Groggy Morning

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I wake up to him saying something about breakfast, still feeling groggy from a late night.

I try to say that what I really need is coffee, but all I manage to get out is groaning “nnnn coffee.”

“Stay in bed,” he says clearly.

“Roll over on your side.”

His voice is gentle, but very firm. Low and even, I respond to his tone and roll over automatically. He pulls himself forward to meet me, settling himself firmly against my back, pulling his head in close so his lips sit right behind my ear.

“Raise your leg and separate,” That same controlled voice in my ear.

My tired brain finally catches up to what’s going on.

As I move my leg I realize that I’m already turned on. I dismiss it, thinking he must have been lucky enough to catch me on a morning I was having a nice dream. But as the sleep clears from my brain I realize he was probably laying in bed next to me, stroking my hips, running is lips across my neck and shoulder, trying to wake me up. I caught him doing it once, and have suspected him of doing it many other times.

I start to turn to tease him for what I’m sure I’ve caught him doing, but he interrupts, that familiar, kurtköy escort in control, voice so close it feels like it’s coming from inside my head. His words quite, slow, intentional:

“Use your vibrator on yourself while I lay behind you.”

He’s incredible at honing in on the things I didn’t even know I needed, until I hear them as little commands from him. As soon as I hear the words I know it’s how I want to spend my morning. There’s a particular kind of pleasure to saying yes to the things he asks, to obeying those little commands that are carefully chosen to be exactly what he knows will satisfy me. I reach forward into the nightstand and feel around for my vibrator, as soon as I manage to pull it from the drawer his firm hands settle me comfortably back against him.

My vibrator whirs to life with the buzzing we both know well, and as I nestle it against myself the outside world fades. All I can feel is the pleasurable hum of the vibrator, moving me closer to release, his hands firmly on me, his cock pressing patiently into my back, and his words, spoken directly into my ear:

“There’s nothing hotter than you with the vibrator pressed aydıntepe escort up against you.”

“I will never stop telling you that,” I feel myself surrendering; the words in my ear becoming the only thoughts in my head.

“I want to appreciate you.”

“Let me have you, you’re mine to play with.”

My hips start to grind involuntarily, struggling against his grip, the familiar tension building. I feel his breathing change against me, but somehow his words are just as even and sure:

“I want to taste you.”

“Let me lick your lips while you vibrate to an orgasm.”

The questions are not really questions at this point, he rolls me onto my back without waiting for an answer. In an instant his hands are on my inner thighs, and he brushes his lips against mine, holding them there for a second, getting them wet. I swear I hear him take a long inhale before he purses his lips around one of my lips, pulling on it ever so slightly. The new sensation almost sends me over the edge, but I tense up to resist.

He runs his tongue slowly around my opening, I feel my head roll sideways as he teases himself just inside. For this first tuzla içmeler escort time this morning I feel myself with a need that he hasn’t taken care of before I realize I have it:

I need him pressed firmly against me.

There’s just something about the release of an orgasm with someone or something pressed hard against me, it changes all the sensations.

I feel his tongue slowly and firmly trace all the way up my opening, and just as I worry I might not get what I need I feel his whole face press against me, tongue flicking slightly back and forth. I struggle with my free hand to hold his head against my bucking hips. He obliges and pushes himself firmly against me. The moans I can’t control drown out the buzz of the vibrator and as he matches the thrusts of my hips perfectly the pressure sends me over the edge and I feel myself shaking and contracting against him.

He keeps himself pressed firmly against me as my orgasm slows and my contractions wind down. As I pull the vibrator away he very slowly returns to letting his tongue roam, but this time more gently. Drinking me all in as my familiar post orgasm giggle signals to him that I’ve been satisfied and am now relaxed.

Wordlessly he kisses me deeply, I don’t know which of us enjoys the taste of me on his lips more. I open my eyes to meet his gaze, waiting for him to show me what he has in mind next—-whatever it is, I’m sure I want it…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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