High School Life Ch. 01

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It was 1976 and high school sucked. Well, it seemed like it anyway. For a large majority of kids high school is a hotbed of intimidation, awkwardness and what they call today bullying. Back in the day…back when I was in high school, what was normal antics of the jocks toward those of us that were in the lower pecking orders, wouldn’t be tolerated today. But back then, thirty years ago, it was a very different environment.

I was, by definition, a 98 pound weakling. That being, I was nearly six foot tall, weighed only a fraction over a hundred pounds dripping wet, and was what they kids today consider a geek. Back then we called them nerds. Smart, but not overly athletic. I also had the additional problem of a rather sharp wit, which unfortunately meant that my mouth wrote checks my body was unable to cash.

Another thing that was common was gym class. Today they call it all kinds of things, like Physical Education. But back then we called it gym and it was required all four years. I guess they thought that physical development was as important as mental development. Gym classes also REQUIRED that you shower after gym before going to your next class. That in itself isn’t a particular bad thing. Unfortunately, someone thought that it was a really good thing to have all gym classes coed. Great idea, until hormone driven young men have to strip and go into a shower. Through most of my incarceration in high school I had a nick name. “Pole.” I could laugh it off a little that it was because I was tall and skinny, but the real reason was because one of the jocks decided that it would be funny to make fun of the fact that I not only seemed to always have a hard-on after running around with the girls and watching their bouncing tits, but that the size of my equipment was disproportionately large.

I had a few girl friends over my high school years, but none of them what anyone would call particularly good looking. Amy was my favorite, a bit chunky but she had a wonderful personality, was fun to be around and yeah, we both experimented with each other a bit, doing a bit of touching and even trying some oral sex. We were still both virgins though when our senior year started.

Two things happened the beginning of my senior year that changed my world. The first was that the track coach saw the aftermath of one of my smart remarks, that being me easily out running three of the star football players, easily vaulting over a four foot fence without even slowing down. The result of that particular incident had me called to the principal’s office, not to be in trouble for a change, but for the track coach to recruit me. Suddenly I went from nerd to one of the stars on the track team. I was a JOCK!

Of course the second result of that incident was less fun, at least for me. The three football players I had insulted didn’t take it nearly as well as the coach, and in the middle of gym class, I ended up held by two while the third pulled my shorts down. Anger would be the least of my emotions at that moment. We had been playing dodge ball, guys against girls. Needless to say, watching the girls on the other side of the court, bend half way over while bouncing and jumping to avoid the balls had my cock in its normal state of arousal…hard as a freaking rock! If they’d just pulled my shorts down I would have been okay. But no. These three were dead set on teaching me a lesson. They pulled everything down, leaving my boner completely exposed to the entire female portion of the class, leaving me restrained for several long seconds with my shorts and briefs down around my ankles while the guys laughed and the girls stared.

In the end, it turned out that they did me a favor, though I didn’t think so at the time.

Trina Anison was the first. By that I mean she was the first of the “popular” girls to show me something other than contempt. You could have knocked me over with a feather when she asked me if I wanted to come over and help her with her physics homework. She was dating one of the football players, and made it clear that she wanted to keep this under the table, but she would really appreciate the help. While it could never be considered a date, we did set up Saturday afternoon.

Saturday came and I showed up at Trina’s house as expected at two sharp. Trina came to the door in a pleated mini-skirt and a loose tank top style shirt that was some kind of satin like material of the same pale green color as the skirt. She cheerfully let me in and led me to her bedroom for our “study” session. Now I’d been in girls’ rooms before, well my sister’s and Amy’s anyway, but Trina’s was a very girly girl’ room. Frilly pink bend covers, a four-poster bed with a frilly pink canopy, little knickknacks and assortments of perfumes and make-up arrayed on all the dresser tops. Of course no dirty clothes lying around like in my room, except for one notable exception, one pair of tiny pink underwear lying on the floor right next to her bed.

There was no way I wasn’t going to see them lying there, just like there was no way I was casino siteleri going to not notice as she lay down on the bed that she didn’t have any underwear on. She flopped onto the bed, facing away from me, her legs sticking out toward me, her feet about a two feet apart for a few moments before she half rolled on her side, cocking one leg slightly while she patted the bed next to her. I almost didn’t hear her invitation to lie on the bed next to her I was so busy staring at her completely bare pussy. She seemed completely un-phased by my standing and staring at her pussy, patiently waiting for me to realize she was inviting me onto her bed.

By the time I was on her bed next to her my cock felt like an iron rod, and nothing I was doing was making it get any less obvious in my jeans. She smiled and waited for me to join her on the bed, acting as if nothing in the world were out of the ordinary.

I lay down on my stomach next to her and she opened her physics book to the homework assignment and coaxed me closer to her so that I could read the problem with her. It seemed like no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t concentrate on physics because of her hip and leg pressing against mine. I did my best to explain what the problem was asking, and then she pulled her notebook in front of her and started working on the problem. It took several long seconds before I realized that the neckline of the tank top and the arm holes were much much larger than required and she was quite definitely NOT wearing a bra of any kind. From my position I could easily see more than half of her left breast as I looked down the top and in the arm hole, making my already incredibly hard dick try to get even harder.

Now being a nerd assumes some level of intelligence, but I had to admit that the hormones racing through my body were slowing my normal thought processes, and it took long seconds before I realized that when she moved her hand to scratch an itch on her chest, and her whole left breast was exposed out the side of the oversized arm hole, that her move was calculated and intentional. Once I made that leap of realization, I stopped trying to avoid her touch and actually rolled onto my side, facing her, leaving one of my hands to prop up my head and the other free to do other things.

I was more than a little nervous. I expected to get slapped at any second, but I did it just the same. I moved my hand from where it rested on my own leg to resting on her mini-skirt covered ass. To my surprise I didn’t get a slap at all. I did my best to concentrate on two things at once, the firmness of her ass and what she was saying about how she was working out the physics problem. The longer I lay there without getting slapped the braver I became, stroking her ass through the skirt material and then finally letting my fingers slip far enough down to stroke the bare skin of her firm ass cheeks.

My mind was completely lost at that moment to what she was saying, my fingers stroking the soft creamy skin of her cheek, letting my fingers push down her thigh and drawing up again along her crack.

“That’s nice. Keep it gentle like that.” She said as she pulled the book back toward her to read the next problem.

I almost missed the comment, but my hormone addled brain finally registered her approval of my actions. She read the problem and started sketching the problem out, spreading her legs farther apart so my fingers could actually stroke on her pussy. Now I knew what a pussy was. I’d jacked off to enough playboy pictures. Amy and I had also spent some time in close proximity, touching and even licking each other’s private parts. But Trina’s looked and felt a lot different than Amy’s and, well, she was also a very HOT looking girl.

I continued to stroke my hands up her thigh, across her wet pussy lips, up her crack and across her ass cheek, working my fingertips in a long oval, my hand pushing the material of her skirt up each time I stroked up her ass. “There’s a zipper there.” She said softly, setting the pencil aside and just lying there. “If you pull it down you can take the skirt all the way off.”

“You want me to take your skirt off?” I asked, clearly shocked. I mean I was playing with her ass and pussy, but somehow it just hadn’t occurred to me that she wanted more.

“That’s how it usually works, isn’t it? Getting naked first?”

“How what works?”

“Having sex.” She said as calmly as telling me she wanted a drink of water.

“You seriously want to have sex with me?” I asked in surprise.

“Yeah. I mean you clearly aren’t concentrating on physics. Maybe if we screw you’ll be able to concentrate, at least for a while.”

“Um. Yeah. Sure.”

“You have done it before, haven’t you?” She asked, rolling on her side to look at me.

“Well yeah. Of course.” I answered a little defensively.

She looked at me for a few moments and then smiled. “You haven’t, have you?”

I took a deep breath and sighed. “No. I mean I’ve messed around some, but no. I haven’t ever güvenilir casino screwed anyone.”

“Well, then this should be a fun experience. Why don’t you just take my clothes off to start with.”

“Undress you?”

“Uh huh.” She said, just lying there waiting.

With shaking hands I leaned closer to her, reaching my hand around her hip and butt, finding the zipper and tugging it down. I was clearly at a loss about what to do next, so she reached for my hands and pulled them to the waist of her skirt, using her hands on mine to pull her skirt down while she rolled on her back and lifted her butt off the bed with her feet. She helped, guided, whatever, me to pull her skirt all the way off, leaving her nude below the waist. I stared at her pussy and the fine mat of dark brown curls on her mound and framing her full fat lips.

“We aren’t going to get caught, are we?” I asked nervously.

“Uh uh. My parents are gone all day.” She said as she pulled my hands to her top, helping me grab the material and work it up her body, uncovering her full round tits, her areola covering almost a third of the large soft mounds, a hard erect nipple centered in each pink ring. She helped me work the top off her body and toss it aside, before pulling my hands to her breasts. She lay my palms on her tits, her soft mounds more than even my large hands could capture. “Be gentle with them. Squeeze ’em gently and play with my nipples.” She cooed softly.

“They’re fantastic.” I whispered, gently teasing her nipples with my thumbs. “Do you like having them sucked? Amy does.” I asked, kicking myself at mentioning another girl at that moment.

“If it’s done gently, yes,” she answered, showing no reaction at all to my mention of Amy.

I leaned over and gently teased her right nipple with my tongue, drawing circles around it and flicking across it several times before opening my mouth and suctioning the whole front of her breast into my mouth the way Amy had taught me. I let my tongue flick her nipple and then gently let it slip from my lips squeezing it as it slid out.

“Oh damn.” She moaned softly. “That was very nice. Let’s get some of these clothes off you though.” She said, pushing me over and rolling me onto my back. It was a surprisingly short amount of time and I was practically naked, only my white cotton briefs still covering my straining prick. “Now. Just relax.” She said with a smile, leaning over me with her head above my stomach. She gently kissed my stomach and began to inch down the briefs, pulling them out and down at the same time, exposing my engorged head.

“OH SHIT!” I groaned, feeling her hot wet lips close around my head and her tongue swirl around it. She continued to pull my briefs down, sliding them down my legs while gently sucking and bobbing her head on my cock, driving me crazy.

“My, it’s even bigger this way.” She cooed after pulling her mouth off of me. She backed away and then climbed on the bed next to me, laying back. “Now. Climb on top of me. Hands and knees.” She coaxed. “No. Knees between my legs so I can spread ’em. That’s it!” She coaxed. “You want to make sure she’s been teased enough to be good and wet. I’m more than wet enough. Just guide your cock into me and push it slowly into me.” I looked down at her pussy, my head inches from it and tried to stab my cock into her. “No, here. Use your hand like this.” She coaxed, reaching for my cock and rubbing my head up and down her pussy lips, teasing my head between them and wetting it with her slick juices and teasing her clit at the same time.

“Oh fuck!” I grunted, no longer able to contain myself with her soft touch and the view she was providing me. My hips bucked, driving my cock along her lips and up her mound, completely missing her pussy as a huge gush of cum squirted all the way up to her tits. My body jerked time after time, squirting more cum on her stomach and mound, finally reducing to drooling more cum onto her pussy and mound as I collapsed, half on and half off of her in shame.

“Oh god. I’m sorry.” I mumbled into the bedspread in shame.

“Shhhh. It’s okay. First time and I really had you excited. That was my fault.” She said wrapping her arms around my back and pulling me tightly to her, my cum now smeared on both our bodies. “Looked like a pretty big cum though. Bet it felt good. Don’t worry. We have plenty of time.” She said, sliding a hand to my face and trying to urge me toward hers. She coaxed me up onto her body until I was lying flat on her, our faces inches from each other. She coaxed me down toward hers and I felt her hot lips press against mine. She sucked and teased my lips until I was returning her kiss in kind, our lips alternately sucking and pressing to each other when our tongues weren’t diving into each other’s mouths and playing tag. “Now. My turn. Just roll on your back.” She coaxed me breathlessly after breaking the kiss.

I rolled off of her and lay on the bed on my back, not sure what she had in mind. I didn’t have long to wait. She scooted canlı casino herself around on the bed and quickly engulfed my shriveled cock in her hot wet mouth. “Ohhh damn.” I groaned softly as she started sucking and pulling my cock with her mouth, trying to coax my cock hard again. She was, without a doubt, quickly successful, her mouth soon sliding wetly up and down my again hard shaft, her tongue teasing my head each time she bobbed up my shaft. I watched her head bobbing, her face hidden by her long brown hair, but the sensations still incredible as she worked my shaft with her hot mouth.

She finally pulled off my cock and moved to all fours on the bed, looking down at me with a smile.

“Gotta ask. Do girls really like doing that?”

“Some do, some don’t. Me… Yeah. I do. But I like doing this a whole lot more!” She said as she moved and swung her leg across my hips. She held herself over me on her knees and one hand, her big soft tits hanging down at me, traces of my dried cum still on her chest and stomach as she reached between her legs. Her hand wrapped around my cock and lifted me up, again rubbing my head around her soft wet lips, teasing my head between them and rubbing the tip of my cock against her clit. “This is what I really like though.” She cooed softly as she worked me into a depression in her pussy, the entrance to all that I had dreamed about when playing with Amy. I’d put my fingers in her and pushed my tongue into her, but she’d never quite agreed to going this far. I didn’t have to beg or coax Trina. She was eagerly guiding me to that little slice of heaven between her legs.

I felt her press down on me, not entirely sure what to expect. I felt pressure build up on my head, squeezing me and pressing my shaft and then suddenly that pressure changed. “Ohhhhhhh.” I groaned in pleasure as the hot soft wetness slipped over my whole head and squeezed me. She slipped lower, more of my cock feeling her hot wet soft insides caress me.

“Now this is important. You don’t want to hurt her. If you’re too dry, you’ll grab her lips and it won’t feel nice. Just take your time and stroke in and out of her in short little strokes like this. It’ll spread her juices all over your cock and make it much more pleasurable for both of you.” She whispered as she began rocking her hips back toward my cock and then rocking forward a little. “Mmmmmmm you feel so nice inside me. Damn big. Sooooo damn big!” She moaned softly her strokes lengthening and her tits swinging below her as she pushed herself on and off of my cock.

I could feel her soft insides caressing my shaft, her whole length seeming to engulf me, my head slipping in and out of her, her hips driving her down on me until I felt my head press against the end of her tunnel.

“You can play with my tits too,” she coaxed, her eyes closed as she rocked, driving herself rhythmically up and down my shaft. I reached for her tits and captured the swinging sexy masses, letting my thumbs stroke across her nipples. “Squeeze and pull on ’em, but not too hard,” she moaned as she rocked. “I’m getting so close. Soooo damn close. I can feel you getting close too.”


“Your hips. You’re pushing up in time with me and I can feel you getting even fatter inside me. I know you’re close, aren’t you?”

“Uh huh.”

“Always warn a girl. You don’t want to come and leave her hanging, not if you want to have sex with her again.” She moaned. “I don’t think I can wait any more though. You feel too damn good inside me. “Come when you’re ready because…ohhhhhh fuck…here I COME!” She said, finishing in a squeal as her whole body suddenly convulsed. I felt her pussy contract around me, squeezing my cock as she jammed her pussy down my shaft, grinding her clit into the base of my shaft. She moaned and grunted on top of me for long seconds before she started moving again, this time differently, sliding slowly up my shaft and then jamming me hard into her pussy, each stroke down bringing a new moan or grunt from her. “Come for me baby. Come in meeeeee!” She cried softly as she continued pounding down onto me.

In some ways it was a surprise, the feeling of my first climax inside a girl. I’d jacked off enough times to know what it felt like when I came, but this…this was different. Her pussy seems to squeeze and milk me as she felt the first surge of cum flow into her, my hips bucking up and jabbing my cock hard into her.

“FUCK YES!” she cried loudly as my body jerked again, pumping more cum into her. Over and over I jerked, filling her with my cum as she held herself over me, accepting it as her own climax continued to flow over here. I could feel her legs and arms shaking as she held herself on me. It felt like an hour before she opened her eyes and lowered herself down on me, her tits pressing into my chest and her lips brushing mine while I was still buried between her other lips. “Now. If a guy wants back in again, he better learn this lesson. Love on her. Caress her, make her feel loved. If you just fuck and go she’ll feel used and you’ll probably never get another chance.” She whispered. “Use your hands on my body. Stroke me, tease me, make me feel like you care and that it was mutually enjoyable. Make her feel like you’re not in a rush.” She whispered, her lips practically brushing mine.

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