Heavenly dreams Round two…

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…sorry for such a delay!

So, I just lost my virginity to the most amazing girl I knew and she wants more. Sara quietly collected her panties and teeshirt and walked towards the stairs and gestured for me to follow. I started to feel scared again but now I was hooked! I looked around the living room and was sure everyone was still asleep so I quietly followed.

Instead of walking up the stairs to her room, Sara grabbed my arm and pulled me toward the stairs down to the ‘play’ room and she whispered for me to close the door. When I turned around she dropped everything and jumped on me, wrapping her legs around me and kissed me. I kissed her back for a few moments and said she almost knocked me down and we should be more quiet. She laughed and said the room was very quiet and to lighten up. With that she wiggled her hips and locked our lips again. That had the desired effect and in the moon lit room I could start to feel myself start to poke her once again with my dick. I walked towards the corner of the room, broke the kiss and flopped her down into a big bean-bag chair and fell on top of her

Ouch! As I fell I thought I bent my rock hard penis in half. Sara giggled and said I probably just bruised her thigh and it will probably leave a mark. She rolled off the chair and said she will make it all better with a wide evil grin. She kneeled in between my legs and in a kinda massaging manner started working her hands up my legs. She leaned escort kocaeli her body in just the right way to show her beautiful breasts and she dipped them onto my lap and mashed them side to side in between my thighs.Ii could feel the hot breath near the head of my penis and then WOW…she used her tongue on the backside of my head as she engulfed me over half way down my shaft. The way she swirled her tongue in that spot felt indescribably good! After a few moments of this she started to gently suck and bob her head up and down. I must have been so amazed she made a slopping sound as she sucked up and off the tip and asked if I was breathing. All I could muster was a weak…uh, huh! She continued for what seemed to be 10 minutes and asked to let her know if I was going to cum. As good as it felt, I thought it would be wrong to cum in her mouth and grabbed her arms and pulled her up for more kissing.

After several minutes I shyly asked if I could return the favor. She switched places and asked me how she looked. I’m sure I said something stupid…but she looked absolutely stunning! I pressed between her legs and kissed her again then whispered that I wasn’t sure how to do it right. She giggled, pulled my face toward her, kissed me and worked her way to my earlobe and wow, again. I was in awe at the feelings she was showing me…she whispered in my ear to kinda do the same when I get ‘down there’… I kissed her neck and started working my way down. I remember kocaeli anal yapan escort thinking as I got between her amazing breasts…which way!? I made a choice and after a few moments of licking on her half dollar sized puffy nipple I worked my way to it’s twin. I remember thinking how her nipples seemed to have dime size nipples on top of her nipples… she let me know to keep moving by lightly pushing my shoulders lower. As i continued to lick lower I could feel the heat from her groin on my neck then chin and then felt the tickle of a narrow landing strip on my nose that forced me to settle right where she wanted me.

With my nose basically on her clit I widened my tongue out on her noticeably hot wet pair of lips…she let out a little moan and moved her hands on either side of my head. She opened her legs wide and pulled her knees up toward her waist. She sorta guided me into a rhythm that made her make the most erotic noises and occasional whispers of yes…..yes…. mmmm…. I could feel her body tense and loosen. With one hand I helped support her thigh and with the other, I started to put my fore finger and middle finger on both sides of her opening rubbing them up and down. That had what I imagine was a good effect because her breathing changed. I ventured putting a finger inside her as if I was trying to touch my tongue from inside her. That brought about another change of her body motions and izmit yabancı escort soon she convulsed, moaned grabbed the back of my head and smothered me into her… i think she helped my do something right! Even though I couldn’t really breath I didn’t stop until she quickly pushed my head away… Then I thought I did something wrong but she wrapped her legs behind me and with the back of her feet pulled me hard toward her.

My pecker mashed right up against her pussy as she kissed me hard and started to grind her hips into me and moving her pelvis up and down until I slipped right into her. With her pulling me tight against her with her legs and her pelvis moves I was unable to do anything but return her deep kisses and within seconds, out of nowhere, I shot stream after stream of cum into her. She never slowed her mashing pelvis and whispered in my ear to keep going. I offered no resistance or inclination to stop either, I felt like a complete animal but Sara seemed to be in her own world. After several more minutes she tensed up and just help me tightly. As her breathing returned to a steady pace I felt like I was the king of the world!

I might as well have been! I was still inside of Sara as she seemed to focus on my face again. She decided to play with my mind a bit as she got a wicked grin across her face and told me she wasn’t on birth control. I admit I wasn’t thinking and immediately got scared and pulled out of her. She giggled again and asked where I was going!? She quickly eased my mind and said that there are ‘safe days’ she could play and not worry about things…

To this day, I feel soooo much love for this girl. I will always love you Sara!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32