Helene’s First Time

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“What made you say that?” demanded Helene, her bright blue eyes flashing as she leaned over the table at him. The music from the college bar’s sound system kept her words from being overheard. “How could you?”

David had never seen her angry like this. He instantly and completely regretted making that crack about “late bloomers, like you” but he had been nervous. He knew what she wanted tonight. After weeks of casual dating and then great kissing, Helene was coming onto him, rather than the other way around. She had insisted on going to a romantic movie, and for the first time ever, when he picked her up she was wearing a skirt and a blouse. Her ponytail was gone and he noticed for the first time that she had let her hair grow out during the summer, because once it fell almost down to her shoulders. On her small frame, the clothes looked a size too large. Of course, she didn’t wear a bra — no need. Now she was leaning toward him and he could see down her blouse to her pink nipples sitting in the middle of pink quarter-sized areolas, sitting on the pale skin of a breast no bigger than a cookie. Nipples he just knew he would never see again.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean anything….” David said in a shaky voice, clearly upset. He had been attracted to Helen since he met her, replacing the detergent stock at her father’s laundramat, because he felt safe around her. Tiny, never dressed up, no figure, little pony-tail, but a pretty, feminine face and a bright smile that lit up the room. Now all of a sudden she was acting like a young woman of 19, which she was. She wanted more from him: she was expecting him to act like a man with experience.

Helene, without saying it, had made it clear to him without using words that she wanted to lose her virginity to him tonight.

What Helene did not understand was that David had only had something like sex twice before, if sex is defined by technical penetration and if duration is not counted. She was asking a near-virgin to do it, to take her virginity.

All through the movie he had been asking himself: How can I bust her cherry and make her feel like a woman when I still feel like a boy? I want to do it but I don’t know if I can do it right. I get an erection around her but it goes away again when we stop kissing, not like the ones I get when I look at porn. I don’t have a rubber with me. What if I make her pregnant? Will I have to marry her and drop out to do programming to support us because Dad won’t give me money? Meanwhile, he was chattering on about nothing, feeling uncomfortable and not himself tonight.

It was a Freudian slip, pure and simple, and in making it David had inadvertently told her to her face that he thought her body was underdeveloped. Helene was getting more and more exasperated as David tried to get out of the hole he had dug for himself.

It was so wrong, Helene thought to herself as he rambled on, lamely, trying to salvage the situation. A year ago I didn’t have boobs. Now they’re here and tho I may never make it to a B cup, at least I’ve got ’em. My hips were like a boy’s last year and today when I look in the mirror I see the beginning of a curve. And I’ve had pubic hair for three years — maybe not a lot but at least it’s not bare down there.

“Helene,” David was pleading now, “I think your body is hot! You’ve got a real tight ass!” This was so bogus, Helen thought. She had a small, flat butt, just like everyone who had been on the girl’s swim team. Besides, “tight ass” is not a compliment.

“David,” Helene interrupted, firmly. “Go back to your computers. This isn’t working. Girls from town shouldn’t date guys from the college. We don’t have anything in common.” She was thinking to herself, this was my mistake. I was so impressed that he would ask me out, a townie girl, that I really believed it could work out, even with a geek. Of course, the guys she actually had something in common with were always just pals. They were glad to see her but would never see her the way she wanted to be seen.

David whined a bit but saw right away that he was not going to change her mind. His big chance had gone. On the other hand, he had seen her tits, so the night was not a total loss. Speaking of tits, he had heard that there was a “tits out” party, at an old farmhouse a ways out of town. His friends would be there — they would help him get over the breakup. So at least he had somewhere else to go tonight and sulk. [Interested readers may wish to check out “Felicity Gets Fondled” for what happened to David next.]

He mumbled a good-bye and left abruptly. Helene kept her face expressionless as he got up and walked out of the bar, but after he was gone, she was crestfallen. David was the only guy who had ever asked her out on a real date — the only boyfriend she had ever had.

She moped for another few minutes in the bar, nearly empty with the students away for the summer, and then decided to take her beer to the bar. As she sat demurely on a stool at one end of the bar, three of the bahis firmaları men at the other end there looked quizzically at each other and at the bartender. How did jailbait get in? Forged driver’s license?

“Yeah, I know she looks underage,” said the bartender. “But I know her and she’s legal.” The men arched their eyebrows. They didn’t believe him. After he finished pouring, the bartender came over to Helene.

“Hey, Popcorn!” Helene didn’t react to her childhood nickname. It wasn’t cute or amusing anymore, at least to her, but she was used to it.

“Hi, Freddie!” Freddie was two years older than Helene, so they had only overlapped for a year in high school. After graduation, Freddie had gone straight to work. In a way, so did Helene but she was just taking a year off before going to college. Freddie was never going to college. “Slow night?” Obviously. She just felt a need to talk to someone now, even if Freddie was way out of her league. In high school he had been the teen heartthrob.

“So, what was that all about?” Freddie asked. “I saw you telling off your date and then he stomped out of here. Didn’t even pay for your beers before he left.”

“Nerd Boy would do that. Living in his own world.” Helene was glad for the moral support but still felt regretful. “It’s ok, I guess. It’s not like we were going to get married or anything.” The “not anything” was not true and Helene knew it. She may not have planned to marry him but she had been counting on him to carry her over the threshold of sex.

“Well, you can do better,” Freddie said emptily, not really believing the words as he spoke them. After all, it wasn’t like Helene was a babe. She had a pretty face and that was it: not hot. When Helene had come into the bar before, it was always with a posse, never before with a date. She always said hi to him but they weren’t friends or anything. And come to think of it, he hadn’t seen her in there for a few months.

“Yeah. I’ve got ’em lining up around the block.” Helene. She knew perfectly well that she came across as sexless to guys. That never bothered her before she started going out with David. Then she started wanting more and a few days ago she decided to get it.

“Aren’t you going off to State, someone told me.”

“I took a year off to help Dad while he was in the hospital. He’s almost done with his treatments now and he’s doing great. Time for me to go back to school.” That was only half true. Even before her father’s diagnosis, Helene had already decided to take the year off. She didn’t want to start college looking like a teenager, but it looked like that was going to happen anyway. All through school she had been the youngest kid in class, because of her late birthday. For a girl who was slow to develop anyway, it made it even harder. Good thing she was bright and made good grades. Even better that she could swim because that was the one sport where she had a natural advantage. She was always training and had grown strong despite her diminutive size. It kept her busy and out of trouble. Whenever she went to a meet, the other team underestimated her, because she looked so young, until the coaches started to catch on. She had won a lot of medals as an underdog and that made her popular with the cool kids, who otherwise would never want to hang out with her. She was kinda the school mascot by the time she graduated, but she knew that only made her ok, not cool. She desperately wanted that kid stuff to end and she didn’t want to start her freshman year as the only virgin at State.

“That’s great!” Freddie said, distractedly. He was bored. He liked action and he liked to flirt with girls at the bar. Nothing was happening tonight. Not like the old days, when he used to be a player. His black hair, droopy eyelids, square jaw, broad chest, and narrow hips were all the girls saw back then and made up for a lot else that was missing, like brains and personality.

“Yeah. I learned a lot about business this year. I can run a laundramat single-handed! Bookkeeping, inventory, and everything. That should help when I start business classes over at State.” Helene sipped her beer. She was talking just for the sake of talking. “The kids at College don’t learn the practical stuff. They figure they’ll inherit Daddy’s company and someone will manage it for them.”

“Hey, you look nice tonight.” Freddie said halfheartedly, just noticing. It was the only time he had ever seen her wearing anything but jeans and T-shirt and a bulky sweater. When she leaned back, Freddie could see little bumps on her chest. He hadn’t known she even had nipples.

“Thanks. I dressed up for that geek. Tonight was going to be a big night for us.”

“You think he was going to pop the question?” Freddie was only half listening and had missed Helene’s remark that she never expected to marry David. He was running a glass of soda water for himself while he watched the group of men at the other end of the bar, to see if they wanted service. I can’t believe I’m stuck in this dead-end kaçak iddaa job, jumping around for tips, he thought to himself. He started to sip the water. He would rather have had a beer but he couldn’t drink on the job.

“Hell no.” Helene said. “He was going to pop my cherry.”

Freddie snorted and some water went up through his nose. He was coughing and spitting and it took him a minute to get his composure back.

“Sorry, Freddie!”

“That’s — that’s — hoh kay.” He sputtered. The men at the other end of the bar were looking at him. What’s going on between the loser barkeep and the titless wonder?, he thought they were thinking. “Did I hear right? Did you say he was going to pop your cherry? Was he like pushing for it?” Freddie found that hard to imagine.

“I wanted to give it up to him. Not that he was anything special.” Helene was kinda lying to cover herself — of course he was special because he was the only guy who had ever asked her out. “But I don’t date much” (like at all) “and he wanted to get into my pants in the worst way” (she wished) “and I kinda decided that tonight was the night I’d lose my virginity at last.” The “at last” part was meant to remind Freddie that she was a lot older than she looked. It had not escaped her notice that Freddie had complimented her on her looks just a couple minutes before. That was a very good sign, she thought.

“Geez,” Freddie said. “I never knew it was so hard.” Back in high school, Freddie had gotten all he could handle but he wasn’t doing so well these days. Girls liked his looks but because he obviously wasn’t going anywhere in life and didn’t have money to spend on them they lost interest fast.

“Yeah, well, you had the looks and you had the balls. Girls threw themselves at your feet.” Freddie winced a bit because Helene was using the past tense. “I looked like a junior high kid. Nobody was interested — until Nerd Boy and now he’s gone.”

The men at the other end of the bar called Freddie over to settle the tab. They left and Freddie and Helene were alone in the bar.

“Freddie,” Helene said, to get his attention. She twisted a lock of her brown hair.

Freddie was not too bright. He did not see it coming.

“Freddie, I’m kinda in a bind now. I was all worked up and excited and now it’s not going to happen. At least with David.”

Freddie was still clueless.

“Freddie,” Helene said, in near desperation. “Freddie, come home with me tonight and fuck me. I need this.”

For once, Freddie was speechless.

“Freddie, just do me tonight. I had it all planned – this was going to be the end of my virginity. Now I’m high and dry. I need to go forward. I can’t be the only virgin at State next month.”

Freddie stayed quiet.

“I’m serious! No complications! No relationship issues. Just bang me and walk away. You’d be doing me the biggest favor ever!”

Freddie still did not know what to say, so he said “Are you sure?” as if she would have said something like that as a joke. “Where would we go?” he asked, as if this was a big obstacle. There were lots of places they could go, starting with the back room of the bar, where the owner hosted VIP parties. Freddie was really stalling for time to figure out what he would do.

“We can do it at my house. My parents are in the city. Dad had his last chemo yesterday and they’re staying the weekend to celebrate. They won’t be back until tomorrow night.”

Truthfully, Freddie had no real objection. Sex was sex and deflowering a virgin was always a treat. But Helene??? It didn’t feel right. Still, it had been three weeks since his last fuck, a long dry spell for Freddie. Here was a girl (emphasis on girl, not woman) telling him in advance she would put out for him. How could he turn her down if she was asking for it? On the other hand, how much fun was a mercy fuck? Well, on the whole more fun than no fuck at all, he decided.

“OK,” he lied. “Dan told me I could close up early if the place was empty at midnight.” Dan was the owner and it was almost midnight. “Where do you live?” Although they went to the same school they had not been friends and he had no idea where she lived.

“It’s hard to find,” she exaggerated. “I should drive.”

Freddie brooded about this whole thing while he closed the bar down. He wiped down the counter, put the chairs upside down on the tables, cleared the till and put the take and the tips jar in the safe, and turned the lights out.

Damn, he thought. He had not even got so much as a boner talking to Helene and usually his dick bounced up and down all the time while he talked to a girl. Maybe this wasn’t a good idea…..

He went out the back and locked the door behind him. Helene was sitting in her little blue Nissan and as he walked toward her she turned the ignition and headlights on. He glanced at his own car, a beater parked in the far corner, and wished for a moment he could hop in and take off in the other direction.

He went around to the passenger kaçak bahis side and got in. The car smelled of laundry detergent. He had to adjust the seat to make room for his legs. An empty cardboard box in the back gave way with a crunch. Helene’s customized seat was permanently locked as high and as far forward as it could possibly go, with a tilt to the modified bucket seat. Nobody drove this car but Helene. Her father had fixed it so that she could sit up enough to drive safely and her feet would still reach the pedals.

They drove silently to her parent’s home, a neat two-story model in a nice but not expensive or fashionable neighborhood. She used the remote garage door opener, for which he was grateful. She didn’t want the neighbors to see and he would be chagrined if his homies — and even more, his girlfriends — saw him with Popcorn. Robbing the cradle, are we? they would say. A little desperate?

Helene literally hopped out of her seat after the garage door closed and led him into the house.

“Nice place,” Freddie said, honestly, thinking how the clean and tidy her home looked and how different it was from where he grew up, on the other side of town. Or for that matter, his trashy apartment.

“Over here,” Helene directed him, steering him away from the living room and the stairs that led to the bedrooms. She turned on the light to the guest room, which had its own bathroom. She wasn’t going to let him see her room, all pink and frilly and girly, despite her usual tomboy appearance. That was her dream room, where she lay for hours thinking about becoming a woman. She wasn’t going to lose her virginity in the bed where she dreamed. And she wasn’t about to do it in her parent’s bed. The guest room was perfect and she could clean it up easily before they got home.

“Kiss me!” Helene had turned toward him as they walked in. He leaned over and did as she asked, without real enthusiasm at first, and then warmed up to it. She was a fabulous kisser! Who knew? Between deep, forceful kisses, she nibbled on his neck, her hands on his shoulders and sometimes caressing his face. Damn! Freddie thought. She’s making the same moves on me that I should be doing to her! She had slipped a mint in her mouth sometime between the bar and the house, so there was no beer taste on her lips. He could smell the light scent of perfume in her hair — she smelled sweet and feminine. He noticed that he was getting an erection.

Helene detached her mouth from him, said, “I’ll just be a minute” and disappeared into the bathroom.

Freddie looked at the bed. Helene’s kisses felt nice, he decided, and if she wasn’t his type, it wouldn’t matter with the lights out and under the covers. Well, he was sure he could keep it up one way or another. Really, all he had to do was think back to one of the hot fucks with that waitress a couple of months ago and he was sure he would get wood so he could go through the motions and satisfy Helene. Now that he was here and committed, he would do his duty.

He heard the toilet flush and the water run but it did not take long before she came out, carrying her clothes neatly folded. She was dressed in a pink, babydoll-style negligee. Freddie could not appreciate its fine points but the effect was not lost on him. The breast cups had been removed, tightened, and replaced with flat lace panels, so that her less-than-A cup breasts and little nipples pushed out the fabric provocatively. Even though it had been the smallest size in that model, she had taken it apart and using her skills as a seamstress had sew it back together so that it fit her chest so well that it could have been designed for her. Her white legs were thin but she had more shape to her calves than he would have expected, had he given her legs any thought — he had forgotten that she was a champion swimmer. She looked better and more like a woman, with her hair down, than he would ever have imagined.

“Your turn!” she chirped, with a smile on her face. She added, pointedly, “There’s a fresh toothbrush in the water glass!” She put her small open purse on the side table by the bed and then, for some reason, squatted and put her clothes on the floor by the door, neatly folded panties on top. If she had leaned over, he could have seen her ass, but she didn’t.

He dutifully went into the bathroom and cleaned himself up. In fact, he took a shower, which greatly amused Helene, hearing the water run on the other side of the wall. When he came out, he had his pants on but his shirt was unbuttoned. He had a smooth, hairless chest.

“Come sit beside me!” Helene was sitting on a loveseat facing the bed. There was a CD player on the side table, an old-fashioned boom box, that he hadn’t noticed before. It was playing softly, old Barry Manilow songs.

He sat down and she snuggled next to him, stroking his exposed chest with her little fingers. He put his arms around her and kissed the top of her head, then let his hand caress her arm. This was really weird, he thought. Something about her was making him feel protective but horny at the same time. He had a big erection, bigger than he usually got while the girl he was with still had clothes on. He was beginning to enjoy this.

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