High Heel Desires

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“Holly! Take a look at these,” Robert said enthusiastically.

Holly knew what was coming. She had took the plunge and agreed to satisfy Roberts shoe fetish and this was the first pair he had found since. Robert would search endlessly for shoes he thought were sexy. One week it could be wedges, the next stilettos, another platform, then boots, sandals or courts for example. There was no rhyme nor reason to it. The only thing Robert could explain was WHY he liked a particular shoe.

“Go on then. Let’s have a look,” she said slightly apprehensive of what was coming.

Robert passed over his phone.

“Oh, wasn’t expecting those. I had visions of massive stripper heels! These are well, just normal heels? What’s the big deal?”

“Well! They are peep toe. Painted toe nails means, TICK! There is a small hidden platform and a 5 inch heel which just makes a sexy silhouette. Mainly though it’s the black leather that does it. It just makes my dick ache.”

“Hmm ok, do you want me to wear them?”

“Erm. Yeah,” Robert said laughing.

“I can’t walk in those Robert! Plus I’ll tower above you!”

“Yeah well I’m not wanting you to trot round in them all night, that’s not fair for my gratification. All I’d like is for you to just put them on every now and again in the house or when we have sex,” he said with a sheepish smile.

“Oh ALL you’d like, I see. Not asking much are you,” Holly replied in a jokey manner.

“Can I order them?” Robert asked with an air of excitement.

Rolling her eyes, “yes go on then!”

“Yes!” Robert said with joy as he headed back to sofa adding them to his internet shopping basket. He usually looked at a pair of shoes he found online multiple times a day, wanting to buy them for his better half to wear but knowing it probably wouldn’t happen. Teasing himself until the feeling passed. Could take days, even weeks.

The agony of the wait for the delivery was over by Friday. A text had flashed up on Roberts phone:

‘DELIVERY NOTICE: Your parcel from Sole Shoes is out for delivery’

Robert felt his cock swell. “They would be there before I get home!” He thought to himself. Luckily Holly worked at home on a Friday so she would be in to receive them. A couple of slow agonising hours passed before two messages in quick succession:

Holly: Guess what’s arrived!! Xxxx

The other message was the delivery notification from the carriers. Roberts cock swelled again as he returned a message to Holly:

Robert: fuck me i am excited xxxx

Holly replied with a laughing face emoji. She was still unsure about the hype. It was just a pair of shoes! Wasn’t it?

Robert finished work and hurried home. He couldn’t wait to see the shoes. Arriving home he unlocked the door and stepped in the house.

“Hello,” he shouted.

“Hi love,” Holly replied from upstairs.

Scanning the room quickly he laid his eyes on the parcel. He hurried over and opened the outer packaging. Doing it quietly so Holly didn’t come down whilst he looked ısparta escort at them in the flesh for the first time, he always felt embarrassed about his fetish for some reason.

The shoe box lay before him on the table, flipping the lid open there was tissue paper covering them. Robert could see the silhouette through the paper. Slowly unveiling the first shoe to a sudden rush of arousal circulating through his body.

Picking up the shoe he inspected it, smelt the leather then placed it on the table to get the other out. Repeating the same process of inspecting the shoe. Once complete he put them back in the box and adjusted his semi so it wasn’t as visible to go upstairs to see Holly.

“Good day?” He asked as he got to the top of the stairs.

“Yeah good thank you, yours?” Holly replied.

“Yeah good thanks.”

They discussed their day in more detail. The crap parts of their days and how all they had done was look forward to the weekend. Roberts mind wandered to the shoes on the table downstairs, he couldn’t bring himself to mention them even though Holly knew about them. He just wanted her to try them on but he didn’t know how to ask without the feeling of him sounding creepy.

They both headed downstairs, Holly sat on the sofa and Robert announced he was going to the shop, “want anything from shop? I’m off for some beer.”

“No thanks love,” Holly replied with a smile.

“Ok, cya soon.”

Robert walked through the house, past the table with the shoes on. He exhaled a deep breath, pushing out his cheeks in the process. He headed out the door to the shop.

As soon as the door was shut Holly ran upstairs. Quickly stripping off her clothes, underwear and socks she headed to her draw. Pulling out a black satin chemise and black satin robe. Putting the chemise on it hugged her beautiful figure, also showing her breasts off in a provocative manner. It came to mid way down her thigh, as did the robe when she slipped into it. Tying the satin belt loosely round her waist. She stood and took a look in the long mirror before turning and walking out the room. She headed downstairs, closing the curtains in the room and sat on the sofa again, where she was when Robert left. The lamp was on and provided enough light.

Robert wrestled his key into the door and flung it open. Grunting and puffing his way in with a crate of beer. Unaware that Holly was ready to greet him. He put some beers in the fridge as Holly was patiently waiting for what felt like an eternity. Walking into the room, “what do you Want putting in,” he said before stopping mid sentence and his jaw hitting the floor.

“What’s brought this on?” He said with a smile as he approached Holly on the sofa. Her leg came up and she put her foot on his stomach.

“Stop there!” Holly said. “I understand I have some new shoes?”

Roberts mouth moved but no words came out at first, “erm. Yeah. YES! You do!” He managed to eek out before going into the kitchen to grab the shoes. He brought them in and placed istanbul escort the box on the floor. He unpacked the shoes as Holly raised her foot for him. Taking her soft foot in his hand he kissed the top before bringing the shoe up and placing it on. It fit perfectly and the red nail varnish on Holly’s toes made the shoe pop better than Robert could have ever imagined. He was rock hard, so turned on he had pre cum leaking from his cock already.

“Hmm these look alright,” Holly said looking at them and moving her feet with her legs stretched out.

“They look amazing, you look amazing,” Robert said now standing up.

Holly stood up and slightly unsteadily stepped towards Robert. Their lips met and their tongues collided as the passion intensified. Their hands running over each others bodies. Robert reached down and grabbed Holly’s satin clad arse.

“Upstairs you,” Holly said between their kisses.

“With pleasure.”

“First though. Sorry! Can’t walk up stairs in these!” Holly said as she slipped the shoes off and headed for the stairs. They ran upstairs to the bedroom and Holly stepped back into the shoes. Robert approached her and pulled the belt of her robe causing it to fall open. Holly pulled his T-shirt over his head and threw it down before they started kissing again. Both of them were incredibly horny. Roberts cock was hard as stone. Holly felt his bulge before she started unbuttoning and pushing his jeans down. Stepping out of them, Holly dropped to her knees, and pulled at his boxers unveiling Roberts impressive hard cock. Somewhere between 6 and 7 inches and enough girth to stretch Hollys fanny every time they fucked. She loved it.

A few quick strokes and Holly licked the pre cum from the tip of Roberts hard cock. She took him into her mouth bobbing her head as she tasted his cock. Roberts moans encouraged her to use her tongue and continue to stroke his cock as she sucked.

“Yeah, that’s good,” Robert said as he held Hollys hair.

She worked his cock amazingly teasing him by licking up and down his shaft before sucking him quickly again. Robert wanted to return the gesture so he pulled her to stand up, their eyes met. Robert kissed Holly deeply, slipping his tongue in her mouth hoping to be able to taste himself on her. Robert pulled Hollys robe down and off. Holly grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the bed. She laid back and put her feet up to touch Roberts cock with her new shoes. Robert put his hands on her shoes and pushed them together round his cock and slowly rubbed his cock on them.

Kneeling down Robert licked his pre cum from Hollys shoes before kissing up her legs.

Holly loved Robert going down on her, opening her legs as an invitation for him to ravish her wet fanny she pulled her chemise up to her waist. Robert buried his tongue inside her before licking in a swirling motion up to her clit, randomly darting his tongue round to keep her guessing. Holly felt Roberts fingers achingly close to being inside her. Her fanny ached to be touched. izmir escort He teased a bit longer still licking her clit before sliding his index and middle finger into her fanny. “Mmmmm,” Holly moaned as he slowly started to finger her continuing to flick his tongue on her clit.

Robert spontaneously stopped pleasuring Holly much to her annoyance as he grabbed the satin belt from her robe.

“What are you doing?” Holly asked with a slightly irritated tone.

“Give me your hands,” Robert answered as Holly saw the satin belt in his hand.

Without a second thought she stuck her hands out in front of her and let Robert tie the soft satin belt around her wrists. They kissed again as Holly felt an extra wave of arousal rush over her body. Putting his hands under her thighs, Robert manoeuvred Holly onto her back. As their lips met again she felt the tip of his cock rest on her aching fanny.

Pushing her hands back and lightly pinning them above her head Robert slid his cock into Holly.

She moaned as she felt him stretch her fanny with his amazing cock.

Burying his face in her neck Robert kissed Hollys neck as he began to slide his cock in and out of her. She wrapped her legs around his back. The feeling of the shoes on his back spurring him on to speed up his thrusts. Holly loved being fucked hard and fast.

Robert knew he couldn’t keep this up and not cum before Holly so quickly changed position.

“Turn over!” He panted.

“Fuck, yes!” Holly whispered as she was being told to get in her favourite position. Roberts cock hit her G spot every thrust like this.

With her on all fours, Robert reached over to Holly’s hands and used the extra length of the belt to tie her hands to the head board. He kissed her before positioning himself behind her.

“Mmm that arse,” he said before flicking his tongue round her arse hole whilst he slipped his fingers in her fanny. Holly buried her face in a pillow and moaned loudly as she felt her clit being rubbed.

“Ready?” Robert said as he pushed the tip of his cock into Hollys fanny.

“Yes, yes, please fuck me!” She replied, pushing back on his cock. Taking his length.

Grabbing her hips Robert thrust in and out of Hollys fanny with determination. Burying her face again to muffle her moaning Holly was in heaven. She pushed back to get the feeling of Robert fucking her harder.

“Fuck I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum!” Holly screamed into the pillow. Maintaining the same pace Robert fucked Holly good as she rolled into an orgasm, her legs and body shook as she moaned into her pillow.

Taking his hands from her hips Robert grabbed a shoe with each hand. He ran his fingers into the arch of one of her feet, feeling the sole of her foot and arch in his hand and the shoe on the back of his hand.

“Aaaaahhhhh,” Robert moaned as he exploded into Hollys fanny, who was still reeling from her orgasm. He managed a few more thrusts then pulled out. Slapping Hollys arse as he moved, she was still panting to catch her breath.

Robert untied Hollys hands and she grabbed him and kissed him deeply. Before they collapsed on the bed.

“I need to go sort my self out,” Holly said.

“Nah you don’t,” Robert said as he slid down the bed and pushed her legs apart…

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