Gwen’s Pool Ch. 02

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I wasn’t a shy, naive 18-year-old girl. I had moved from “The Big City” to a small town, so I knew what went on. Hell, I lost my virginity at 15 to some 17-year-old wannabe rockstar named Rev. But I felt straight-up prudish at the sight of what was going on in the pool and the area surrounding it. I was glad to have the lights off, because I’m pretty sure I turned red all over. My silence triggered a hooting laugh from Todd.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it,” he said, in what I hope was a teasing tone. Beautiful is not what I would use to describe the middle-aged couple fucking against the window beside me. They were … lumpy.

“I-wow,” was all that I could stammer out, wishing I had some form of clothing to put on. Todd laughed again.

“Pay no attention to the Haughners. They tend to keep to themselves, much to the benefit of everyone else,” he said, trailing his fingers across my shoulders and down my arm. I shivered, as much from his fingers as from peering out further into the naked mass of people and focusing on the undeniably attractive people around my own age.

“So, what is this?” I asked, keeping my eyes on one couple who was beautifully fit, their toned bodies a complete complement of each other. I felt myself tingling again, a slow ache building up in my nerve endings.

“It’s really hard to explain,” Todd said after a brief moment of contemplation. He had brought his hands around to cup my breasts, fingers playing with my nipples and bringing them back to life. “You really just need to experience it. It’s exhilarating,”

My eyes closed as I leaned against Todd’s firm body, his magic fingers moving down my body to tease me. I ground my backside against him, moaning a bit at the feeling of his erection behind me. We stayed there, locked in the erotic embrace as he explored my body without ever touching me where I needed it most, for a few moments before Todd stepped away. I’m pretty sure I whimpered my protest.

“Now now, I’ve been told that I need to share you,” he said, turning me around to take my lips with his in a searing, albeit short, kiss. I pouted a bit, before realising that he couldn’t see me in the dark. I heard him open the door only seconds before the music and erotic noises drifted in along with a soft beam of light.

“C’mon, Gwen. It’s going to blow your mind,” Todd said, opening the door further and holding his hand out to me. Taking a deep breath, I took it and stepped out with him.

“Ahh, you stuck around!” Angie said as she stepped out from the door that led to her office. I felt myself flushing again, as she was completely naked. Her legs were an endless supply of toned muscles and tanned taut skin. In fact, her whole body was like that. But the most amazing parts of her body were her breasts. Larger than I had thought, they were full and soft, capped by nipples the colour of rosé wine. They swayed and jiggled as she walked towards Todd and I, and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of them no matter how hard I tried. She laughed, seemingly catching my stare, and they jiggled more. My breath caught when she stood directly in front of me and lifted my chin so I would be looking at her face. Her full lips split into a smile of acceptance and her eyes twinkled with promises. I began to ache again, more insistently this time.

“My my,” She said, taking her time to gaze at my body. Her hands trailed down my arms and back up again, fingertips grazing the sides of my breasts. I almost groaned.

“Todd, I think we’ve found ourselves bahis firmaları a winner!” She said, grinning at Todd. Todd laughed and threw his arm around my shoulders, hugging me close to him.

“I can guarantee that we have,” he insinuated, causing me to flush. Had I really fucked him within one day of knowing him? Jesus. Angie chuckled at my discomfort.

“Never fear, Gwen. We’ve been looking for someone like you for awhile,” she said before walking away, grabbing the megaphone from the lifeguard’s station.

“Attention everyone!” She called out, the moans, groans, and splashes all but coming to a halt (except for the Haughners, but I don’t think anything would have stopped them). “This is our newest recruit, in all forms, Gwen. She’s a little new to everything, so don’t scare her off!”

The poolside erupted in cheers and catcalls before everyone went back to what they were doing. Music pumped at a moderate volume, the bass drumming and the lyrics undecipherable. Or maybe that’s just what I heard as Todd led me around the pool, introducing me to or pointing out certain people. We stopped in front of the couple that I had spotted from inside and excused himself to go talk with Angie. Logan and Heidi were their names, and they were legitimately nice people. Heidi even went so far to snag a towel for me, sensing my discomfort.

“How old are you, Gwen?” asked Logan, sitting on one of the reclining deck chairs, completely uninhibited in his nakedness. His body, all muscles and coffee-brown skin, couldn’t distract me from his gorgeous cock. I’m talking mouthwatering, in its shape and size. It had to be at least eight inches long, and thick. It took all of my willpower to not just drop down and stroke it.

“Eighteen,” I replied, fidgeting in my seat. I was glad to be sitting on the towel, as my wetness had begun to seep between my lips. I shuddered at the thought, pleased when Logan’s eyes lit up.

“You’ve got the body of a woman,” he said, turning to grin at Heidi. Heidi returned the smile and tossed her hair over her shoulder. She was a curvy redhead, a little out of shape if I’m being fair. Actually, an accurate description would definitely be Christina Hendricks from Mad Men. Except Heidi’s breasts were a little less magnificent than Christina’s.

“Why did you move here, of all places?” she asked, uncrossing and recrossing her legs, giving both Logan and I a tantalizing view of her bright red landing strip. The carpet matches the drapes I thought to myself.

“My parents wanted a slower pace, and I have no plans of what I’m going to do with my life. My dad also accepted a job at the university here, tenured professor,” I said, feeling a little silly for being so clothed. I tried to be subtle and suave, allowing the towel to fall from my breasts, but Heidi and Logan still laughed.

“Atta girl,” Logan said, leaning forward to pat my knee. I wished that he would touch me elsewhere.

We chatted a bit longer, small talk and going into what actually went on at this adults-only pool party, and I was getting more aroused with every bit of information that I gleaned. My nipples hardened at the crass descriptions of previous encounters both Heidi and Logan had engaged in, and Logan’s enormous cock twitched. The fact that he kept a hard-on for this long was nothing short of astounding. As I lifted my eyes, Logan’s hand was reaching out to touch me again but he stopped when Todd approached, still blissfully naked and sporting an impressive erection. Not as kaçak iddaa impressive as Logan’s, but nearly. Logan merely shrugged and turned his attentions to Heidi, who was all too happy to receive them.

“Angie would like it if you came to talk to her,” Todd said, holding his hand out to me. Smiling, I accepted and left my towel behind. I glanced over my shoulder as we walked away, a delicious warm tingle flowing through me as I watched Logan capture one of Heidi’s nipples in his mouth and she bowed back, eyes fluttering closed and hand grasping for that beautiful cock. Todd led me to where Angie was receiving similar treatment from … Oh God, another woman. My knees almost gave out.

“Mmm… That’s enough, Blair,” Angie said when she caught my eye. Blair pulled away, winking at me before sauntering off. Todd had pulled up a chair, seating himself before motioning for me to sit on his lap. I sank down, forcing myself to remain still when I felt his erection pressing up against my ass. Angie scooted to the edge of her chair, legs spread a bit. I’ve never been one to act on bisexual urges, but I just couldn’t stop my hand from caressing her beautiful breasts. Angie smiled.

“Perfect. That’s just what I was hoping for. Let’s go to the cabana,” she said, standing up. Todd grasped me about the waist and lifted me up as he stood, tossing me over his shoulder as we followed Angie. I laughed, thrilled that Todd was able to carry me with relative ease. Todd’s hand moved from my back down to my ass, pausing there before sliding in between my legs.

“T-todd,” I got out before he slid his fingers into my wet slit, pausing only mere seconds before thrusting into my welcoming cunt. I heard him grunt his satisfaction before he withdrew his hand, moving it back up to my ass to hold me as we kept walking. I was more than ready for another fuck, and his momentary teasing just reiterated the point.

We stopped walking and as Todd set me down, I watched Angie walk around and close all of the curtains of the cabana. Sure, they were pretty sheer, but it was the implied modesty that made me relax a bit. Angie stepped in front of me, and took my hands in hers.

“As this is your first of what will hopefully be many days here, I just want you to know that this is your one and only chance to say no and walk away,” she said, with complete sincerity. Torn between propriety and curiosity, I let curiosity win. I removed my hands from her grasp and placed them on each of her breasts, leaning forward to brush my lips against hers.

“I like your answer,” she said against my lips, wrapping her arms around me and pulling me close. Her mouth opened and soon we were kissing wildly, hands stroking and tongues entwined. I was lost in the sensation of a soft body pressing against me, hard nipple against hard nipple, when Todd came up behind me, grinding his hips against my ass, his erection hard to ignore. Angie pulled away from me, her eyes catching Todd’s and nodding. She motioned for me to lie on the lounge chair in the centre of the cabana.

“I’m sure that you’re curious as to what’s going to happen,” she said. “Todd and I are going to have our way with you,”

“I have never done… that… before,” I said, watching through half-lidded eyes as Todd pulled a deck chair close to the lounger, sitting down and grasping his cock. I was confused for a moment, then Angie joined me on the lounger.

“That’s why we will be the ones to initiate you into it,” she said, crawling on top of me and kaçak bahis bending down to snag one of my nipples in her mouth. I moaned, arching my back.

“If you’re not comfortable with more than one partner, at least we will be able to stop. Anyone else out there might just keep going,” Todd said, his hand moving up and down his shaft.

“But if you finish, how will you have your way with me?” I blurted out, and I’m going to blame the sensual onslaught for my lack of decorum. Both Todd and Angie laughed at my outburst, pausing in their ministrations.

“Don’t you worry about that, hun. We have ways of getting it going again,” Angie said, kissing her way from my breasts down my stomach.

“Just close your eyes and enjoy it,” Todd suggested gently, and I followed his advice. I rested my arms above my head and enjoyed the feeling of soft wet lips kissing my breasts, then ribs, then stomach and hips. I opened my legs at Angie’s gentle insistence.

“Oh my,” Angie said softly, but I still didn’t open my eyes. I wasn’t sure if she was taken aback by my completely shaven cunt, or if she was surprised at my lack of resistance. Either way, there was only a momentary pause before both of her hands made their way up and down my legs, up the outside to tease at the juncture of my thighs before trailing down the inside. Again and again she repeated the process, my cunt aching so hard it hurt, before she finally stopped, sliding a slim finger along my lower lips and into my wet slit.

“Christ, I haven’t seen a woman this wet in years,” she breathed, moving her finger upwards to my clit and circling it gently. My hips moved at their own accord, my arousal too strong to hold back. I whimpered when she removed her finger, and all but screamed when it was replaced with her tongue. She took her time, licking me from bottom to top, her elbows pressing against my knees to widen them further. I quickly complied, almost arching off the chair completely when the tip of her tongue played with my clit and a single digit slipped into my hole. She pumped it in and out, her tongue moving with lightening speed, and she slid a second and third finger into me. It didn’t take me long to come, the orgasm flowing through my entire body and erupting in a quivering, shaking climax. It wasn’t nearly as outstanding as the previous one from Todd, but it was close. I opened my eyes to watch Todd nearing his own orgasm, eyes closed tight and hand moving faster. Without thinking, I disengaged myself from Angie, much to her protest, and fastened my lips over the tip of his cock. Todd’s eyes flew open in surprise before closing tight and he came, pumping himself into my mouth. I swallowed his load, grinning internally because it was obvious that he was a man who ate a lot of pineapple just based on the taste of his cum.

“That was awesome,” Todd said, touching my shoulder to signal that he was done. I sat back and smiled at him, almost shyly. I heard a soft grunt and turned around, watching in amazement as Angie sat back, legs spread wide with one hand busy between her legs and the other grasping her own breast.

“Oh god, I just can’t help myself,” she moaned, her hips moving quickly. Having never done anything with a woman before, I just moved in and did what I know helped me get there. I thrust two fingers inside of her hot, wet hole as she worked on her clit, and Todd leaned over to suck on her nipples. This triple attack helped, as Angie started shaking violently with her eyes closed, her whimpers getting louder each time she shuddered.

We were all panting, sweaty, and covered in each other’s sexual secretions. I turned my head, watching as Todd’s cock hardened back to life. I found myself getting wet again, and smiled.

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