He Met His Match

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This is a follow up to Hannah Had a Bush. The characters are fictional. This story also contains colorful language. Please feel free to leave comments.


Within a month of getting the latest contract, Shane received a promotion. Everyone expected it. He was proud of himself, but he missed Hannah. He could not tell anyone how deeply he craved her. She had been in her new city for a month. Shane could not believe that she did not tell him that she would be leaving.

His mind went to the return trip of their work travel when round two of their escapade occurred. It was at a rest stop, which was all Hannah’s idea. He smirked when he realized that she was his kind of crazy. This was probably why he was so attracted to her in the first place. His recent ex, Channing, was nothing like Hannah.

Hannah told Shane that she wanted to pull over to stretch her legs and to get snacks. Because she was driving, she made sure to pull over to park in a dark area in the lot of the rest stop, which was about halfway from home. As soon as she turned off the car, she told Shane that she “needed” to suck his dick. Shane quickly agreed, unzipped his jeans and pulled them down to his ankles.

The way Hannah’s lips looked ankara grup escort on his shaft let Shane know that he would never let her live peacefully with anyone else. There would not be another guy alive that would experience her in the ways that he recently did. Only later did he realize that this was a farewell gift.

After sucking him off in the car, she told him that she wanted to finish, but in the men’s bathroom. Shane belly laughed then devised a way to complete the task. He would enter the restroom and look around for others while Hannah would “wait” for him by the entry. She would watch for others from the outside before she made her move. Shane was to flush the toilet twice as a signal for her to enter.

When they arrived at the entry, a cleaning lady was on her way out. Shane checked the scenery, gave the signal and Hannah entered. She quickly cleaned the seat and the stall with wipes that she carried in her humongous travelling purse. Then she threw the soiled wipes into the bowl.

She took off her flats and put on her travel socks, which she never left home without. They had grips on the bottom which would make it easy to keep her feet on the wall behind the toilet gümüşhane escort as she rode him. Finally, she placed her bag on the hook behind the door.

Men entering would not realize what they were doing. They could, however hear scrambling in the stall they were occupying. Every time Shane would get loud, she would whisper “shut the fuck up” in his ear. She continuously asked him if his dick was hers. He would tell her ‘no’ only to make her work harder for a ‘yes’. He whispered “you are one filthy bitch” in her ear which only turned Hannah on even more. He also told her that he enjoys “packing her guts” with his dick.

This is exactly what Shane needed in his life: a wild bitch that needed him that he could screw at his own discretion. Hannah was the type of chick that his friends warned him about. He knew that he could not discuss her with them because of all the shit he had talked about her. He had called her fat and ridiculed her in other ways in the company of other males that fawned after her.

This made what they were doing even more exciting. Here he was with his dick in her to the hilt. No one at work would be none the wiser. He had a plan. He would make the new chick, Lexie, the “it halkalı escort girl”, so that the guys would want her. This would take their minds off of Hannah, so he could continue to secretly fuck her.

He looked up at Hannah as she tried to ride him and hold herself onto his dick without falling off. She had put her hair up into a high bun. With all of her sucking and screwing, a piece of her hair had started to hang into her face. To Shane, it made her more desirable than ever. He wanted to swipe it around her ear, but his hands were busy trying to help her to hold on.

At least two guys walked into the restroom. Hannah heard them first and placed her hand over Shane’s mouth. Then she removed her hand and quietly kissed him on his face, neck and ears. His dick got harder. Of course he couldn’t do anything about it because they had to keep quiet.

Shane held Hannah tightly and quietly came inside her as she fondled with his nuts. Her thirsty pussy gulped his load. She waited for the men to exit. Then she dismounted, pulled up her jeans, slid on her flats and snuck to the ladies room, which was immediately beside the men’s restroom. It didn’t take her long to get herself together. Shane waited for her to finish, then they gathered their snacks.

When they returned to the car, she ate a small amount of the snacks then went off to sleep. As he reminisced, Shane recalled that she was quiet for the remainder of the trip. It was as if she had a lot on her mind. He had finally met his match.

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