Good Girls

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My name is Laetitia. When I was a teenager, I used to have a boyfriend, but I didn’t feel very close to him, no matter how many caresses and kisses we exchanged. One day of my senior year of high school, he called me:

“Hello, Letty. Let’s go out for a spin. Can I come for you at about 8:00?”

“I’m sorry, Billy, not tonight. I have a lot to study…”


“No, thank you. See you!”

And I hung up as quickly as I could without banging the telephone. My mother observed my conversation and asked me:

“What was that all about?”

“Oh, Mom, everything is all right!”

“Dear, I admire that you are so responsible and all, but you could relax a little.”

“That is the problem.”

“But has he made any advances?”

“Mom, let’s leave it like that.”

Obviously, he would have wanted to have me alone, and then, I would really get in trouble. The next day, he asked me:

“My love, is anything wrong?”


“That is precisely what I mean, don’t you care for me anymore?”

“Yes, I do care, but…”

“Look, let’s go out somewhere tonight, OK?”

“Can we do this next weekend?”

“Does this mean that you no longer love me?”

This was already turning into some cheap emotional blackmail, and that was angering me.

“If you put it in those terms…”

“I knew it! It’s that stupid Wally? That’s why you’re making excuses?”

Making an effort not to lose my patience, I answered him:

“This has nothing to do with Wally or anyone else. My mother can vouch for the fact that I was only studying last night. Look, Billy, I’m getting tired of your jealousy!”

“If that’s what you want, then…!”

He shot a fierce look and I expected him to hit me, but the hallway was crowded. So he said instead:

“…It’s over between us!”


At first, I felt bad; I even cried while I walked to my next class. A girl friend found me and she hugged me in order to comfort me, and suddenly, I felt a great relief.

The next days, I saw Billy arm-in-arm with another of my friends and I did not even feel jealous. After all, whatever we might have had was already over. But my other friends were shocked by my indifference, especially upon seeing that other boys approached me and I rejected one after another. My parents and sisters also looked at me kind of strange, but I convinced my father with the following words:

“At this moment, my only interest is to obtain good grades and qualify for a reputable college. Also, you wouldn’t want to see your dear little girl pregnant in her adolescence.”

“Dear daughter, you can’t imagine how much I admire you! You are more mature than I have ever been myself.”

“It’s just that I don’t want to disappoint you. I love you!”

“And I love you too!”

From then on, nobody ever paid any more attention to my loneliness. On the senior prom, I didn’t have a date, but a young boy called Ray, who got a lot of innuendo about being homosexual, called at the last minute. I had to borrow a dress and have it fitted on me it as quickly as possible, until the precise moment in which he called to my door to take me to the dance.

“Here casino şirketleri is your chariot, princess!”

We rode his car and upon arriving there, we tried to pass for a regular couple, but we only danced two or three songs. Soon the jeers and tasteless comments began, and we both decided to leave the party before midnight. While driving back home, Ray admitted me:

“I was already anxious to end that travesty.”

“So was I.”

And he left me in front of my house to aimlessly drive on. At my house, my folks were no longer surprised upon seeing me returning so early, since I wasn’t involved with my companion of that night. I carefully took off the dress, I took another shower and I went to sleep.

I was admitted at a small university but with a good study program, and there, I began in communications. At the library, a sophomore helped me with some books for a project. She has very exotic features: she is tall, shapely, with olive skin, eyes between Indian and Oriental, her hair is long and black and has full lips. There were rumors that she was a lesbian, and once in the student center, I saw her again. I thanked her:

“Thank you again for getting me those books.”

“You’re welcome. By the way, my name is Rhonda.”

“Pleased to meet you, Rhonda. My name is Laetitia, but you may call me Letty.”

Their expression was somber and worried. I asked her:

“Is anything wrong?”


I moved in front of her trying to look at their face and I noticed her sadness. She reacted:

“Do you also judge me?”

“But why?”

“You must have heard what’s been said about me…?”

“I don’t pay attention to gossip; if I did, I wouldn’t even have finished high school…”

She whispered in despair:

“I have a problem…”

“Tell me about it.”

“My roommate is very conservative, and she no longer stands me. The last thing that she told me was to look for somewhere else to move, or else, she will move out herself.”

“That’s easy. I will talk to my roommate, to see if it’s all right if I trade places with yours.”

“Will it cause you problems? You are a freshman.”

“I will see what I can do.”

Back at my dorm, I waited for the right moment to speak to Valentina, and I suggested to her:

“Val, would it bother you if I moved out?”

“To where? What’s wrong?”

“To Rhonda’s dorm. Theresa would move here with you.”

“Are you crazy? Theresa is OK, but that Rhonda has a very bad rep. Do you know what’s being said about her?”

“I don’t care about talk.”

“Fine by me, you may tell them that Theresa could come to live here. But don’t you come crying if Rhonda tries to abuse you.”

“I can take care of myself. If no boy could ever come near me, much less could a woman.”

We filled out the necessary paperwork at the administration, and Val took the weekend off to visit her parents, while the three of us took care of the moving. Sometimes, Terry looked at me with a mixture of pity and disgust, and Rhonda noticed it. We spoke as little as was needed to sort out to whom did things belong. That Saturday afternoon, we had already finished, so we took casino firmaları a shower to order pizza delivery. Terry didn’t want to stay and eat with us, but she rather left discreetly. While we ate, Rhonda broke the silence, saying:

“You can’t realize how much this means to me. You are truly a good friend!”

“Thank you, but let’s eat, I know that you’re tired. Cheer up.”

“Are you making fun of me too?”

“No, in no way. On the contrary, I understand how hard it can be when people talk too much about one…”

“Forgive me if I gave you the wrong impression. It’s just that these last days have been hell…”

“Calm down, don’t get too upset!”

I put my arm over her shoulder and she locked her gaze on my eyes until I got a smile from her. We finished eating and we saved some slices in order to reheat them for lunch the following day. After cleaning up, each one took her books and studied for a while. Sometimes, I asked her about difficulties with my math homework and she helped me. Other times, it was she who requested my help with difficult words from her history book, and I could reciprocate her. Again, we exchange looks and we touched each other innocently, but something inside me began to stir.

After an hour, we went to our beds, but we were not sleepy. I asked her:

“Rhonda, are you sleeping?”

“No. What do you want?”

“Forgive me if I ask you, What’s it like to be a lesbian?”

“Oh, here we go again!”

“No, seriously!”

She stayed tight-lipped, and I had to insist:

“You can talk to me, I won’t condemn you. How did you become a lesbian?”

“One does not become gay or lesbian, one is born that way. I knew that I liked girls early in my adolescence, but since I was raised in an old-fashioned family, I was not able to express my feelings until I got here.”

“It’s that I believe that I am one too. You see, now I realize why I never got serious with the boys that I dated, even though I never thought of peeping in the gym showers or the dressing rooms.”

She got up from her pillow and looked at me perplexed, like fighting with herself, and I felt the same at that moment. I took the initiative and I stood in front of her bed, asking her:

“Could you teach me how to be lesbic?”

Her incredulous expression seemed frightened, and to stress my sincerity and determination, I pulled my nightgown off, showing her my B-cup breasts. I am a little thinner that she, so my breasts stand out a little more. In her, it’s her hips and her buttocks. She lifted her sheet and she extended her hand so I joined her in her bed, and when I lay with her, she hugged me and began to kiss me passionately, and she taught me how to tongue-kiss her. I removed her nightwear myself and she removed my panties, already wet with my vaginal fluids. She took the chance to suck one of my nipples, and a chill of pleasure coursed all over my body. She was surprised by my mammary sensitivity and told me:

“Why, we only just begun!”

She caressed my other nipple before sucking it, and meanwhile, the fingers of her other hand continued their route down my belly, to finally touch my labia, and soak in my secretions. Then, she güvenilir casino sucked those very fingers and she asked me:

“Do you want a taste?”

“Of course.”

Then she took off her panties and she tenderly took my hand, guiding it over her own vulva. Then she took my hand to my mouth, and for the first time, I tasted another woman. While I licked my lips with gusto, she reclined me on her bed, opened my legs and began to suck me, first, the labia, to take in more of my essence, and then, the clitoris, in order to give me the first orgasm. Concerned with drawing attention, I took her pillow and I bit on it to muffle my moans while my teacher rocked my core. Soon, the sensation calmed down, so she detached from my nether region and she asked me:

“How do you like it?”

I said panting.

“It’s been beautiful, and very intense.”

Then I added:

“I want to try it myself.”

“Do you believe that you’re up to it?”

“Yes, I am ready.”

Then she helped me up to kneel on the foot of her bed while she lay in the same position in which she had me. At first, I licked her lips timidly, but my so light contact was enough to excite her, because she grabbed her nipples while looking at me with a grimace of ecstasy. She sighed:

“Oh, Letty, you are an expert…!”

Her words encouraged me to give her more pleasure, and then she thought of holding on to the pillow to silence her screams. I traced her clitoris with the tip of my tongue, remembering what she did to me, and when it became erect, I surrounded it with my lips, and while I sucked on it, her grunts were audible through the pillow, telling me that she liked what I did to her very much. She started shaking violently, pressing her sex against my face, and I stroked her with my tongue several times while she drenched my mouth with her “semen.” When she calmed down, she extended her hands toward mine and she called me:

“Come here and kiss me, my love!”

I rushed on her and we devoured each other, looking for our own flavors in each other’s mouth, until falling asleep in each other’s arms.

The next day, we jumped into the shower together and we played with each other’s bodies while we lathered. Sometimes, we took turns standing behind each other, to grind against each other’s buttocks while we embraced. After the shower, we lay in a 69, but when I felt my orgasm, I could not keep on stimulating her. I told her:

“I’m sorry to leave you unfulfilled.”

And she answered me:

“Don’t worry, I enjoyed it very much.”

“But you didn’t get your orgasm. Come here and give me that vulva!”

And I continued my caresses where I left off. Soon she shivered in the way that I already knew and I grabbed her buttocks hard to stay on her clitoris. She mewled, and upon finishing, she turned around to hug me and kiss me in the mouth, saying:

“I love you, Laetitia!”

“I love you too, Rhonda!”

It was a little difficult to concentrate on our studies at first, because we could not resist the urge of masturbating each other while showering, or going down on each other every night, or shamelessly fondling and kissing while studying or having dinner. We even began shaving our genitalia, in order to have more sensitivity. Although we needed to maintain composure in the presence of other students, I was not going to deny being in love, even if her bad reputation would also harm me.

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