Good Student Ch. 02

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It had been 6 months since she had conceived and she was thrilled. The new life within her continued to grow. She had had minimal morning sickness or other ill effects, so could continue to teach. She kept to the diet her doctor recommended, so had not gained much weight. Her appearance had not changed much, aside from a belly bump and the gradual swelling of her breasts. They had become more rounded and full, gaining 2 cup sizes. Much to her surprise, she had also started to lactate. She tried to keep her new rack from showing too much, between more constrictive bras and looser blouses, but tits that big were hard to hide. And while she rejoiced in her pregnancy, there was one thing that bugged her, her husband. He too was ecstatic about the baby, but had ceased to treat his wife as a sexual being. Whether it was a false fear for the baby’s safety, or that a pregnant woman was somehow taboo to him, he had not initiated sex in months. She had tried. Last night, she had worn new lingerie that had shown her huge tits to best advantage, but nothing. And as her child grew, so did her level of frustration and wanting.

The encounter had changed him, and mostly for the good. For lack of better expression, he felt “like a man.” He carried himself taller and was more confident. He had been on a few dates and had fun, even if they were nothing like that intense evening. He had begun working out and taking more care with his appearance. And while all this was good, part of him still ached for her. Taller than most of his classmates, he kept an eye out for her. He was always careful not to engage her, not wanting to blow the secret, but he was also always undressing her with his eyes and almost used to the erection that would form whenever he saw her. And this desire had only increased with time. There was something about her…

She was also careful not to encourage this young man, even if he was likely the father of her child. But she could feel his eyes on her, and her body responded. Her nipples would swell and her breasts start to express. Her pussy opened and dripped whenever she got to watch him for a time. She remembered his long cock filling her completely. And her forced celibacy was Not helping.

Perhaps it was this distraction which caused her to drop the files of papers she was carrying. She knelt down to pick them up and saw a pair of feet stop in front of her. Looking up, she saw jeans covering long legs. She also saw a large bulge in those jeans and hurriedly looked up to see him smiling at her. “Need a hand?” he asked, looking down at her and the broad expanse of her breasts, covered completely by her blouse, alas. He knelt down and starting picking up papers.

As they placed them back in files, he commented, “lot of paper here.”

She sighed, “A lot of work is more like it. I will be here late tonight.”

“Hmmmm,” he replied very softly, raising his eyebrows at her.

Her eyes widened. She looked at him, then gathered the rest of her papers. She stood and took the files from him. “Thanks,” she said in as normal a tone as possible, then hurried down the hall.

The day dragged from there, each anxiously awaiting the evening. He couldn’t stop thinking of her, a half erection plaguing him from class to class. She was especially distracted, thinking etiler escort of all the reasons she shouldn’t do this, but her body aching and ready for it. Classes ended and he went home. He was rather quiet at dinner, seemingly eager to get back to school and practice. She forced herself to work, as her colleagues left one by one. When the last had departed, she kept working, attentive to every little sound, wondering if it was him. A little before 7:00, there was a soft knock on her door. She started, rose quickly and opened the door a crack. It was him. He mouthed a quiet “hi” to her. She opened the door and gestured for him to enter. As he did, she glanced out into the hall. Seeing no one, she closed and locked the door. She turned to face him and said hurriedly, “We really shouldn’t be doing this. If anyone found out…”

He touched her shoulder and traced his finger along her throat. “I had to see you,” he whispered, “no one will know.” She shuddered at his touch, her mouth opening as his lips met hers. Their kiss was hungry and urgent. She was stunned at his forwardness and desire, everything she ached for. She could feel his fingertips at her throat, unbuttoning her blouse. The first rush of air hit the skin on her chest and she felt her nipples harden. She felt herself backing up, until her back was pressed against the wall. Her mind warred with her. “No, please stop. We can’t,” she gasped.

Buttons opened and her blouse parted. Her chest heaved as she panted. He moved back slightly, taking each wrist in hand to unbutton her cuffs. He peeled her blouse off and groaned as her F cup bra was exposed. He encircled her, his lips to her throat, his tongue tasting her skin, as his hands slid over her back and started to undo the triple clasp of her bra. This took a bit of time, both from his unfamiliarity with the clasp and the tightness of the strap. He kissed down to her collarbones and the top of her chest. Each hook yielded, until the last one gave. He moved back to peel the cups from her chest, her breasts bigger than he remembered, the nipples larger. She was dizzy with want. Stopping was now the furthest thing from her mind. He eagerly took one of her nipples in his mouth and began to suck, and after some seconds of oral lavishing, was surprised to taste warm, sweet milk in his mouth. He eased off and looked up at her. “You’re…” he began.

“Pregnant. Yes,” she finished. She could see the thoughts in his head and said quickly, “Don’t worry. It Is my husband’s.”

He was quite relieved, but still concerned, “If we… it wouldn’t’ hurt the baby, would it?”

Taking his head in her hands and guiding him forcefully to her breasts again, she said, “No, no chance of that. Now suck my breasts.” As his lips took her nipple again, she pressed his head against her chest. She was awash with sensation, both her desire for sex and the feeling of a man sucking her milk and tender thought of her baby doing the same soon. Desire soon won out though, and her thoughts turned raw. “Mmmm,” she teased, “that’s it, suck my big hard nipples. You like my milky mommy breasts?”

“Yessss,” he hissed, his hands stroking and squeezing her tits as he sucked them. He wanted every drop. He wanted to devour her. He shifted back and forth etimesgut escort between dripping nipples, coaxing, experimenting, above all, milking her huge hot tits. With each minute though, his lust increased, as did the roughness of his sucking and squeezing. She groaned loudly, loving every rough grope and bite. His hands dropped to her skirt and unzipped it, letting it fall. His pants and briefs quickly joined them on the floor, stepped out of and kicked aside. His hands reached for her panties, only to find she wasn’t wearing any.

“No panties,” he thought, “She said stop, but no panties.” He bent his knees and pressed forward, such that his cock ran over her wet swollen labia. She gasped as the hot head of his cock glided back and forth over her pussy. He tilted his hips and the head found her wet opening. He lunged and surged inside her. Her fingernails bit into his shoulders as he entered her. It had been so long. He began to rock his hips, his cock entering her half way, dragging across her clit. He took her hands and held them above her, his cock pinning her to the wall. Her milky tits, still leaking, pressed against his chest, his upper abs pressing against her belly bump with each stroke. Her husband had never taken her so forcefully.

God….yes….fuck….mee-eeee-eee,” she grunted between strokes. In short order, it was too much and she came hard, groaning more loudly than she could control. He felt her cunt grab onto his cock and tried to force himself deeper. As her orgasm passed, her knees weakened and she slid down the wall. He felt her body moving down and slipped out of her. He looked down at her, legs splayed, her huge tits moving as she panted. She looked up at him, this young man looking at her with total lust in his eyes, his cock jutting out hard for her. He started to kneel down to help her up, but she grinned wickedly and told him to stand. She moved to her knees and looked up at him. Her hands moved to her chest and pressed her breasts together around his cock. He groaned at the sheer sight of it and pressed his hips forward. The head of his cock popped out from her cleavage, then disappeared as he moved his hips. He started to thrust, relishing the soft heat of her breasts. She thrilled at the dirtiness of it, this beautiful young cock fucking her boobs. Her tits continued to leak and squirt, as his hips slapped her flesh bags, dripping down, onto his legs, her hips.

“Mmm, give it to me Sean. Cum all over my big jugs!” she teased. In answer, he threw his head back as his cock exploded, thick ropes of cum splattering her throat and chest. He looked down to see the last pulses fountain onto her. She laughed deep in her throat as he came and came and came. No wonder he impregnated her. Even after his last pulse, she continued to stroke his dick with her tits. She felt wonderfully slutty, like the whores in one of her husband’s magazines. She scraped cum off her chest and sucked it off her fingers. She had never swallowed her husband’s cum, but could now not get enough of this young man’s seed. What she could not eat, she rubbed into her chest, mixing with her dripping milk. He stared down at her, astonished at the transformation of prim teacher to wanton, cum eating slut, her obscenely large chest coated with his cum. etlik escort He could feel his freshly drained cock swelling. She smiled at his rising cock.

“Oh my, such a randy boy. You just love tits, don’t you? You love watching me play with them, squeeze them, squirt milk from them, don’t you? Makes that beautiful cock hard, doesn’t it?” she taunted. And it certainly did. The sight and sound of her brought his cock to attention. She giggled as she leaned forward and took the head in her mouth. He gasped as she sucked the cum off his cock and took it deep in her mouth. Her head bobbed back and forth, sucking his cock to marble hardness. The feel was incredible. He tried to keep his hips still, but the animal in him wanted to grab her head and force it deeper. Still, he could feel an orgasm building in him. She was incredible. Abruptly, she pulled her mouth off his cock and stood up. She turned and bent over, her hands on the desk, sticking out her ass at him, wiggling enticingly.

“Now fuck me Sean. Stick that lovely cock in me and fuck me as hard as you can. Fuck my brains out. Fuck me so hard I can feel it in my throat,” she demanded. Not one to keep a lady waiting, he moved behind her, taking his cock in his hand. Positioning himself, he ran the head up and down her wet slit in broad strokes. He ran it high, long enough for the head to tease her ass. She opened her mouth and shuddered. She was about to say something when the head slipped down and slid inside her. She moaned as he adjusted his stance, his cock pushing ever deeper. He grabbed her hips and thrust hard into her, the head hitting her cervix. She cried out and flexed her hands. He pulled way back and slammed it in again. “God, that actually hurt,” she thought, “He is big enough to make it hurt.” He started to pump her with long hard strokes, his hips slapping her ass, making her body shake. She stuck her ass out further, wanting every inch of him.

“God yes, harder Sean, fuck me harder. Pound my cunt. Make it hurt,” she begged. He reached up and grabbed her hands, pulling them behind her, arching her back. Her body bent more forward, her bloated breasts now pressing against the desk. He picked up the pace and strength of his thrusts, pulling her body back onto his cock. He fucked her Hard. She gave a long low undulating wail as he used her, her body shaking, bouncing on her tits with each stroke. It Hurt, but hurt in a way that she desperately wanted. Her entire cunt felt bruised and swollen, tight around his cock. Her breasts felt bruised from the abuse. She felt another orgasm building.

“Ohh, I’m going to cum. Cum in me Sean. Cum in me. Pump me full of seed. Fill me with your baby batter. Do it! Do it,” she all but screamed as she orgasmed. Her cunt squeezed him hard and his cock burst in response, semen filling her cunt.

He slowed his pace as his orgasm subsided and released her arms. They both collapsed on the desk, panting. He kissed the back of her neck and stroked her. When he recovered his breath, he moved off of her, helping her up and to be seated. She looked down at her body, covered in sweat and cum, dripping, reddened, and wondered if the girls shower was still open. She couldn’t go home like this.

She looked at him and smiled, “Thank you, you were wonderful, but we can’t do this again. Understand?”

Leaning against the wall, his cock still dripping with their juices, he pouted, “Are you sure?”

She didn’t answer, but said, “Now get dressed and scoot. And remember, tell no one.”

He slipped on his clothes, still eager for her totally fucked body, and swore, “Promise.”

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