High Beams in a Dark Alley

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Anonymous said: Story idea: student wakes up and realizes she overslept for class and therefore forgets to wear a bra! Unfortunately it is really cold outside so her nipples are hard throughout the day for everyone to see.. her classmates and professors make inappropriate comments and on the way home she meets her neighbor who has an eye on her ever since she moved there and they fuck in the back of an alley


“Fuck!” I screamed as I woke up from a dead sleep, only to look at the clock and realize that I was late for my first class in which I had a very important test. I sprang out of bed, fumbling with everything I touched in my attempt to get to the next place even faster. I couldn’t believe that I had slept through my alarm, or maybe it hadn’t gone off at all. I had no time to worry about it as I slipped out of my nightgown and scrambled to find a set of clothes that matched. I pulled on a gray tank top and jeans, grabbing a pair of shoes and socks to put on in the car while I was driving. I didn’t even have time to brush my wavy hair and so I ran my fingers through it as I grabbed my backpack and headed to school.

The traffic was crazy and I cursed myself for not remembering to grab some breakfast on the way out the door. I found an old granola bar in the console of my car from several weeks earlier and began to eat it as I made my way to the college. Parking was horrible, as always, and I finally found a spot in the furthest point away from my class as possible. I groaned as I stepped out of the car into the cool breeze. It was a lot colder than I had anticipated and I had forgotten a jacket. I slung my backpack onto my back and began the trek across campus.

It seemed like people were checking me out a bit more than usual. I looked down at myself, wondering if I had a pair of underwear stuck to the back of my jeans of something. I looked over my shoulder trying to get a look at my rear. It didn’t look like anything was there. I couldn’t figure it out until I got to class and took a seat next to a Hispanic guy that was always asking questions in class.

“You’ve got your high beams on, today, huh girlie?” he smirked at me, impatiently waiting for my response.

“What do you mean by high beams?” I leaned in for his answer.

“Your nips are hard, girlie.” He looked down at my tits and smiled with satisfaction.

“Oh my God!” I quickly folded my arms over my nipples to hide them. I hadn’t realized I’d forgotten a bra in my rush to get ready. Suddenly, all the extra looks as I’d walked across campus made sense.

“Don’t cover those high beams, girlie. Those babies will shine a light on all the bullshit of your day!” He laughed at himself as the teacher took his place at the front of the room. I reached for my backpack and got out my folder and a pen. The professor began his lecture, speaking with passion about economics until he paused and looked directly at my hard nipples.

“I suppose it’s colder in here than it needs to be. A little nipply. I mean, nippy.” He walked to the thermostat affixed to the far wall of the room and adjusted it. “That should help,” he winked in my direction. I was mortified.

The pendik escort whole rest of the day was like that, people gawking at my hard nipples every time I let my arms fall away from my chest out of habit. It was now dark, but I still felt the need to hide my tits. I tried my best to keep my arms crossed as I made my way to the student center. I decided to take the shortcut through the alley, where no one would be there to stare at my chest. I let out a sigh of relief as I made my way past garbage cans and back doors. I hummed to myself, thinking about what I was going to eat once I got to the cafeteria when I heard footsteps behind me.

I didn’t turn around because this was my college. I had a false sense of safety. I figured it was just another student who had taken the back way. The footsteps got faster and closer to me. Whoever was behind me was trying to catch up with me. I turned a bit so I could see who it was. I was shocked to see a familiar face! It was Sean, my neighbor from down the street.

Sean was the most glorious looking man I had ever laid eyes on. He was tall and lean with a rugged smile. He had dark hair and an endearing dimple on his left cheek that made me weak every time he smiled. He caught me staring at him all the time as I drove past his house on my way to work, or when I took my dog for a walk in the evenings. He began to wave hello to me over time and I began to look forward to it.

In fact, I would wait until I saw him outside and find a reason to walk past his house just so I could see him smile. I knew he was too old for me, probably in his mid-thirties while I was only twenty-years-old.

“Sean! Hi! Do you go to school here too?” I asked.

“Jody! Hi! No, I’m actually a professor here.”

“That explains the satchel instead of a backpack,” I noted observantly. His warm smile was contagious and I found myself smiling back, except I had forgotten one thing; my high beams were still on, full blast.

“It does indeed.” Sean’s eyes dipped down to my nipples and I could see the wheels turning in his head. I wondered what he must think of me for not wearing a bra on campus. I was so embarrassed, especially since my nipples were rock hard.

“It’s a cold day today. Where is your jacket?” He was being polite, and I appreciated that.

“I was late getting ready today. I forgot all about a jacket.”

“Well maybe I can warm you up,” he offered, stopping to put down his satchel and take off his coat. “Here, wear this.”

“Oh, no! That’s your jacket.”

“You obviously need it more than me,” he offered it again and he even opened the jacket for me to slip my arms into.

“Thank you,” I slipped into the jacket and it was nice and warm. Sean was a nice guy, and his dimple was driving me crazy. I couldn’t handle how sexy he was. I needed him to fuck me so much. I wondered if there was a way. This was the perfect place, a dark alley in the back of campus. Not too many people came this way.

“You’re quite welcome. Where are you headed?”

“I was just going to grab lunch at the cafeteria. I have a two-hour break between classes.” I had mentioned maltepe escort my break so he would know I had time to kill with him if he wanted to kill it with me.

“Wow, that’s quite a break.”

“Sean, can I ask you something?”


“Have you ever had sex on campus before?” I gave him a naughty smile and this time, he wasn’t staring at my tits. His eyes grew wide and he stopped, turning to face me. I stopped with him, both of us not sure of how to proceed. I could feel his interest in me now and I knew that he was the kind of man who would do something about it. Sean had a cool confidence that intrigued me. I willed him to lean in and kiss me, and as if on cue, he leaned right in and our lips met for the first time.

I know it isn’t the classiest place, but we found a spot between two dumpsters where I shucked his jacket to the ground so he could put his hands all over my high beams. I let out a slow moan as his right hand moved down and rubbed my pussy through my jeans. He unbuttoned them and then struggled to pull them down until I helped him.

His fingers found my clit and he rubbed me there until I was holding onto his shoulders for support. He continued to kiss me, working my pussy with precision until I was screaming into his mouth as I came for the first time.

“I want you inside of me,” I begged him as I rubbed his cock through his business slacks. He unbuckled his belt and opened his pants for me so I could have full access to his cock. I pulled his cock out of his underwear, seeing it for the first time. It was thicker than I imagined and not too long for me. I knew that his cock was going to be a great match with my pussy. I guess I had always known it, that’s why I was so attracted to him.

“I want to be inside of you,” he snarled in a voice I hadn’t been expecting. He was much more dominant than I had guessed too. He grabbed me by the shoulders and spun me around until I was bracing myself on the block wall that enclosed the alley in its own dark microcosm. He pulled my jeans down until they were at my ankles before he spread my ass cheeks and sunk his cock into my abyss.

“Holy shit!” I exclaimed.

“Shhhhh. Don’t you scream.” He gripped me by the hair and pulled my head back until it was a bit painful as he continued to fuck me. I tried to protest but found that my voice was being cut off by the angle at which my head was being tugged. I screamed, but all that came out was a puff of air and a tiny, tortured sound that didn’t even sound human. The fear gripped me as I realized that Sean wasn’t the knight in shining armor type that I had pegged him for. No, he was something darker, something more dangerous. I was shaking, trembling with fear and something else, something more than I was willing to admit.

Sean was fucking me the way I had always secretly wanted to be fucked but I had never been brave enough to really verbalize my desires to anyone. Sean was somehow reading my mind and giving me everything I had ever wished for. I continued to scream, my voice getting caught in my throat as he pulled my head back further and further.

“You knew this was kartal escort going to happen. I see the way you walk by my house all dressed up like a slut. I see the way you have no bra on right now. You were begging to be fucked!”

His words made me cum, my tortured screams trapped inside of me, unable to escape. The pleasure folded back inward into me, drowning me in my own filth, my own orgasms strangling me with every tortured scream. I was growing weak, my legs collapsing beneath me until he was holding me up so he could keep fucking me.

“I’m going to cum. Should I cum up inside of you or somewhere else?” Sean asked, politely, which I thought was strange. He was practically raping me, so why would he ask where he should cum?

“Cum wherever you want!” I managed to choke out the words.

“Deep inside you, it is. Finally! I’ve wanted this for so long…so fucking long! Ughhh! Unghhh!” He was pumping me full of his cum and I couldn’t really feel it but I knew it was happening. I loved the sounds of pleasure he was making as he emptied his cock in me. I felt so slutty as he came to a stop and let go of my hair. I was in shock, breathing heavily and almost unable to comprehend what I had just done.

I had finally fucked my hot neighbor and he was actually a teacher at my college! It was so scandalous and the only regret that I had was that it was over. I couldn’t believe that it was actually over!

“That was nice. Thank you, Jody. I’m glad we finally got our chance to have some fun.”

“Yeah, that was fun! I can’t believe we did that! I’ve never had sex in a public place like this before,” I confessed.

“Well, this is the perfect place. Nothing like a dark alley,” he stooped to pick up his jacket from the ground. “Why don’t you take this for the rest of the evening. You can drop it back at my house anytime since you know where I live,” he smiled as he handed the jacket to me.

“Thanks, I appreciate it. It really is cold. But what about you?”

“Oh, I’m happy with things. I’m more than happy to let you borrow my jacket so I know I’ll get to see you again.”

I pulled up my jeans, fastening the button before I put on his jacket.

“Oh. Well, thank you.” I said stupidly.

“Well, I have a class I’m late for, Jody. Bring my jacket back anytime.”

“Okay, I will. Goodnight!”

“Goodnight!” he called as he grabbed his satchel and headed off in the direction I had been walking. I waited for him to gain some distance ahead of me before I resumed my course for the cafeteria, Sean’s cum dripping inside my jeans. I couldn’t believe what a day it had been. Even though I was wearing Sean’s jacket, I could still feel my high beams on full blast under my shirt. My hard nipples had gotten me all kinds of attention that day and though I hadn’t liked most of it, the attention from Sean had been amazing.

I let out a contented sigh as I entered the cafeteria. I looked over the other students, all in various states of eating, studying, and socializing. I wondered if any of them could tell that I had just been fucked in the back alley by a professor. Part of me hoped they could tell, that I looked different somehow. I certainly felt different. Something perverted had been awakened inside of me. I wanted more nasty sex in public with Sean. He had called me a slut and I was starting to wonder if he was right. Maybe I really was a slut…

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