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We were sitting under a tree one a hot July evening talking. It was just me and my cousin Bradley.

Since starting university I missed going to the farm every summer. Brad and I used to have some great times and had grown closer now that we knew that each other was gay. We don’t look too much alike, but we both have the same compact muscular build from lots of physical activity and neither of us is very tall.

Brad wanted to know all about university and about the men since there were slim picking on the farm. I kept him entertained with some of the antics from the swim team. He kept saying “fucking no way” and said he was so jealous.

I was about to make him more jealous. There was a real hot story to tell him that happened only two days before. I was kinda scared tell it since I wasn’t really proud of it. I wasn’t really ashamed of it either though… “You know Brad, if you’re desperate we could fool around.”

“No way Stuie — His name for me. You’re hot and all but it’s just too weird. I don’t think I’d be able to handle it afterwards. I know we’re third cousins but we’re practically borthers.” “Just offering man.”

“I’ve got a fucking hot story for ya but I don’t know if I should tell you.” I actually blushed as I said it.

Brad was instantly curious. “It if involves hot guys with dicks you’ve gotta tell me! I’m fucking starving out here!”

“Okay. Okay…” I smiled and began my tale.

On the way here I didn’t have enough money for the bus so I hitchhiked.

“I would have picked you up,” Brad looked hurt. “It’s only 8 hours away.”

“I know. I know. But I don’t want to be a bother. Anyway I thought it would be a great adventure.”

So I set out from the university. One of my professors took me as far as his turn off which is actually about 1 hour closer to you. He actually looked kinda worried about leaving me at the corners and offered me money, saying he was young once too but times have changed and things aren’t as safe now.

I convinced him I’d be all right and didn’t need the money so he continued on. It was about 7:30pm by then and still fucking hot. I didn’t take my t-shirt off cause of the mosquitoes even though it was kind of sweaty. So I just stood there in my kaki shorts.

“You mean those filthy shorts you wore on the way in here? Wonder anyone picked you up in those,” Brad interrupted.

I sneered at him and continued.

Well I was getting kinda worried that I’d have to stay out there all night. It was getting dark and I was way out of town already. So I sat down on the road only to jump up when I saw lights pop up over the hill. It was an 18-wheeler.

I thumbed and they stopped ahead of me. I ran up and the passenger door opened. There were two truckers in the cab. The one in the passenger seat was about 35 years old and really nicely built. He must spend all his time in the truck or at the gym. I saw his buldging pecs and his right bicep as he swung the door open. The driver was I’d say about 45 or 50 years old. Not bad looking, pretty big and hairy.

He asked where I was headed so I told him. They were going all the way to the border so they’d be passing only a few miles from here. He said it was pretty cramped but I was welcome to hop in.

So I said sure and the muscle guy held out his arm and said, “Hop in, you can squeeze between us if that’s okay.” He didn’t get out so I grabbed his arm and he hoisted me up. Fuck he was strong.

I had to climb over him to get into the center. He had one hand on my back and the other on my hip to guide me over to the center. He seemed to be almost grabbing my ass but not really. As I slipped almost into the driver’s lap he reached out and grabbed my shoulder with one hand and the other hand on my chest to stop me from going the whole way down into his lap headfirst. “All right there son?” he said and squeezed my left peck quickly. Then he said welcome aboard, you can throw your knapsack in the sleeper.

So I said thanks and turned half way around to bahis siteleri drop my knapsack into the back. Behind the curtain it was pretty tidy but there was quite a few pairs of underwear sitting on the bed–all different kinds, briefs, boxers, and jocks by the looks of it.

The driver introduced himself as Trevor and the muscle guy’s name was Tony. I was wedged in the middle with my bare legs pressed against Tony’s and Trevor’s. I could feel the heat coming through their jeans and it was making me sweat even more in the humid air.

I told them my name was Steve cause I didn’t want to use my real name but they seemed quite friendly and I was enjoying being sandwiched by these two big truckers. Trevor worked the gears and we pulled out and slowly accelerated up to speed.

Trevor said it was going to be a long haul but it was nice to have a new face along. Then Tony surprised me by saying. “But it would be a lot more enjoyable if we had a… more interesting view. I love to see a nice built guy like you naked. What do you say Trevor.” Trevor smiled and looked at me in the mirror. “That would certainly pass the time, what do you say Stu?” So I said no fucking way. I was now afraid being between these big men each twice my size but Trevor smiled and said don’t worry man you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, but it seems fair that we should get a show if you get a ride.

I don’t think so man, I replied and went to turn to get my knapsack out of the back. I felt the truck slow and pull off to the side. Trevor looked a little disappointed but just said, have it your way man, but it’s lonely spot and no one picks up hitchers at night. It’s 2 hours to the next town and there aren’t even any farms around here.

Tony opened his door and motioned for me to be on my way. It was already dark out and I could see a guardrail glowing in the light from the cab. So I tried to compromise. How about if I take my shirt off?

Tony then said that’ll get you about half an hour. But only because you have one fucking hot chest. Um, okay I muttered and sat back down between them. It was still for a moment so I took the hint. I threw my knapsack back behind me and took off my shirt. Tony took it out of my hands and threw it in the back as well. He then shut the door and Trevor drove off again.

I was feeling pretty naked with just having my shirt off and I always have my shirt off. The conversation was always focused on me from then on. They both complimented me on my chest and asked if I was into sports. After a while I was actually enjoying the attention. I didn’t tell them I was gay of course because I was still wary about them taking that as a sign that I wanted whatever they wanted to give me.

Suddenly Trevor said the half hour was up but I could still go the rest of the way if I’d get naked. Fuck that was fast I said. We hadn’t passed anything in all this time, no lights, no truck stops, nothing and we had gone up into the hills quite a bit by now and it was getting cold, my nipples were hard. Which Trevor and Tony commented on. They had their window open on purpose I’ll bet.

I was still scared of what may happen and I would have felt so exposed with my big dick hanging out or worse, hard as a rock and sticking straight up like it was trying to do. So I said you’d better let me off then.

Trevor pulled off and slowed down and I turned around to get my stuff. My ass was still up front as I bent over to find my shirt when I felt a hand grab my shorts and briefs at the same time and yank them down. They were to my knees before I knew it. I tried to squirm but felt a muscular arm grip around my thigh while the other hand yanked my shorts down further. We were still slowing down and I could tell it was Tony who was stripping me down. He struggled to get it off my feet. With a tug he took my left running shoe off and one leg was free. After that the other was easy.

I scrambled out of the front and behind the curtain in the sleeper as the truck stopped. I shouted canlı bahis siteleri that I wanted my cloths back. Tony said that he did it for my own good. That he was worried about leaving me out here all alone and that I just needed to get it over with.

Trevor said that if I still wanted my clothes I could come and get them and go. I looked out between the curtains. Trevor was looking at me from the rear view mirror and Tony had his head turned. I saw my shorts and undies by his feet and the floor was muddy.

“How about if I stay back here?” I asked.

Trevor said, “Now what kind of show would that give us? Come up front and have a seat.”

“What if someone sees?” I questioned.

“There’s no one to see.” Tony said. “You’ve got nothing to be ashamed about. You’re a fucking stud and we just want to enjoy looking at you.”

I reluctantly said okay and wiggled back up front. They were both looking at me and even wolf whistling. I was buck naked except for a sock on my right foot. As I sat down Tony grabbed my shorts and threw them in back.

My dick was thick and I was trying desperately not to let it get hard. Because I was squished between them my thighs were together so my dick and balls sat heavily on top for both to see.

“Now that’s more like it.” Trevor woofed and turned on the radio and off we continued with them asking me a whole lot of sexual questions and obviously trying to get me hard. But they didn’t touch me or try to hurt me in any way. After a while of this Trevor seemed to change his line of conversation. He wanted to compare dicks with Tony and him. So Tony unzipped and he fumbled a bit trying to get out a really hard fat cut dick. It must have been 8″ and had a big head. It stuck straight out of his zipper and he played with it fondly. Trevor complimented him and said it was a fucking hot tool and that mine probably was when it was hard as well.

I didn’t say anything just stared at his big dick. It was fucking awesome and my mouth was watering. He reached into his zipper and yanked out two big hairy balls and let them sit outside of his jeans.

So I couldn’t help it, I started to get hard. It grew real fast and real solid. Mine is almost as big as Tony’s who looks real huge compared to my much smaller body.

Tony whistled. “That’s it boy! Let it grow man! You’ve got some competition there Tone,” he teased.

Tony smirked at me and said that he thought his dick was turning me on.

I heard Trevor’s zipper being pulled and turned around. With one hand on the wheel, Trevor was pulling out a big fat hairy uncut tool. It was really big just kept growing and growing. He just held it up and it expanded. He then pulled his foreskin down revealing a nice fat cock head.

Tony thwacked his dick into his hand and said, “So Steve, wanna play?” I couldn’t help myself I said I guess so. Still kinda nervous, I stammered a bit. He told Trever to pull over but he said that they were running late and couldn’t stop. Just give me a good show.

After that Trevor’s free hand was all over me and so was Tony’s. They were feeling my chest, grabbing my dick and balls and even trying to shove a finger between my legs. Since I was squished between it was difficult reaching my hole.

Tony said he had an Idea. He opened the glove compartment and took out a condom and KY. With the other hand on my chest he firmly pushed me back into the seat then set about putting the condom over his dick. It was tight and he had difficulty. Then the KY. He moaned as he worked his hand up and down his shaft.

“Okay, hop on…”

“No fucking way!”

“Do you want me to finish Brad or not?”

He was quiet and I continued…

I said I wasn’t sure but didn’t resist as he guided me over onto his lap. I sat heavily down as he pulled me back with his dick pressed against my back. He told me to put my feet up on the dash so I did.

Trevor was hooting and hollering encouragement. I think we are all getting hornier and hornier. Tony’s canlı bahis strong arms gripped me under the shoulders and he lifted me up and I felt his slick cock slide down my crack as I rose. He had trouble getting it in and shouted to Trevor for a hand.

Trevor reached over still driving and held Tony’s dick up solid.

Tony found my hole and gently thrust up. I moaned. He was so fucking strong. He kept me up with my legs up on the dash and wiggled his hips. Loosening my hole before lowering me down. I grabbed the seat back and the door as I went down and his big tool went up. Fuck it hurt but I was moaning and Trevor was egging us on.

We were rolling down the highway at night and I was being spiked by a stud dicked trucker. Fuck it was hot. I didn’t even have to do anything, Tony was in control. He was bouncing me up and down moaning about how he loved my tight swim jock ass. We would hit a bump every once and a while sending his dick in hard and fast.

Suddenly, a truck came the other way. Its lights shown on us and I was suddenly in bright light, being fucked with my legs spread on the dash with my hard dick bouncing for all to see. It passed quickly and then I heard a long pull of the horn. Trevor laughed and pulled twice on the horn.

Trevor informed that the passing trucker obviously enjoyed the show.

Tony’s breath was getting short and jerky and he was really bounding me hard. Then he pulled me down hard and his hips were bucking. I could feel his huge dick pulsing in my ass while Trevor shouted obscenities.

After sitting like that for a while, still hitting bumps, I got off and Trevor’s free hand was all over me again. He reached up to my neck and pulled me down onto his still hard dick. It was sweaty but clean and dripping with pre-cum. I sucked him hard while Tony, now spent just laughed and smacked my ass and grabbed my balls now and again.

As Trevor started to gasp I felt Tony’s hand on my head. He was forcing my head up and down hard on Trevor’s dick. The truck started to swerve and with one hand Tony forced my head down all the way and the other grabbed the wheel. Trevor bucked in his seat and shot load after load into my handsome face and down my throat.

Tony then pulled me off and said, “Now for you”. He pulled me onto his lap with my back to the door and said to put one leg on the dash and the other over the back of the seat. I did and Trevor had a good view. Tony had one strong arm around my torso, working my nipples and the other was jerking my dick. Trevor reached over and fingered my hole and yanked on my balls while Tony was working my dick.

I started to quiver just before big loads shot over my chest, on Tony’s jeans, and on the seat. Tony then shook my dick to fling some at Trevor who just laughed as drops hit him in the face.

I stayed naked for the rest of the trip but now they would grope and play with me. They switched driving a few times and after one had a nap and woke up to find me soft they would play with my dick until it was hard again. The time passed really quickly and it was just getting light when they said this is where I get off. I didn’t mind being naked around them but other people would see me now.

I went back to get my stuff. Put my shirt on but couldn’t find my underwear. Hey, where are my undies man? Tony said, “Right here man”. He held them up for me to see and shoved them down his pants. I’m gonna keep these as a souvenir, okay?

Sure it has been a fucking hot trip.

Trevor then told me to look around the cabin. I looked up for the first time. There were boxers, a Speedo, jockstrap and others mounted on the ceiling with names written on them in marker. Paul, Jerry, Mark… “It’s going on our hall of fame Steve.” Tony laughed.

So I put my shorts on. As I was saying good by I promised I’d look them up again and as I climbed out over Tony he had his hands all over me and then he ripped my shirt off. I looked at him. Sorry man, be a shame to cover up that hot body completely.

He shut the door and they were off.

“Is that why you walked up to the house in those dirty shorts and with no shirt on?” Bradley asked.




“I think I want to fool around now…”

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