His Friends Small Penis Ch. 04

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Steve & Todd had been together now for a little over a month, in only a week Steve was leaving for college. They had talked about it but as the day was getting closer the realization of being separated started setting in.

On Sunday morning Steve, who was to leave on Friday, said to Todd, “I really wish you were going to college with me. I’ll miss lying in your arms, kissing your lips and sucking that big cock of yours.”

“I know, I’ll miss the same. I was thinking, what if I tried to find a job near your school, I’ve saved most of my checks since I started working and can get an apartment and you can stay with me.” Todd said.

“You would do that pick up and move for me?” Steve asked.

“Hell yes, I’ve been considering coming out to my parents and no pressure I was thinking if your ready you can come out to yours,” Todd said.

“I need to think about it for a while, I’ll be honest I have thought about it but I’m not sure if it’s right for me just yet. I am not sure how my parents will take it, maybe after I’ve been on my own at college I’ll be able to but I’m not sure about doing it now.” Steve said.

Todd had begun looking for work near Steve’s college and had driven there to put in several applications a few weeks prior to this conversation and on Tuesday he got 2 offers for work. After accepting the 2nd offer which paid slightly more money and steady daytime hours he sat with his parents telling them he was moving away to live on his own. After they told him they were happy for him he decided it was time to discuss his sexual orientation.

“Mom dad I have something kaçak iddaa I need to discuss with you. You see I, um, you know I’ve never really dated girls, I finally found I am gay. I hope you won’t hate me or kick me out of the family but it’s what I am. Please be happy for me.” Todd told his parents.

After his mother cried a bit and his father sat quiet, both told him they just wanted him to be happy and while it would take a little of an adjustment he was still their son and they loved him.

Todd decided he wanted to see Steve to let him know he got a job and also come out to his parents so he drove to his house.

Steve heard a knock on the door, as he opened it he was happy to see Todd and said, “hey man what’s up?”

“Is anyone home, I need to talk to you?” Todd whispered.

“No dad is at work and mom is shopping for the afternoon,” Steve answered.

As they sat on the couch Todd told Steve about the job and also how he came out to his parents. Steve listened to his friend hanging on the words as he explained how he told his parents about being gay.

“God that’s great, your parents are the best,” Steve said after hearing the story.

“Yeah they are but what’s best is I get to live near you. I am going to look at an apartment tomorrow and if I get it I’ll be able to move in by the 1st in a couple of weeks. I know you have a room at the dorm but you can stay with me whenever you want, maybe even just stay with me full time.” Todd said.

“I’ll have to think about it but I know I want to with you as much as possible, if nothing else I know I’ll be there every weekend,” kaçak bahis Steve said reaching for his boyfriends lips kissing him.

The two embraced each other as their tongues danced happily both anticipating the freedom and excitement the future held for them. Steve began stroking Todd’s hardening cock through his pants as they were still locked in their embrace.

Todd unzipping his pants and pulling his hard throbbing cock out said, “is this what you want stud?”

“Yes, I want that hot fucking cock,” Steve answered as he lowered his lips between Todd’s legs pausing before taking his friends cock inside.

“Oh yes baby, I love you,” Todd said pausing a second after realizing this was the 1st time he told a guy he loved him. The he said again, “I love you!”

Pulling Todd’s cock from his mouth Steve said, “I love you too Todd, so much,” then diving down onto his cock began feverishly giving his lover a blow job.

After a few minutes Todd screamed, “I’m gonna cum, suck me baby I need to cum.”

As the words left Todd’s mouth he began shooting hot loads of cum down Steve’s throat. After Todd finished Steve released his friends cock from his mouth admiring his beautiful cum covered shaft. Todd then licked the cum off Steve’s cock savoring it until the last tiny bit was gone.

Steve looking at the clock suddenly said, “we need to get dressed my mom will be home very soon I suspect.”

As the two dressed Todd told Steve, “I can’t wait till we leave, I want you all to myself.”

“Yes I know it is exciting me now just thinking about it,” Steve said as he looked at illegal bahis the bulge from his hard cock pushing hard against his shorts.

“Gee too bad we don’t have time to take care of that again, but soon I can suck your cock anytime you need it,” Todd said as he left out the door.

After Todd left Steve went quickly to the bathroom so he could jerk off thinking of Todd, after squirting his load into a wad of tissues he flushed it down the drain and then went down to watch tv and wait for his mom to come home.

About 20 minutes later the front door opened and his mom, Helene, walked in as she put down her bags she said, “hi honey how was your day? I saw Jean (who is Todd’s mother) at the grocery store, she said Todd found a job near your your school and is moving there soon. Did you know he was leaving?”

“Hi mom, yeah he told me the other day guess I forgot to tell you. Here let me give you a hand with the bags,” Steve said as he took the groceries into the kitchen.

“So maybe you two boys can hook up since you won’t be too far apart, that will be great having a friend living in the area,” his mom said as she put milk in the fridge.

Steve thought, “oh if you only knew how we are gonna hook up.” Then answering her comment he said, “yeah I figured we can go out, maybe he can come to some of the college parties & stuff.”

“Well I hope you don’t do too much partying, I want you to graduate so don’t party so much you flunk out and no drugs, I mean it,” his mom said sternly.

“Don’t worry I won’t, promise,” Steve answered.

After everything was put away Steve went to his room, as he lay on his bed he daydreamed about what being with Todd fulltime would be like, before finally falling asleep he wished they could leave today and start their new journey.

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