Haunted Mirror Ch. 01

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Vivian entered the quaint antique shop, with a strange feeling that she would find exactly what she was looking for there. She didn’t even quite know what she was looking for, but hoped she would know it when she saw it. She had driven two hours into the middle of the backwoods of New England to reach this place. This area had a feel of history to it, but not the touristy kind. It was like this area hadn’t moved on since the Salem witch trials.

“Oh! Hello, miss,” the old shopkeeper greeted her. He seemed surprised to be getting a customer. Then why was his shop even open? “Can I help you with something?” he asked in a tone that suggested she didn’t belong here.

“I’m looking for something special,” she announced in the grandiose manner, “and price is no object! Why don’t you take me right to your good stuff?”

He paused for a moment, trying to decide what to make of this odd introduction. “You’ll have to be a little more specific than that. What sort of thing are you looking for?”

“I’m Vivian Black? Famous Instagram model? Maybe you’ve heard of me?”

“Sorry, I don’t read that magazine.”

“What? No, it’s not a…” Vivian sighed. “Never mind. I take pictures of myself. My pics generate a lot of clicks and a lot of money.”

That had been an exaggeration, to say the least. In truth, she was barely even up and coming, but she would get her momentum soon. She could just feel it! She had better natural looks than most of the pros, and it was surely only a matter of time. All she needed was the right clothing or the right scenery, the right publicity stunt, and she would finally get noticed.

“I need some décor for my next shoot,” she continued. “Like I said: something special, something worthy of my image. You have anything that can do me justice?”

Without a word in reply, he gestured around his store, and returned his gaze to his book.

“Come on, I doubt you’d keep the sort of thing I’m looking for out on the sales floor with all the other junk. You’ve got to have a back room where you keep the collector’s items. You know, the stuff for your special clientele… like me? I put a lot of work into finding places like this, so please don’t let me leave disappointed!”

He closed his book and sighed, giving her an annoyed look. “That’s not how it works. The only ‘back room’ I have is the workshop. That’s for items I need to repair before I can sell them.”

Vivian signed. “It’s just… I’m not seeing anything really worth my money out here. Did I mention I can pay a lot?”

Finally, the old shopkeeper got up out of his chair and had her follow him. The workshop was full of many items, tables and dressers and the like. Vivian looked around the room until she noticed something tall against the back wall, covered by a dusty bedsheet. She walked right past all the other items, and lifted the cover. Instantly, her eyes lit up! This was it!

It was a mirror. She pulled the sheet the rest of the way off, and took a step back to have a look at it. It was beautiful! It was full length, with an ornate mahogany frame, and when she caught her reflection in it, she thought she had never looked better!

Grinning, she turned around to ask him how much, but he seemed uncomfortable. He was avoiding looking directly at the uncovered mirror.

“What do you want for this?” she asked.

“That’s not ready to be sold. There’s a joint loose,” he replied. His entire demeanor had changed. He looked afraid.

“I don’t mind. I’ll buy it now! Full price!”

“I don’t know… I haven’t even set a price for that yet. See, that one’s a tough one to price. There’s a… history to that one.”

“Even better! What kind of history?”

“Someone died in front of it. Some people get superstitious about that sort of thing.”

“Oh, that’s okay! I’m not superstitious.”

As a matter of fact, that even sweetened the deal for her! She was a junkie for ghost stories and stuff like that. Even more so, with her long, beautiful black hair and slender face, the goth look suited her very well. This was perfectly her style!

“No, you don’t understand. There’s more, you see. She didn’t just die in front of it. The rumor says she died because of it.”

“Whoa! Don’t leave me hanging! You’ve got to tell me the story now!”

“Well, I’ll see what I can remember. It was my pa who bought it a long time ago back when he ran the shop, before I was born. All I know is what he told me. The lady who died, she was a real sinner, that one. Quite the harlot, and very, very vain. They say she became obsessed with looking at herself in it. She’d spend hours staring at her reflection. Hours! And her naughty deeds only got worse. Didn’t even try to hide her sinful heart after that. Then, she went missing for several days. They finally found her in front of that mirror, buck naked, and dead on the floor. A family member, a cousin, I think, took it from her after the funeral, but she eventually sold it. She said she could sometimes hear her voice coming from it at night.”

“Cool! Is she haunting it now?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Old tales, you know how they go…”

“Have you ever heard her voice güvenilir bahis coming from it at night?”

“No, but I don’t sleep in here.”

“So… this has literally been here your whole life?”


“And you still haven’t fixed that loose joint?”

He scratched his head, but made no reply.

“A thousand dollars?” she said, holding out a wad of cash.

Later that night, Vivian was getting ready for bed. She was walking through her room in the frilly underwear she usually wore to bed, and she took a glance at the mirror where she had hung it on the wall. God, she looked so sexy! Of course, she always did, but there was something about this mirror. She never looked better! It was hard to take her eyes off of herself! Maybe a little bit of that old man’s tale was true, after all!

Did her image look that much more appealing in this mirror to other people, too? Maybe she could use this thing’s curse to her advantage! Maybe if she took some mirror selfies… this could be what finally gets her career off the ground!

She pursed her lips and did a glamor pose for herself. That black lingerie was so scandalous, about the most daring thing she had ever photographed herself in. It showed off her tight tummy and her ample cleavage so well! So teasing! And if you looked close enough, the cups were just transparent enough to show off the outlines of her nipples. It wasn’t obvious enough to get her reported on Instagram, but it was pushing the line. But did she dare?

Staring at her beautiful reflection was making her feel strangely excited. She reached her hands behind her back and unclipped her bra. Slowly, she slid the straps down her shoulders, until it fell free, and she was looking at herself topless. She had never done a nude shot before, but suddenly she like the idea… really liked it! Why shouldn’t she? Her breasts were amazing! They were large and generous, with wide, pink nipples.

She stood there for several minutes, just staring at her semi-nude body. She had never gotten aroused looking at her own body before, but there was something about herself she had never noticed before. Was it possible the mirror was letting her see herself as other people saw her? Was this what it was like for a guy to see her pictures? Well, she looked incredible! Why would she not share such beauty with people? It was almost selfish not to! She continued to look lustfully upon her own reflection, wishing she could reach out and touch that beautiful woman in front of her… run her fingers all over her smooth, flawless skin… make love to her…

As she gazed, the desire to go over there and touch that beautiful woman only grew, as if she could somehow pass through the glass and be side by side with her. She took one step toward the mirror, and was about to reach her hand toward it, but a silly idea came to her. Instead, she lowered her hand and thrust out her bare chest. She let her soft, sensitive nipples touch the surface of the mirror, meeting tip to tip with the beautiful nipples of the other woman. She gasped with the pure eroticism of the moment.

But when Vivian tried to back up a moment later, she felt something horrifyingly impossible: her nipples were stuck to the mirror like superglue! She couldn’t pull them off!

“WHAT THE…?” she gasped in shock at the unexpected tug on her sensitive parts!

Vivian pulled again, but her nipples were absolutely stuck fast! The supple, pink flesh of her nipples stretched like chewing gum as she pulled, which tingled erotically. She leaned back and pulled harder, but all this accomplished was to stretch her nipples another inch, almost looking like she was stuck nipple to nipple with that beauty in the mirror.

“SERIOUSLY? What… what’s going on?!?”

Almost as strange, the mirror itself wasn’t moving either. She had only hung it by a strand of picture wire, and she was surprised she hadn’t pulled it off the wall by now. Curious, she grabbed the sides of the mahogany frame and tried to unmount it, but the mirror was completely immovable! Had it magically affixed itself to the wall? She tried to work her fingers behind it, but there was barely even a gap between it and the wall.

“How? HOW?” she screamed, as she became more and more terrified! “How is this happening?”

She let go of the mirror and brought her hands up to her breasts. She pinched each nipple between her fingers and tried to jiggle them free of the glass surface. But the tips stayed stuck fast, so she tried pulling on them, even twisting them, but her flesh was practically welded to the glass!

“No, no, no, NO! Come OFF! WHY WON’T THEY COME OFF?!? Oh no, this thing really is cursed! I should have believed that weird old man!”

Nearly panicking, Vivian clenched the edges of the frame in her hands and pushed off, struggling to wrench her nipples free. Her poor tits were yanked out by the nipples mercilessly hard, but strangely, all she felt was pleasure. She pulled harder and harder… and she couldn’t believe how far her breasts were stretching, but they seemed to be fine. She pulled until she gasped with pleasure so extreme, she lost her strength and was güvenilir bahis siteleri pulled back into the mirror.

She leaned against the mirror, trying to catch her breath, then tried again.

“Hrrrrrrrrrrrrr!” she grunted, stretching her tits and nipples taut once again, but slammed back into the mirror a second later.

She tried again.


Her perfectly round breasts were stretched out into cones, and her nipples were stretched out like two pink strands of bubble gum. As soon as she stopped pulling, she was slammed back into the mirror once again. This time, she had to rest for over a minute to catch her breath. But it wasn’t just her terror or her physical exertion. The harder she pulled, the greater the pleasure became. Despite her fear, she was feeling inappropriately horny! As she stood there breathing, staring down at her stuck nipples, she was realizing having her nipples stuck to the mirror was a tremendously erotic feeling! It was constant stimulation, and even the slightest movement, even her breathing, produced wondrous tugs on her nipples.

But despite that, getting her nipples off the mirror sometime before the end of eternity was a much bigger priority. Finally ready, she took a deep breath and steeled herself for another pull. She counted down in her head: three… two… one…


She gritted her teeth and yanked for all she was worth! She couldn’t believe how far her breasts and nipples were stretching! And the pleasure was so overpowering it was all she could do to remain focused and keep pulling. She strained every muscle in her body until her arms were shaking from the effort! Finally, it was too much. Her arms lost their strength, and she was slammed boobs-first back into the mirror.

“Shit! Shit! What do I do?” she gasped, panting for breath. “I can’t believe it; this thing is CURSED! Literally CURSED!”

She just stood there with the side of her face resting against the mirror, as her heart pounded loud enough for her to hear it. Her pussy tingled with desire from all the stimulation she had been getting, but she was too terrified to care much about that.

She forced herself to breathe deeply and slowly, trying to calm herself down. Once she was finally somewhat calm, she stood up straight again and tried to think of what to do. She turned to her bed where she had left her phone, but it was way too far out of reach to be of any use. She looked around for anything else she could use, but there wasn’t much in reach, certainly nothing useful.

Was this permanent? If whatever was holding onto her tits didn’t loosen on its own, she was going to be in real trouble! She backed up an inch, and looked at her reflection as she felt that painless and strangely pleasurable tug. Like this, it almost looked like her tits were stretched out and stuck to the tits of a perfect twin of herself. It was funny: by the old man’s description, she had imagined more of a psychological force compelling the mirror’s last owner to stand in front of it until she died. Was this what had actually happened to the girl? Would she be sharing her fate?

No! She couldn’t be stuck here until she starved! She turned to her bed where she had left her phone, but it was way too far out of reach to be of any use. She looked around for anything else she could use, but there wasn’t much in reach, certainly nothing useful. She was starting to lose her calm again.

“No! No, no, no, NO! This can’t be happening! This can’t be real! I’m dreaming, I’ve got to be!”

She closed her eyes hard and tried to make the dream go away.

“Come on, wake up! Wake up!”

But when she opened her eyes, all she saw was her reflection in that god-awful mirror! She tried to move, tried to turn away from her nightmare, but she was stuck fast! And then, when she returned her eyes to the mirror in front of her, something happened that made her blood freeze in her veins.

The woman in the mirror smiled at her.

Vivian opened her mouth to scream, but she was too terrified to make any sound. Meanwhile, her reflection only continued smiling that sinister grin. The woman in the mirror wasn’t her! It looked like her down to every last detail, but something about her eyes were wrong! Unable to turn away from her, she shut her eyes as hard as she could.

“This isn’t real… this isn’t real…” she whispered to herself, deathly quiet.

When she finally opened her eyes, she jumped so hard she stretched out her nipples again. The impostor was leaning against the glass, grinning at her from ear to ear barely an inch from the glass. Vivian could see the flesh of her palms pressed up against the other side of the mirror, where her own palms were nowhere near!

“Hello, Vivian Black!” said the doppelganger, menacingly, in her own voice. But the voice had come from the mirror.

Vivian finally worked up the courage to speak, and when she did, her voice was soft and pathetic, begging.

“W… iddaa siteleri w… what do you want?”

“To have some fun! Why so afraid of me?”

“Please… leave me alone…”

“Leave you alone? Very well, I can see you aren’t interested. I’ll just be on my way then!” The woman in the mirror turned to leave, but her nipples were stuck up against the inside of the mirror, just opposite of Vivian’s. “Oh… oh dear… I seem to be stuck. Why, of all the confounded inconveniences! I say, has this ever happened to you?”

“Come on, just let go of me! Please!”

“Let go? But we’ve only just met! And I already like you a lot! I think you’re just the sort of person I’ve been looking for!”

“What are you going to do? Are you going to keep me stuck here until I die of thirst? Like the last girl did?”

“Thirst? No, no, I didn’t die of thirst. It was of exhaustion! And, wow, what a night it was! Several days, in fact! But that last night was something special! Oh, to feel like that again!”

“Wait… you’re her? The girl who died in front of the mirror?”

Suddenly, the image in the mirror was of a different woman. But she never saw the image change, so to speak. It was like she had blinked, and her eyes refocused and were able to see through an illusion. She looked nothing like Vivian, but she was just as beautiful. She had long, blond hair, pinned up in a pretty but long outdated fashion she couldn’t place. She had a youthful, round face with bright, rosy cheeks, but eyes that belied her pleasant smile, eyes that told of a deep hunger.

Except for the bindings in her hair, she was completely nude, not even wearing underwear like Vivian was. She had wide, curvaceous hips, a slender waist, and breasts just as generous a Vivian’s, which were still attacked to the mirror opposite of Vivian’s.

“Who are you?”

“My name was Abigail, but what’s in a name? Yes, I was the dead, naked girl old Roland told you about. Now I get to haunt this wonderful mirror!”

“So, you’re a victim of this mirror, too! Wait, but how did the mirror kill you if you’re the one haunting it?”

“Oh, it was cursed long before I found it. I released the last occupant once I died.”

“The LAST occupant? Who was the…” But Vivian trailed off as her eyes lit up in terror at a sudden and horrible realization! “WAIT A MINUTE!!! Does that mean MY soul is going to get sucked into the mirror next? Please! PLEASE!!! I’m not ready to die! And I definitely don’t want to live in a mirror! I’ll… I’ll fine someone else! Someone even better than me! Just tell me what you need, I’ll do it! Just let go of me… please!”

“Ha! No, no. Me taking his place here was more of a… mutual agreement. And I have no plans to give up my place for the likes of you.”

“Oh god, THANK YOU! Thank you!” Vivian put her hand over her racing heart as she recovered from that deathly scare.

“I love it in here! It gives me so much power! So many things I could never dream of doing in life! I can’t wait to try it all out! I’m already having fun!” To demonstrate, Abigail pulled slightly away from the mirror, stretching out her nipples a few inches, and made a pleasurable face. “And don’t worry, I’m not going to let you die, either. Why end the fun so soon? We’re going to be friends for a long, long time! So, smile and be happy!”

“So… what now? If you’re planning to keep me around for the long term, can you maybe see about releasing me?” Vivian tugged a few times, stretching her soft, pink, and still very stuck nipples.

Abigail shook her head with a nasty, scolding smile. “Not quite yet. However, I think I’m almost ready to have our first bit of fun! Oh, it’s been sooo long!”

Suddenly, Vivian’s eyes seemed to refocus again. The vision of Abigail disappeared, replaced by her own reflection once again. But her reflection wasn’t completely back to normal; Vivian’s doppelganger stared deeply into her eyes, and she found it very difficult to look away. Slowly, the woman in the mirror raised her arm. She brought it up to her bare stomach and began to caress herself sensuously. And as she did so, Vivian felt that caress on her own skin!

Shocked, she finally tore her eyes away from her beautiful reflection and looked down to see her own hand was caressing herself just as the specter in the mirror was. Her reflection’s other hand began touching itself, and likewise, so did Vivian’s own hand. Vivian tried to stop, but her arms weren’t under her control any more. It was like she was the reflection now; the woman on the other side was the one in control.

Next, her hands slid upwards into the soft undersides of her breasts. Her hands ran themselves outward along her breasts until her fingers closed around her stretched-out areolas and nipples. Her fingers applied gentle pressure, delicately massaging the milk ducts just underneath the skin. Her body leaned back, slightly increasing the tension, and she could feel the taut, elastic flesh stretching inside the grasp of her fingertips. Her fingers then ran up and down the lengths of her stretched nipple flesh a few times, and Vivian heard herself gasp loudly in pleasure! She wasn’t sure it had been the mirror’s spell or herself that had forced that noise out of her. Her hands ran down to the base of her breasts again, then back to the nipples, massaging and tugging on the taut, sensitive flesh the whole while.

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