Give Me An “F” Ch. 02

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Note from Slickman: Many of you asked for this story to continue so here goes. Everyone is at least 18. Please take the time to read “GIVE ME AN F” Ch. 1 before proceeding. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed.


Since the last movie night the girls had gotten together a couple of times after school to set some strategies for the next movie/game night. They all agreed that they would bare their breasts but would not bare their pussies. Since Ron was now history Tina was going alone which didn’t bother her since they would be sharing each other anyway.

The other couples were already at Amy’s when Tina walked in. “I’m sorry to hear about Ron,” Sarah whispered as she hugged her.

“It’s been coming for some time,” Tina grinned. “He called me today and asked me if he could come tonight anyway but I told him no.” The girls were all gathered in the kitchen. “Same rules right? Panties don’t come off?”

“Yes,” Sarah said quickly. “OK with me,” Amy replied. Joy didn’t say anything because she was hoping to get fucked by a white stud named Jake. “Let’s play it by ear.” Before the other girls could comment, Jake walked into the kitchen.

“Would you girls hurry up? The guys are starting to look at each other,” he laughed. They grabbed their wine glasses and walked in smiling. “Are you boys anxious to get the game started or do you want to watch Madonna?”

“Fuck Madonna,” John said while aiming the remote control at the TV and clicking it off. “Truth or Double Dare!”

“YEAH!” Jake yelled. Tim said smiling glancing over at Joy who was sitting on the floor with her back against the sofa. Her short cheerleading skirt was resting high on her chocolate thighs.

They sat in the same arrangement and all looked at Amy who would be going first. “Do we pick up the game where we finished last time?

“Definitely,” John smiled. “Right on,” Jake agreed. “It’s only fair,” said Tim.

The boys sat back and watched as the girls removed their clothing. “Shit,” Tim said when Tina stripped to her tiny pink lace bra and matching panties and Amy to her almost transparent bra. Sarah still had on her basic white semi-transparent bra.

“Uh Tim and Jake your shirts,” Joy said smiling. They removed them and tossed them in the pile of clothing. “Ready.”

“Everyone still has their double dare,” Amy announced since it was Ron who used it the last time and he was now history. “I’ll go first.” She looked at the anxious faces. “Truth or Dare………………Jake,”

Jake looked at his girlfriend. “Truth.”

“Who taught you how to french kiss?” Since Jake had avoided it the last time she was not going to let it drop.

Jake looked at Sarah who knew it was his older sister. “Oh what the hell. It was my sister.”

Everyone but Sarah was shocked. “You fuckin’ french kissed your older sister?” John laughed.

“My turn,” he said embarrassed. “Truth or dare…………….Amy?” He was going to get even.

She could see he was upset so she said “Truth”.

“After the party last week who did you fantasize about?” He grinned.

Amy didn’t blink, “John.” She looked at him and he smiled.

Things were warming up. “Truth or dare………………Joy?” Sarah asked.

Again Joy got the game to the next stage. “Dare honey.”

Sarah wanted to learn more about oral sex. “I dare you to give John a blowjob.”

Joy looked at John and winked. They had this all planned. “Double dare.”

“Ha,” Jake laughed. “Now Sarah has to give the blowjob.”

“Oh God,” Sarah gasped realizing how she had trapped herself. “I’m…….not very good at it.”

“Too bad,” Joy grinned. “You can’t back out of a double dare.”

Time stood still as Sarah looked for a way out but there wasn’t any. “How about I take off my skirt?”

“Nope,” Joy grinned. “You two get in the middle and do it.” She pulled John up and guided him down on his back in the middle of the circle. They all looked at the huge tent in his shorts.

“Can we………turn down the lights?” She asked nervously as she crawled towards his body. Amy turned them down some but not much. They watched as her trembling fingers pulled apart the snap on his shorts and then pulled down the long zipper.

“Pull down his pants and underwear so we can all see,” Joy instructed. Her own pussy was dripping in anticipation of watching this pure white virgin sucking on John’s long dark cock.

As Sarah pulled down his pants and boxers at the same time his hard prick came out and startled everyone again. Her fingers stopped pulling when it made its grand appearance.

Tim suddenly felt inadequate, “If she really doesn’t want to do it we shouldn’t make her.”

Joy was about to put him down until Sarah spoke up. “Joy gave you a blowjob the last time so it’s only fair.” She turned and looked at his dark log and grabbed it in her tiny ivory hand. She realized there was no way she was going to get this monster in her tiny mouth. She remembered how Amy kocaeli escort had jerked him off and started the same motion while her lips opened and her wet tongue licked against his purple crown.

Just seeing her blonde hair framing her cute face and lips on his hard prick almost made John cum prematurely. He moaned loudly and lifted his hips.

“I think he likes it,” Tina giggled.

Jake was enjoying Sarah’s body positioning because she was on all fours while bending over John’s body. Her ass was sticking upward and her skirt was riding over her cute ass covered by thin white panties. He could see the dark shadows of her anus and pussy through the opaque material.

Sarah licked as much as she could and then opened her mouth as wide as possible as she tried to suck in his huge crown. Her cheeks bellowed outward when she finally got it in her mouth. It was all it took for John to let loose. “FUCK!”

Sarah tried to get her mouth away but since it was wedged tight she was too late and his spunk filled her throat. As her lips pulled off his white pleasure dripped out of her lips and she had to cough to clear her throat.

“Quick, get her a drink,” Joy said as she helped Sarah sit upright. “I should have warned you about the quantity.”

Sarah finally got her breath back and moved back to her spot. It was Tim’s turn. “Truth or dare…………..Joy.” He and Jake had made a deal last time and Jake had come through. Now it was his turn.

“Dare,” Joy said.

“I dare you to let Jake rub his bare penis on your bare ass.” He knew Joy had used up her double dare.

“You guys are hung up on my ass aren’t you?” Joy asked. “Sure why not?”

Joy moved to the center of the circle on all fours and lifted her skirt. As Jake moved into position Tim said, “Bare ass.”

“He can take down my panties,” Joy giggled as she wiggled her tail at him.

As Jake pulled down the panties Tim leaned to his right so he could see her naked ass in its entirety. Not only that but he was rewarded with a view up under her round cheeks at the pink inner folds of her moist pussy.

“Easy back there,” Joy giggled again. “That is virgin territory.” Meaning her puckered opening.

Amy forgot to start the clock at Jake withdrew his long white sword and positioned it between her caramel mounds. As soon as his shaft touched her ass Joy reached back and spread apart her cheeks. When his long weenie fell in she pushed her cheeks closed to trap it.

Jake pushed his prick up and back down. As she squeezed her buttocks it put pressure on him. When he moved back his tip moved down until it pressed dangerously against her bum hole. His pre-come dampened it and then his penis moved back up into the black hills.

As Jake fucked up and down Joy’s ass Tina moved closer to Amy and put her hand on her leg. Since everyone was watching the couple in the center they did not see Tina’s fingers pushed under Amy skirt or her fingers creep under Amy damp panties.

No one was concerned about time this week. As long as it took to climax was the new norm. The next time his tip pushed into Joy’s rear hole she lifted her hips until he was now pushing against her hot damp pussy lips.

“Do it,” Joy thought as she lined up her hole wanting him to push inside. After a few seconds of him just rubbing on her folds she pushed her hips back until about two inches of his dick slid easily inside. She knew everyone else could except John could see his white prick moving inside of her.

“He’s inside of her,” Sarah whispered in Tim’s ear. She suddenly wished she was not a virgin.

Jake too realized he was inside of her and froze fearing Amy would be pissed. He glanced over his shoulder and saw Tina’s hand under Amy’s skirt moving in and out. He was the one who got jealous and pulled out of her. “That’s enough time.’

As he moved back to his spot next to Amy he noticed Tina moving away.

Joy sighed when he pulled out and pulled up her soaked undies. She moved back next to John. “Truth or Dare……….Tina?” She knew Tina had to do it or lose her bra or panties.

“Dare,” Tina said.

Joy knew Tina leaned towards other girls. “I dare you to………kiss Sarah’s bare pussy.” Joy knew she was taking a chance because Tina could say double dare. But, she didn’t.

“I’m not taking off any more clothing,” Tina grinned. Kissing the virgin’s pussy was something she really wanted to do.

“No, I can’t allow that to happen,” Sarah said as she stood and removed her skirt. She tied to keep her knees together as she slowly sat back down. It was now John’s turn. “Truth or Dare………..Tina.” Touching her ass the last time had made him wonder just how far she would go.

Tina grinned. “Dare.”

It got deathly silent as they all waited for John’s dare. “I dare you to let me fuck you.” There it was a dare to fuck. She could use a double dare and tell him to go fuck himself but she wanted to save it. “I’ll take off my bra.”

They all watched her trembling fingers release kocaeli escort bayan the snap on the front of her pink bra and pull it open to expose her tiny mounds with small hard cherry tips. If the guys didn’t have a boner before they had one now. It was Tina’s turn and she wanted some action. “Truth or dare…………Amy.”

Amy gulped because she knew what was coming. “Dare.”

“I dare you to go down on me,” she whispered.

The guys all sat upright. Would she do it?

“I’ll take off my skirt,” Amy replied. She stood and slowly removed her skirt showing everyone her nearly transparent thongs. They all knew she was a natural blonde. “Round one is finished. Does everyone want to take a break?”

“No way,” Jake replied. “We only have an hour before your parents will be home. Your turn.” The rest agreed. The dares were getting a lot tougher and the clothing was coming off.


“Give me a “C”.”


“Truth or dare……….Sarah?”

Sarah perked up when she heard her name. “Dare.”

“I dare you to go down on Tina.”

Kissing and sucking on Tina’s pussy was not what Sarah wanted. She smiled. “Double dare.”

“I guess you get to do it anyway,” Jake laughed. Seeing his girlfriend sucking on another girl’s pussy was making him rock hard.

Tina smiled as she moved to the center of the circle. She closed her eyes and moved onto her back. “Take your time,” she whispered.

Amy was happy she had already done it because she wouldn’t be fumbling. She moved on her all fours up between Tina’s opened legs. She had a choice to pull the panties to the side or to pull them down while leaving them on one foot. She opted for the later and pulled down on the pink undies.

Tina started to object but decided to let everyone see her womanhood. Amy pulled them down over her trimmed bush and off her soaked pussy lips. She pulled one foot from the panties and left the other foot in them. Tina felt the cooler air on her exposed slit and then tiny little kisses from Amy’s lips as they moved up her inner thigh.

“Damn,” John said. He had never seen two girls go at it before. He wished it was his tongue moving into Tina’s damp pussy.

“Ummm,” Tina moaned when Amy’s tongue licked slowly up her opened gash. Her hips rose upward until the tongue flicked across her swollen clitoris. “OHHH!” She cried when Amy’s lips sucked the hooded flesh into her mouth.

“I want you to do that to me,” Sarah whispered in Tim’s ear.


“No later,” she giggled.

Amy’s fingers pulled open Tina’s outer lips to show everyone her damp secrets as well as prepare her meal. Suddenly she dropped her mouth down and covered Tina’s whole pubic mound. Her tongue buried itself deep into the girl’s hot oven.

“OH GOD!” Tina screamed. “SUCK ME!”

“Fuck me is more like it,” Amy thought while fucking her tongue in and out of the moaning girl’s hot hole. “FUCKING NOW!” Tina screamed when she climaxed.

As Amy moved back to her spot all the guys had hard-ons and all of the panties were dripping wet. Tina slowly sat up and pulled her dangling panties back into place.

“My turn,” Jake announced. He looked at Sarah. He wanted her naked or doing something to him. “Truth or Dare?”

Sarah was beyond Truth. “Da…”

“I dare you to let me finger your pussy.”

Time was of the essence. Sarah looked at Tim for a second and moved into the circle onto her back. “Go ahead,” she giggled.

Jake moved like a snake until he lay next to her. He lifted the waistband of her panties and looked at the blonde bush waiting for him.

“Take them off,” Tina said. She wanted to see him finger her.

Sarah lifted her hips to give him permission which he quickly took and pulled the skimpy undies down until her golden fleece and pink gash was exposed. The slit was very damp. She closed her eyes knowing everyone would soon be watching another guy finger her.

Jake took his time caressing the fine yellow hairs under her navel that led down into her thicker crop of gold. When he finally touched her bush he teased down the sides and took a hold of her right thigh. As he pushed outward her legs and pussy lips opened.

Not even Tim had ever seen her totally exposed like this and everyone had positioned themselves to see Jake tease her. His fingertips moved down the inside of her thighs and underneath to the small strip of skin between her pussy and her anus. She moved her hips lower to get his fingers where she wanted them. When he touched the bottom of her slit he again moved to the outer folds and then up to the top of the gash.

“God Jake just touch her,” Amy cried out feeling bad for Sarah and a little jealous that he was taking so much time and getting so much pleasure.

“Please,” Sarah moaned softly.

Jake smiled and very lightly brushed his finger tip over the top of her lips that were now very swollen. When he arrived at the tip of her raised clit he gently pushed downward kocaeli escort until she screamed. “YES RIGHT THERE!” Her hips rose and fell as she fucked his fingertip.

He tried to move his finger away to tease her but she grabbed his wrist and held him against her as she continued to fuck up and down. She was a virgin in heat. His fingertip slipped until it poised to enter her virgin gate. When she pushed up it broke through. “OHHHH!” She cried out.

“OH FUCK,” Jake yelled realizing his finger had penetrated her hymen. He again tried to pull it out but her hand continued to hold it there while her hips picked up speed.

“Hey, his finger is inside,” Tim said watching Jake’s finger disappear into the now opened hole.

Sarah gritted her teeth and gave one last push which brought her over the edge. “I’M COMING!” She continued to hold Jake’s middle finger inside of her until she finally landed back on Earth. As he pulled it out he noticed a small drop of blood on it.

“I think we need to wash up,” he said to Sarah without looking at Tim who he knew would be pissed. Sarah quickly pulled up her panties and followed him into the small hallway bathroom.

“Fuck,” Tim said, looking mad.

“Hey man she is still really a virgin,” John said trying to cool down Tim.


“Thanks,” Sarah whispered to Jake as he washed his hands.

“I……..I didn’t hurt you did I?” He looked down at her damp panties which were now down around her knees as she waited her turn to clean up.

“No,” she giggled. “It felt good.” They had closed the door to prevent others from seeing them cleanup.

“Good,” he smiled. As he turned to walk by her she grabbed his shoulders and kissed him. At first he was shocked but soon got into it. Their tongues twisted and mingled.

She broke away. “I want you to be the first.”

“What? What about Tim?”

“Tim is more worried about fucking Joy,” Sarah smiled. ‘Will you?”

“Hey, it’s your turn next,” he grinned.


“Hurry up!” Tim shouted. He wanted to get them back as well as get the game started.

“Here we are,” Sarah giggled as she returned to her spot. “My turn.”

“Truth or Dare……..Jake?”

“Definitely Dare,” he grinned. He hoped Amy and Tim would not be too upset.

“I dare you to………,” she looked away from Tim. “Fuck me.”

“WHAT?” Tim said standing up. “You told me I was going to be the first!”

“Yeah, like I was going to give you your first blow job too,” Sarah snapped back.

“A blowjob is different than a fuck,” Tim cried out.

Joy knew it was getting hot so she made a proposal to Tim. “How about you fuck me at the same time?” She winked at John.

“Hey, what about me?” John said sitting up. “The time is running out. Who do I get to fuck?” He glanced over at Tina and Amy.

“It is only fair,” Amy giggled. She pulled Tina’s hand from her leg.

“What about me?” Tina asked.

“We might have time if one of the men is able,” Sarah said. Things were turning out the way she wanted.

Sarah had her panties and bra off and was moving to the middle of the room. She didn’t care who saw her nakedness. “Hurry,” she said to Jake.

The men undressed while glancing at Joy, Amy and even Tina as they took off their bras and panties. Sarah moved over to allow Joy and Amy to join her. The three cheerleaders waited as the men moved into position. Sarah took Joy’s and Amy’s hands and held them tightly as Jake’s thick shaft pushed where his finger had been minutes before.

“Ahhh,” Sarah moaned. Amy moaned too when John’s thick prick pushed into her dampness. As long as Jake was he was not as thick as John. “Go Sloooooooow.”

Tim didn’t have any problem as his small dick popped into Joy’s pink inner lips. “Oh GOD!” He moaned from the pleasure. Suddenly she smacked him on his ass.

“Now don’t you even think about coming so soon,” Joy giggled. She squeezed her inner muscles and felt his penis throbbing.

Jake and John took their time moving inside. When they reached bottom they looked at each other and smiled. “Action!”

Sarah and Amy wrapped their legs around their hips and held on as the two methodically fucked them until they were brain dead. The girl’s were now being controlled by their overfilled pussies.

“I’m getting close,” Amy said with her mouth wide open. “OH YES NOW!” John held on to her and tried not to cum himself. He looked over at Tina and winked.

“Me too!” Sarah yelled. She held onto Jake’s shoulder as her body exploded just before he filled her invaded hole with his juices.

Joy really didn’t expect Tim to get her off so when her body started shaking she gripped onto Tim’s back and went with the flow. “OH MY GOD!……I’VE NEVER……..OH TIM!”

John heard his girlfriend’s screams and thought she was just playing around until he turned and saw the look on her face and her eyes rolled back in her head.

Tim too thought Joy was kidding until her mouth sought his and her tongue fucked his lips as he fucked the ones down below.

“OHHHHH………MYYY!” Joy screamed. Although his penis was smaller than what she was used to it enabled his pelvic bone to push and rub against her swollen clit each time he entered. “I’M COMING!!!!!!!”

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