Happy Ending Ch. 09

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This is a work of fiction, based on no true experiences or actual people.

** The Happy Ending 9 – Rod & Ami, Raina & Ben, Gil and Ami, Another Threesome for Michele **

*** Rod & Ami Work It ***

Rod suggested that he and Ami meet for coffee. He’d had a conversation with Michele about Ami’s situation, and he wanted to clear things up before they ‘got going’. He sat at a table on the patio, watching as the pretty Asian girl walked across the street. Rod returned her wave and her smile, admiring the painted-on jeans she was wearing as well as the form-fitting t-shirt. She does look a lot like SoonJa he thought, standing as she approached the table. “Nice to see you sweetie, and thank you for agreeing to meet here first.” he said, pulling out her chair.

Ami giggled and took her seat. “Well.. aren’t you the gentleman” she said, giving him a wink. “I figured maybe it’d be worth a cup of good coffee anyway.” she laughed. The waitress arrived. “A Chai Latte please” Ami ordered her drink. After the girl left she caught Rod’s eye. “Seriously Rod, I really appreciate what you’re doing for me – taking time out of your busy schedule and all.” she said.

“It’s no problem at all Ami. For one thing I know how highly Michele thinks of you, and I think highly of Michele.” I said. “And… I have to admit I have a small thing for Asian ladies.” I added.

“Oh really?” Ami responded. “What kind of thing?” she asked.

“Uh… I have a dear friend… haven’t seen her in years… her name is SoonJa…” I began.

“Korean!” Ami said.

“Indeed, she’s Korean.” I replied. “Looks very much like you, actually. Same exotic eyes, same slender figure…”

“But does she have a perfect, heart-shaped butt?” Ami laughed.

“Yep. Looks just as good in painted-on jeans, too.” I chuckled. “At least as far as I can tell…”

“Oh.. I’m sure you’ll get an eyeful soon enough Rodney Bowman.” she scolded me. “So… what’s this idea you and Michele cooked up to help me?” she asked.

“She said you two had talked briefly about it.” I replied.

“Oh yeah. You and I have butt sex.” Ami giggled.

“Well.. I have my preferred approach; but yes. You and I have butt sex.” I responded.

“And what is your ahem preferred approach?” Ami asked.

I glanced around, making sure nobody was within earshot. “With SoonJa, I would make love to her ass. Worship it really. She would get to the point where she would practically beg for me to put my cock up her sweet tush.” I replied.

“Oh wow… that sounds pretty exciting… I like the idea of a man worshipping my butt.” Ami said, giving me a wink. “Like… with your tongue?”

“Tongue, lips, fingers, toys…” I let my sentence trail off.

“Alright Rod. Now you have to do that…. to me.” Ami told me. “Let’s go…” she added, standing up. She turned her back to me and deliberately bent over to get her purse. “You want this?” she laughed, slapping her derriere. “You’re gonna have to work for it!” Then she stood up. “Silver Camry. Follow me.” she said, walking through the door.

I followed her to the parking lot, pointing to my black Audi as she climbed into her Toyota. Twenty minutes later we pulled up in front of a small house near Michele’s place, and I followed Ami inside. She poured us each a glass of decent Merlot, then excused herself to ‘put on something more comfortable’. I looked around the room, appreciating some of the delicate Asian decorations on shelves that seemed to surround the walls. I sipped the wine, enjoying the smooth, rich tones. Ami appeared a few minutes later, a silk camisole covering her from the waist up while a pair of satin pants barely concealed her lower half. She smiled and gave me a turn, giving her tush a little jiggle.

“Mmm… you look…” I began.

“Good enough to eat?” Ami giggled, walking over to me. She took my wine glass, then pushed gently on my chest. I sat down on the sofa and Ami sat on my lap with one of her lithe arms behind my head. Before I knew what was happening her lips were on mine and we kissed – for a good minute before she pulled away. “Rod… I’m okay with this… I hope you are too.” she said, wriggling her thinly-clad rear against my lap. “I just… I can’t do this kind of thing… without… you know…” she stammered. I initiated the kiss this time, our tongues dueling as my hands freely roamed her body. Her breasts were small and firm as tennis balls, her nipples instantly erect as my fingers worked her flesh through the thin fabric. She broke the kiss. “ohhhh… Rod…” she said softly, lifting herself up to turn over onto her belly. She draped herself over my lap, her firm rear sticking up at me. “Explore me… touch me…” she whispered.

I let my fingers trace their way from the back of her knee, along her thigh, over her firm cheeks and back down to the other knee. Soft mewls escaped her as I made my way back of to rest my palm on her buttock, squeezing canlı bahis the taut flesh as my dick let me know it was interested. Ami giggled at that, grinding her pelvis against me as I fondled her backside. My fingers curled under the waistband of her pants and eased them down to expose the perfect skin of her ass, and I let out a heavy sigh. “You have a beautiful butt Ami.” I told her, my hands gently kneading both cheeks as I stole glimpses of her little rosebud. It’s just like SoonJa’s! I thought. Such a perfect little brown wrinkled starfish!. I leaned down to plant a wet kiss on each cheek, then let my tongue trace the crevice between them as my thumbs pulled them apart.

“ohhhhgawddddd…. sooooooo nice….” Ami moaned, pushing her hips upward to meet my exploring oral digit. As the tip of my tongue made contact with her anus she relaxed her sphincter and I was able to ease my wet intruder a half inch into her sexy butthole. “AHHHHHSHIT…. OHMYGOD…. SO NASTY…” Ami groaned.

I let my oral intruder slip from her tasty rear and lifted my head. “Ami… let’s take this to a more comfortable location, shall we?” I suggested, fondling her smooth cheeks.

“Mmm… okay” she responded, pushing herself up as she tugged the satin pants up. She took my hand, pulling me up from the couch. “Let’s go…” Ami led me into her bedroom, turning around to face me at the foot of her bed. “Let’s get naked.” she said with a cute laugh. In a heartbeat she pulled the camisole over her head then stripped off the satin pants, standing naked in front of me.

Apparently I didn’t move quickly enough, and she pulled at my shirt, unfastening all the buttons before moving her fingers to my jeans. In moments I was as naked as she was, her fingers wrapping around my cock as she nuzzled my neck. “Mmm…” I moaned, my hands roaming over her back as our lips met again. I gently kneaded me way down to those fabulous cheeks and pulled her body to me, my dick slipping between her thighs in the process. Then I broke the kiss and looked into her eyes. “Why don’t you lay down on your tummy, and let me give you a massage for a change.” I suggested.

“Mmmm… okay… Just not an hour…” she giggled, turning around to crawl onto the firm mattress.

I watched as she stretched herself out on her belly, pulling a pillow down to rest her head as I discretely grabbed the small ‘toy’ I would use later. I looked around, finding the bottle of massage oil she’d left on the night stand, and straddled her hips with my cock resting on the crack of her taut rear. I sensed her body relaxing moment-by-moment as my hands worked her muscles. Damn her body is taut! I thought, kneading her neck and shoulders before beginning on her back. “You have a marvelous tone sweetie.” I said softly.

“Mmmm… and you have excellent finger skills…” Ami replied. “Gawd that feels… so good…” she whispered, giving her butt a little wriggle.

I worked my way down her back until I had to move, and swung my leg over to kneel next to her so I could continue the massage. I leaned down to give her a quick kiss on each cheek, then began kneading her thigh to work down her leg. When I got to her knee I leaned down again, kissing the sensitive spot before continuing down her calf to her foot. I switched sides and made my way back up her other leg, kissing the back of that knee before I gently spread her legs so I could kneel between them. When I got back up to her tush I could feel her trembling in anticipation. “Ohhhh sweetie… such a beautiful tush…” I told her, my fingers kneading the supple flesh of her backside.

Ami had to admit, this kind of massage was something she could get used to. Rod had said he wanted to do this, and ‘make love to her ass’, and there he was. “Ohhh Rod… this feels so incredible..” she mewled. She felt his thumbs spreading her cheeks on either side of her tender hole, his lips caressing her cheeks, then his tongue… “ahhhhhhmmmm… ohgawwwwwd” she groaned.

Her asshole was so delicate, such a perfectly formed rosebud. I knew this was going to be exciting for Ami as I spread her cheeks and lowered my head. A wet kiss on each of her taut cheeks and my tongue dove for her anal wrinkle. “mmmphh” I grunted, using my thumbs to open her rear entry as I wormed my oral probe into her ass. I felt her sphincter relax, letting my soft, wet intruder inside her butthole a good half inch. She tasted wonderful. As if she had cleansed her bowels and rinsed with a fragrant herbal spice. I would find out later that she had done exactly that in anticipation of this very act. Withdrawing my tongue, I watched her perfect port as it clenched and relaxed. “Oh gawd Ami… such a beautiful, sexy ass…” I told her, reaching for the flavored lube she’d conveniently placed next to the massage oil. I opened the applicator nozzle and dripped a small amount directly on her little hole. “I want your ass Ami…” I whispered, working my tongue back inside her bahis siteleri rear, pushing the small amount of lube in with it.

“Ohhhgawd Rod… Keep this up and you can have whatever you want…” she whispered, her hips pushing upward. “P-put a pillow under me… p-please.” she asked, reaching up to grab a small one and handing it back to me.

I pushed the pillow under her belly, which put her beautiful backside at a very enticing angle. I used the thumb and forefinger of one hand to splay her cheeks apart, and pushed the applicator into her exposed anus. She moaned softly, her ring relaxing as I gave the bottle a squeeze. “So sexy…” I whispered as I pulled the nozzle from her butthole. I leaned down to bathe her moist folds with my tongue, then focused on her brown starfish, teasing at the wrinkle with my oral digit as I slipped a finger into her wet cunt. My nostrils were instantly flooded with the fragrant scent of a woman in need. “So…. fucking… HOT…” I grunted, sliding a second finger into her pussy as I wormed my tongue up her snug pooper. Ami mewled softly, her hips writhing against my face as I worshiped her sweetness, kissing and sucking at her bottom as my fingers skewered in and out of her hot cunt. I backed off just enough to rest my thumb against her puckered port, then worked my tongue around it as my thickest digit pushed aside her ring of muscle.

“ohhhhgawddd… Rod… gawd that feels so good…” Ami moaned, her loins tingling on the edge of something more serious. The thickness of his thumb felt amazing as he pushed it past the first knuckle in her butthole, adding to the thrill of the two fingers in her vagina. The man knows how to make a girl HOT! she thought, writhing her hips back against him. She licked her lips, wanting to taste him too, and gently pulled her loins away from him as she rolled to her side. “I want to taste you Rod. I want your cock in my mouth.” she said bluntly, looking him in the eye. “Please” she pleaded, patting the bed next to her. “Come up here and lay on your back… Let’s do each other..” she suggested. Then she noticed the small vibrator next to me and giggled. “What’s that?” she asked.

I winked at her, and rather than answer I crawled up and lay on my back as Ami leaned down to plant a hot, wet kiss on my lips. Then she turned around, straddling my head as she lowered her hips to give me access. Then I felt her lips wrap around the head of my cock and heard her muffled groan as she took me to the root. “ohhhhyessss…” I moaned, my hands grasping her buttocks to pull her pussy to my face. I sucked at her clit as a finger found her asshole to push deep inside. Ami did the same, slipping a slender digit up my butt as she lovingly suckled my meat. My free hand found the little ribbed toy and brought it up to replace the finger at the opening to her bottom. I flipped the vibe on and pressed the narrow tip against her anus. “Mmmmm…” I groaned as she sucked like a wild woman, muffled moans coming from deep inside her as I pushed the little toy up her ass. The view was incredibly exciting, watching the pink plastic stretching her little ring as I slipped it inside her. Each ridge introduced a slightly larger segment, and another muffled squeal from my Asian friend’s throat.

A few minutes later she jumped up, pulling me to my knees before she dropped to hers with her beautiful derriere facing me. Then she reached back with both hands to pull those cheeks wide. “Fuck my ass Rod. Fill my butt with your beautiful cock.” she pleaded – Just like SoonJa! I put the wet head of my rock-hard penis against her tight little opening.

“You want me to fuck you in the ass, Ami?” I teased her wrinkle with my cockhead. I felt her outer ring relax and pushed the head past her sphincter. “Mmm…. so smooth and hot…” I said hoarsely.

Ami pushed her hips back, capturing an inch of his dick inside her seething bottom. “Come on Rod. Give it to me. Please…” Ami begged. “Fuck my ass”

My hands grasped her lithe hips and I took a breath, looking down at the distended little hole with my meat stretching it wide. I reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the bottle of lube, flipping the applicator open and laying a bead of the stuff around my dick. “Okay sweetie… here we go” I said, gripping her hips again as I applied enough pressure to move slowly up into her asshole. “ohhhhgawddd Ami” I mumbled, my organ twitching inside her rear.

As she sensed the twitch, Ami relaxed her bottom. “Easy now Rod. I want this to last a long time.” she told me. “Go ahead and fuck my butt.” she suggested. “It really feels wonderful”

I looked down and marveled at the way her outer ring kept it’s grip on my cock as I slowly withdrew. That is just so fucking nasty! I thought, pulling it all the way out of her to catch a look at her pink insides before I pushed back in and plunged deep. The next time I withdrew she clenched her sphincter around the bulbous head, holding bahis şirketleri me inside with a lusty giggle. “Oh geez… Ami, this is the best…” I whispered, reaching around her torso to mold and fondle her breasts. My hips worked up a steady pace, pumping my penis in and out of her receptive rectum as one of my hands reached down to find her wet clit.

“ohhhhhhhmmmmm… finger my pussy…. make me cum… FUCK MY ASS…” Ami squealed. Anal intercourse was never like this before. “Oh Rod… make me cum baby… make me CUMMMMMM”

I felt the first convulsion with my penis buried in her butt and knew she was losing it. My fingers worked her wetness as my hips went into overdrive, pounding my cock into her wildly clenching asshole. Then I felt my own spasm. “ohhFUCK baby… OHHHYEAHHHH… OHFUCK…” I growled, my semen splashing deep into Ami’s bowels for the second time. I slowed my thrusts, easing in and out as her spasms subsided. “ohhhbaby… soooo nice… soooo good…” I whispered, my fingers slowly withdrawing from her wetness. I was going to ease my cock from her rear; but her muscles clenched down, holding me inside. “Ami…”

“P-please Rod… let me get you off again… with my muscles…” she suggested. “Me on top…” she added.

I carefully pulled myself up without losing my penetration of her tight bottom, turning both of us around. I laid down slowly, then Ami somehow turned herself to face me, her rectal channel still possessing my penis. “You are so beautiful Ami…” I said without thinking. Our lips met, again exploding into a passionate battle as I felt her anal muscles working my organ. The sensations were exquisite, the walls of her asshole working my meat like the most incredible combination of the best things in the world. My fingers traced her spine, gently massaging her back as my cock soaked in the heat of her bottom. Without moving her hips she worked the length of my shaft up and down, rippling her muscles in a way neither Raina nor Michele had ever done. “gawwwd that’s so intense…” I moaned, my hands stroking her body as she moved her ass on my penis. My cock twitched inside her and I sensed her muscles relaxing, the velvety walls of her rectum caressing my manhood in a gentle squeeze. “ohhhhFUCK…” I grunted, my penis spasming in her warm depths.

Ami could feel every inch of his meat filling her bottom, and she leaned down to nibble at Rod’s ear, slipping her tongue inside briefly. “I want you to feel as good as I do lover..” she whispered. “I want your cock to fill my ass for hours… to finally empty your love tanks deep inside my nasty butthole.” she hissed, clenching her outer ring around the root of his cock.

“OhhhhhAmiiiii… so fucking nice in your ass…” I mumbled, my fingertips gently stroking her lithe hips. For what seemed like hours her skilled rectal channel worked on my meat, the muscles grasping at the sensitive head and kneading the shaft as she eased her hips up and down. “ohhhhfffffffUCK…” I grunted, my cock spasming in her rear.

Ami knew what that one meant. “Ohhhkay Rod… time for you to go…” Ami whispered, shoving her tongue into Rod’s mouth as her hips began thrusting up and down. She consciously manipulated her muscles to give him the best possible orgasm, convulsing every muscle in her ass as his cock pounded in and out of her sheath. She could feel every drop of jizm as he splashed her bowels with his seed, her anal channel getting more and more slippery with each spurt. “Ohhhhyesss Rod… Fill my ass with your cum.” she whispered. Milking his organ dry with her snug butthole. As his spasms subsided she let her bottom relax as well, feeling his cock soften slowly until it slipped free. “ohgawwwd that was good.” she said. “You know how to make a woman want it Rod.” she added, pushing herself up to roll onto her back next to him.

I waited a minute or two as my breathing slowed, then I reached over to rest my hand on her thigh. “So… you think maybe you’re ready?” I asked her.

Ami giggled. “I know I’m ready for you to do THAT any time you want.” she replied. “But maybe.. maybe I’m ready to try the LSR session again.” she added, squeezing my hand on her leg. “If you’re not bored with my ass anyway.” she laughed.

“Not likely sweetie. Not at all likely.” I said, wondering where this was leading. I wasn’t really interested in a ‘full time thing’; but Ami was about as hot as they came. She was more than fifteen years my junior; but wow… what a hot babe. “I should go sweetie. I’ve got some business to take care of in town before everybody closes up.” I told her, giving her thigh a warm squeeze. “I’ll give Michele a call in the morning.” I pulled myself up, enjoying the feel of her fingertips following me. “Mmm…” I mumbled, finding my clothes and pulling them on. Ami laid on the bed, her skin glowing in the indirect light.

“Well okay Rod. As much as I would love for you to stay, I understand.” Ami said as she watched him dress. “See you again soon.” she added, parting her legs deliberately to offer me one last tantalizing peek.

By the time I got back to town all of the businesses had hung out the closed shingle, and I headed home.

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