Her Perfect Match

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Welcome to the ultimate sex encounter! We have found a sexually adventurous black man and a kinky black woman and have brought them into sexual congress specifically for your viewing pleasure. Without further ado, let the sexual fun and games begin! Oh, and if you like the way we do things around here, by all means bring a friend next time! The more the merrier and the bigger the better, that’s our motto around here!

First off, we have Marla Smith. One of our foremost sexual disciples. Marla Smith is a large black woman. Always had been. She’s forty years old, standing six feet two inches tall and weighing 270 pounds. This large dame is into all sorts of kinky behavior and doesn’t mind putting them on display for you. Her interests include wrestling in the mud with willing men and women, extreme boxing and also playing soccer and football.

Her fetishes include a great fascination with anal sex. This big girl likes to fuck both men and women in the ass with her strap on dildo. Fucking men in the ass with her dildo gives her a special thrill. Marla makes no qualms about it. This girl is a Man Fucker. She also likes to get large dicks shoved up her ass and loves to squeal in delight as that happens. Dominance and submission equally appeal to her. This girl likes to get down and makes no apologies.

Next, we have John Erebus. He’s also one of our sexual enthusiasts. He is a large African-American man, standing six feet five inches tall and weighing 270 pounds. This black-skinned, golden-eyed stud has the looks of an African deity. A former professional football player and wrestler, he totally digs the extreme. Extreme sports and extreme sex. He loves anal sex with women of all races and sizes. He doesn’t believe in sexual limitations. He has participated bahis firmaları in twelve-woman, sixteen-man orgy once and absolutely loved every moment of it. The whole orgy lasted ten hours and took place in Budapest. It was hot! That’s why he’s here with us, I guess.

We placed John Erebus and Marla Smith together and watched what happened. First, they got acquainted through a bout of heavyweight wrestling, which ended in a draw. Then, they stripped naked and got started with the sexy stuff, which is what we brought them here for in the first place. The sight of a big and tall black woman and a large Nordic man naked together was intensely erotic, for a great many reasons. Let the fun begin!

John and Marla kissed, and caressed one another. It was very tender for a moment, then got rough real quick. Marla began sucking on John’s thick cock like her life depended on it. John held her by the neck and thrust into her, shoving his cock deep inside her throat. Marla continued to suck him off, and licked his balls too. John had a huge, uncircumcised black cock and some equally large balls. Balls the size of apples. Taking a guy like that deep into her throat was simply the best. When he came, she greedily drank all of his cum. He tasted better than anybody else she’d ever sucked. Yeah, he was the best.

Next, John wanted a piece of her fine ass. He placed her on all fours and spread her huge butt cheeks wide open. Marla gasped when she felt his hard cock press against her butt hole. He held her by the hips and slowly worked his huge cock into her tight little asshole. The big black woman grimaced as she felt the big black man’s thick cock invade her anal cavity. Marla winced as John pumped his cock in and out of her asshole. His cock was so big, it seemed kaçak iddaa to fill her ass completely.

John gripped her tightly as he fucked her. There was nothing he loved more than to fuck a bitch in the ass. This was one of the most supreme pleasures he had ever experienced. He continued to fuck her, shoving his huge cock where the sun didn’t shine. He loved every second of it. Marla screamed as he pumped his cock into her butt hole. It filled her up and hurt oh so good! John smacked her big booty, and the big black woman yelped in surprise. Laughing, he continued to fuck her until he came, filling her ass with his hot cum. Marla screamed as his seed filled her up. John screamed victoriously!

Next, it was time for John to get some anal action. Marla lay him on his back and sucked his cock while fingering his asshole. She lubed up both his ass and the dildo before slowly working the strap on dildo into him. John stroked himself as Marla began to fuck him. He’d never been fucked in the ass before and had been curious about trying it. Now, he finally got his chance. Marla smiled as she worked the dildo into his ass. She loved first-timers. They were so different.

John grimaced as the thick dildo went into his ass. Even with the lube, the dildo felt huge. Marla was patient and only worked a few inches at a time. She was always patient with her first-timers. This time, she got a special treat. It wasn’t hard for a big black woman with a dildo who advertised her services on the web to find white men and women who were willing to get fucked. It was even harder to find a black man who was comfortable enough with his sexuality and daring enough to let a woman do him with a dildo. Now, her fantasy had come true.

Marla continued to fuck John with the dildo, kaçak bahis until he came. When he did, she drank his cum while still working the dildo into his ass. She slowly pulled it out, but John stopped her. Of the dildo’s eight inches, three still remained buried in his ass. He jacked himself off and came all over her face. Marla drank his cum. John wanted to try something new. Marla was all for it. Pulling the dildo out of his ass, she listened to his wishes.

John and Marla crouched on the floor, facing each other. Slowly, Marla worked a very flexible and long dildo into John’s ass. The other end of that dildo was buried inside Marla’s asshole. Slowly, they fucked each other like this. Every time Marla moved forward, the dildo went deeper into John’s asshole. Every time John backed up, the dildo’s other end went deeper into Marla’s asshole. It was a very frantic and erotic experience. They fucked each other silly, and came multiple times.

Later, Marla’s anal cravings were still not satisfied, to John’s amazement. She smiled and kissed him, then took his cock and rubbed it against her butt. John worked his cock into Marla’s asshole, and began to fuck her once more. On all fours, Marla finally let go and enjoyed the ride as her new lover fucked the living delights out of her asshole. There was nothing she loved more than some deep anal action. They fucked and sucked each other to the point of exhaustion, then lay against each other, tired and sleepy.

Marla looked at John as he slept. He was such a ruggedly handsome dude. Definitely the kind of man she had been looking for all of her life. He was skilled enough and tough enough to screw her in the ass with all of his might and make her scream like a woman possessed, and yet he was also man enough and sexually adventurous enough to let her a dildo on his ass afterwards. He was perfect! Smiling, she kissed him on the lips. All of her life, she’d been called a sexual freak. Now, she had finally found someone just like her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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