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Just a quick note. Please note that this is my first attempt at any sort of fiction let alone erotic fiction. It really starts off slow and serves merely as an introduction to the central character and his life. I intend on this being a series but only if there is sufficient interest. – Curious Scribe


Dorian Greyling sat in his cubicle staring at his PC. He had been staring at the same line for the past hour, in fact he had been working on this story for the last three hours and yet only one shitty paragraph had been typed. His mind was definitely on something or someone else rather. In his mind he played over the events of the previous night. Jason had surprised him with a good fucking up against the screen doors as soon as he had gotten home. He still had the bruises on his front as evidence.

Arriving at his sea side apartment, Dorian had found the door unlocked.

“Strange,” he thought as he cautiously pushed the door wide open to reveal an empty living space with just the lamp turned on. He lived alone and no one but the building Sup had access to the apartment. He continued, as if in a bad horror film, inching forward slowly and calling out before entering the room.

“Shit, bad move,” he thought. “Now you let the fuckers know you are here”.

But logic never really applied to him before and reaching one hand into his coat to retrieve his mobile and the other in front of him he yelled suddenly as his hands were snatched and yanked behind him in a vice grip. Before he could react he was pressed up flat against the glass of the screen and a husky voice breathed heavily in his ear.

“Welcome home honey.”

Struggling to get his hands free he turned his head and his lips were immediately crushed. He whimpered sinking into the kiss. He could feel the bristles of a five o’clock shadow and the crotch being pressed into his butt. He smiled and stopped struggling.

Once his attacker felt him relax he let him go stepping back. Dorian looked at Jason, standing in front of him with a huge grin and not much else. Dorian felt the fear and anger which head built leave him and lust take over as he appraised the fine form that was his would be assailant. Jason was 6.2 and 260 pounds of pure unadulterated sex on legs. He worked as a personal trainer at the local gym, putting eight hours in a day to hone his casino şirketleri perfect form. Amethyst eyes gazed back cheekily and strong hands trailed down to lightly stroke his biggest (!) asset of them all. Jason turned and headed toward the bedroom. His hard cock twitching Dorian followed….

Somewhere in the busy newsroom someone dropped a phone and with a start he came to. There was a wet spot forming in the front of his now too tight jeans. The faded material clung to his erection the outline obvious as he tried to ease the situation. Unfortunately the rough texture of the denim just assisted the friction and before he could be fired for public indecency he left go taking deep breaths.

Blinking rapidly he looked around and realized that no-one had really noticed. Not surprising he thought.

No one ever really notices me.

With another sigh he looked back at his screen, checked the time and started typing. He only had ten minutes to submit his article if he wanted to see it published in next month’s edition of the magazine. Patricia Undson did not take kindly to tardiness. Dorian worked for Phallus magazine and despite its dubious title the rag had quite a reputation as the fastest growing Gay man’s thinking magazine. It wasn’t the article that was bugging Dorian. It was the lack of credibility he felt he had. Dorian Greyling was writing about ‘ten things to do to avoid losing one’s man’ and yet he felt ashamed and incapable for he had never even been able to keep one let alone sustain a long term relationship.

It hadn’t mattered before. There just did not seem as if there was any reason he should be in any sort of relationship. But lately he had begun to feel a bit lonely. It was the times after everyone had been over visiting and laughing and drinking then left for their warm beds that he realized just how alone he truly was. Moving out of his home at 17 and being on his own had taught him self preservation. He had learnt to enjoy his own company with a few men warming his bed for short periods of times over the years. Jason the previous night was such an example. Although the sex was more than satisfying they were just fuck buddies. And Dorian thought that wouldn’t last much longer either. He hated Jason invading his space like that. He still hadn’t asked how he was ale to get into his flat. Cape Town was not the casino firmaları safest place in the world and Dorian’s flat came equipped with a security system.

He would ask him the next time he decided to drop by. Young, intelligent with a wry sense of humour and a tight ass Dorian was never short of admirers. Standing at 5 feet 10 inches he wasn’t of average height. He abhorred gyms frequenting them for the ponies on display rather than health reasons but kept in shape by playing men’s hockey, the occasional tennis and yoga once a week. He was mixed race what his fellow countrymen referred to as coloured, which left him with a skin tone the same hue as lightly baked biscuits. However, his most striking feature and which had earned him his moniker Grey were his eyes. Set against his dark skin tone his eyes were particularly striking. Two pools of liquid silver shone in its sockets, the shades ranging from icy to smoky to ashen to stone depending on his temperament. Long dark lashes acted as curtains, framing and sometimes hiding his windows to his soul from others. At 24 Dorian was a catch. But it did not seem as if there was that special someone to catch him should he fall.

Ten minutes later he received a beep on the companies IM system and a minute later he sent off his article. He prayed he had gotten all the typos. Dorian loved his job although it sometimes seemed as if it ruled his life. Journalism major from Rhodes he had decided to abandon his original pursuit of investigative fair for something more entertaining. And landing a spot on the editorial team at Phallus was a scoop for him. The magazine was not really just for fags, it was targeted at the thinking man which generally meant the gay market. Most articles were supposed to be written for the straight audience but the entire look from its A5 format and glossy pics to photo spreads with homo-erotic themes and issues made it the gay mans bible. Sighing he picked up his battered sling bag and slipped on his All Star sneakers- he always wrote barefoot- and with final check of his email headed home to his lonely existence. Well… to get changed before going out on the prowl. He was lonely but still young, hot and horny. And tonight… tonight he intended on changing the former.


With an audible gasp Dorian reached down and pulled on the blonde head güvenilir casino below him. The head stayed down not wanting to relinquish its new toy. Twisting a handful of the pale strands he heard a loud moan and then a pop as his phallus was exposed to the cool air. Bringing the Green eyed beauty to eye level he leaned forward and began tentatively nipping at his inviting mouth. He stepped in closer rubbing his hard cock against the blonde stranger, trying to create as much friction as possible. Breaking the kiss he got to his knees and worshipped the blonde’s 7 inch cock. Dorian began slowly, licking the shaft from the base to the head. When his tongue reached the crown it dipped teasingly into the slit, tasting the sweet precum there before swirling lightly and resuming the journey back to the base. The blonde squirmed in ecstasy. He tried to gain access into Dorian’s mouth but the minx would not let him. Instead using just his mouth he continued his oral assault on the tool before him licking and nuzzling and nipping but never fully engulfing the hot member. He loved to tease. The added need and frustration just added to the pleasure of orgasm.

“Suck me, suck me please. Oh god, please take me into your mouth I want to come so bad, please just take me dude ooohhhh….,” the blonde panted through clenched lips. Finally giving in to the panting pleas of his latest conquest he rose up on his knees, licking his way under the hard ridge and fully engulfed the leaking cock to the root simultaneously sliding a single finger into his hole. With a uninhibited howl the blonde came.

Dorian suckled the deflating cock then released it with a plop and looked up into the heavy lidded green eyes. He grinned to himself. A slight frisson of regret and frustration was already beginning to make a place in his mind but he quickly dampened it and standing back up he turned the blonde- he still could not recall his name- around and bent him over the couch. Dorian never gave without taking. And tonight was no exception.

Dorian Awoke a few hour later to an insistent buzzing in his ear… he tried to ignore it but after a while gave up hope an lifted his throbbing head. Locating his mobile he pressed yes automatically and suddenly chilled.

He would know that voice anywhere. He had not heard that voice in five years ad yet he noted absently that nothing much had changed. However. There was a new element to the voice that he never recalled was there. Panic? Fear? Grief?

“Dorian, it’s me. Something terrible happened. You need to come. Quick.”

The line went dead.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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