Gumdrop Ch. 16

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Author’s note:

WARNING: There is the tiniest touch of reluctance/non-consent and scat in this chapter. Oddly, I don’t like either much, but they were necessary for the evolution of the plot.

As absurd as the concepts of hucows and ponygirls are, I tried to take them quite seriously, to delve in the psychology of a hucow or a ponygirl and her owner, in search of what these admittedly strange fetishes mean, at least to me. Therefore, beside the tropes of the genre (kinky sex, humiliation and de-humanization), you will find the musings of a young girl who chooses to become a cow in a quest for true love and a place in the world.

All kinds of feedback are appreciated, especially those about grammar, as English is not my first language. Also, if you decide to give me a low score, please, take a minute of your time and tell me in a comment what you did not like! Thanks!


16. What’s fair

I did not know whether it was because I had good genes, or because the milk-enhancer that Aidan had installed in me was top of the line, or maybe because I had never been so happy and serene, now that Penelope did not feel like a threat anymore, not to mention the wonderful relationship with Cupcake, Cream Pie and Fudge, but the fact remains that, when spring came, I started to produce a lot of milk, becoming the top producer in our farm. Both Aidan and I were very proud of that. I felt like that was the universe telling me that I was born to be a cow, his cow.

The good and hotter weather allowed us to graze very often in our outdoor enclosure, joined by Fudge, who added pepper to all our afternoons with her wild energy. She liked to hear our moosic, because she could not sing with her neighing-device, and so we began to make our act even more daring. It was therefore with little surprise that Aidan found us all there. He was followed by Aaron, Penelope and Ava, all with their crops in their hands. Cream Pie let out a whimpering moo. I had to admit that it was a little disquieting picture, but I trusted Aidan.

Lash after lash of the crops, we were led to the new gate of the corral and for one wild second I wondered if they would have us pull some coach like Fudge did almost every sunny day for Penelope. Instead, we saw a horse trailer and another one, similar to the first, but probably destined to cattle, because it seemed one big cage with few little openings on the outside. Maybe we were finally going to go to the veterinary? Anyway, while Fudge had apparently a little stable on wheels for herself, we would travel just in the way we had come from the fair: tied to milking stalls, on our knees. Contrarily to that time, though, it seemed that we would also be milked and fed automatically, since there was a limp plastic penis just in front of my lips.

As soon as Aidan had closed the door on the back of our trailer, we found ourselves in semi-darkness, incapable of moving a single muscle, not even to turn our head towards each other. A rumble and soft vibrations told us that the engine had been turned on and a little afterwards, the trailer started to bump on the dirty road. Cream Pie was mooing loudly, somewhat panicked. I wished I could soothe her, but I did not know how, until I heard Cupcake moo a famous lullaby, and I imitated her. Our friend caught the message “don’t worry” and calmed down.

The trip was not short. When I felt the pumps milking me and, at the same time, jizz being squirted on my face, I knew that two hours had passed. I was incredibly bored but, just like the previous time, the vibrations and the noise prevented me from dozing off. At least, now I was sure where we were headed: a country fair. There was no other explanation. Of course nobody had bothered to tell us, since cows just do what they are told and should not show any curiosity.

However, this particular cow was still a little behind in that part of her transformation. So I started to fantasize about it. Would they let us see Fudge’s race? Would Fergie be there? Damn it, she already been transformed into a cute Redhead Angus cow now, so there was a slim chance that we could see each other, unless she was our neighbor in the stables. Would Aidan think about that? He was a sensitive man, so there was definitely hope. Also, would there be competitions for us cows too? I remembered that in the other fair there had been one for milk production. I wanted to participate unless, of course, I still did not have enough milk to have any chance, even though I was now the biggest producer in our farm. I hoped that the stress of the trip would not affect me negatively. What if I won? I could only imagine how happy I would make Aidan and, by extension, me.

The second ejaculation interrupted that thought, making me almost snort jizz, which is really unpleasant. I docilely gulped all my sperm. Four hours already. How much more? After a while we finally stopped!

“Wait, what are you doing?” said Aidan’s voice outside.

“Aren’t ankara eve gelen escort we letting them out?” asked Aaron.

Cream Pie mooed loudly. Cupcake had incredibly managed to fall asleep! I knew it, because I was sure she would have mooed otherwise! With a smile, I wondered how she did it.

“Of course not! Where would they even go?” replied Aidan, befuddled.

We were not there yet. It was just a pit stop to let the driver be replaced or something like that. Cream Pie did not give up and I had not enough strength to try to calm her down.

“No, I mean, we could just open the door…” proposed Aaron. Good man.

“So you want everyone who’s driving see our hucows? You know it’s illegal, right? Moreover, when have you ever seen farmers do such things for their cows?”

Aidan was right. Cows don’t get to just rest their legs or whatever. We had to wait. Indeed, a few minutes later, we were back on the road. I had to pee, so I peed. When the third ejaculation hit me, my head was blank. I just wanted to be there already! From time to time, one of us would moo in frustration. As the fourth squirt of semen found my mouth, I was sobbing softly. We all were. Were in the fucking world was this damn fair?

The fifth ejaculation never came. The trailer stank of piss and semen when Aidan opened its door.

“Here we are girls!” he said, loudly, all excited.

As he stretched his arms, making me hate him for the briefest moment, Aaron’s voice intruded.

“Hey, why don’t you let me do this, while you set up the stables? I don’t really know how it works here and I’d hate it to mess it up.” he admitted.

“Oh, yeah, you’re right. Remind me, I’ll teach you tomorrow.” replied Aidan

Now I hated Aaron. There was nothing I wanted more than being in my man’s arms now. I would have shown him that I was not complaining and he would have been proud of me. I heard him boarding the trailer and then unstrapping Cream Pie, even though she was in the middle and was the least likely choice. I guess he had heard her distressed mooing.

“Hey, hey, everything is alright.” he whispered to the cow, whose muffled sobs made me realize that he was hugging her “I’m sorry, I did not know that you would be transported this way, otherwise I would have told you! Ironically, I wanted it to be a surprise: I thought that you would have liked to visit a new place.”

Cream Pie mooed an obvious “you’re an idiot!”, but I could sense forgiveness already weakening her resolution to be angry at him. He cuddled her a little bit more but, as much as I wanted out, I did not complain: Cream Pie was in dire need of it. After she had been taken outside, it was Cupcake’s turn.

“How are you, instead?” asked Aaron, clearly less concerned.

Cupcake mooed a “just get me the fuck out of here!” and he complied.

When it was my turn, I realized how tired I was. At first, it was not easy to stand: my legs were all numb. Aaron hugged me to help me and I mooed thankfully. He did not ask how I felt, for I had made it clear myself. Anyway, I kissed him on the cheek for his kindness. The outside light blinded me for a little while, but the mooing made me immediately realize that we had been brought directly in the stables. Of course, it was night and probably also very cold! As I joined the others for a group hug, finding Cream Pie in a really bad shape, I noticed that this barn was bigger than the one in the previous fair, albeit very similar in every other respect.

“So, how about I clean you and then we put you all to sleep?” Aaron proposed, staring directly at Cream Pie.

If until then I just had the impression that she was his favorite, now I was sure, despite all his attempts to hide it. I found it cute, though. Indeed, Cream Pie absentmindedly nodded but did not get any punishment. He led us to a part of the barn that was covered in white tiles, without even using the crop! I was flabbergasted, but he was my friend and would not snitch on him. He washed Cream Pie first, with great care and affection, glancing from time to time at the entrance of the barn, without doubt fearing that Aidan would see him. I and Cupcake, on the other hand, were alternating gazes at him and at each other. My friend suddenly began to smile wickedly, ready to mock Aaron, but I stopped her with the excuse of cleaning her myself. As I licked away dried semen from her face, I glared at her: that was not the time. She reciprocated the grooming and, feeling playful, eyed at my pussy and began to shake a little her head, pretending to be disappointed about my hygiene. She did not have time to go down on me, unfortunately, because Aidan arrived.

“Oh, good, you’ve cleaned them?” he said, clapping his hands.

“Just Cream Pie.” replied Aaron, now looking all professional.

The cow was evidently feeling much better now.

“Well, then, come on!” Aidan hurried him “You do Cupcake and I do my Gumdrop.”

I loved how he said “my”. He just sprinkled warm water gaziantep escort on me, because we were clearly late for something, but his sweet gaze had the same effect of a long bath on me.

“You all need a beauty sleep if we want to make a good impression, tomorrow!” he said.

I mooed happily. Then, as the crop hit me, I walked with the others to our enclosure. In this place it was easy to see what was going on in the various stables. Most of the cows were sleeping, some were fucking each other, but I did not manage to see our redheaded friends. Cupcake was checking too, but shook imperceptibly her head. As I saw all those naked asses, it occurred to me that Fudge was not with us. Pity, but usually horses were kept in different places from cows, right? Also, with relief I noticed that there were several cows that looked older than us, way over thirty. I would not be alone in my old age, it seemed!

“Alright, good night girls. Aaron will milk you in three hours!” Aidan said and with a wink addressed at me, he left us in our stable.

Cupcake was staring at me with a “do you remember?” look. So, in memory of good old times, I kissed her passionately. I wanted to fuck her, badly, but then I remembered and knelt on the hay, were a frightened Cream Pie was waiting for us. Without preambles, I asked her if she was in love with Aaron, out of a hunch. She looked terrified, attracting also Cupcake’s interest. We all mooed eloquently and our friend capitulated. She explained to us that she wanted to tell us, but Aaron had made her promise not to. There it was: we would not sleep before our milking.

So Aaron was in love with her too? Cupcake’s question received a positive answer. Cream Pie was then bundled in a group hug of congratulations that made her open up. Apparently, Aaron had been worried about her from the moment he had seen her for the first time, because he had heard from Penelope that she was a drug addict on the run. We had noticed that, of course, but what we did not know was that he had kept helping her also after the first days. She was often the last to leave the clients, not because they would keep her, but because Aaron spent some time with her after they went away, any time he was in charge of fetching her back. He talked to her, brought her magazines, sweets and so on. He had told her that he wanted her to feel normal, every once in a while. That was the real main reason why she had adapted so well to prostitution. So, naturally, she had wanted to thank him and had tried to have sex with him, after a week or so. He had been offended by that, he had said that it was not sex he had been after. He had just thought that what Penelope had done was wrong, because whereas we had chosen freely to become hucows, she had been forced by her situation. He could not do anything about that anymore, but he wanted to do something anyway. It had been only later, a couple of months after, that they had sex for the first time, upon Cream Pie’s insistence. No, not sex: they had made love and now they were sort of together.

That explained everything! His behavior at the new year’s eve, for example. He had been pissed off for seeing his girlfriend hanging from the ceiling for everyone’s delight, not for being excluded from Kam’s table. He had protected her from the cold with his jacket and then held a little party, just for the two of them in one of the breeding rooms, while I and Cupcake were still in the barn, the following morning. Now we also knew why he was always around: he just wanted to spend with Cream Pie every minute he could.

Both I and Cupcake found the whole thing very romantic and when Aaron came for our milking, looking very tired, we got up and kissed him each on one cheek.

“What the fuck?” he mumbled.

Cream Pie looked at him meaningfully, with a little smile.

“What?” he asked again.

Then she helped him understand by throwing herself into his arms a kissing him tenderly, appropriately, as two lovers should.

“Oh.” he whispered as they separated, and then begged “Oh no, shit! Please, don’t tell Aidan!”

I was so offended that I jabbed him on his shoulder with my hoof.


This time, our gazes were eloquent enough.

“So you’re not telling?” he asked again.

Both I and Cupcake raised our forelegs to the sky and rolled our eyes. Men! He scratched his head and just mumbled:

“Thanks, girls.”

Cupcake then hugged Cream Pie from behind, kissed her cheek and, with an angry face pointed her hoof to him, then to Cream Pie, she pretended to cry, indicated me and herself, then again him and finally passed a hoof on her neck. “If you hurt her, we are going to kill you!” was the obvious message. I nodded resolutely, my forelegs crossed.

“I would never hurt Reagan.” he assured, somewhat offended.

Our aching udders saved us from the awkward silence. Aaron gave way and then led us to the milking machines without using the crop, until Cream Pie prompted him to do so. Afterwards we were ankara gerçek resimli escort finally emptied out and we went back to our stable. As Aaron kissed his girlfriend, we erupted in a “Aw!” moo that made him blush violently and us moo-giggle like idiots. Later, Cream Pie fell asleep quite fast, relieved of her secret, but I and Cupcake were determined to stick to tradition and dived into each other’s pussy in a 69. We reached both paradise and tried hard to have an encore, but our exhaustion got the better of us. We fell asleep without even noticing, our head between the other one’s thigh, our noses breathing our sexes.

Needless to say that the morning after we were all zombies. Thankfully, we were put back in our stable to nap after each milking, during which we were fed semen through a straw, for the time being. Two naps were all we needed.

This fair was more crowded and colorful than the other one I had been at. Soon, it also became clear why it was that way: ponygirls. Besides the stands selling hucow stuff, there were many others more, ranging from ponygirl gear, to other pet play fetishes involving cats and dogs. All was set on a field covered by a big marquee made of transparent plastic, that could be heated, but allowed us the illusion of being outside.

Aidan was proudly leading us in his best and sexiest cowboy attire, waving here and there to people he knew. Therefore, I made a point to piss myself more than once while we walked, getting admiring and sometimes envious gazes and sweet treats. While I was enthusiastic about the fair, Cupcake was feeling shy and Cream Pie was utterly terrified and walked firmly staring at Cupcake’s tail.

Our farm, along with all the others, had its own gazebo in the belt of land surrounding the market. The corral was not really big, but I did not expect much grazing in this place. Fudge was already there, in a separate little enclosure with its own gazebo. She was wearing all her best gear, saddle, stirrups and plume included, but not her blinders, because Penelope was intent on doing her makeup, while Ava embellished her mane with braids and beads. I noticed that she was not in a platform like the ones we used. The belts that ran around her waist and held the saddle were also fixed to a sloped concave padded support, that allowed her hind-hooves to touch the ground, without having to carry her weight, entirely unloaded on the platform. When it was rotated to be almost horizontal, Fudge would be able to be on all fours, like a real horse. Well, sort of, because her fore-hooves would be suspended. Behind her, there was a wooden pedestal that was no doubt intended for the people who wanted to mount her.

After we had greeted everyone with cheerful moos, we were led into the enclosure.

“Alright. Now, let’s set up the milking rigs, so that we can have people mounting them straightaway.” said Aidan.

Cupcake seemed fine now, but Cream Pie whimpered when she heard him. So I and Cupcake, after one of our telepathic conversations, began to lick her eyes. She was of course annoyed, but did not resist, sensing that we were up to something. Anyhow, that prompted Aaron to come and help her.

“What the fuck are doing now?” he hissed

We mooed in a way that made it clear that he had to guess.

“Look, I don’t know what you are playing at, but if you don’t stop poking her eyes, I’m going to whip the both of you!” he threatened with a whisper.

We did not stop, of course.

“Aaron, put some blinders on Cream Pie, will you?” asked Aidan, checking the pumps “That’ll make them stop.”

We immediately ceased our licking and rolled our eyes at the young man, who blushed and complied. Cream Pie was not used to blinders, but she seemed to relax a little. When everything was ready, Aidan came back to us.

“Ok, I’m telling you now because I don’t want fights when you graze.” he started, looking alternately each of us in the eye “This evening we are going to participate to two contests: a milking competition and a beauty pageant.”

I mooed joyfully, almost clapping my hooves.

“We can submit only one of our cows for each. For the first, I chose Gumdrop, since she is our top producer.”

I was so happy that I kissed him on the mouth, but he did not get angry, quite the contrary.

“For the beauty pageant, it is going to be Cupcake. Now, I think that you are all beautiful…” he started cautiously, but I gave a big kiss on Cupcake’s cheek and mooed approvingly. I was cute, she was a work of art, I had no problem admitting that. Besides, she was a spotted hucow! Every judge in their right mind would love how cow-like it made her. Cream Pie, on her part, imitated me, more than willing to let anyone but her take part in either of the competitions. Curiously, the most shocked among us was Cupcake. Her shyness made her react in an awkward way, as if she did not know how to gloat.

A little taken aback, Aidan concluded:

“Well, since you all seem fine with this, why don’t we put on your rigs, huh?”

Our rigs were very similar to those of the previous fair, but this time they featured a limp rubber dick in front of our faces that I was sure would inflate and squirt semen every two hours. As soon as we were in position, Aidan began to do his best impression of a country fair pitchman that made me smile:

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