Her First Time

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Dan and Chloe had been friends for as long as either one of them could remember. They were so similar, it was scary. They looked for the same thing in relationships as each other, they had the same qualities as each other, they were practically the same person.

Dan had been through a tumultuous break up, his ex had torn his heart up so much, that he felt completely worthless and that no girl would ever want him. He had no self esteem left, and felt like his life wasn’t worth living..

Chloe was going through a similar break up. Her ex was still in her life, because he was friends with her brothers. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t escape him. She’d loved him for so long before she got the nerve to tell him. A 12 month on and off relationship, that ended in her heart breaking, and then finding out he was only using her, left her devastated.

Both Dan and Chloe, were both left heart broken, and leaned on each other.

He called her during his lunch break at work, and invited her over for dinner that night

When Chloe was getting ready, she thought to herself, why am I nervous, its just Dan, he’s my mate, we’ve had dinner before, its not big deal. She picked out a summery dress, and high heels, and bursa escort got ready to go.

She arrived at Dan’s at 6, to a yummy dinner of spaghetti bolognaise. They sat and talked about their break ups, but they both avoided admitting how they really felt.

After dinner Chloe was in the kitchen putting the dishes on the bench ready to be cleaned, when she felt Dan’s warm body against hers, she felt him wrap one arm around her body, and the other gently sweep her hair from around her neck. He gently started to kiss down her neck, nibbling gently on her ears. His lower hand moving gently up to her breast, caressing it over the top of her dress. Hearing her moan, he felt her melt into him. He gently slipped his hand under her dress, cupping her breast, rubbing her nipple, and pinching it, hearing her moan of pleasure, he untied her dress and let it drop around her waist. He turned her round and softly took one of her breasts in his mouth, his tongue flicking over her already aroused nipple, causing her moans to increase, taking both boobs into his mouth, one by one flicking at the nipples, coming up for kisses as his other hand took a firm grip and began to rub her mound over her pants. He could feel Chloe wriggle, urging more and more, bursa escort bayan running her hard and smooth ensuring her clit knew he means business.

As he pulled at her pants he moved around to the back again taking a hold of them, kissing down her back sliding her panties down as he went, he edged down to her feet, a simple step out rendered her naked for him to admire. He can see her sweet pussy between her thighs and bum. He’s practically drooling at the thought of what comes next.

He carried her upstairs to the bed, as he edged her back as she lays, manouvering lower and lower until he can take in the aroma. It sends him nuts so he waste’s no time diving in to take a long lick up her pussy raking across her clit. Taking it in and out, rolling it and flicking it with his tongue until her moans tell him its time to push a finger inside her.

Once he has a finger in, he slips the second in behind it and flicking his tongue furiously over her clit. Watching her thrash and wriggle, her moans getting louder, Dan look’s up at Chloe, watching the pleasure as he prepares her for the main course. By now she’s begging to cum, and he encourages it as the first of many. He feels her tighten on his fingers as he returns his tongue escort bursa to send her over the edge.

He edges back towards her face, gently brushing hair off her face, and kissing her lovingly, checking that its okay to keep going, as he knows its her first time. The re assuring smile and nod tells him to proceed.

He settles over her slowly, pushing the knob between her lips into her pussy. It felt so soft and warm he almost cum on entry. Taking his time he gets her legs and folds them back, leaning forward to hear her moan in his ear as he sends another orgasm through her body.

Working her slowly at first kissing and fondling as he goes., firmly but slowly he pushes his point, increasing strength of his thrusts. Taking her legs apart and back, he pounds harder as the moans get louder as orgasm number 3 waves over her. He keeps going as to bring her more pleasure, instead pushing harder to make her scream.

As she scream’s out for more and don’t stop he feel’s himself build. His grunts and slamming thrusts signal to her he’s getting set to unload, she nods her head, as her 4th orgasm washes over her, as he explodes, leaving them wrapped in each others arms, completely wiped out.

They cuddled up to one another under the blankets, and as he looks her in the eyes, she knows that look.

I love you, I always have, he whispers.

I love you too, she smiles sweetly and kisses him, before they fall asleep in each others arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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