Going Underground Ch. 02

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With my back against the concrete wall, you spread my legs and kneel between them.

“Whoa there pilgrim. What you up to now?” I don’t know why I asked because it was obvious what you were doing. I just needed to go through the motions.

“You know damn well what I’m doing. I told you I wasn’t finished with you yet.” And with that, you pulled my zipper down and snaked your hand inside my fly.

“And it looks like you were ready for me too!” Your fingers grip my stiffening penis and yank it though the opening.

“Argh. Easy girl. Don’t break it. You might find a use for it one day.” As I speak, I brush the hair from your shoulders, giving me an unobscured view of your beautiful face, breathing on my manhood.

“I got a use for it right now. And besides, it might be late but we’re still gonna have to be quick.” And with that I felt the exquisite sensation of my man-flesh being enveloped between your sensuous lips.

You started to suck up and down on the tip of my cock, swirling your tongue around the mushroomed end and flicking into the moistening slit.

“O baby. You are something else” and my fingers buried themselves in your hair before taking a grip and pulling your head closer.

“Mmmm. Mmphhh.” Is all you could say in reply but at the same time, my penis grooved along the roof of your mouth towards your throat.

“What’s that you say hun? Deeper? Sure, I’d be happy to oblige.” And I lean into your face, your hands grabbing my ass and pulling me close.

Now that we’ve got the measure of each other, your head bobbing back and forth to meet my thrusts. Every now and then, we collide and you momentarily gag as I push down your throat.

“Fuck! You’re boiling my balls babe. You either gotta let me out or take the consequences.” I could feel my climax building, it was making my legs weak and I knew I was reaching the point of no return.

Your fingers cup my ball sac and gave a gentle squeeze. That was all it took and I bucked forward. Once again I grooved toward your throat but this time you were ready and when my first jizz flew, you swallowed and my cockhead was squeezed back further.

More ropes pulsed through and you swallowed each, sucking and slurping.

Once spent, I crumpled back against the wall again and you sat back on heels.

“You enjoy that tiger?” you lick your lips as you speak and your finger catches and shepherds some stray strings around your lips and into your mouth.

“There’s a lot of stars out tonight and I’m seeing about half of them with my eyes closed at the moment.” I wasn’t kidding, my vision was spinning.

“Cute but corny. Or do I mean corny but cute? Anyways, I’m taking you home with me boy-o. We’ve still got unfinished business to attend to.” And you stood up, straigtened your clothes and put your arm through mine. I manouvred my arm away so that my hand could snake through and hold your pert ass. I squeezed as I pulled you close and we turned to walk away.

“Lead on sexy. I am yours to command.”

We walk the street to your place in a world of our own, oblivious to all around us. I’m glad that it’s not far as I’m struggling to keep myself under control. We get to your flat and go through to the lobby and call the lift. We hold each other close and our passion starts to bubble up. By the time the lift arrives, we fall into it and I have my mouth to your breast as you scramble to press three.

You hold my head to your breast as I suck it and your legs grip my thigh and squeeze against it, rubbing yourself up and down. All too soon the lift stops and trying to keep as much contact as we can, not caring who sees, we get to your door and you open it.

My shirt is over my head and my shoes are off as you kick the door closed behind you then slide your dress from your shoulders. You step out of ataşehir escort bayan the puddle of silk and kneel in front of me. I hold your shoulders as you unzip and push my trousers down. I step out of them and push my socks off as you cradle my balls with one hand and scratch my stomach and groin with the other.

A dribble forms and lands on your thigh, “Messy boy, let me clean you up.” And you lick the tip and around the rim as I shudder in delight at what you are doing. I close my eyes and rest my hands gently on you as your mouth sucks gently, moving me further into you a little at a time. All the while your hands are stroking my balls and shaft.

I realise that I am starting to enjoy this too much and don’t want to peak too soon so I push you down onto the floor, shoving tables and chairs out of the way while I turn into the 69 position, “Go a little slower, there’s no rush.” And with that I stroke your thighs and kiss them and your hips.

My nails scratch along your upper thighs as they are drawn towards your centre, almost tickling, almost rubbing their way to their goal. My mouth rests over you and my chin presses on your pubic bone as my lower lip rests against the hood of your clitoris. My upper lip rubs along you and my tongue sneaks a taste of you.

Your smell is wonderful and I rub my nose deeper against you as my fingers push your legs apart and rub your thighs. “Mmmmmm,” you sigh as you see another drip form on my tip and you lick my length until the drip is captured and savoured. Once again you cradle my balls and your other hand grasps my shaft.

I shudder with the feelings and my breathe hits you intimately so you jerk against my face, causing my chin to rub across your clit, which makes you moan around my shaft, which causes me to jerk and press a little deeper so that the tip rubs along the roof of your mouth and tickles the top of your throat.

It’s time to up the tempo so I press a finger into you and your hips rise to meet it, pushing it deeper. You are so wet that a second finger slides alongside the other with no problem at all. I feel around inside you, searching for your most sensitive places as my thumb presses around your clit.

You hold me as deep in your mouth as you can without going down your throat and rub the shaft that is left, sucking as you do so and stroking my thighs and buttocks. My fingers move back and forth, rubbing against you as my thumb teases your clitoris.

I expose your clit more openly and press the flat of my tongue over it before pushing along my fingers that are stretching you a little wider. Your taste is wonderful and I change hands that the fingers that are coated with your juices can slide along the crease of your buttocks, smearing you with their moisture.

Your hips circle against me as you try to get my tongue deeper or fingers further or anything just to bring your orgasm closer. I press a tentative finger against your puckered anus and you don’t seem to object. In fact, you grind your way towards it so that it presses a little through the ring.

I withdraw a little and then press a little deeper so that the second knuckle rubs just inside you. All the while my tongue and fingers are pleasuring you also and your hand moves faster up and down my shaft as you suck it deeper into your mouth.

Normally I would be gentler but you seem so excited by what has happened so far and the blood is roaring in my ears so I push my finger all the way into your bottom, down to the fist and you explode underneath me.

“Urrghhhhhhh! Oh my God! Yes! Yes! Yes! YES! Right there. Oh Jesus, right there!” And your hips bounce off the floor and you withdraw my penis from your mouth as you scream your pleasure.”

You continue to rub me and your excitement has made my balls boil. “I hope you’re ready for escort kadıköy this, because I don’t think I can stop anyway!” And then it’s my turn to convulse as I pump my seed over your neck and breasts. Your eager mouth tries to lick the tip as it dribbles semen over you.

When we are both spent, I turn to lie beside you and you rest your head on my shoulder so that I can cradle it in my arms. We lie that way for a little while, listening to the sounds of London outside and our breathing and the rhythmic thud of each others heartbeat.

You prop yourself up “Ready for round 2?”And stroke the inside of my thigh, trying to coax it into life again. I press my leg between your legs as you squeeze it, “Yeah, I was born ready.”

I lie back and watch you as you get up and make for the bedroom door. I am transfixed by the sight of your bottom swaying across the room and the glistening moisture on your thighs as it catches the light from the hallway.

“Come on tiger, show me what you’re made of” And you hold the door open for me before skipping through and onto the bed. You throw the silk sheets back and lie on your stomach, wriggling your bottom.

I crawl up the bed and take your foot in my hands so that I can kiss the ankle. Then proceed to stroke your calf and kiss and lick the back of your leg down to the inside of your knee. I place your foot in my lap so that it can stroke my groin as I spend a little time kissing and licking around your inner knee.

Then I swap legs and repeat the same attention, this time I start with rubbing your foot and each toe before kissing it and then moving up your calf to your knee cap. Next I place each hand on the back of your thigh and slowly stroke upwards towards your buttocks. My nails scratch gently on the way up and my palms smooth the skin as they stroke back towards your feet.

I kneel up into a sitting position between your legs, moving them apart slightly to reveal you to me. You tense with anticipation as my mouth kisses and licks and my teeth scratch you on their ascent. I pause and re-trace my trail from time to time so that my breath catches on the skin I have licked and it bumps with goose flesh.

Finally, I reach the soft contour of your buttock cheek and lick and kiss along its length from hip to crease, then across the other to your other hip. Each time my mouth crosses your centre, you tense at my touch.

My hands grip your buttocks so that my thumbs can ease your cheeks apart. You raise your hips off the bed and expose yourself to me. I plant a long slow kiss on the small of your back then head south, pulling your cheeks apart so that when I kiss you again, my mouth covers your sex. The flat of my tongue rests along you, tasting your excitement, and then licks along your lips and along your bottom crease.

I repeat this several times, each time my tongue presses a little further between your lips and cheeks and you push back a little harder. You sigh into the silk sheets and grip them in your hands. The tip of my tongue probes cheekily against your puckered bottom and you bite your lip with the unexpected pleasure it gives you.

Now that you are a little higher off the bed, I can settle between your legs and return my fingers to exploring your most sensitive of places. With a finger of each hand I am rubbing you inside and my thumb slides along the skin around your clitoris.

My hands are getting covered in your juices and slip and slide easily all around you, smearing your passion all over your thighs and buttocks. When I see you turn to look at me, I remove one hand and suck the taste of you off my fingers. The look on your face as I do so is very erotic and I twitch against your lower thigh.

“I’m ready for you , please will you make love to me now?” I don’t need words to answer you and kneel bostancı escort up behind you. Your hand reaches between your legs and guides me to you. My hand is still there and holds you open to receive me.

Despite the urgency of your grip, I slide in slowly, savouring every tingle as each ridge, fold, vein and inch of me penetrates and rubs along you. We both groan when my balls touch your thighs and your fingers stretch to stroke them, feeling their weight.

With one hand on your hip, I reach forward with the one that has just come from inside you and you turn your head to meet it. You lick the tip of each finger and then from palm to tip before sucking them into your mouth. Do you like the way you taste?

As I start to grind against you, you release my fingers and lick your lips provocatively. On its return, my hand catches your breast and supports its weight, sliding a wet finger across the nipple. It stiffens with the blood that engorges it, making it hard and proud. I pull it a little, making you squirm before grasping both hips.

Slowly, I withdraw before gripping your hips tightly and pressing back into you. Once again, we groan with exquisite pleasure. As you press back against me I enter you again, pulling your cheeks apart to get as deep as I can before sliding back and forth in long, even strokes.

You close your eyes and bury your head in your pillow. I hold your hips tightly as I start to increase my speed, varying long and shallow strokes with a circular grinding motion sometimes when I buried as deep as I can get.

We have been so very aroused this evening and both need to feel release soon. You start banging the bed with your fist as your head tosses from side to side, excited by the knowledge that a climax is building slowly but surely in your loins.

My fingers slip on the sweat that beads across your skin, everything is becoming slick and slippery with the products of our lovemaking. My thighs slap against the backs of your legs on each assault on your sex. My balls slap heavily against you before they tense in preparation of emptying their passion into you.

“I’m going to cum inside you soon.” I manage to gasp as our union becomes louder and more physical. “Oh God! Wait for me, I’m cumming too!” And you feel it reaching every fibre of your being, touching you all over, making you sensitive all over as your senses scream their pleasure at you.

I feel you contract around me as your orgasm hits and your body stiffens as you shout your joy. With a mighty lunge, I bury myself inside you as I erupt and fill you with my seed. Pumping spurt after spurt into you, scorching the fire in your womb with my semen.

Your body shakes and convulses, while milking me dry with the muscles clenching me deep inside you. My eyes have lost their focus and there are stars popping in my head. It feels like we are the only two people in the world and no-one else can enter.

My hands slide along your spine and I kiss the nape of your neck. The skin is salty with your sweat and you taste good. I sigh into your ear and kiss behind it, making you shudder. “Mmmm, that was really fun.” With that you lower yourself back onto the bed and I slip out.

I lie next to you and you put your head on my shoulder. I stroke your hair, running my fingers through it as you listen to my heart beating its way out of my chest. I kiss the top of your head and hold you close. “THAT was whole new kind of fun!”

The room returns around us as we regain focus, a candle flickers in the half-light and your skin looks electric-gold. Your fingers trace a pattern in the hair on my stomach, scratching from time to time and I push you chin up to kiss me. A soft, gentle, lingering kiss that leaves us both wanting more when we part.

Your head returns to my shoulder and your breathing tells me that you are ready to sleep. You pull the sheet up to your waists and snuggle against me. Your head lifts and falls each time I breathe and the action relaxes you.

I lie there as you fall asleep, watching over you and wondering what dreams you will have.

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