He Returns Home for Mom

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I was heading home for a holiday break from college. I was in a bad mood. The girl I was seeing for the past year and half broke up with me. It seems some other guy was hitting upon her and she decided to leave me. When I pulled up in front of my parents house I only saw my Mom’s car. I let myself into the house and my Mom was there to greet me.

Mom gave me a big hug and said she was so happy I was home. Even though my mother was in her early forties she still maintained her figure. I know, I shouldn’t be looking over my Mom’s body but I couldn’t help it. Since I broke up with Nancy I had been horny as hell. My Mom having big breasts didn’t help matters. I went upstairs and dropped off my bags. I then came back down to the kitchen.

Mom was preparing dinner. Not only could I smell the food I could smell my mother’s perfume. I came up behind her and smelled her neck.

“You smell good,” I told her.

Mom looked over her shoulder at me. Our faces were just inches apart. I am not sure what came over me. I leaned down and kissed my Mom on the neck.

“What are you doing Kevin?” She looked shocked.

I could hardly tell her I was horny from my girlfriend leaving me. I decided to go the whole way. I wrapped my arms around my Mom’s waist.

“Kevin!” She cried out.

“I need you Mom,” I told her.

I brought my hands up and I felt Mom’s tits through the top she was wearing. I could feel her giving into me. I was commited now. My hands went to the pants she was wearing. I managed to push her undies and pants to the floor. I stopped for a moment and kaçak iddaa did the same for me. My cock was free now and I was half hard. It was all a blur then. I moved my Mom over towards the kitchen counter. I made her lean over the edge of the counter.

I could see my mothers face. She had this wild look in her eyes. She couldn’t believe this was happening. I took hold of my prick and I rubbed it up and down her ass crack. My seven inch dick was getting harder. My mushroom finally found her opening and I pushed in. Mom let out this loud cry. I guess I just went crazy. I began to feed my mother all of my thick pole.

Mom must have given in to me fucking her tight pussy. She pushed back each time I slid my shaft into her belly. It was like we were getting into this nice rhythm. I reached out and found her tits again. I squeezed her ripe melons through her top and bra.

“Oh fuck!” My Mom shouted.

All I could think of was that I was going to prepare my mother for more fuckings. I drove my cock in deep on each stroke. It had been so long since I last had sex. I was going to make this one count. My Mom must have lost her composure.

” Fuck me hard Kevin!” She cried out to me.

I was doing the best I could.

“Your pussy is mine Mom,” I told her.

I know it was all crazy but I lost all control. Mom’s pussy muscles were gripping me tightly. I didn’t think I could hold out much longer. There was a lot of grunting and groaning until I felt myself getting closer. My balls were pinching and I could feel my cum rising up to the tip of my shaft. A few more kaçak bahis strokes and I let loose. I started to shoot jets of my seed into my mother’s body. Mom arched her back and I could feel her muscles pulsating around my thick meat.

I was full that day. One squirt after another, I gave Mom all my thick cream. I kept pumping until I was nearly empty. We were both spent when I pulled my dick free of her opening. There was no talking right then. We tried to compose ourselves. Mom reached down and pulled up her pants and panties. She walked back to the bathroom by herself. I found some paper towels and I wetted them and cleaned up my spent rod.

I pulled up my pants and underwear. Mom came back from the bathroom.

“Why did you do that?” She looked like she was furious with me.

I said that my girlfriend left me at school. I was horny and I smelled her perfume. I couldn’t control myself any longer. Mom seemed to cool down some. She made a confession to me. Mom said that my Dad and her no longer had sex together. She suspected that my father might have found himself another woman. Mom was frustrated and depressed about the whole thing.

When I came onto my Mom she said it was like the dam had burst. All that passion came out. She wanted my cock in the worst way. We had a kiss after her confession. Mom said we would need to be careful while I was home. I couldn’t believe my luck. My Dad came home but he didn’t seem particularly happy to see me. He told my mother he would need to be going on a business trip the next day. We couldn’t believe our lucky stars.

Mom illegal bahis and I spent the next few days fucking. I finally got to see my Mom completely naked. Mom had her pubic hair shaved down to a strip. Her nipples were large and oval shaped. Our first time in bed together Mom went down on me. I stood in front of her as she sat on the edge of the bed. She massaged my balls as she bobbed up and down with her mouth. I was made hard pretty quickly.

Mom told me to get on my back. She then mounted me. Mom took hold of my rod and then she slipped down. Our pubic mounds were grinding against each other. I finally got to squeeze her large tits. I also rubbed the palms of my hands across her nipples. I was bringing my mother to a hot boil. Mom was having one orgasm after another. I was bringing her right to the edge.

“Seed me Kevin!” She screamed.

I did as she wanted me to. I blew my baby cream into her greedy pussy. Mom’s muscles felt like a vise. She gripped me hard until she got every last drop of cum from me. Mom collapsed onto my chest. I held her in my arms for the longest time.

“I don’t know what I will do when you leave,” she told me.

When it was time for me to go back to school Mom told me something.

“When you get back I may not be married to your father.”

I asked her if got a divorce, what will she do after that. She said that she will wait for me to finish college. I was a little stunned.

“Do you mean you want to be with me?”

She said yes. Perhaps we could have child together. I was floored when she told me that. I couldn’t imagine impregnating my mother. I had a lot to think about when I got back to school. I had fantasies of giving my Mom a big belly. I better be ready for a whole lot of sex when I return home next time.

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